Good to be bad

Ive always thought of ways to get over and use situations to my advantage but never thought id be so good at getting anything.and i do mean anything. When i was about 5 or so my parents split up and i had no choice but to live with my father, because my mother re-married being pregnant with another mans baby and all. I would go over from time to time and grew up seeing my stepsister blossum in every dirrection. Which brings me to the present. Its now been fifteen years since Alexa was born and boy is she sexy. She's 5'6'' 38DD-34-40 Strawberry Blonde long hair hazel eyes and is a voluptuous 168 lb. Oh My God does she turn me on, I stare alot and peep in on her when shes showering when i know nobody is home. Shes the hotest 15 year old ive ever seen and i know she drives every man crazy.
One day i saw her prancing around in half our mothers lingerie i say only half because all she was wearing was moms black garter belt and stilletos and one of her own bras and no panties. This shocked the hell out me because she shaved he pussy for the first time this very day. It looked so soft and delicious. I watched from the crack in the door and slowly jerked my rod as she bent over and posed in the mirror. When she began to rub her fat juicy pussy lips and sat down on the edge of moms bed. Damm she was wet almost dripping from the looks of it mmmmmmmm..I wanted to eat her and fuck her so bad but i knew she would never go for itThats when i got the idea to make her so i ran quitly to get my video camera and video taped every minute of her hour long finger play.
I watched the tape i made over and over waiting for the right moment. So when the day my mom and her husband went away and asked me to house sit while alexa was still going to school. I jumped at the chance with dark sexual intentions and i wouldnt wait long. I waited for alexa to come home from school that day. She walked gave me a hug and said were going to have so much fun, what she didnt know was she was so true. She went to her room to do home work while i set my plan into action. I collected all the cordless phones in the house and hid them just in case, locked all the doors, popped the video in sitting down on the couch and yelled out for alexa to come watch a movie with me.
Alexa replied, "hope you got something good to watch I'll be right there". LOL.She walked in the room book in hand and sat down on the couch next to me not even looking at the TV. She slowly lifted her head and said, "whats this a porno". I smiled and said, "yeah you dont mind do you" to which she said "No". Thats when she realized it was her and boy was she mad.
Alexa- "what the fuck, your spying on me and taping me in my private moments". " You asshole I'm calling Mom". "WHERE THE FUCK ARE THE PHONES YOU SICK BASTARD".
ME-" I have them but aren't you forgetting something Alexa".
Alexa- "and whats that you pervert, shut that shit off"
Me- "You dont want your mom or dad to know what you do in thier room, in moms lingerie do you".
Alexa- " no, so what does that mean your not going to tell them" "then why did you record me just to stroke your meat too or share with your friends".
Me- " you better watch your attitude." "I wont say anything but you have to do something for me alexa".
Alexa- "Do you blame me for being pissed off" "what do you want from me my savings and money.WHAT"
Alexa- with tears running down her cheeks "Your sick but if i blow you will you say nothing and i get the tape" "but ive never"
Crying she started to take her shirt off her big body revealing mountains of bra covered tits. Watching them bounce free of her shirt my cock stired in my shorts. As she unbuttoned her pants which were way to tight for her phatt ass and plump thick thighs and wide hips. God it was such a turn on to see her peel those pants off. With her standing in her black bra and white granny panties she began to cry more as she reached behind her to unhook her over the shoulder bolder holder. Her tits are so full and perky that when she unhooks ther strap the bra praticually bounce free to the floor. My god with her melon heavy breasts out i couldnt wait i almost came right there. So i order her to stop and come here. Thats when she slowly came over i grabbed her tits with my hands rubbing them, squeezing them and made her feed them to me. They were wet and salty from her tears as i licked and sucked on her eraser thick nipples. They made me hornier so i made her kiss me whcich she wanted no part of, but i did it anyway bitting her lower lip hard she squeal and shutter.
She said "no, please stop" so i told her to take my shorts off now and fill her mouth with my dick and will all be over". Slowly she inched them down side by side as my cock popped out smacked her in her chin. She moved back and didnt know what to think seeing her first big dick live and moving around. I told her to take it in her hand and move her hadn up and down. She didnt want to so i grabber her hand and did it for her. "If you want the tape lick it an slide you mouth over it up and down", i ordered her. She was scared and shacking when she licked the head and slide her mouth down it and gagged. She moved back and said "its not going to fit", I asured her it will and told her "if you gag keep going at it and it will go in better". Knowing I had to help again i grabbed her by her long hair and pulled her face down onto my cock and said, "OPEN UP"!! I pushed her head down till she gagged then pulled her off then did it again and again till she got the picture and did it on her own. I had her wrap her tits on both sides and titty fucked her while she sucked at it. Dammm it was so good, I shot load after load in her mouth but alot came out onto her tits which made me cum more. There she was practicually naked and her mouth, throat and tits covered in cum when she said "were done right". I just smiled and said, "Hell no we've just begun"!!

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