High School Hypnotist

High School Hypnotist (Mf, MC, School)

Story Summary - Brad Taylor enjoys his work as a high school guidance counselor and hypnotist.

Note – This is a work of fiction, make-believe and sexual fantasy. It is not based on real people or actual events. You must be 18 or over to read these stories. The author does not condone any sexual activity among persons under 18 in real life. It is OK to have fantasies, but turning a fantasy into reality can destroy lives. Don't be a dick with other people's lives!

Yeah, I have it pretty good. I work at an exclusive all-girl high school outside of Los Angeles; I see a lot of hot, California teenage bodies. My day is filled with visions of tight shirts, braless breasts, firm tits with hard nipples, short skirts, long legs, round asses and more camel toes than the Arabian Desert.

Many of these hot sluts are the daughters of famous Hollywood movie stars – gorgeous offspring from gorgeous parents. And, not only do I get to see tight high school bodies bouncing down the hallways, but I get all the teenage pussy I want.

This private school is very modern and prides itself on its new wave curriculum. Science and technology classes take a backseat to other scholastic offerings, such as acting, directing, dealing with paparazzi, money management, etc… These girls are not here to become nuclear physicists, that’s for sure.

We also offer robust health facilities. We boast a modern gym with personal trainers, yoga, tai-chi and aerobics. For our stressed out little princesses, we also offer massage therapy, aroma therapy, facials, pedicures, etc. And to deal with life’s more strenuous mental challenges; we have one of the best guidance counselors available. He is a board certified physiologist, trained in all the modern physiological therapies. He has also written books on the power of persuasion, self-actualization and the art of happiness. By the way, that’s me. I’m also a hypnotist.

It was easy to get the job. When I heard they were planning to build the school, I spoke with some of my Hollywood clients and had them put in a good word for me. Also, I used my subliminal power of persuasion techniques during the interview to convince the Director that I was the right person for the job; in fact the only one he should even consider for the position. A week into my new job, and one hypnotic session later (to correct his golf slice), I received a hefty pay raise and moved into his office. I liked his office because it was remote; in a secluded corner of the school and away from prying eyes. The long entrance hallway and the separate outer office - where my personal secretary screens my visitors, is a perfect setup for having sex with hot teenage girls.

You would be surprised at the number of stuck-up brats who want my services. Some just want to complain and whine, some request regular psychology sessions, and some want help with self improvement issues. I typically select the hottest girls that pique my interest and offer them a hypnotic session to cure their problems. They leave my office happy and feeling great. At my subliminal direction, they also tell their hottest school friends they should schedule an appointment too.

Take Rhonda Wells, for example. She was recommended to me by one of my favorite patients. Rhonda is so hot! As I write this, she is masturbating in front of me, lying on the couch, her blouse open, braless, with one hand squeezing an exquisite breast and toying with her perfect, pink nipples. Her other hand is rubbing her panty covered crotch, her short skirt hiked up around her waist.

I had persuaded her to undergo a hypnotic session, to ‘get to the source of her problems with her mother.’ Once she was under (girls of this age are so easily susceptible to hypnosis), I simply convinced her that she was horny, ‘so very, very horny’ and had her masturbate as she would at home – where she felt safe, private, and relaxed, without the possibility of distraction, while we talked.

“So, Rhonda, tell me your favorite sexual fantasies. What you usually think about when you masturbate?”

Step one - find out what turn the little girls on;

“Oh, I usually think of cocks…, big, fat cocks. Mmmmm,” she moaned. “I like to pretend I’m a slut, getting fucked and sucking cocks, with two guys, sometimes three.” She paused, whispered and whimpered, “Sometimes more. I like to be a dirty little slut.”

“I see, Rhonda. That is very interesting.” I watched Rhonda getting more turned on. Her small hand slipped inside of her panties.

“Ooooh!” she moaned, slipping a finger up and down her juicy slit. “I’m going to take off my panties now,” she stated. She stood up and dropped her damp little panties on the floor. Then, she shrugged off her blouse, squeezing both apple sized tits. I could smell her musk from my place in my chair, three feet away. She lay back down, spread her legs wide, and peeled her thin pussy lips apart. I could see the pink wetness from her nearly hairless twat. She began to rub her clit gently, her other hand groping her breasts again.

