Peeing In The Woods ..... Part 2

(From end of Part 1):
I went back to my camp and stayed on the recliner for a long time, regaling in what I had every reason to be the smell of their wood burning smoker/grill while reliving one of my most enjoyable encounters. I decided to not masturbate, hoping to have a wet dream starring Susan, which would be almost as good as reality.

At some point, I got up and went in my tent, zipped up the door panel, took off my clothes and lay naked on the air mattress enjoying the fragrant smells of her juices which were soaked into the cover sheet.

I went to sleep with a contented smile on my face and deliciously lovely thoughts about Susan.


I went into a deep sleep of which I have no recollection. The first thing that I became aware of was dreaming that Susan was fondling my still raging erection. I remember feeling so happy that I was going to get my wet dream about Susan. I dreamed that she began pumping my tool as she had learned from watching me. She had said that it was so clear in her mind and that she would probably never forget the first time that she saw a guy shoot his orgasm in front of her while watching her do hers.

My dream continued as she did a masterful job on me, her hand just flying. Then, all of a sudden her hand slipped and hit my right testicle. It was so real that I woke up reaching for my poor injured sperm maker. I was instantly entangled with a soft body that I had nearly knocked over in my haste. "Oh, Tim, did I hurt you?".."Susan?". "Yes?". "How?.. Why?.. Oh, my IS you!" "I have been thinking about you ever since you let me out of your car, and I can't help it, I want to be with you again. I want to do to you what you did to me, and, Tim, is it possible .. can I be your girlfriend? PLEASE, Tim? I have never been treated like you treat me. You don't judge me for what I did when I needed sexual relief after seeing all the other girls so happy with their boyfriends who sleep with them and I can't psych myself into doing it at all. I need something other than my fingers. Tim, I need you and your fingers and your magical tongue. I want to make you feel as good as you make me feel."

"Susan, what I did to and for you was probably as good for me as it was for you. You have been on my mind constantly ever since I first saw you. I am 4 years older than you. Are you sure that you want me for your boyfriend?" I said in all seriousness.

"Tim, if you will promise to be my boyfriend, I want you to be the first guy to completely make love to me, and I mean I want it right now, tonight, . I have longed for someone like you ever since I was 13. I have dreamed that you would come along and I knew that you would. If I don't get you tonight I may never and I don't want that. Please,Tim, but only if you promise to be my boyfriend. I know that I can trust you because you only took care of me this afternoon, and not yourself," she said.

"Susan, I considered this afternoon to be entirely for you. I was so glad to be able to give you such pleasure on your first time with a guy, and I just wanted to be there for you. That was YOUR day and I am so proud that you think of me this way, and if you really want me to be your boyfriend, then I will be proud of that, too. You must know that it may not work out over time, Pretty Little Girl, but seeing our relationship so far, it probably stands a much better chance of succeeding than most, so, since I don't have a girlfriend and I am so taken with you and your quick mind and ultra sexy body, I humbly accept my first invitation from a girl to be your her very proud boyfriend. I just hope that I can be what you need me to be," I told her.

"Tim, it's 11PM and, if you hurry, this can be OUR day, not just my day," she said as she took off her clothes and lay down against me putting my raging dick between her legs with its head in the crack of her most lovely little hiney and the rest of it squeezed up into her dripping wet vulva lips.

"Baby Girl, are you by chance taking birth control pills?" I asked.

"No, Tim. I never needed them," she moaned.

"How long since your last period ended?"

"Uh, the day before yesterday."

"We will have to be very careful when we do this without them."

"I never thought about that."

"We will be OK for at least tonight, and I have a first cousin who is a pharmacist who will give me what we need until you can get a doctor's prescription for your "menstrual problems that seem to be getting worse". I understand that they will usually take your word for the symptoms and give you the prescription almost over the phone, especially if you have a regular doctor. Joe can tell us exactly what to say to the doc," I nearly panted into her ear, "Do you really want to do this? If not, I can still be your boyfriend."

"I've made up my mind. I want you to be the one. You have been so sweet and loving to me and I can feel that you want me as much as I want you," she sweetly and honestly said.

I rolled her over on her back and began by kissing her passionately. She held me tightly for a couple of minutes and then I began caressing her hair and kissing her forehead and closed eyes.

I kissed her perky little nose, then across her cheek to her right ear, kissing and licking it as far down into it as I could get my tongue, then sucking her ear lobe and kissing and licking behind her ear. I got little trembles and yelping sounds in several places, which I duly noted for the future.

