Older man and the Virgin

As a young girl, my world was confusing to say the least. My mom liked her drinking and so did her live in boyfriend. So, I lived with my grandmother which was ok for the most part. I was left to my own and I spent most of the time in my room watching the tube. We had our own little world and I did the best that I could. Then, she met a man and spent so much time at his house that I became envious and insisted that he move in with her. I had met him and he was an ok kind of a man with a deep voice.He made me a school house or "teaching academy" with my picture on an I.D. card. I did not know at the time but his voice rattled my insides.

As time went by, just a few months, I got really close to him and could not stay away from him. I'd set in his lap and wiggle around, play with his hair, hold his hand and stuff like that. I had no idea what I was doing or why I was doing it. I just knew that it felt good inside me to be around him, even more was When he got a "lump" in his pants, it made me feel funny in my princess parts but I did not know why

We had a pool and in the summer months I would get in my bathing suit and go outside when he was working in the yard or in the shop and do my dance routines. One day, I was jumping up and down in the water and my bathing suit top came off and he saw my boobs! I was embarassed to say the least and told him "I'm sorry, I did not mean for that to happen". He told me not to worry, it would be our secret and he liked to see them anyway so no big deal. If you won't tell, I won't. WOW. We had a secret and I thought that it was cool.

When it was just him and me at home, I would go to my room and take off my bra , put on short shorts and a half shirt with no sleeves. He liked to look at me that way and I liked it too. I started growing hair well, you know, down below and sometimes it would "peek" out. He told me "little darlin" you need to shave that a bit. I wanted to but I was afraid I'd cut my princess parts. Will you help me I asked ? He was quick to agree.

The next day, we were by ourselves so there would not be a better time. I got in the shower and got ready. I called him and he was there. I was totally naked and embarrassed but he acted as if it was no big deal and lathered up my princess parts (he called it my pussy) and shaved me with slow, easy strokes . My breathing was coming in gasps. He was so gentle that it was soothing to me. When he finished, he began to clean me and OMG ! I'd never felt anything like that at all. My knees were shaking and I felt as if I were on fire down there.

He rubbed my little button. He told me it was my clitoris or clit for short. Gently at first and then a little harder. My nipples got hard and I began to feel very funny down below. I had to hold onto him to keep from falling over in the shower. The feeling became stronger and stronger. Suddenly, I was overcome with that feeling. I began to moan and babble. He got serious with my little button and put his finger into my pussy . I felt as if I wanted to die right there. I could not talk, move or think. My body took over and I was grinding against his hand. It lasted like what seemed forever and afterwards he told me that I had an orgasm, my very first one at that. I wanted more of that ! I finished my shower and went to bed. Thoughts of him touching me like that .

I wondered what if I did that ? So, lying there in bed I began to explore myself and found that I was wet down there. What ? Why did that happen ? Finally , I drifted off to sleep with thoughts of what he had done to me in my head and why did it feel better when he touched my princess parts ?

The next morning, it was announced that Nanny was going out of town and that he (Wayne) would get me off to school and take care of things while she was gone. Inwardly I was happy, confused and scared all at the same time. It was our secret and I could not let on that I had other things on my mind.

At school that day, I asked some of the older girls about all of that and they told me that sex was great with an older man. One of them was doing it with her Dad. Mine was nowhere to be found and had never been interested in me anyway. They told me why I got wet and that it would hurt a little bit the first time but it was well worth it. Go for it ! That was the advice I got and I asked how should I do that. My friend told me to just ask him to teach you about sex. If he wants you, he will jump at the chance. If, not then just tell him you were kidding but it sounds like he has a thing for you. After all, he did shave you and play your pussy. Right ? It is about time you get a good fucking .. ! I'd heard that word before but not like that ! I wanted to know more .

I was nervous when Wayne picked me up from school but not sacred anymore. When we got home I went and changed into clothes that I knew he would like, sat down beside him, looked into his face and asked, Wayne, while Nanny is gone will you teach me about having sex ? There, it was out in the open.

He cleared his throat and told me that if I do this, it has to be the best secret and you have to do everything that I tell you with no questions. I told him yes . please, . just fuck me.

