Girlfriend and Boyfriend Abducted - Part 4

Ashley’s scream echoed through the basement.

“AAAAAYY! Please, it hurts!” she squealed, but he seemed not to notice. The brutal man who had captured Ashley and her boyfriend didn’t care about her humiliation or her pain. He just pounded into her virgin ass with the strength of a bull, his cock plunging into her again and again. Still tied naked to the chair, Brad could only watch. He could only watch his sexy college girlfriend kneeling doggy-style, her wrists cuffed to a headboard, as this maniac raped her ass.

With one hand yanking her pony-tailed head back so much that pain tore through the roots of her hair, Mladic kept fucking her, pounding away at her without mercy. There was one merciful element to the whole ordeal, though. Time. Mladic’s urgency grew exponentially. The tight squeeze of Ashley’s ass around his cock was too much for him. Excitement and libido couldn’t be contained. He pulled even harder on her ponytail even as his other hand alternated between slapping her ass cheeks.


“Please slow down, you’re hurting meeee!”

“Good!” he shouted. “Yes, that makes my dick harder. Scream and shout, slut. Struggle and wiggle your ass for me.” He continued his rhythm, his eyes clenching shut as he focused on the exquisite vice of her ass clamped around his manhood.

“Fuck,” he growled, “your ass is even tighter than I expected, bitch. You’ll milk my balls and have me bursting far too soon. FUCK.” He groaned and grunted, spearing into her. His balls slapped against her jiggling ass cheeks as he kept up the pace of his rape, not willing to slow down even if it meant a premature eruption. Sure enough, he was soon growling, and that growl turned into an almost bestial roar. He slammed his cock into her anal depths and held himself there, exploding with a geyser of cum that shot deep into her intestines. Her cum-soaked bowels felt a burning ache, and Ashley knew that she would never be the same. Meanwhile, Mladic pressed against her back, heaving as he finished the last few spurts, flush against her ass.

“Ughhh! Yes. Bitch, you wrung me dry. Every last swimmer just dove into that sexy little butthole. Mmmm. Now don’t move.”

Tears were streaming down Ashley’s face. A confusing trace of arousal had momentarily snuck through her. Now, in the aftermath, that only deepened her shame. Even the idea that the tiniest part of her had somehow enjoyed her ass-rape sent her into a fresh downward spiral. Ashley continued to cry as Mladic pulled his cock out of her ass and turned toward Brad. He pulled the girl’s ass cheeks apart with both hands to reveal the distended anal crevice now brimming with so much cum.

“Stop crying, bitch. You’re not even bleeding,” he barked, giving her ass a hard smack. Ashley choked back her tears. She tried to be quiet. She tried to deaden her mind, to pretend that she’d simply ceased to exist. Mladic turned back to Brad again. “That doesn’t look good, lover-boy. Your girlfriend just got ass-raped. I think she needs some LOVE.” He licked his lips, his eyes glinting with malice. “You know what they say. When it comes to sex, girls need plenty of aftercare. Looks like your slave-bitch girlfriend here is no different. Let’s put that tongue of yours to good use. You can clean out her asshole, get a taste of a real man’s cum, and give your girlfriend some needed comfort, all at the same time.”

Brad looked agog at his captor. There was no way this could be real. That was the insistent whisper in his mind as Mladic stood up and strode over to him. Other than Ashley’s quiet sobs, Brad could only hear the pounding of his own heart. Mladic retrieved a knife from a nearby toolbox and then stepped up to the chair. “I’m going to cut your arms free and then re-tie them behind your back. If you try anything, and I mean ANYTHING, I’ll cut you first. Then I’ll make you watch me cut her.” He made a gesture in Ashley’s direction. “Understood?”

“You sick freak. Yes, I understand,” Brad growled.

Brad watched for any opening, but the man was careful. Mladic cut away the ropes binding each of Brad’s wrists behind the chair. Then, with Brad’s ankles still tied, he re-tied Brad’s wrists behind his back. He’d left no opening for Brad, weak as he was, with muscles locked up from sitting so long, to mount any kind of attack or escape attempt. The sandy-haired youth could only hope that a future opportunity might come along. Soon after, Brad then felt Mladic cut away the ropes along his ankles. He pulled Brad to his feet. Brad swayed. The world spun a little, then righted itself.

