Stag Weekend, Part 3-Sunday Homecoming

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Sunday morning saw us checking out of the hotel at the last possible minute. We all had been, rather bad the night before and slept in as long as possible. I suspect The groom and his Asian conquest had gone a round or two first thing.
Plus we all wanted to shower and clean off the smell of other woman before we went back to our girls if you catch my drift. I met Bill and Jason as they checked out and as I finished settling up my bill Rick walked out of the elevator and to the counter looking a bit more than content as he threw me a wink.
After a light breakfast at the diner next door Bill and Jason took off home in Bills car. They had come together as they both lived on the other side of the city, same as Rick and I we traveled here together because we live close to one another just outside the city limits.
For the most part the drive was a quiet one as we left the city center. We made a solemn vow that neither of us would ever speak of the things that happened that weekend. We both had much to loose by our fiance’s finding out we had been cheating and screwing around all weekend. We even double checked each others phones for photos, texts and strange phone numbers to make sure if either of our girls looked they would not find anything incriminating.
But I made Rick promise that because he was my best man that he had to return the favour of this weekend when it was time for my weekend. He just smiled, shook his head and promised me a last weekend I would never forget.
As I pulled into his drive way his fiance Maria’s car was in the drive and he we got out together. He looked at and wondered what I was doing as I followed him up the drive. I told him that I had promised to deliver you personally to her today in one piece and that is what I am going to do. “Then I suspect she will take you upstairs and ride you like a show pony.” I joked and he smiled.
Maria is a very sexy petite Italian girl with that sexy skin colour that makes her look tan all year long. She is about five foot two, athletic build with nice firm e cup tits. Long thick wavy black hair that she always wears down framing that oblong face with the long eyelashes and sparkling brown eyes. She wears minimal make up just some eye liner to show of those big eyes and some pastel coloured eye shadow. Lipstick only when going out. She was born here in Canada so she has no accent but her parents both have thick Italian voices.
When we walked into the house it was silent.
“maria!” Rick called out looking up the stairs as he put his bag down. He went up and checked and she was not there. He checked the back of the house and the yard before we heard voices down stairs. The house had a finished basement where they guys would come to watch the game. We went down the steps to the basement and there on the couch was Maria in a worn white undershirt and clearly she had no bra on, a pair of white bikini panties and nothing else on, you could see the outline of her semi-hard nipples through the thin fabric, and camel toe and a wet spot in her panties.
What was even more odd was my fiance Cassie was with her.
My fiance is also on the petite side, She is a little French girl from Montreal. Blonde shoulder length hair she kept straight and combed down. She was only five feet tall and her breasts were a solid DD cup which look larger on her little frame. Her eyes are green like emeralds and she had a nice thin face with perfect pink lips. She like Maria never wears make-up unless going some where and wants to look nice. She had that naughty French accent I love in my ear when screwing her.
She wore a black camisole I had never seen before it was lace and split in the middle and held together with fine silk string. She had on red brief panties and wore the platinum chain I got her for her birthday around her neck along with the silver ankle bracelet she always wore.
They were sitting together on the couch with classic rock playing on an ipod in a dock beside the television. They were in the middle of kissing each other and Maria had her hand inside the camisole gently rubbing Cassie‘s nipple. Something she absolutely loved. I could make her come just gently touching her nipples.
“what is going on ladies” They jumped up and looked at us all sweet and innocent.
“well” Cassie said in her sweet French tart voice. “We were just getting warmed up” She nibbled the end of her finger sexily. “We were just awaiting the return of our big strong men”
“warmed up for what exactly?” Rick asked trying to hide his hardening cock.
Maria walked over to him putting her arms around him and kissed him long and hard. He grabbed onto her ass with both hands and squeezed as they took each others breath away.
“well since you have returned in one piece and did not get arrested on your weekend of strippers and drink we thought we would reward you two with a little afternoon delight.” She stepped back and took Cassie by the hand, turned and kissed her too.
We both must of had a look of disbelief on our faces as they looked at us their arms around each others waste.
“see mon cher” Cassie said. “we know you two are good friends, oui?” we shook our heads. “you share everything non?” We shook again.
“but!” Marie said taking Rick’s hand and Cassie took mine. “You two have never shared us”
“so” Cassie jumped in. “we like to switch today”
“switch” I said looking at Rick then back to her. “like a swap of girls?”
“oui love” Cassie said happily. “You boys are selfish and won‘t share, but today you do as you are told boys.”
“And we propose to do it right here, so we can all enjoy each other.” Maria said switching spots with Cassie.
“what made you think this was a good idea?” Rick questioned, but all I kept thinking was for him to shut up and roll with it.
“well we girls like you boys will be settling into marital bliss soon. One man, one lover for ever. We want to give Us and You one last taste of another person before we settle down completely. Since we are all friends there is nothing wrong with being lovers for a day” Marie began unbuttoning my shirt.
“Marie and I were just getting warmed up for you and knew seeing us like dis” She pulled the string on her top and let the camisole open exposing her high tight tits and her tiny hard pink nipples and put Rick’s hand on one. “plus we knew you come in see us almost naked and playing with each other you not resist our offer”
“you were right there Maria” I said sliding my hand inside her panties and grabbing her ass as she undid my pants.
