SFM Alternate Ending: Alice

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Well due to popular demands (one lousy vote) I'm posting one of the alternate endings. I wouldn't get your hopes to high, there is still sex but it's really just another story wrap up so it won't last very long. Hopefully my devoted fans will enjoy it. But if you don't keep it to yourself because I don't want to read any negative comments because guess what? I don't care if you don't like it. Some people do that's all that matters. And I thank those who really like these stories and have given me positive coments. And by the way expect the other six alternate endings soon

Me and Shana spent a very enjoyable month together. But something was eating me in the back of my head. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it; until one day I realized something. I was starting to miss Alice. I know what you’re thinking. That’s just so fucking random why the hell would he miss Alice? She is like way old news! But I can’t explain it there was something about her that just enticed me.
So I told Shana how I felt; she took it hard. But before I left I went to the guy I talked to right when I came back to town (last story if you recall). “Hey there Jack” I said walking up to him. “Oh hey Kurtz!” he said with a smile. Jack and I had become pretty good friends after I started living with Shana. “Whatcha up to?” “I’m leaving town for good Jack and I need you to look after Shana for me” I said. He looked confused, “Why me?”
“Let’s just say it’s to make up for being such a jerk to you when I was a kid” I said. He nodded and agreed and I left. For good this time.

I spent the longest time looking for Alice. Unlike the other girls, she didn’t really have a house. So I asked around my fellow bounty hunters. They all knew who Alice was and all gave me some sort of lead, but every time I got to where she was supposedly I came up cold. I was beginning to get annoyed.
I took a room at an inn and stared at the ceiling angrily. I find out I’m in love with a girl from a long time ago and can’t find her, and I ditched the only other girl I had a chance with. “Fuck,” I muttered, “You must think this is pretty damn funny don’t you?” I growled at the ceiling.
“I told you if you want the job done I need to see the money” a very familiar voice from outside snapped. “Listen bitch, when the job is done then you’ll see the damn money understand!” a man roared. I looked at the ceiling again in disbelief. “Oh, you are a very clever one aren’t you? Boy do I owe you an apology, maybe tomorrow when I’m done sinning.”
There was a loud crash on my door. “No you listen, I don’t do any job unless I’m sure you can pay up” Alice hissed. She had obviously slammed her clients head against my door. “Alright, alright” the guy whimpered. I heard the jingling of coins. “See, that wasn’t so hard, was it?” she said. As soon as I was sure both of them were walking away from my door I walked out. I saw the back of Alice’s head going into a room of her own. I walked slowly and listened at the door. Then without meaning too the door opened under my weight. It opened silently and I saw her looking out her window. She was wearing what she had been wearing last time. A black tunic and black pants.
I grinned and snuck up to her and pulled out the dagger Raven had given me back at her camp. Then I put it up to her neck. “You have five seconds to back off before I kill you” she said darkly. “What’s wrong love?” I whispered to her, “Didn’t you miss me?” There was a very long pause after I said that. “Kurtz?” she said softly. “Who else?”
I backed away from her and she turned around. God she was just as beautiful as I remember. Short brown hair, amber eyes, and a body like none other. “What was with the dagger?” she asked. “Dramatic effect” I said with a sneer. After that the conversation took a different course. “Why are you here?” she asked with an edge of ferocity. I quirked a brow. “You didn’t miss me much did you? Wish I could say the same about you.”
Her face turned pink. “Well… it’s not that I didn’t miss… it’s just that… well.” “Don’t hurt yourself” I said shutting the door. “So you really missed me huh? I thought you’d get over me” she said taking a seat on her bed. I took a seat beside her, “Why would you think that Alice?” I asked curiously. She looked at me with her lovely eyes making my heart melt. Then she looked at the floor and shrugged. I put a firm hand on her chin and turned her towards me. “Alice,” I said in a low voice, “I love you… and I couldn’t imagine a life without you.”
We kissed passionately for several minutes. Then both of our tunics ended up on the floor. I looked at her beautiful breasts and put them in my hands. The familiarity of them made me all the hornier. “Your nipples got hard pretty fast” I whispered feeling her erect nipples rub against my palms. “They missed you too” she said with a smile. I took one of the nipples into my mouth and sucked on it. She moaned happily. Then I went down and kissed her ripped stomach. And then moved down removing her pants showing her moist pussy.
I couldn’t tease her any longer. I didn’t think either of us could handle it any more. I removed my pants and penetrated her as soon as I did. “Oh Kurtz!” she said sounding overjoyed. I slid out of her and then rammed right back into her. God it was fantastic. I continued to ram in and out, in and out, in and out of her. After a minute I was on bottom. She continued the hip work there. We were still embraced and making out but she was ramming my cock into her rather than me ramming it into her. “Oh yes, oh yes” she was muttering.
Then she sat up and rode me. I watched as she bounced up and down on my hard cock. Her breasts bobbed up and down as she went. I sat up with her and kissed her. She continued to ride but I gyrated myself into her as well.
I put her breasts back in my hands and squeezed hard. She purred happily as we continued to move our hips into each other. Then in a burst of pure ecstasy we came; we came harder than either of us had expected. I actually felt her squirt all over my pelvis and I felt my cock erupt like a volcano inside of her. We lied down completely exhausted. But I couldn’t help to talk to her. “So, I heard about your trouble with that guy in the hall” I said softly.
“Yeah, I have that sort of trouble a lot” she replied cuddling my neck. “Well not with me by your side” I said putting her firm buttocks on in my hands. She smiled got up and kissed me gently, “I like that…”

The two of us became very infamous in the world of bounty hunters. We did it for about five years until I eventually got Alice pregnant (neither of us knew but it turned out she had a narrow uterus). We had twins; both girls. One we named Ruby and the other we named Lillian. We took a break until our daughters got to a proper age, and then we turned our talent into a family business. Now you’re probably wondering about Shana; well don’t you worry she got over me. Jack managed to woo her and they got married. They had a couple of kids but I never got around to learning their names. But as for the other women I never saw any of them again.

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