“The drugs I gave you are still in your system, pencil-dick. Your coordination won’t be back to normal for a few more hours yet. Watch your step.” Mladic now guided Brad onto the bed. He had the young man kneel behind his girlfriend. Now he was staring down at his girlfriend’s brutalized ass. Seeing it close up was even worse. He saw the horrifically stretched anal opening, still filled with oil and cum. It looked almost like a crater, it was so stretched out, its pink webbing filled to the brim with a reservoir of seed. A few dribbles of cum had seeped down the crack of her ass and now slid along the length of her pussy too. It was a revolting sight. It made Brad’s heart splinter into pieces, seeing the up-close evidence of what Ashley had endured. He should have protected her. He should have been more careful at the party, not accepted free drinks from this creep. He should have known that this guy and his buddy were bad news. But Brad had been too busy having fun, too busy showing off his girl at an illicit off-campus party and throwing caution to the wind. Now it had landed them here… in this nightmare.

“What are you waiting for, Brad? You heard me. Get your tongue in there. Lick out this little bitch’s ass. Start cleaning out my cum NOW. Get busy!” Mladic ordered.

Brad balked. There was no way his tongue was going in there. No freaking way.

He turned his head aside, and that’s when he saw the handgun in the corner of his vision. Mladic had grabbed it from the nearby workbench. Now he aimed it and fired. The bullet whizzed just to the left of Ashley’s head. Ashley screamed.

“That was just a warning shot, dumbass. The next one is for real.”

“OK, OK! I’m doing it!” That was all the convincing Brad needed. Appalled and disgusted, the college junior leaned forward. He held his breath and tentatively flicked his tongue inside Ashley’s ass. For the first time in his life, he fully tasted another man’s cum. The mixture of flavors – the salty jism and the sweeter tang of the oil – might not have been entirely unpleasant if he hadn’t known what it was. But he did know, and it repulsed him on the most fundamental level. He had to restrain the urge to retch as he lapped dutifully at Ashley’s anus. He licked up the cum and oil, swallowing all of it, tenderly laving out his girlfriend’s raped ass as if he could somehow magically erase all her trauma and her pain. Soon the room was filled with just the quiet sounds of his lapping tongue and Ashley’s gradually slowed breathing. Her sobs had finally subsided. She now just knelt there, her head hanging down, trying to ignore the traitorous part of her that relaxed with approval and pleasure as Brad ate out her ass.

Brad was so repulsed, though, that he took the risk – he couldn’t help it. He briefly ducked lower. His tongue traipsed up and down Ashley’s cunt, swiping up the cum which had seeped from her ass.

Ashley sighed. It sounded like more than just a sound of relief – was that pleasure he heard in her tone?

“Yes, Brad, please lick my pussy.” Ashley couldn’t believe that those words had come from her lips. Desperate for comfort, her mind had just gone there; the words had just spilled out.

Mladic was on her in an instant. He glared at her, his face inches from hers.

“Did I give you permission to talk, whore?” He slid a dark glance Brad’s way. “I didn’t give your boy-toy permission to do any cunt-munching either. You two must both want to experience new levels of pain.”

“Please Master, forgive us,” Ashley rushed on, heart pounding. “Please Master, may Brad lick my pussy? We won’t forget to ask permission from now on, I swear.”

Mladic scowled at her. He seemed to be indecisive for just the briefest of moments. Then he grunted. “Fine. It’s adorable, the way you’re learning your place, bitch, asking permission properly like the slave-cunt you are.” But then he turned to Brad, who was now happily licking and sucking at Ashley’s labia and clitoris. “You can lick her pussy clean of the remnants of our cum, bitch-boy. After that, though, you put that tongue where it belongs – back in her ass – and just keep licking.”

Now the muscular kidnapper stood up and admired the view as the young man continued to lick out Ashley’s raped pussy. Brad was grateful for the sweet-tasting nectar which was starting to moisten Ashley’s sore cunt. He didn’t even mind the telltale flavor of Mladic’s cum remnants and his own as they touched his palate. He swallowed that too, far beyond all sense of shame. He simply tenderly and lovingly cleaned his girlfriend’s despoiled sex until it glistened with only his saliva and her flowing juices. Ashley’s tiny moans were punctuating his tongue flicks now. When his tongue grazed her little joy nub, she sighed with pleasure and ground her pussy back a little against his mouth. Soon his chin was glistening with her fluids. Soon she had a constant rhythm going, pushing her pussy against his face.

“Yes, baby, oh yes,” she cooed.

“All right, that’s enough. Enough! She’s enjoying herself too much, bitch-boy. Get that tongue back in her ass. No more clit action. Any more clit-licking and I’ll cut her clit OFF, understand?”

Brad shuddered and slipped his tongue back into Ashley’s asshole. He didn’t know if this psycho was serious about all of his threats. Perhaps some were just posturing, just a way to keep his captives terrified and under his control. Yet he wasn’t about to question it or defy him long enough to find out. The memory of the gunshot was still far too raw in his fear-wracked brain.

