The Ring_(1)

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My dad was a nerd who worked with brain cell repair in children. He was a top guy in this field. I had the day off and was just hanging out at home. He came home early with a strange smile on his face. No one was home but me that day. He sat by me on the couch. I said: “You look like you had a good day dad.” He turned to me and told me about his day, but it was top secret between him and I. He proceeded to tell me what happened at the chemistry lab lately.

He was looking for a way to stimulate brain repair cells. Just as he turned on new device he created, a female co-worker lean over by him to get something. As the device activated, this woman froze, trembled a little, crossed her legs and moaned. She gasp for breath as her eyes went wide open and she smiled big. “Wow“…she said. “Dr. Hunt….I….” then she whispered to dad. (“I just had an orgasm, for no reason.”) Dad was all embarrassed and I’m sure he laughed is Hee Haw laugh. “Oh Jenny, your just trying to embarrass me.” Jenny, the co-worker, took a deep breath and staggered away.

Dad did wonder is his devise had anything to do with it. He decided to try it out on another female. He called over another female lab assistant and had her hold something fake, like she was helping him. He placed her in the same place Jenny was and turned on the device again.
The girl moaned, shivered, and her knees went a little weak. She smiled with a red face. “What’s the matter?” dad asked. The girl was to embarrassed to tell him.

Dad whispered to her that this was a top secret project, anything discussed would never leave this conversation. She took a deep breath, smiling but said nothing. Finally dad whispered to her: (“Did you just have an orgasm?”) She got red in the face but nodded her head, ‘yes‘. Dad warned her to never discuss this or she would be fired on the spot. She calmed down and swore ‘it never happened’. Dad said: (“..that’s right, it never happenedin fact, you can have the rest of the day off, …with pay!…what‘s your name, by the way. ”) She said: “Lynn”, and thanked him.

Lynn left,…. but how do you erase that kind of happening from your memory. Jenny had just laughed her orgasm off as a fluke, and never thought about it again….but not Lynn. That orgasm was intense and put a shock wave in her pussy and clit, she couldn’t forget. Lynn was young and a pretty girl,…but who had only had sex when she was drunk, and it was lackluster at best. That orgasm was better than the sex she had, and no waiting. The next day she worked like regular and tried to forget what happened…..but she just couldn’t.

Dad said the device was so small, he was working with a powerful microscope to even see it. He got an idea. That night he drilled a tiny hole in the side of a ring he wore. He put the device in with a micro battery and a recessed button. To active it you had to use a ball point pen or something that small to push the button, so you couldn’t accidentally activate it. He showed me the ring. The tiny button was almost invisible. I ask him how long the battery was good for. He busted out laughing with his Hee Haw laugh and said: “Oh…. only about 20 years!“ He said he was going to activate it tonight on mom.

The next morning I made sure I got up to get a report on how it worked on her. Dad came in the kitchen and I looked at him and just smiled. He smiled back and started giggling his nerd laugh. That was my answer. Mom came in all smiles and they got all lovie dovie and giggled away. My answer was now verified.

Now….to get that ring.
Thinking like my nerd dad…hmmm…I started looking, because I noticed he didn’t have the ring on at breakfast. It was too easy. Right in his night stand, there it was. He figured it was to valuable to wear, so into the night stand it went.
Someone else wanted that devise too. Lynn at his lab. She started getting real friendly with dad at work and kept and eye out for the device. Dad re-designed a new device that didn’t have the effect on female sex stimulation, but worked better on his project.
That ring was the only one, except for the info., on a computer disk in dad’s office. Even with the info., Lynn could never build one without a million dollar lab. It seemed hopeless for Lynn. After work that night Lynn suggested that they all stop for a drink.

She caught dad just in the right mood, and all though a non-drinker he decided to join in. Lynn made sure she sat by him and kept his glass full. One drink would knock dad on his ass, but he didn’t realize he had 3 drinks in him now. Lynn moved in to find out about the devise. Using her girl charms dad slowly spilled the info., about the ring. He even told her where it was! By now she was kissing his neck and dad was putty in her hands. Lynn drove dad home, and helped him in the house. Mom was gone for the evening somewhere. Lynn put dad to bed as I stayed back and watched. I had to laugh at dad, drunker that shit, and goo goo eyed over Lynn.

