Virtually Erotic

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Gary typed in his password and set his modem running headlong for AOL. The electronic scream died mercifully away, and the coolly modulated tones of HAL echoed over his speakers.

"All systems are functional."

This was shortly followed by Patsy.

"Message for you, sir."

Gary minimized the Welcome window and clicked on the Mail icon.

"Spam, spam, spam, spam, hellowhat's this?"

<To: GaryGnu
From: Firehair7
Subj: cute profile


I was searching through the profiles for fans of 80's music and ran across yours. Very cute.


Gary shrugged and deleted the rest of the mail. His buddy list was glaringly empty, and on a whim, he located Firehair7.

<Firehair7 is in SexyRedHeadz in Town Square>

Gary created an IM form and sent one to her.

GaryGnu: So are you?
Firehair7: Sexy or a redhead?
GaryGnu: Either
GaryGnu: Both :-)
Firehair7: Why don't you see for yourself?
GaryGnu: Your place or mine? :-)
Firehair7: You got mail, smartass

Pasty squawked again, and Gary wasn't surprised to see an attached file.

<To: GaryGnu
From: Firehair7
Subj: let me know

Mr. Gnu,

I await your opinion.


Gary quickly downloaded the picture and opened it. It was of average quality resolution-wise, but to Gary she was obviously both. Her hair was long, brassy, and done in a soft shag that framed her face. Her eyes were obviously some kind of green, but it was impossible to tell the exact hue. She was wearing a dark grey, short sleeved, silk blouse with a forest green stripe running from her left hip up across her chest to a point on her right shoulder. She looked stunning.

GaryGnu: Both
Firehair7: Thank you. Your profile is very funny.
GaryGnu: Thanxwant me to send you me?
Firehair7: Poke airholes in the box. Dead bodies are disconcerting when received as mail.
GaryGnu: lolmaybe I'll pack a snack
Firehair7: :) Pack something for me. I forgot to go shopping.

Gary uploaded the picture of him from his trip to the beach earlier that summer, and then waited patiently.

Firehair7: {S catcall You're pretty cute for a Gnu.
GaryGnu: I come from a long line of handsome Gnu's
Firehair7: LOL
GaryGnu: What does one do in a room called SexyRedHeadz?
Firehair7: I would think it obvious.
GaryGnu: Lemme guessyou be sexy and redheaded
Firehair7: Preferably at the same time.
GaryGnu: lol so you obviously like 80's music, and yer from Michiganwhere do you live?
Firehair7: Kalamazoo. Well Portage actually.
GaryGnu: No kidding. I'm from Athens.
Firehair7: I drove through Athens once. I blinked and missed most of it.
GaryGnu: lolat least it's not Battle Creekwould suck to live in the Cereal Capital of the world.
GaryGnu: lolololol maybe you should go to SexyFunnyRedHeadz instead
Firehair7: awwww That's sweet.

Gary floated around from chat room to chat room with little success in finding something interesting and had begun to surf the Web.

Firehair7: What ya doing?
GaryGnu: surfin for sports scoresyou?
Firehair7: Teasing some teenager who wants my phone number.
Firehair7: Ummmmm, I didn't just goof up and rag on you, did I?
GaryGnu: lol no, I'm 24
Firehair7: ::::::wiping brow::::: Whew, I keep forgetting about the age thing here.
GaryGnu: how bout you?
Firehair7: 25.
GaryGnu: cool

Gary quickly created a private room called SexyGnuHeadz and sent her an invite. He was beginning to think that she wouldn't accept when