But now the creaking of the steps leading down to the basement abruptly grabbed both captives’ attention. It was the older man, Lev. He was naked, his cock shiny with spit as it bobbed up and down with each stride. The man might have had a balding pate and gray hair, but his body was still lean, his physique more muscled than not.

Mladic turned to see a Cheshire cat’s grin spreading across his housemate’s face as he strode over to the bed.

“Well, how goes the breaking in of your two lovebirds upstairs?” Mladic asked.

Lev shrugged, but his broadening grin gave him away. “I’ve taught both the girl and her boyfriend how to suck cock. She’s a quick study. He…not so much.” His gaze slid to the scene on the bed. Brad’s face was buried between his girlfriend’s ass cheeks now. He was slurping frantically, his tongue delving into the sensitive anal crevice of the girl he loved.

“My cock’s hard and ready to go. Mind if I take a dip in your boy-toy over there?”

Mladic thought it over for a second. “Sure, why not? Make it quick, though. I have more fun games to play with these slaves.”

Lev took his time. He was like that – very deliberate, very careful about his preparations no matter the situation. He carefully lubed up his rock-hard dick with a vial of watermelon-scented oil. Meanwhile, Mladic grabbed Brad by his short-cropped hair and pulled his face up from his girlfriend’s ass.

“Congratulations, bitch-boy. You got to taste a man’s cum for the first time today, and now you’re about to experience your first ass-fuck. Hope you enjoy.” When Brad’s eyes widened with equal parts revulsion and terror, Mladic slapped him before he could protest.

“Don’t even think about complaining, bitch-boy. Tell you what though, I’ll be merciful. You can go back to licking out your girlfriend’s pussy some more while Lev pounds your ass. Maybe that will help distract you from the hard hammering you’re about to take.”

Brad felt as if his soul was literally leaking out of him, as if he would soon be no more than an empty shell. He mechanically resumed flicking his tongue along Ashley’s slit. Yet as much as he could take some small comfort in giving her pleasure in the midst of this hellish ordeal, it didn’t change what was about to happen to him. ‘Oh god,’ Brad thought, ‘I’m about to be raped by a man.’ In his wildest, darkest sexual fantasies, he had never in a million years imagined anything of the sort. The very idea was so repugnant to him that there weren’t even words for it. Now Brad felt Lev’s finger in his asshole, spreading around some of the oil. Very soon he would intimately know exactly how Ashley had felt when she’d been ass-raped. The irony was palpable, perhaps even poetic, but that was cold comfort to the male captive.

While Lev prodded just the tip of his cock at Brad’s asshole, Mladic wasn’t idle. He stepped up onto the bed and presented his semi-flaccid shaft to Ashley’s face.

“Well, your boyfriend is otherwise disposed, bitch, but I see you still have some holes free. Let’s make use of your mouth, shall we? It was a big turn-on seeing you suck off your boyfriend earlier. Now let’s see you use those skills on me.”

Glowering at him, hating him for what he and his housemate were doing to her poor boyfriend, Ashley had no choice but to obey.

“Yes, Master.” Ashley’s pretty face dipped forward. She licked the underside of his cock. Then she smothered the head of his shaft, sucking dutifully. Mladic watched with satisfaction as she impaled her mouth on his cock. Soon it had returned to a full erection. Still, she was having trouble getting her mouth fully down his shaft as her head kept bobbing, her slobber coating only the upper half.

“Here, bitch, let me help you.” He gripped the back of her skull and pushed his hips forward a little, fucking her face. Ashley had to relax her throat to take him all in as he upped the force and length of his thrusts. Within a few minutes, she was gurgling and slurping, her lips wrapped tightly around his cock as it slammed toward the back of her throat. Mladic had both hands on her ponytail now. He was skull-fucking her, his balls pressed up against her chin with each forceful plunge, her protesting “UUUUUU!” just a muffled tune of added music to him that enhanced the mood for a hard, brutal rape.

“AHHH! She’s as good a sucker as I thought,” Mladic said.

“How can you tell?” Lev shot back. “You’re skull-fucking her. No finesse in that, my friend.”

Mladic grunted. He looked down, holding his cock firmly down Ashley’s throat as she looked up at him, her eyes watering, struggling to breathe. “Finesse is overrated, old man.”