When she said: “I’m Lynn, and I’m just helping Dr. Hunt get home ok.” I put 2 and 2 together when she said her name was ‘Lynn’ I figured who she was and what her angle might be. The device. I didn’t know if she knew about the ring, until I stood quietly in the doorway. I watched her looking through dads night stand. I waited quietly as she searched for it. I smiled and twirled the ring on my finger. She jumped when she saw me…”I…I was just looking for some aspirin for Dr. Hunt….” I smiled watching her sweat bullets, “Aspirin like this?” I said, still twirling the ring.
She was red in the face, and breathing real heavy. Now she knew, I knew about the ring. She sat on the dad’s bed and sucked air for a while. She was pretty hot looking to me and my little evil mind went to work. I held out my hand to her and led her into the living room, and sat her down. “I’m Tim, Dr. Hunts son. He told me all about you Lynn, but of course it‘s ‘top secret’, and “it never happened”…. We both began to grin then chuckle. She said: “Do you enjoy torturing me?”…we laughed and talked. I twirled the ring on my finger as we talked. Her eyes kept track of every revolution I think. Finally she said: “Let’s make a deal.”
“Like what.” I said.
“Like you come over to my place and we’ll talk private and cozy.”
What a perfect time to test the ring I thought. She had already felt it’s effects, let’s see if it works and will work again on her.
Lynn was striking in her hot looking long sheer blue dress. She told me why the ring gave her such a thrill. She said I was very understanding. We talked as we had several glasses of wine. We began to get close. It was all out in the open now. I turned her to lay her head on my lap. She was right, a few drinks and she got horny. She held my hand with the ring on it and kissed it.

She giggled and said: “…Tim…push the button for me.” She was excited and put her arms around my neck and got ready. She was gasping for air as I took out my pen and gave it a push.
She moaned so sweet as her legs went stiff and she held her pussy. She squirmed her hips and started kissing me with hot passion. “Oh my god…that was so beautiful, Tim your wonderful, let’s go in the bedroom now.”

We slowly undressed each other, her hands had the jitters as she continued to gasp for breath. She automatically made me hot and we began beautiful sex. She started getting in a frenzy knowing what was coming. Her hands were all over me as I sucked on her beautiful tits. I could feel her wet pussy pushing up to my stomach. She never asked me to push the button, she was in her own world of sexual excitement now. She held my dick and teased her pussy with it, rubbing it up and down on her slit. She eased it in and she tried to go slow but was overtaken by her drive to climax. She started fucking faster and started moaning my name. I could hold back no more.

I pushed to button just as I was going to cum. She strained a big long moan.. as I came, her moan made me cum harder and harder in her. She climaxed hard. Her body thrashed under me and trembled continuously. She held me tight and fucked as fast as she could. I think she had a second climax as another long, long moan filled the room. I kept cuming although I think I was out. She was holding me so tight, I couldn’t breath. Finally we went weak and let air in us.
She trembled a little, moaning something. She muttered: “….Tim….oh god Tim…”…. we slowly went weak and passed out locked together…..
My dad was cool and I told him I used the ring on Lynn. He said great, and that him and mom weren’t into sex that much, but be careful with that ring. Lynn found we liked each other without the ring…but now and again we used it to give her a special ‘buzz’. I had other plans. I figured I could use the ring to get more pussy. I thought about a girl named Tara who turned me on at my job. She was hot, sexy and good looking. She never paid me any attention as she got hit on all the time.

I thought…’move over boys, and observe.’

Now the fun began.

She ask me to carry some boxes for her. All us guys jumped at the chance to do something for her, and get her attention. She knew this and took advantage of us. She sat around while we did her work. I sat the heavy box down. No ‘thank you’ or anything. She was to busy checking her makeup. I had put the head of a straight pin in a band aid on my thumb so I could quick activate the ring. As she primped herself in her little mirror, I pushed the button. She let out a moan, and dropped her mirror and makeup.