Step two - get their health and sexual history;

“Rhonda, are you still a virgin?”


“Do you still have your cherry?”


“Have you had sex with another person, Rhonda? Have you ever sucked or jacked-off a cock, or done it with a girl, maybe a friend at school?

“No. But I want to.” She closed her eyes and rubbed her pussy a little faster. I saw her fingers glistening and getting wet. “I want to do all of that.”

“Have you ever seen a real man’s cock, Rhonda? Have you ever touched one?”

“No, not really. I saw my dad’s cock a couple of times. It wasn’t hard or anything though, and I saw my little brother’s penis when he was little.” Rhonda rubbed her pussy some more.

“Do you have any communicable diseases or any sexually transmitted diseases, or any other health issues a person who is going to have sex with you should know about? Anything?”


If I had any concerns, I would simply send the girls to the school nurse for a check-up.

“So, Rhonda, who are the men you love to suck and fuck in your fantasies? Are they family members? Do you seduce them, or perhaps they are raping you?” Rape fantasies are typical. It lets the girl get away with having nasty, forbidden sex while maintaining their innocence, because they were ‘forced’ to do all those dirty sexual acts.

“Sometimes I fantasize about my dad or my brother, sometimes my teachers. I like the pool boys and the gardeners a lot. When I’m feeling real slutty, I fantasize about being at the pool while my family is gone. The pool boys and gardeners are there. I take off my top and tease them. Ahhhh!” She took a quick, excited breath and rubbed her pussy a little harder. She groped her breasts and then pinched her nipples; making them taut, like hard, pink, pencil erasers. “Sometimes they rape me, and I pretend to fight back. Sometimes I look at them, lick my lips, and show them my pussy. First, one comes over, then the others. I suck their cocks and then they fuck me - hard. Mmmmm.” She was getting close.

Step three - time to get some hot teenage action;

I stood up and stepped over to her. “Rhonda, here is the pool boy’s cock. Show me how you would suck it and make him cum.” I pulled out my hard cock and put it in front of her face. She stared at it for a second, and then smiled, her fantasies coming true.

She began sucking on my cock in earnest. Like most inexperienced girls, she began sucking too hard and tried to take it to deep until she gagged. I began to instruct her, like I’ve taught so many hormone-filled cunts before.

“Lick it first, Rhonda, lick the head.” I watched Rhonda, who had never experienced a real cock before, take her first lick.

“Lick all around the glans some more; the head.., yes, like that.” Sweet little Rhonda swirled her tongue around it, over and over, eyes closed, her expression blissful.

“Take it into your mouth.” She opened her eyes and then opened her mouth, engulfing my swollen cock-head. I felt her heat and wetness.

“Swirl your tongue around it.” She was really getting into it now. She was treating my hard cock like a lollipop.

“Take it deep, now back, and lick it some more.” She tried to swallow my cock again, gagged, then brought it back up from her throat and licked the head some more.

“Suck it gently. A little bit more…, yes, like that - you got it!” She smiled around my cock, so proud of herself.

“Now, up and down, suck it up and down, as deep as you can.” Rhonda bobbed her head on my shaft, trying to suck the cum up from my balls. She gagged again. Time to eliminate her gag reflex.

“Rhonda, listen closely, but keep pleasuring me. You love to pleasure me, remember? Now, when my cock hits the back of your throat, you will no longer gag. Your throat will open up and you will allow my cock to go deeper. You like it and will feel no discomfort. You will take my cock deeper and deeper until my balls are resting on your chin. Now, take a deep breath and take my cock all the way down.”

Rhonda took a deep breath and I pushed my cock down her throat. I held it there for a moment, feeling her throat muscles trying to swallow me. I pulled back and let her catch her breath.

“Very good, Rhonda. Now, jack the shaft with your hand, up and down, while you lick it and suck it.” Her small hands began to jerk my cock shaft as her mouth worked the sensitive head.

“Play with my nuts - gently! Cup them, lick them, fondle them, and put a little pressure just under and behind, the sack.” She was really into it now, a cock-sucking professional in less than 3 minutes.