Meanwhile, Lev had finally managed to get the first two inches of his cock in Brad’s anus. Brad’s sphincter had tried mightily to resist the invader, but it was a losing battle. Now, with Lev slowly starting a rhythm, the groans of the boyfriend mingled with the plaintive groans of the girlfriend as the couple’s dual rape intensified. The next few minutes were filled with the sounds of grunts, slurps, groans, and slaps as the two men had their way with their young college couple-turned sex slaves. Ashley hardly had time to enjoy Brad’s desperate licking and sucking of her pussy; she was too busy trying to breathe now as Mladic’s cock hammered down her throat. She could feel that cock straining, its veins pulsing as she desperately sucked him. Release was imminent, she knew it.

“AAAAHHH. Fuck!” Mladic pulled out at the last second. Ashley squeezed her eyes shut. His cock spewed huge flecks which peppered Ashley’s forehead and hair, but some arced over her head to land on her upper back, and a few spurts even shot out far enough to land on the girl’s butt cheeks.

“I’m right with you, brother,” Lev groaned, at last, joining his friend in bliss. Lev ground his pelvis against Brad’s ass and filled the young man’s bowels with surge after surge of sticky-hot jism. His cock twitched madly in the tight crevice of Brad’s ass until not a drop remained. At the same time, Brad felt the unfamiliar sensation of liquid-warmth filling his ass and realized that never in his entire life had he felt so worthless and degraded.

“Oh my god. That was incredible,” Lev sighed. He gave Brad’s ass a playful slap. Meanwhile, Mladic had Ashley licking his sated manhood like a lollipop.

“Good girl,” Mladic said. “Here, let me help you.” Saying this, he gathered some of the cum on her face with his fingers and fed his fingertips between her lips. With a moan of surprising lust, she sucked them clean. Mladic and Lev both realized simultaneously just then that despite Brad’s excruciating rape, the man had not shirked his other duties. He was eating out Ashley’s pussy with gusto. It was as if he was taking all the pain from his ass and somehow using that as fuel to focus on the one thing he could actually control – giving his poor raped girlfriend some pleasure. Now, as Ashley let another tiny moan slip from her lips, Mladic cupped her face and stared into her eyes.

“Yes, you nasty little cunt. He’s gotten through to you, hasn’t he? Your bitch-boy has quite a tongue on him. He knows your pussy well, doesn’t he?”

As if to answer, her wordless moan went up an octave.

“Yes, Master,” she admitted, blushing. Brad’s furious cunt-licking was now pummeling her nonstop. For a second, Brad wished that his hands were free so that he could give Ashley’s clit proper attention. As if reading his mind, Mladic reached down, rubbing the brunette’s clitoris with his fingers. At the same time, he stared into her eyes, his face still just inches from hers.

“CUM for us, whore. I give you permission. Fucking come. I want to see the look in your eyes as we make you come.”

“Yes, Master,” Ashley whimpered, miserable and yet aroused at the same time. Ashley focused all of her energy on the warmth between her legs. She couldn’t believe that this was happening. Two men were raping her and the boy she loved, and she could do nothing but surrender to this awful exhibition of lust… proof that she was nothing but a sex-toy to these vile men… and perhaps a true whore deep down.

Meanwhile, Lev just stayed kneeling behind Brad, his softening cock still seated in the young man’s ass, and proceeded to enjoy the show.

“Damn, he’s a real go-getter,” Lev murmured. Without even needing to be told, Brad briefly strayed from Ashley’s slit long enough to slurp up two splotches of Mladic’s cum along her ass cheeks, then went back to licking pussy. Brad’s tongue was like a machine. It flicked, stroked, and laved the girl’s cunt with a dedication and precision that couldn’t be outmatched. That combined with Mladic’s stroking fingers finally had Ashley’s hardened little nub overwhelmed with sensation. Ashley’s heavy-lidded eyes abruptly snapped wide open.

“OOOHHHH god!” Ashley’s squeal of bliss resounded off the walls and turned into a scream of anguished pleasure. Her body convulsed, her cunt flooding Brad’s tongue with its nectar. Brad lapped fervently, frantically at the outpouring of sweet-smelling fluids. It was as if, by swallowing them, he could somehow soothe the awful memory of tasting Mladic’s cum in Ashley’s pussy and ass. Fresh tears leaked down Ashley’s face as she rode out the rest of her shameful orgasm. Her hands gripped the headboard as wave after wave of pleasure swam through her, upended her, controlled her. At last, panting as if she’d just climbed Pike’s Peak, the poor girl looked into Mladic’s fiercely satisfied gaze.

“You loved it, didn’t you bitch. Your bitch-boy and I made you CUM HARD.”

As if to present the damning proof, Mladic showed Ashley his fingertips. Both were wet and shiny with her fluids. When he thrust them between her lips, she dutifully sucked off her own juices. Then Mladic rested his semi-flaccid cock against her forehead as he decided what to do next. Lev was finally withdrawing his own semi-flaccid shaft from Brad’s ravaged anus.

