The Neko Project [P1]

*I've been having trouble trying to upload this, this is my third attempt, so lets see what happens. this story will be part of a three part series, and I'm sorry to inform that there will be no sex in this part, but that is what part 2 is for, I hope you all enjoy.*

Part 1

I wasn’t always a prisoner. I had a life, I had friends. I hid very well for the longest time, until I reached 19, which was when I got caught. I'm not sure if there are others like me, my captors never showed me.

I was in a coffee shop, drinking a mocha and reading a book, I don't remember which book, but I got it at the bookstore next door and it had that smell that all old books had. It seemed cool. I was wearing a hat, always a hat, and a long, loose sweater. I knitted my own for the pure sake of hiding my.. "condition." I always called it a mutation, my mother must have had it as well, or caught a new flu that pasted it on to me during pregnancy, a rare cat flu that only infected some, but was never made public due to being so rare. I'm not sure of course, I've never met my mother, I was an orphan, and I've never heard of such virus from studying while growing up. I was a mutant, that's what I call myself. I have so many mutations I think I should have been recruited for the X-Men already, if they were real. I often dreamed they were, I would have dated Kurt or someone, who was an outcast. Like me. The first obvious mutation is the dark auburn hair, red hair is one of the most famous mutations, made famous by Eric the Red. I thank him for raping so many women to pass this gene on to so many people. I also have one vibrant green eye and one stormy grey. People often used to ask if I was blind in that eye, but no, I would tell them I had heterochromia, and that I could see perfectly. I also have larger canine teeth than usual, but those aren't the major ones. My ears are those that resemble a cat's, though only slightly bigger, I can hear everything. My hair mostly covered them from the prying world but I always wore a hat, unless it was Halloween, then I would show off my other conditions. I have a tail. It's longer than half of my total height so it's horrible to hide, I usually wrap it around my waist and my sweaters would hide them well. Though my long hair would go everywhere, I had three cats in my apartment that matched my fur coloration so I could blame the hair on them.

No one really knows about my condition, except for the nun that raised me. She took me home and retired from being a sister of god until I was out if the house. She taught me to keep myself hidden, knowing that people would only try to cause me harm if they knew. I loved her, and she still sends me post cards from where she travels. I don't believe in a god, science was the most accurate way for me to accept my existence. I didn't date, I did well in school, I got picked on because of my eyes and how I never took gym. I had a forged doctor's note for me to never take off my hat, and I had clips that would keep that damned hat in place every time someone tried to pull it off. It hurt like hell but it did its job. I wasn't totally friendless, I had the other people who weren't perfect either to keep my company. They were nice but they would have never understood me. As I sat in that coffee shop, awaiting my company, I remembered all the torment I had endured, and the hope grew in my heart that he was real. I met him online, he had ears like me, but no tail. He was an orphan too. I assumed he would have been my brother, and even when I looked up to see the agents walking into the shop, I hoped that he was real and they spared him.

So I was taken, poked and prodded, blood was taken from, shaved, all by people with cold hands. I haven't talked since that day. Not even in my sleep. I stayed silent while they pulled each of my limbs or heard their whispers. I cried, I admit that, but never spoke. The hope that my "brother" was real was shattered when I saw the man that portrayed him. I cried then, seeing my ray of hope die with the handsome man with green eyes and human ears walking into my cell that day.

He is my captor. Or the "head scientist" in my case. I see Him every day, and every hour He spends with me. His stare is the worst part. It burns through me every day. When I'm alone in my cell I worry about my cats, knowing that they're off with my neighbor, she always took care of them when I was too tired and she loved their company.

This night, it was different. I was taken to the shower where He watches me, the water felt warmer. I got dressed into my pajamas, they were new and soft, caressing my curved body almost comfortingly. Next was brushing my teeth, He stood behind me, in the mirror watching me with the cinnamon toothpaste. They found out the first night I was allergic to mint. Even catnip, ironic, yeah? I was escorted to my cell, were I saw clean sheets and three new pillows that were big and comfy looking, hell I even had an air freshener. I walked in, the cell door slamming behind me as I set closer to my circular bed arranging my new bedding in a way I liked before getting comfortable. I have been there about three years, and this us the first time I've been given fresh or new anything. The lights went out as they always did and I closed my eyes, falling asleep nearly instantly.

I woke up to His hand petting me. I know His hand. I've felt it every day. I tried to stay relaxed and pretend like I'm still asleep while he pets me.

"Happy birthday pet, you're 21 years old today." His hand went up to scratch behind my ears and I began to purr, loving the feeling no matter who touched me. My back arched and I stretched my limbs, extending and retracting my fingers as I claw in pleasure. "I know you're awake, kitten.” I stiffened, my body wanting to continue purring and kneading, but my brain knew it was wrong. His fingers scratched down my ear to my jaw, right under my chin. I wasn't sure how to react as he rubbed underneath my chin. "You're such a good girl Kitten," He whispered, moving me so I'm on my back. "Such a good girl" My body was still tense as his fingers left my chin and ran down my body. I began to shake my head, tears in my eyes as His touch got more intimate, my body trying to squirm away but He held my down hard by the shoulders. "No pet, you're mine, now I'm going to make you mine." My tears were flowing freely now, running down my cheeks as I couldn't move under His weight. They knew I was a virgin, He knew. I told Him everything about me when we met online, and He was now going to use that knowledge now.

I spoke. For the first time in three years, I spoke my first words. "Please," I whispered. "Please don't" I was trembling now, my flesh jiggling slightly as my voice cracks from lack of use. He stared at me, awestruck, never hearing me speak before. The silence was nearly unbearable, His green eyes burning into my skull as I felt His erection twitch against my thigh.

With a kiss on my damp cheek He got off me, letting me curl into a ball and crying into the new pillows as He whispered that he was sorry. I tensed as He called me His love, and relaxed when I heard the door close softly. Little did I know that tomorrow would be worse.

*I hope you all enjoyed, message or comment if you have any suggestions or complaints, thanks for reading!*

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