“When I cum, you have to swallow it. All dirty sluts swallow cum, right Rhonda? And you are a dirty slut who loves the taste of my cum.”

“Mmm-mmm!” she agreed, still slurping on my shaft, jacking it with her hands, tickling my balls and taking it deep.

I felt the cum churning up in my balls and paused to enjoy the moment. A hot, teenage virgin sucking her first cock and ready to eat her first load of hot man-cream. I tried to postpone my orgasm, focusing on the feelings the hot little slut was giving me. Up and down, her hands, mouth and throat pleased my hard shaft. I felt the orgasm ride over me and I blasted her young throat with hot sperm. I watched her eyes grow wide as she felt the load hit her mouth and then she closed her eyes in happiness and swallowed each heavy spurt. Only a little cum leaked from the corners of her mouth and I emptied my balls into her. Ah, the first cum of the day is always the best!

“Gently now, gently, Rhonda. Men are sensitive after they cum. You can be firm before they shoot their load, but then slowly ease up, extending their orgasm as long as you can.” She smiled up at me, slowly jacking my cock and lovingly licking my cock. “Yes, that was nice, Rhonda. With a little practice, you will be a great little cock-slut.”

“Ok, Rhonda, time for you to cum now.” She climbed back on the couch and began masturbating furiously!

Step four - find their orgasm trigger;

“Rhonda, what do you usually think of when you cum? What sends you over the edge?”

“My favorite is when I’m bent over, with a cock in my mouth and then…, then, the other guy puts his cock against my asshole. I can feel his cock stretching my ass with his hard cock! Mmmph! I feel like a dirty fucking slut! Sometimes I put my hairbrush in my asshole and fuck myself with it.”

“Show me.”

Rhonda got on all fours, her perfect little ass facing me, as she rocked back and forth, fucking and sucking the imaginary cocks in her mouth and ass. She had one hand under her rubbing feverously on her pussy, her other hand was reached around her butt as she toyed with her ass and slipped in a finger. I watched her stretching her perfect, pink rose-bud as she orgasmed.

“Rhonda, tell me what is happening.”

“Eeeee! Ahhhh! Yes! They are fucking me! Yes, fuck me, fuck my ass! I am such a nasty, dirty slut! Cum in me! Cum in my mouth! Cum in my ass! Aaaaahhhh! They are coming in me! They are coming on me! So much cum!” Rhonda shook and trembled as she came, nearly screaming out in ecstasy. I watched her fuck the imaginary cock in her ass and suck the cock in her mouth.

She collapsed on the couch, breathing heavily. As I stared at her perfect ass and I realized that I was almost hard again. I looked at the clock and decided I had to wait. I had my weekly session at the junior high school within the hour. I would have to save her ass until next time, when I had more time to enjoy it.

“Ok Rhonda, make sure you see my secretary on your way out and have her set up an appointment for a week from today. Until then, every night, I want you to stretch out your tight little asshole for me. A dirty slut like you has to have her asshole ready for a hard cock, right?”

“Yes, doctor,” she said, licking both the real and the imaginary cum from her lips.

“About this much should do it.” I made an ‘OK’ sign with my right hand, showing her the size her hole needed to be. It was still smaller than my cock, but stretching out a tight, virgin ass-holes is part of the fun.

“Now, Rhonda, if you don’t have a vibrator of your own, you can use your hairbrush to widen you asshole, or your fingers, or a cock-shaped vegetable, but use plenty of lubrication. If you mother has a vibrator or a butt-plug you can borrow, that would be best.” Most of the Hollywood starlets had many vibrators and dildos. They usually didn’t miss one or two.

“Regarding your problem with your mother, you will no longer yell at her for asking you to help around the house. Apologize to her for acting like a brat and let her know you love her and appreciate all that she has done for you. Clean your room, pick-up your clothes, and wash the dinner dishes like she asked. Then, ask her what else you can do to help around the house. Do it with a smile and a good attitude. Your mother deserves it, and you want to be a good girl and a good daughter. We will see how everything goes next week.”

“Yes, doctor.”

“And finally Rhonda, keep your fantasies to yourself for now. You can be a dirty little slut in your mind, and when we are alone, but no other times without my permission, understood?”