“Well, I’ll leave you to it then,” Lev said with a wink. “Thanks for letting me take a dip.”

“Anytime, old man,” Mladic said. After the man’s footsteps had receded up the stairs, Mladic slid off the bed and grabbed the three-tailed whip he had used on Ashley’s ass earlier.

Both boyfriend and girlfriend looked over at him now, pleading in their eyes. Their faces were both a mess. Brad’s was smeared with cunt cream and leftover oil from Ashley’s ass. Ashley’s still had cum seeping down her forehead into her eyes and gleaming patches of cum clung to her hair.

“Please, we’re so tired,” Ashley begged. “Please can we rest now?”

Without a word, Mladic put the whip aside. He saw how that made both captives visibly relax. It was short-lived though. He proceeded to move Ashley off the bed and suspend her arms above her head to a chain with wrist-shackles that dangled from the ceiling. Standing on her tiptoes, she could just barely keep the weight of her body off of her wrists. Mladic’s semi-firm dick seemed to have enough energy for one more go, and he wanted one more taste of that pussy. He waited, though, first arranging the boyfriend on the bed. He cuffed Brad by his wrists and ankles, spread-eagled face-down on the bed. Then he strode back up to the beautiful brunette.

“You want some rest? You fuck me first, bitch. Earn it.” He now forced her to wrap her legs around him as he inserted his cock into her. He thought it was cute how she bit her bottom lip as his cock slid up into her feminine sheath. Now he began fucking her, gripping her ass cheeks for the perfect leverage while she bounced on his man-meat. As he fucked his helpless slave-cunt, he loved the way her cunt stretched around his girth. Their bodies stayed joined while the boyfriend could only listen to the rustle of the chain and hear the telltale movements of sex. Of all the many girls Mladic had raped, none had ever felt so good impaled on his cock.

“Mmmm. Your little fuck-hole is the perfect glove for my cock, Ashley. Are you grateful?”

“Very grateful, Master,” she breathed, moaning as he stifled any further reply with a kiss. Moments later, the overtaxed Mladic felt himself stiffen. His cock shot its load up the love-hole of his pretty young captive. He let it twitch until the last drops of cum were deposited deep within his rape victim. Then he sighed, pulled out of the girl. He watched the rivulets of jism seep out of her well-fucked pussy. They formed little trails that clung to her inner thighs. To Mladic, she looked sexier than ever.

“You want rest, bitch? For now, you shall have it. Enjoy it while you can. I’ll see you in the morning.” He turned to go, but her protests stopped him in his tracks.

“Wait! Please, Master… I…” She faltered.

His eyebrow arched. “What? Speak up, cunt. I don’t have all day.”

“I need to pee,” she admitted, blushing. There was a moment of silence. Then laughter boomed through the basement.

“Pee? Is that all? Bitch, go ahead and piss then. When I come back in the morning, I’ll just hose you off, good as new.”

Ashley gaped at him as he marched up the stairs and disappeared. Never in her entire life had she felt treated so horribly, like a sub-human, like a mere animal. As her bladder sloshed with liquid, she tried to hold it, knew that it was a losing battle. There was no way she could wait that long… no way she could make it until morning.

‘Oh god,’ she thought. Minutes later, what little self-respect she had left was leaking out of her. She glanced down. With a loud, anguished groan, the naked girl began to pee on the floor. Meanwhile, face-down on the bed, Brad could hear his girlfriend’s agonized surrender. Brad could hear his girlfriend’s piss streaming out of her even as he felt Lev’s nasty cum still oozing from his own ravaged ass. ‘I’m so sorry,’ Brad thought. ‘I should have been more careful. I should never have taken you to that party. I should have protected you,’ he thought to himself, not having the courage to say it out loud to the girl he loved. ‘This is our existence now,’ he thought. ‘Our lives as we knew them are…are over. Oh god…’

Joined in captivity, there was only one thing that Ashley and Brad now knew for certain. Their bodies were no longer their own.


The End


This is the official ending of Girlfriend and Boyfriend Abducted. I hope you liked the depraved conclusion as much as I enjoyed building up to it. I do promise to eventually write an epilogue, or possibly even a spin-off showing what happens to the other couple. For now, though, I’ll leave it to your imagination as to Ashley and Brad’s ultimate fate. (After all, dear reader, your imagination is every bit if not more powerful than my own).

Remember, darker fantasies can often be the most fun. Indulge them, assuage that hidden side of yourself. If you do, you might be surprised. Being comfortable in your own skin is worth far, far more than society’s judgmental and only skin-deep approval.

Hugs & kisses from a sub at heart,


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