I then went for her neck, testing and finding all of its most sensitive places.

I kissed down to the top of her ribs and then along to the middle and across to the other side and up to her left ear, finding pretty much the same responses as the right ear.

By this time, she was making little yelping sounds continually and stroking my hair and any other parts of me that she could reach.

Damn, I love being petted as much as she does!

I then started back down her neck and under her arms and over to her gorgeous left boobie. I sucked and licked it into another little orgasm.

Oh, how she AND I loved me sucking those boobies!

I pushed her small boobs towards each other but found that there was no way they could touch. I thought, happily, that they would always be perky and never sag. How very nice!

I licked and sucked on her chest between the boobs and down to her navel, then zig-zagging side to side back up to Boobieville and over to her right boobie, where I coaxed it into its first orgasm.

Susan was not there with me, she was out there, somewhere else. She had quit talking after the first boobiegasm and now just made louder sounds when I exceeded the constant level of stimulation that I was maintaining.

I detoured over to her panting mouth and gave her another deep and slow kiss and when I broke it I did get the first words since the left boobiegasm. It was only a barely whispered "Oh, Tim" at which time I lost self control and blurted out "I love you, Susan" which started her crying softly and then telling me "I love you, Tim".

At first, I cursed myself for saying that, then realized that, at that time, I felt that . Well, I Really Did Love Her!

Our relationship had happened so fast and had escalated so quickly and was, therefore so different than any I had ever had that I was lost out in a sea of unknowingness, and was floundering in it even as she was. That made me feel that the balance between us was close to even.

We were both lost in what could actually be love. It dawned on me that I may have never experienced love before this lovely creature came along. I decided then and there that I was going to treat as such, this girl deserved it, and Hey, maybe I did, too!

I released her from the tight and passionate embrace that we had fallen into and kissed my way back down the front of her body, again, zig-zagging side to side and then forcing my tongue into her navel and then down into her soft, curly, thick muff.

I made a teasing visit to her clit, licking and sucking for a few seconds, then licking my way down both of her outer lips, into her lovely virginal love tract, lapping up the inordinate amount of fluids flowing from within.

I then licked down to her imperceptibly small "back door". I had no idea what to expect there, but was rewarded with a sharp and loud yelp when I circled it and, ever so lightly, pushed into it with the tip of my tongue. Wow, I got a big rush of kinky lust from that!

I left that country and, with her legs together, licked my way down her inner thighs and to her ankles, one at the time, then down the tops of her little feet, one at the time.

I licked first one and then the other soles of her feet. I sucked her toes from one pinky toe to the big toe and across to the other pinky. I then licked between her toes which elicited loud moans. I worked my way back up the inside of her thighs and then pulled her legs apart and licked back to her main attraction.

I, once again buried my tongue as far as I could inside her and then, holding her lips together with my hands, licked her slit, bottom to top and began an affair with her clit. I experimented with it, sucking it, sucking it and tonguing at the same time, then licking it while holding its sheath between my thumb and forefinger and going up and down her shaft like it was a penis. I got a shriek out of that!

With my tongue and her clit working together so nicely, I brought her to another strong orgasm.

As she was coming down from it, I realized that my still raging dick had gotten between the bottom of the air mattress and the tent floor and I had been humping it while I was making Susan happy. I gingerly extracted it, hoping that I had not scratched or cut it in my unconscious but euphoric humping.

I decided that I needed a short rest before continuing my quest for the virginity of Susan. I stretched back up along side her and gave her some more deep, sensual kisses while fondling and tweaking her boobies.

In a short while, she opened her eyes and asked me if I was ready to make love to her with my 'thingy'. She said that she didn't want to wait any longer. I told her that I was, indeed, ready to change her status from pretty little virgin girl to beautiful and sexy little lover woman. She started crying softly and gave me another long kiss.

I told her that I didn't expect for there to be much, if any, pain. She said that it did not matter and for me not to worry. I told her that I would go slowly and do anything she said. She said she knew that I was going to be as gentle to her as I had been from the start.

I suggested that she bring her knees up a bit to reduce the tightness, and that she had so much lubrication that I didn't think there would be any problems. I positioned myself above her, reached down and held her lips apart to keep her long pubic hair out of the way, then slowly came into contact with her lips.

Her lips were like fire against the head of my dick. She sucked in a huge breath of air and I slowly began to enter her fiery hot and tight temple of love. With about an inch in her, she began pushing up to get more. I told her that she might want to take it slow, but she said she wanted me all the way in her,. NOW!