“Yes, doctor.”

I called my secretary on the intercom. “Jackie, come in and clean up our patient, please.”

Jackie came in immediately. She is in her late twenties, gorgeous, and totally under my hypnotic control. The classic blonde bimbo – big tits, a round ass, and perfect cock-sucking lips.

“Let’s get you cleaned up Rhonda.” Jackie said, opening the pantry door to retrieve some wet wipes and some other supplies. “How is your pussy and ass, Rhonda? Any cum to clean up? Where did he shoot it?”

“In my mouth.”

“OK, here is a breath mint then. Wow, your pussy is soaked! You had a good orgasm!”

“I did,” Rhonda agreed.

“Actually, I knew you did,” Jackie then whispered in her ear. “I heard you from my desk!” Then she spoke louder, “It sounds like we have another squealer, doctor, good thing you had the rooms soundproofed during the renovations.” Jackie smiled. She wiped Rhonda’s pussy and ass and then checked her mouth, hair and body for stray droplets of cum.

“All set, doctor. Rhonda, there is a mirror over there; you can get dressed, fix your hair and makeup, and then straighten your clothes while I wipe down the couch.” Rhonda got up obediently and Jackie proceeded to wipe the couch and then sprayed a little fragrance to hide the musky odor of teenage pussy. The air filters and the subtle scent I had piped in would take care of the rest.

Jackie turned and left the office. She was very efficient. I was glad to have her. As a failed actress who had experience with directing, I was sure she captured some excellent video from the session. She is very talented - zooming in, wide shots, lighting – all to capture the hottest images using the multiple high tech security cameras I had hidden in the office.

“Listen to this and then you can leave, Rhonda.” I said, while she freshened herself up in front of the mirror. I immediately played my standard hypnotic session wrap-up audio file. I heard my own voice playing from the speakers.

“You must follow my every command. You will regain control and independent thoughts when I snap my fingers twice, slowly…, however;

“While hypnotized, you will be grateful and appreciative of the sex we have together. You will desire to please me in any way that I desire.

“You will not remember being hypnotized or be able to recall any conversations, images, or any sexual activity that occurred while you were under hypnosis.

“You will follow the specific orders I gave you during the session.

“You will only remember that we had a very pleasant, professional conversation, and that I greatly helped you with the issues you came to see me for.

“You will leave my office feeling happy and energized and when asked, only have positive things to say about me, my staff, and your visits to my office.

“You will be oblivious to any indications that you have had sex while under my hypnosis, whether from a sore pussy, mouth, ass, tits, or body; the taste of cum in your mouth or cum leaking from you pussy or ass. Be vigilant at all times to keep our sexual relationship from being discovered. If you need to, wash your panties before you throw them in the hamper or otherwise hide any evidence of our encounter - without drawing attention to yourself. If friends or family notice any stray drops of cum in your hair, or cum on your breath, you will act indignant and hurt, brush aside their comments and then refuse discuss it further.

“At our next session, or earlier, if warranted, you will report any concerns you have, or conversations you have had, or anything you saw or heard that causes you to think others are suspicious of the activity that occurs in this office, or of me or my staff.

“When you are with me, you will instantly arrive at your deepest hypnotic state when I say these words…” The playback stopped, and I spoke Rhonda’s personal control words aloud, making a note in my journal, “Dirty little ass-slut.”

“Come sit down, Rhonda.” She quickly sat on the couch.

“Do you have any questions for me? Anything you want to say to me?”

“No… Well, I guess I do. Thank you for letting me masturbate in your office. I feel much better now. And, thanks for letting me suck your cock. That was great! I…, I…, I really want you to fuck me, can we do that next week?”

“We will see.” I snapped my fingers, slowly. Once. Twice.

“Huh?” Rhonda said. “What were we talking about? I just zoned out…”

“We were talking about how you are going to take a different approach with your mother.”

“Right! I will talk to her when I get home tonight. Thank you, doctor. You have been a big help!”

“Thank your Rhonda. Our time is up for today. Please check with my secretary on your way out.”

“OK, good-bye doctor!”

I watched her tight ass wiggle its way out of my office, knowing I’d be fucking it next week.

Yeah, I have it pretty good…

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