Swallowing Justin

Justin and I were good friends for being a brother and sister. We were only eleven months apart in age, so we grew up sharing all of the same toys, a lot of the same friends, and the type of sibling bond we always compared to what twins would probably share. By the time we reached high school, Justin was a baseball stud being scouted at nearly every game his senior year and I was setting records in track and field with a lot of potential to follow along in his footsteps. We were both officers in the student council and going to college was more of an assumed thing rather than something we would have to decide on.

Justin was seventeen when he started his senior year and he would always let me drive the car from school to home in the afternoons. We drove to school nearly every day because it was cool for one thing and we both always had some sort of meeting or practice before school or after. On my sixteenth birthday, my big brother surprised me by taking me to the license office for my driving test and even though we were close, that day gave me a long awaited freedom and independence that nearly immediately took us out of many of the same loops and had us driving to and from school by ourselves. I spent a lot more time with my friend Heather after I had a car to drive us around in and with all of the changes that came to my life so quickly, one month after my brother gave me such a sweet birthday present, I forgot his altogether.

It didn’t strike me until it was too late. It was a Friday night and I had been at Heather’s house after school and then we went out and met some other friends in town until the night was a few minutes past what I was supposed to even be out. My parents weren’t awful or strict parents, but they always had ways of making us want to obey the rules. Sometimes Mom and Dad would fall asleep and talk about things the next day and I was sure hoping that was the case because Heather and I had shared a few sips of wine from her parents refrigerator. Anyway, a few minutes after midnight, I pulled into our driveway and the house was pretty dark and it just hit me that I had totally forgotten Justin on his birthday.

I quietly slipped in the front door and was immediately relieved that all of the lights were off on the main floor. Leaving my shoes by the door, I tiptoed up the stairs and turned quietly down the hallway toward my room. As I passed Justin’s room, I could see he still had a light on and all I could think about was how horrible and selfish it was of me to forget him when he always went out of his way to take care of me. Just as sneaky as I had been entering the house, I quietly passed through his door to wish him a happy birthday and stopped dead in my tracks at the sight of him sprawled out naked and masturbating on his bed. His horror filled eyes quickly shifted to me, then to the bed for something to cover up with, but it was too late.

“Shit Karie! Ever heard of a knock?” He said, still holding his giant, swollen hard-on tightly in his fist.

I tried hard not to look, but the curiosity was more than I could stand and once I did look it took all of my energy to be able to look away. A squeamish feeling came over me, and my heart raced excitedly in my chest. I knew all boys jacked off, and I always wondered what my brother looked like hard, but actually seeing how big and how hard it actually was made me horny and I knew that had to be wrong. I had to think fast. The last thing I wanted was to embarrass him after completely forgetting his birthday. “Wow, Justin!” I exclaimed, letting my eyes take all of his youthful manhood in completely for the moment. “You are so big.” Knowing I sounded corny, I kept talking trying to make things better, but seemed to just keep adding onto my own misery with stupid statements. “I’m sorry for interrupting you.” I finally said, starting to turn toward the door, but still unable to look away without forcing myself.

I stopped before sneaking back through his door and turned to face him one more time. “Justin?” I questioned softly.

“What Kar!” He said in a loud, frustrated whisper that left no doubt his patience was getting thin.

“Can I watch you do it?” I asked, surprising even myself by the craziness of that request, but desperately hoping he would answer positively.

Justin rolled his eyes in disbelief, looking into me as though he was trying to figure out if I was serious with my question. He didn’t speak another word, but his hand slowly started moving up and down his thick member and his eyes dropped down to watch also.

I sat on the edge of his bed and my eyes shifted from the quickening pace of his hand stroking his beautiful cock up to the sexy look of pleasure that his expression told me he was feeling. His expression also told me the show would be pretty short. His eyes squeezed shut for a moment and he fought back a groan. In a wild and seemingly uncontrollable reflex, Justin’s smooth, tanned hips rocked into the air above him and each time his ass returned to the bed a flood of thick white cream rocketed from his swollen, blood-engulfed shaft high into the air above him and landed against his muscular chest.

My mouth was hanging opened in awe before I realized my expression was being shown so transparently. I was still trying to be cautious not to make him feel like he was doing something to be embarrassed about. “Holy fuck, you cum a ton Justin!” I said, still fumbling for the right words. “Do all guys cum like that?” I asked naively.

Justin’s chest was heaving up and down and his lips turned up in a moderately proud smile. “Probably not, I’m a freak.” He teased.

“Thank you for letting me stay.” I said, standing from the bed. “That was really…” I paused for a moment, embarrassed by the words I was thinking of saying.