Online Host: Firehair7 has entered the room
GaryGnu: hi I wasn't sure you'd come
Firehair7: Oh, LOL, I wasn't struggling with the decision. I was just saying goodbye to some friends in the other room.
Firehair7: You didn't ask me in here to get my clothes off did you?
GaryGnu: oh no, I just wanted to chat
Firehair7: Too bad. It might have been fun.
GaryGnu: in that caseyeah I lied about the chatting
Firehair7: Pervert. :)
GaryGnu: ummmm would you believe I was joking about lying?
Firehair7: Too late. I know the truth.
Firehair7: Well?
GaryGnu: Well what?
Firehair7: Are we going to do this?
GaryGnu: ohhhhhhhhh gotchasure I'd love towho starts?
Firehair7: Let me set the stagea crackling fire, a large 4 poster bed, candles around the room.
Firehair7: Your eyes shine in the flickering candlelight as I lean over and kiss you softly on the cheek.
Firehair7: Your skin feels soft under my dry lips, and I rest my hand lightly on yours as I caress your
Firehair7: face with my other hand.
GaryGnu: I love the feel of your lips brushing across my skinand I shiver slightly as your hand slides
GaryGnu: across my jawline. I take your hand in mine and bring it to my mouth, kissing the tip of each
GaryGnu: finger. I take your index finger in my mouth and suck on it softly. I slide it in and out of my
GaryGnu: mouth slowly. I do the same for each of your fingers, kissing them softly and sucking on
GaryGnu: each oneenjoying the taste of your skin.
Firehair7: I love the feel of your wet lips and tongue over my fingers, and I moan softly as you suck on
Firehair7: them. I kiss your cheek and each of your eyelids softly as you kiss my hand, running
Firehair7: my lips softly over your warm cheek.
GaryGnu: I slide my mouth down to your palm and suck on the soft flesh as you kiss me. I turn your
GaryGnu: wrist up to my lips and suck on your pulse pointfeeling your blood rush beneath my
GaryGnu: tongue and lipsenjoying the throbbing of your heart.
Firehair7: A shiver travels down my spine as you suck on my wrist softly, and I slide my hand down
Firehair7: to your lap and rest my hand on your inner thigh, rubbing softly, closer and closer to your
Firehair7: hardness. I can feel you tense up as I rub you, and I lean over and kiss you softly on the
Firehair7: corner of you lips. Your lips feel so warm and soft
GaryGnu: Your hand is making my penis swell as you tease me. I cup your face with both hands
GaryGnu: and kiss you on your full lips. You taste so sweet. I hold your lips to mine and press
GaryGnu: against you harderdarting my tongue between your slightly parted lips ever so quickly
GaryGnu: before pulling it back out.
Firehair7: Your kiss is so soft and wonderful, and I can feel my own heat rising as you tease me with
Firehair7: your tongue. I slide my hand to rest ever so lightly over your hardness and lightly rub near
Firehair7: the head. I return your kiss passionately and slide my tongue into your mouthpressing into Firehair7: you, exploring your mouth. Your lips feel perfect against mine, and I can feel your penis
Firehair7: pressing through your pants.
GaryGnu: I slide my hands down your sides and cup your round breasts. The soft flesh trembles as I GaryGnu: hold them, and I can feel your nipples harden through the cotton of your dress. Your tongue
GaryGnu: on mine sends a chill down my back, and I moan softly into your mouth. Your hand is teasing
GaryGnu: me, and I can feel the heat between us.
Firehair7: Your hands feel so good against my breasts. My nipples are hard and aching for you to touch
Firehair7: them. I arch my back softly, pressing my chest into your warm hands as we kiss harder and Firehair7: more passionately. I fumble with the button on your jeans and undo the zipper as far as it
Firehair7: will go. I can feel the wetness soaking through your underwear, and I rub across the head
Firehair7: with my thumbteasing you.
GaryGnu: Your thumb is making me ache for you. I can feel an electric tingle each time you rub me GaryGnu: through my wet undies, and it is making me even harder. I lift your hands softly off my
GaryGnu: penis not wanting you to stop, and I lift your sweater over your head, exposing your luscious
GaryGnu: breasts. Your nipples are hard, and your satiny skin shines in the candlelight. I press my lips
GaryGnu: to one nipple as I softly pinch the other one. I love the feel of your nipple as I suck on it
GaryGnu: softly and nibble ever so lightly.
Firehair7: Gary, will you be upset if Iummmmtouch myself? You've already got me sooooooo wet.
GaryGnu: Wow, go right aheadwow.
Firehair7: Thanks hon. :)
Firehair7: I arch my back as your tongue and lips kiss my breasts. A small moan escapes my lips, and
Firehair7: I hold your head softly to my chest, running my fingers through your hair as you continue to
Firehair7: kiss me and suck me. I slide one hand down inside the band of my skirt and touch myself.
Firehair7: Ohhhh, I am sooooo wet. I slide my hand back out slowly and press my finger to your lips
Firehair7: letting you taste me.

