Pledges run

Its late at night. Around 3 am. From a deep sleep Amanda is woken up by a combination of tapping at the door and her phone vibrating on the night stand. Slowly she looks at her phone. The number is blocked and stops before she can answer. She gets out of bed in pink paisley floral pajamas and slip her feet into bunny slippers as she shuffles to the door of her small single dorm room. Rubbing the sleep from her eyes she gives the door a swift pull. Suddenly something warm invades her mouth to massage the surprised tongue that stumbles to speak. Amanda pulls back and gets the first view of Stacey that night. All of Stacey. Hair recently done for full body and bounce. Breasts hanging and overwhelming with new pink bar bell piercings. Legs, long and strong yet elegant. The only clothes on were my socks and running shoes.

"You've been chosen. Strip, stay quiet and follow me."

Momentarily dazed, she snaps out of it and quickly sheds her clothes and slide on some running shoes. Taking chase after Stacey as she turn the corner, rushing to not loose sight for too long. At first look through the door dormitories the cold morning air brushes across Amanda's body. Seeing a clear advantage she bounds in long strides to catch up. Wind whips at her hair. locks back. Nipples stiffen. Hands and cheeks start to chill.

As Amanda turns the corner realizes where they are. Outside of the Dean's house! Slowing their approach as Stacey heads straight for the mail box.

"What are we doing here?! We need to leave before someone sp"

Stacey's hand clasps over Amanda's mouth.

"I told you to stay quiet."

Amanda nods. Returning to the task, she searches in the mailbox and extracts a dildo and strap on.

"What's that for?!"

Again Stacey hands goes straight for her lips.

"You know where we are but what you don't know is the Dean is a very light sleeper. So seriously, shut the fuck up! This is for you. Its the first step in becoming a sister of kappa alpha theta. If you succeed here you're real challenges await at the KAT house. So what's it gonna be?"
She is unsure. Anxiety and fear is coursing through her entire body. Worried that if they're caught here and be ridiculed or worse kicked out of her dream school. An opportunity that has been years in the making. But on the other hand, these girls are a sure thing for career placement and networking. One call from them and your dream job is waiting for you when you graduate with matching salary. Hesitantly she step forward


Bending over a small bench in the garden, ready for what may come. Nipples are rock solid and beginning to numb. Hands can't determine if the metal is colder than they are. Pussy is oddly moist, which only make it worse as the juices glide down her legs.

Slowly at first, Stacey teases entry. Rubbing the tip on the swollen lips. Another tease and then suddenly an inch slide right in. Then another and another until all 8 are in. It takes a minute to adjust but soon she nods again and accommodates. Long deep and slowly the full length enters and exits as excitement builds.

Unwittingly she lets out a loud deep moan.

They look up to see a light turn on in the house. Stacey pulls out and runs to the mailbox and pulls one more thing out before taking off the strap on.

"Come here!"

Amanda hurries over and Is taken in a deep embrace. Grabbing her ass as Stacey whispers;

"This may hurt a little by don't let it fall out. We have to finish our run.

As the strange object reaches the outskirts of her bum she bites down on Stacey's collar bone as she is practically impaled. Never has anything been so invading. So intrusive as the probe. And yet, somehow welcome it.

A single tear rolls down Amanda's cheek before its swept away.

" let's go, we're not far."

A quick look up to see a figure in the window. Stacey gives a simple wave. The figure wave back before they return to their run. After a brief sprint they approach a huge house to find some 20 odd girls waiting. All of them naked. Half of them (assumingly the pledges) are handcuffed to the deck while the rest (with the exception of two who are deep in the throws of passion on the porch bench swing) are standing and waiting.

Stacey announces to them "The Den mother is on her way!"

"She's here" says a voice from behind them. A tall woman with an hour glass figure stood. Her features showed maturity with a sense of regal beauty. She couldn't be older than 45. 50 tops. Her deep dark brown eyes are almost black. Her hair is shoulder length; darker than a ravine and precisely cut as if done with a razor blade. Her impressive breast bordered DD matched her round bubble butt but both showed no signs of her age with a perkiness that of a young teenager.

All pledges are transported inside in a chain gang fashion. The room is set up with every toy imaginable. From simple dildos to sybians.

"Let's get everyone inside" She smiles at them and simultaneously says with Stacey;

"We're going to have. SO. MUCH. FUN!"

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