“What?” Justin pushed.

“Justin, I know you are my brother, but I have never seen that before and that was sooo freaking sexy. Thank you.” I whispered, stopping before telling him my panties were wetter than I had ever felt them and my entire body was tingling with desire to see more or experience more, which I wasn’t sure.

Justin chuckled softly at his sister’s embarrassment. “I’m the one that is supposed to be embarrassed.” He whispered back. “I know it is weird, but I came so fast because you were watching me I think.” He confessed shyly.

I could literally feel my juices trickling down my thighs I was so turned on by seeing my brother masturbate, but I chose not to disclose how horny I was to Justin for fear of where it may lead. “I better go to bed before Mom and Dad wake up.” I spoke softly. “Oh, Happy Birthday big brother.” I smiled as I walked through the bathroom we shared into my room.

A few minutes later, I was still lying silently in bed replaying the images I had just witnessed. My body was reacting in a way to which I was pretty unfamiliar. I had been turned on before, but never so wet and never so overtaken with desire. The thoughts persisted and the minutes quickly passed into an hour and I was still lying silently in bed, and totally awake. My mind raced and my thoughts drifted so wildly that I couldn’t begin to go to sleep.

I pushed myself out of bed and went into the bathroom, leaving the light off as usual so as not to disturb Justin in case he managed to fall asleep after that. My body was throbbing and all I could think about was what I had seen and how I wanted to try to make him jack off and cum for me again. Hesitantly, I peeked through the door toward his bed and quickly heard his steady rhythmic breathing, which told me he did manage to fall asleep. I opened the door a little more to let the light from my room into his and I could see he was sleeping naked. His manhood that had stood so tall and proud earlier was now lying silently against the tightly packed muscles bulging from his stomach.

I shook my head and paused for a moment, then went ahead with what my desire was pushing me to do. I walked closer to sneak a better look and before I even though about what I was doing, I was holding his soft, heavy cock gently in my hand. Justin’s eyes opened wide and he started to sit up, but didn’t speak.

“I’m sorry.” I whispered softly. “I couldn’t sleep after.” I confessed quietly.

Justin’s hand slid against my face and his fingers slipped through my hair enough and gently closed around my hair, pulling my head down into his lap. “Put it in your mouth Kar.” He instructed quietly.

His instruction sent shivers of excitement through my body. I wanted to do it, but him telling me to do it made me feel as though I had no choice. I squeezed it in my hand a little, pointing it up toward my mouth and gently I closed my soft full lips around the head, savoring the taste of his salty skin against my tongue and basking in the pleasure of feeling him grow inside my mouth.

He moaned softly, squeezing my hair tighter in his fist and looking down at my big blue eyes at the same time they gazed back up at his. “Have you ever given a blowjob before Karie?” He whispered.

The big head of his heavy cock popped out of my mouth and slapped loudly against his belly. “Not yet.” I answered anxiously, looking up at him as if awaiting instructions.

Justin propped himself up on both elbows and looked down at me, then toward the door, listening to make sure we were all alone. He had a playful gleam in his eye and a confidence I had never seen in him before. “You watched me jack off Kar, so do exactly that while you suck me off.” He said, tugging my head onto his cock again. “Get it wet with your spit and suck it while you stroke it.” He said, lying back and enjoying me.
It was an intense excitement to have his cock sliding in and out of my mouth and my pussy quickly became so wet and juicy that I was squirming and almost humping the mattress. I played with his balls with one hand and stroked in up and down circles with the other while my head bobbed up and down on my brothers enormous tool. At the same time I was hoping it would last all night, his hands locked into my hair and pulled my head back slightly so he could see me looking up at him.

“I’m gonna cum in your mouth.” Justin proclaimed, closing his eyes and grunting just as he had before.

I didn’t know what to do but to continue, so that is what I did. I felt the warm waving floods of his cum fill my mouth and I swallowed only to feel my mouth filled again and again until his body relaxed against the bed and his shiny, thick cock slipped out of my mouth and fell limply to his belly once again.

Justin looked down at me between his thighs. “Wow!” He exclaimed softly. “You really haven’t done that before?” He questioned in disbelief.

I smiled up at him. “I have now.”

He chuckled softly. “You like being told what to do don’t you.” He noticed.

I couldn’t help but smile at his observation. “I want you to make me do that every time instead of you jacking off.” I told him, trying not to let him hear the quiver of excitement in my voice.

“Really?” He asked, surprised. “You liked it in your mouth?”

I let my eyes settle into his, telling him I was serious the best way I could without words and nodded confidently. “Our secret, okay?”

Justin nodded back and I slipped back to my room and drifted to sleep.

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