Gary looked up from the screen with a gasp. He hadn't realized he had been holding his breath. He looked down at his shorts and was surprised to see a faint wet spot where his pre-come had soaked through his underwear AND his jeans. He unzipped his pants and found that his undies were soaked through in the front for a circle almost 2 inches across. He stripped off both his shorts and his underwear and rubbed the wetness over his penis slowly as he reread what they had typed so far.

GaryGnu: My eyes widen as you slide your hand down to touch yourself and then bring your soaking GaryGnu: finger out for me to kiss. You taste so wonderful, like a sweet nectar. I lay you down on the
GaryGnu: bed and slide your skirt off exposing your delicate flower. I kiss you softly on each inner thigh
GaryGnu: and run my finger through your soft fur. Your lips are swollen with desire, and your wetness
GaryGnu: gleams just under my tongue. I bend over you and press my lips to yours.
Firehair7: Your lips feels so warm against me, and I press my hips down to meet your lips, aching for
Firehair7: you to make love to me with your mouth. I moan softly, and slide my hands over my taut
Firehair7: nipples, rubbing them and massaging myself slowly. I arch my back and force my wetness Firehair7: onto your lips.
GaryGnu: I part your lips softly with my tongue and kiss lightly all over your wetness, tasting you, GaryGnu: teasing you. I slide my tongue from your trembling clit down between your swollen lips and
GaryGnu: then circle your opening slowlydrinking in your juices. I cup your tight buns with my hands
GaryGnu: and lift you to my mouth, sliding my tongue inside you ever so slightly, just far enough to feel
GaryGnu: your muscles part around me before sliding back out and kissing slowly around your clit.
Firehair7: MmmmmmmmI love the feel of your tongue as it darts into me softlyI want you to slide
Firehair7: it in farther to end the teasing, but its making me so hot. You torture me and tease me, and
Firehair7: I want you so bad. I want to feel you inside me. I lift my hips again bringing your tongue
Firehair7: closer to my opening. I slide a hand down and massage my clit as your tongue presses
Firehair7: between my lips. Each kiss you gives me makes me shake softly with pleasure

Gary by now was using only one hand to type. His hand and penis were slick with pre-come, and his breathing was ragged. Each time he slid his hand above the head, he felt a delicious tingle as he purposely teased himself. He would take himself to the brink and then slow the pace only to return to the edge again.

GaryGnu: Cindy, I am so horny
Firehair7: Are you touching yourself too?
GaryGnu: yesI'm so hard right now
GaryGnu: I kiss your finger softly as you touch yourself and then slide my tongue slowly down to your
GaryGnu: opening and then press my tongue inside you. I slide it in and out slowlytaking it nearly all
GaryGnu: of the way out before sliding back in and wiggling it inside you. Your juices pour onto my
GaryGnu: tongue and down onto my chin. I love you hot and wet you are and begin to slide my
GaryGnu: tongue in and out more insistently.
Firehair7: I rock my hips up and down on your tongue, loving how it's spreading me open and wiggling
Firehair7: inside me. I can feel my orgasm coming as you slide in and out of me, building a rhythm
Firehair7: that I match with my hips. The waves crash over me, drowning me as I come on your soft Firehair7: lips. I gasp and moan as I ride out the tide sweeping me under.

GaryGnu read Cindy's last reply and felt a shiver run down his spine. He unconsciously had increased the pace of his rubbing and came, gasping for breath. His come shot up in the air in spurts, flying several inches above his penis as he continued to fist himself. It splattered back down on his hand and dripped through his wiry hairs. He grabbed a box of tissues and quickly began to wipe himself off.

GaryGnu: oh my god, Cindy, I just camethat was incredible.
Firehair7: Mmmmmmmmmmm, Gary, so did I. I'm still trying to get my breathing under control.
Firehair7: Have you ever done that before?
GaryGnu: masturbated myself while cybering? no, it's never been this hot. it's always kindaI GaryGnu: dunnomore blunt that this.
Firehair7: I know what you mean. Most guys are too vulgar about it, and they're also to quick to get
Firehair7: right to the "sex". No foreplay, no teasing.
GaryGnu: uhhh, I don't want to seem rude, but I have to go to bed nowwork comes early
Firehair7: It's ok, Gary. :) Can we do this again?
GaryGnu: I'd love tooI'll look for you :-)
Firehair7: I'll look for you too, hon. <mwah>
GaryGnu: night, Cindy :)
Firehair7: G'night, Gary.