He had me watch movies when a young girl took his man part in her mouth and he did the same to her. She went up and down on his cock and was licking and sucking the end of it. After a bit of that, she took her mouth off of him and he started shooting out white stuff in her mouth ! She seemed to enjoy it and Wayne told me that happens when a man has an orgasm or "cums". He also told me that when a man cums inside a woman's pussy that sometimes she gets pregnant and has a baby. I asked him, if you fuck me and cum in me will I have a baby ? No, I can no longer make babies. I had an operation called a vasectomy . Oh . Well, ok then. I am to young to have a baby. I also watched a movie where the man put his cock inside her pussy. She seemed to enjoy that a lot. She kept saying " I'm cumming Fuck me harder fuck that pussy and make me cum". I knew that feeling from when Wayne played with my button err , my clit !

After the movie, Wayne told me that it was time for bed. School in the morning but when you get ready for school in the morning, do not wear any panties. I said "ok". As a matter of fact, I went to bed completely naked and fell asleep thinking about the movies I had just seen and wanting Wayne to fuck me like that .

School was terrible that day. My pants rubbing up against my bald little pussy and thoughts of fucking running through my mind. I was dripping by the time Wayne pulled up to get me and tender from being shaved. My bald little pussy was wanting to be touched right then and there !. I got in the car and he put my hand on his pants. I could feel his cock and it felt very big. I wanted to taste him. Right there in front of the school, I opened his zipper and put him in my mouth Up and down, lips and tongue, just like in the movie licking and slurping. I tried to get all of him in my mouth . NO WAY, much to big. As we pulled into the driveway, his cock began to throb in my mouth HE CAME IN MY MOUTH . I swallowed every bit of it !

That night, after dinner ,showers and all of that, Wayne told me to come into the bedroom with him. Tonight is the night I laid down beside him and my heart was beating like a drum Are you sure princess ? Yesss, I am past sure. I want you inside of me. I want you to take my virginity. I want you to fuck me and show me how it feels when you cum inside of me I can't wait any longer It will be our secret, I won't tell anyone just PLEASE FUCK ME !

He kissed my neck, down to my boobs. Taking my nipples in his mouth and hands, getting them hard and pointy ,aching Then he kissed down to my princess parts and started licking outside and inside, rubbing my clit at the same time That feeling started to build up inside of me again only stronger OHHH yessseat me! lick my little pussy Wayne! OMG..I am going to cum don't stop . ohhhh I am cumming ! The feeling washed over me taking my breath with it. My body going crazy from side to side , up and down rubbing my pussy in his face I grabbed his head and pulled him into me .. He kept at me and did not let stop He stuck his small finger in my ass and I went over the top of it all ! I rode his face cumming and cumming over and over till I almost fainted . WOW WAYNE how did you do that ? . It will get better when I am inside of you . DO IT THEN FUCK ME NOW .. !

As he moved to me I reached out , grabbed his cock, and pulled him towards my pussy. He moved it up and down, teasing my clit. I was soaked to the point that I felt my wetness between my legs .. IT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN .. ! He was pushing at the entrance of my pussy OHHHH It's getting deeper AHHH, a sharp pain OWWWWCCHHH. He kept pushing very easy. In and out .. in and out OH its going in me .. I can feel you inside me feels like your going to tear me apart Yess starting to feel better . your pushing deeper faster . OHHH I am going to cum again WAYNE DO IT FUCK THAT PUSSY FUCK ME HARDER,. your going faster now all the way inside me I feel your balls slapping the cheeks of my ass ARGHH UNNGGMM OGGGHHH YESSS CUMMING more and more I move with him meeting his thrust as he pounds my shaved little pussy . unggghhh he moans OMG he is getting bigger and harder inside me .. I am going to cum in you princess . ! faster, deeper harder I feel his cock twitch inside of me pulsing . There it is ! I feel a warm ,and tingling wetness deep inside HE IS CUMMING INSIDE OF ME YESS WAYNE CUM IN ME fill me up give it to me .. Blast after blast of his cum shoots deep inside of me. I can feel every twitch as he empties his balls inside of my little pussy SO MUCH OF IT Running down my legs mixing with my wetness, soaking the sheets .. OHHHH more FUCK ME MORE .. .!

Afterwards, we lay together as he slips out of me Leaving me feeling sore and empty. Was that a good fuck Wayne ? Your my first and only virgin and you are GREAT ! Just don't forget our secret I'll never tell anyone. I like secrets with you .. !

About 30 minutes later, I got out of the bed, kissed him and told him that "I love you" you made me a woman and I'll never forget this.

Now, 10 years later and I am in my early twenties. . We never did have sex again . I have no regrets. Just a smile when I think of the man that taught me how to love him completely .

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