I didn’t scramble to pick it up for her, but just smiled and watcher her face get red and hang on the table. She smiled at me and gasp for breath. “Tim”…oh my…wow.” I said: “You look hot today, is anything wrong Tara?”
She steadied herself hanging on my arm and thanked me for carrying the boxes. Two hours later I zapped her again in a back room. This time she fell into my arms and held on me tight. She whispered: (“…Tim, your having quite an effect on me today, can we…a….maybe eat lunch together?”
Decision point……now, what was the quickest way to fuck her.
I said: “How about I come over to your place tonight about 8pm, instead?” She blinked, then smiled and wrote down her address. We were in a back isle way so I just started feeling her shoulders and pulled towards me. She started feeling me up real nice and pushing her tits and pussy into me. Her hand felt my boner as she her breathing increased. She whispered: (…“oh Tim, your so special, you excite me so fast, we’ll have a good time tonight.”) I smiled and ask her put all these boxes away for me, I had to go do something. I walked away but looked back to see her working away, lifting all the boxes I was suppose to be putting away.

(I’m beginning to really love this ring!)

That night she answered the door in a beautiful white robe, and showed me in. Tara introduced me to her sister Melody. She was just a hot as Tara. I reached over to shake her hand and zapped her. Her face got red as she closed her eyes tight. She couldn’t grab her pussy, so she said: “Nice to meet you.” as she ran for the bathroom. The puzzled look on Tara’s face was priceless. I said: “I guess she had to pee real bad?” Tara hugged me and said not to pay any attention to her, she was half crazy anyway, and giggled. We sat on the couch as Tara snuggled up to me. Soon Melody came out trying to act like nothing happened. She sat on the other side of me and joined right in with our conversation.
*Now…you don’t think I took advantage of these two beauties, did you?…well…you thought wrong.*
“My first threesome”…sounds like a good story title doesn’t it?…ok….okback to the story.
Tara was not to happy with her sister intruding in. Melody could care less what Tara thought.
Tara got up to go get some refreshments. The second she left, Melody grabbed my hand and took me in her bedroom, and shut the door all but a crack. She turned out the lights and had me stand behind her while she looked out the crack. She pulled me forward to her, my boner to her ass.

She took one of my hands and put it on her tits, and the other on her pussy. We quietly moaned a little. Then she whispered: (“..there she is!”) I looked at Tara holding a nice silver tray and stunned to find out we weren’t there. Melody started moaning loud. “Oh Tim…oooo baby…..Oh …Oh..” as we watched Tara. She sat the tray down, took off her robe, just wearing a nightie and came stomping for Melody’s bedroom. Melody and I stood up straight like nothing had happened and waited. Wham the door opened. Tara turned on the light. As she looked at us both, Melody said: “Yes Tara, what did you want?”

We all started laughing as Tara went for Melody and wrestled her down on the bed. They grabbed each others tits and pussy’s as they giggled. I sat on the bed watching the great show. I said: “Wow Tara, you didn’t tell me you were going to have girl on girl entertainment too!” They both grabbed me and pulled me on the bed. They started taking off (poor helpless me), my clothes. Melody turned off the lights and I was forced to have sex with these two savage attacking girls!

Tara managed to get on top of me and ran her tongue in my mouth kissing me. I felt 4 wonderful tits. Melody pushed Tara’s hips to one side and started sucking on my dick. Tara moved up and put her pussy right in my face. We all moaned and then Melody got on top of me and stuck my boner in her and went to bouncing on up and down on me. I couldn’t resist.

I pushed the button on the ring and got them both that time. They both moaned and I got a face full of Tara’s pussy juice and Melody about broke my dick off in her. I shot Melody’s pussy full as she moaned loud and shuddered. Tara backed up and pushed her off my dick and stuck it in her. Now she began to bounce as Melody took her turn at putting her pussy in my face. I didn’t think I had any cum left when I managed to cum again. We all slowly became spent as we moaned, out of breath. My dick was numb, my lips were numb and I was out of energy.

I got home about 12am and hid the ring. I crashed for the next 8 hours. I awoke to my cell phone. Calls from Lynn, Tara and Melody. I shut the phone off.

I just lay in bed smiling……..

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