Gary signed off and went to bed, falling asleep almost immediately. He slept like a baby, woke up feeling quite ready to face the day but also wanting the day to go by as quickly as possible. Thankfully work kept him busy, and it was 4:30 before he knew it. He drove home like a maniac and turned on the computer first thing. He grabbed the mail and the paper, throwing all of the former out and leaving the paper on the counter to read while he was making dinner. He loaded AOL and signed on. His buddy list came up and he realized he was holding his breath the whole time it took to connect.

She was on, and just as he was finishing his IM greeting to her, he received one from her.

Firehair7: Hey Gary. How was your day?
GaryGnu: it went by fasthow was yours?
Firehair7: Kinda frustrating. We're waiting on some orders through FedEx, and they're stuck at Customs. Until they get here, we're twiddling our thumbs.
GaryGnu: that's too badany word on when they'll be delivered?
Firehair7: Not really, Customs is in a snit, and the shipper isn't helping.
GaryGnu: sowhacha doin?
Firehair7: Playing that StrikeAMatch game.
GaryGnu: want me to leave you alone?
Firehair7: lol Of course not, but I was gonna sign off and make dinner.
GaryGnu: oh, you gonna be on later tonight?
Firehair7: I don't know. You horny? :)
GaryGnu: <shrug> yep :-)
Firehair7: 616-332-7237
GaryGnu: zowieI assume that's your number
Firehair7: LOL No Gary, It's the number for the Wanda Trussler School of Beauty. Of COURSE it's my number. You going to use it?
GaryGnu: I'd love to call youwhen would be good?
Firehair7: Give me an hour. You can call anytime after that until about 11.
GaryGnu: coolI'll talk to ya thenbye Cindy :-)
Firehair7: Looking forward to it, hon. :*

Gary signed off shortly after she did and threw together some spaghetti for dinner. He found it hard to concentrate on the paper and kept looking at the clock. The minute hand seemed to crawl and at one point he was sure he saw it begin to move counterclockwise, but the hour finally expired in a slow and lingering death, and he fairly pounced on the phone. The phone rang twice, and a young woman answered.


"Hi, may I please speak to Cindy?"

"This is she."

"Hi, it's me, Gary."

"Oh hi, Gary. You take deadlines seriously I see. It's one hour on the dot."

She laughed, and strangely enough, Gary felt a pleasant chill travel down his spine.

"You have a great laugh."

"Well thank you. I think your voice is very nice too."

Gary blushed deeply at the compliment. He grabbed the phone cord and began to swing it in lazy arcs.

"What did you have for dinner?"

Gary heard the clank of a pot in the background.

"Tuna Helper with the noodles and that yummy cheese stuff. How about you?"


"That sounds good too."

Gary paused awkwardly as did Cindy trying to think of something to talk about. Both Gary and Cindy were used to these awkward moments as they had called a few online friends before and knew it took some time to get comfortable. They both spoke at once and then started laughing.

"So, what's up?""I had a lot of fun last nite."

Gary stopped laughing first and told her to go first.

"Ok, I had a lot of fun last night, Gary. I've never been so turned on by a cyber before."

Gary felt his penis swell at the memory of last night. When he replied, his voice was dry and raspy.

"I did too. It was like nothing I'd ever done before. I uhhhhhhhh."


"I wanted to ask you to cyber again tonight earlier, but I didn't really know how to bring it up."

She laughed softly on the other end of the line, and Gary felt that same chill again.

"Oh, please just ask. I'm not going to be a prude about it now especially after what I admitted last night."

Gary felt the blood rushing in his ears as he tried to picture her touching herself as she typed back to him.

"Ok, I just didn't want to offend you or anything."

There was a short silence.

"Gary, can I ask you something?"


"You're not taken, are you?"

"Nope. I've been unattached for about 8 months. Are you?"

"No, my last boyfriend and I broke up almost a year ago."

Cindy's voice dropped down to a soft purr.

"I have not been that turned on in well over a year."

Gary's penis swelled at that, and he knew his underwear were no longer dry.

"Me too. It's been a long 8 months."

There was another short silence.

"Gary, would you make love to me over the phone?"

Gary felt a momentary sense of vertigo and stammered his reply.

"Uhhh wow. I mean, yes I'd love to."

"Ok. Do you want to know what I'm wearing, Gary?"

Her voice was throaty and made him shiver softly.

"More than anything."