I let her go at her own speed and soon I was in her completely and touching something inside her, which I pretty well knew to be her cervix. She then began tearfully bawling and telling me that she loved me and that it felt so good to finally have me inside her. I showered her with kisses and told her that I was where I belonged and that I loved every second of it.

I pulled back nearly all the way out and made a couple of slow thrusts, mainly to spread her lubrication around. I also knew that I could go off at any time so I did not get real active. I did some slow circling as I pushed in and then just relaxed without pulling out a bit. She told me that it was like being in Heaven when I did that. I realized that I was stimulating her clit when I pushed in and rotated around.

She told me that she was starting to feel something warm very slowly moving up from her feet into her calves. I told her to encourage it and enjoy, because she would never forget it.

As I pushed into her, she pushed back into me and began rocking her hips at the same time. I loved that clit of hers, and so did she!

It seemed like an hour had gone by with me inside her when she reached up and pulled me tightly up against her and began to whimper, and then exploded into a flurry of movement, her hips were like a machine gun, up and down at a rapid rate and she began grunting animalisticly and clawing my back. She never screamed, as I had expected her to, but just kept up the frantic, fast paced, sustained and almost demonic orgasmic pinnacle, finally changing into hard, quick thrusts that brought me nearly out of her and then slamming back in a very determined effort to get more of me in her.

That was all I could take! I started unloading into that woman in quantities that I couldn't believe. She sensed it and pantingly asked if I was putting the white stuff in her. I groaned yes and she renewed the reckless pace as before, sending herself into yet another orgasm. I felt like I was still spewing, but didn't think that I could have possibly still been shooting after that length of time. She slowed down, bit by bit and then just held on to. I wrapped my arms around her and we lay there for an eternity caressing, kissing and feeling each other's love.

What an experience! What a chick! Her six years of maddening frustration had been wiped out, on MY bed! I felt so happy for her, and me.. or, well,.. now, .. US, by Damn!

In a little while, I needed to pee. I started pulling my limp tool out of its socket and she clamped down on it with her vaginal wall and said to please not take it out. I said that I had to pee really badly and she made a devilish face at me and said ."NO!". and clamped down harder. I couldn't pull out and it looked like I wasn't going to until she decided to let me.

I had to tell her that if she didn't let me go soon, that she ran the risk of being peed on when she did let it go. She laughed and said that she had to pee, too.

She made me stand up with her legs locked around me and carry her outside and into the woods so that we could both pee. Then she relaxed that strangle hold on Jr., who slid right out of his new home. We both squatted down and held hands as we watched each other pee.

I had to go back into the tent for toilet paper for her and watched her wipe what I had just watched her do. I then told her that we were going to have to go for showers again as messy as we were. I wiped us as clean as I could, then we put our shorts and tee shirts on and I drove over to one of the other bath houses, lest we be seen at the one closest to our camps.

We showered, dressed, and went back to my tent, We sat and talked for an hour, then walked back to their camp site just before sunup. She went into her tent, turned around and blew me a kiss and zipped up her door.

I floated back to my tent feeling like a 14 year old kid, proud, completely satiated, and in love(!), wondering what was going to be next. I don't even remember getting back to my tent, just, once again lying down into the sexy, fluid soaked, and now puddle, on top of my air mattress.

It occurred to me that I might remove the air mattress cover, cut out the large stain and have it framed as a work of modern art and hung in my bedroom.

I fell into the sleep of the happy dead, with "Susan movies" running continuously until I finally woke up at about 9 AM. I got up, stretched, put on my shorts, and going 'commando', went out into the beautiful morning made coffee and fixed breakfast. A large breakfast! I then went to my reclining lawn chair and leisurely ate it, reminiscing about the past afternoon and night.

After eating and getting sufficient energy, I drove to the campsite office, went in and paid for another week. While the lady rang up my charges, I heard a snicker behind me.

Yep! There stood Susan, glowing like she had been exposed to radioactivity.

"Hi, Tim, how are you?"

"Susan, Hey! I couldn't be better. I've been here two days, now, and have decided to keep my site for a while longer and go to and from work without going home. I do love it here."

"Tim, may I ask a favor? Would you mind taking me around to our camp site? Dad and Mom have taken my brother into town for his softball tournament, and I didn't bring my car, so I'm walking."

"Why, sure, I'll be glad to. Just let me buy a few things to keep me going until Monday when I leave to go to work. I just don't feel like leaving the park at all !"



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