“plus we have a bet we need to settle”
“what bet is that?” I asked
Maria smiled at me as she began jerking me off and Cassie said in a devilish voice. “we ‘ave a bet on to see whose man has the biggest hard cock.”
I was now totally naked thanks to Maria and Rick still had his shirt on but was naked waist down as Cassie crouched down went to town sucking his cock. He was now feeling what I have been bragging about since I met Cassie. She was a suck master.
I tore Maria’s clothes off as she pushed me down on the sofa and knelt between my legs and began a hard fast hummer. I looked up to see Rick had his hands full of blonde hair and his head looking down as my little French tart sucked him slow and deep.
“fuck Maria you have some mouth!” She looked up, dick still in her mouth and smiled.
Knowing I would not last long if this girl kept going like that, I stood up and threw her into the spot where I was sitting and spread her legs.
The second my tongue hit her clit she wrapped her legs around my neck and grabbed my hair and as I mouth fucked her she thrust her pussy farther into my mouth.
“Jesus Fuck yes work that fucking clit you dirty bastard” she moaned as I slowly worked a thumb into her wet slick hole and spun it hard. I slowly worked a finger on that hand to her anus and slowly rubbed it as I continued eating her.
“fuck me. Fuck me! Shit, you have to fuck me now!” she begged. I just looked up and said she was due for a good dicking anyway and wiped her juices off my face.
The sofa was one of those sectionals that met in an L. Rick was already on the one side with Cassies legs in the air and rubbing her bare pussy as he fucked her. Her moans of delight were filling the room. She licked her lips and kept her hands on his sides as he went.
I tossed Maria onto all fours on the other side of the couch and entered her from behind slapping her hot tight ass as I did causing her to yell in pain. But that was soon forgotten as I went nuts deep into her. putting my hands on her thighs to pull her hard into me.
I pulled her upright and played with her big round tits as she ground herself into me.
“lick Cassie’s tits” I commanded as I pushed her face down into Cassie’e tummy. In seconds she had a nipple into her mouth as she took me pounding her like a champ. Cassie grabbed a handful of hair as she reveled in the tonguing and pounding she was getting. I felt Cassie’s free hand massage my balls before sliding her fingers over Maria’s clit. The sounds of passionate moaning was filling the room and echoing off the low basement ceiling as the I felt the constriction of Maria’s pussy as she growled out an intense orgasm. Cassie was not far behind, before Maria finished My blonde babe was screaming like a Banshee in complete ecstatic abandon as she rode her wave of passion.
“Cassie your future husband is pounding the fuck out of me”
“you beau is doing not too bad either hun” They smiled at each other and started kissing each other as we kept pounding them.
They were probing each others mouths and each others bodies with their roaming fingers as Rick pulled out of my fiance and gave a few seconds of tugging on his slimy dick and pulled his fiance by the hair raising her head slightly as he came all over Cassie, her stomach and tits. He managed to stay kneeling in front of her but had to brace himself on the back of the couch as he shot wave after wave of semen all over my fiancee’s sweaty body. Semen which was immediately licked up, shared and swallowed by the nasty Italian I had my dick in.
“Rick your girl is a nasty fucking cum licker”
“oh I know” he panted still trying to catch his breath. “makes you wanna spray her face with jizz don’t it” he gasped.
“oh fuck yeah I think that is a fucking great idea, I think I will fill her nasty mouth with ball juice” I pulled out of her tight juicy pussy and stood up as she slid off the couch onto her knees and put it deep into her mouth and went to town in the soft moist mouth. Cassie giggled as she watched my eyes roll back in my head.
“go Marie go you nasty tart he is got that look in his eye” She knelt beside her brunette friend and played with my balls as Maria continued to suck me hard.
“jesus thats hot” Rick said sitting back on the sofa and watched as the two hot girls worked hard to finish me off.
“c’mon pal don’t keep them on their knees forever!” Rick said as I took a hand full of blond hair and hand full of brown hair.
“god I am going to fucking bust a hard nut here ladies!” I groaned as I felt the come firing out of me into her over worked mouth.
She took it all or as much as she could and the stuff that ran down her chin, Cassie was there to lick up and swallow. Then when I finished spasms of delight the two kneeling girls shared my white love in a moist kiss.
“ho_leee fuck ladies” I said groggy from the huge orgasm I’d just had.
“good was it babe” Marie asked tucking a dribble of come into her mouth. She looked at Cassie. “looks like I owe you a hundred bucks, you win both bets” She said sitting back against the couch.
“and what bet is that?” Rick asked.
“well” Cassie said sitting next to Marie. “we had two fiffy dollar bets one about which of our men had the biggest dick. And Rick ya lost by a good inch.”
“then the second bet was who would come first” Marie said playfully as she put her arm around Cassie. They kissed again.
In the car on the way home Cassie stared out the window in a dream like daze as the sun set. I tried conversation but neither of us were too talkative as we were both pretty spent. After all I have had sex three times in the last forty-eight hours and all three were intense mind blowing rounds.
“so my dear was this a one time afternoon or do you and your hot Italian friend have other adventures planned for us”
She turned to me and smiled at me with the most sexually charged smile I have ever seen on her.

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