"I've got a white, ribbed, short sleeved top that is skin tight and a long, flower print, silk skirt that clings to my thighs. My hair is down, and I have on dark brown lipstick. What are you wearing?"

Gary pictured her in his mind and sighed at the image brought to mind.

"A long sleeved, cotton button-up, and jeans. I walk over to you and cup your face softly with my hands looking deep into your eyes. They're shining so brightly. I kiss you softly on each eyelash loving how they tickle my lips. I kiss you softly on the cheek and brush my lips over yours. Can you feel my just barely brushing you?"

"Oh yes, I love how soft and warn your lips are. Your hands feel so strong caressing my face. I lightly brush my nails down your arm, feeling the goose pimples that rise as I tickle you. I turn my face and kiss you softly on the palm. My lips press against the warm flesh of your hand, and I slide my tongue out to touch you softly. I caress your hand with mine and then bring your index finger to my mouth. I kiss the tip softly and dart my tongue out to lick it softly. I take the tip of your finger between my full lips and suck on it softly. Do you like that, Gary?"

Gary had closed his eyes and let the image wash over him.

"Mmmmmmm, your lips feel so good against my palm, and I love how they feel sucking ever so softly on my finger. The soft sucking and gentle caress of your lips and tongue are sooooo wonderful. I brush your lovely red hair back from your face and let my fingers dance softly through your hair enjoying how soft it feels."

"I love the feel of your hand caressing me, and I take your finger in my mouth all the way, looking up into your eyes as I slide it in and out of my mouth slowly. I slide your finger out of my mouth and kiss it softly once more before pulling you close to me and pressing my lips to your neck. I kiss you softly along the jawline and then stop right over the throbbing artery. I love how the blood rushes under your skin, and I press my tongue to your neck as I nuzzle you softly."

Gary actually shivered as he imagined her kissing him.

"I lean over you and kiss under your earlobe, darting my tongue out to tease you and tickle you. I'm shivering each time you suck on my neck, and I press my lips to yours in a passionate kiss. I pull you close to me and feel your breasts pressing against me through our clothes. I love how they feel, so soft and full against me. I hug you tightly as we explore each other's necks."

"I lift my head up and pull lightly away from you and kiss you softly on the lower lip. I press my lips softly to yours as I slide my arms around your back and embrace you, pulling you tighter against me, crushing my chest against you. Your lips are so soft and sweet, and I slide my tongue between them to dart softly into your mouth. I get a chill as my tongue slides across yours and you respond to my kiss."

Gary sighed softly.

"Ohhhhhh. Your tongue feels so wonderful in my mouth, and I kiss you back ravenously, wanting to devour you. My tongue tangles with yours, and my lips crush yours hungrily. I slide my hands down your supple back and softly squeeze your tight tush through your silk skirt. I pull you up against me so you can feel the hardness in my jeans aching for you."

Gary felt a tingle as he heard Cindy moan softly.

"I untuck your shirt from your pants and unbutton the first 2 buttons, exposing your strong chest. I press my wet lips to your shoulder blade and kiss you softly, moving my lips down the middle of your chest. I unbutton the rest of the buttons and pull the shirt down over your shoulders. I lean over and kiss your nipples softly. Enjoying how they feel in my mouth. My hands slide softly over your hard stomach. The feel of your muscles under my fingertips gives me a thrill, and I tease your nipples with my tongue."

Gary shivered as he imagined her nails sliding ever so lightly across his body. Almost without thinking he unbuttoned his shirt and took it off. His penis was throbbing in his jeans, and he pressed his hand over his hardness softly.

"Your lips and tongue are driving me wild. They feel so warm and wet against my skin, and I love how your lips stick ever so slightly to my body when you kiss me and then pull away little by little when you move back. I run my fingers through your soft hair and then pull you back up, so I can look into your eyes. I slide my hands down your sides and grab the bottom of your shirt, pulling it up over your shoulders. As the shirt travels past your shoulders, I can see your luscious breasts, spilling out of your bra. I kiss each one softly as I throw the shirt across the room. The soft flesh trembles under my lips."

Cindy set the phone down and lifted her shirt off as she felt her nipples harden of their own accord.

"Your lips caress me soooo softly, and I press my chest onto your hungry mouth softly. My fingers tousle your hair and caress your broad shoulders. I reach down and unhook the clasp on my bra and let my breasts fall free. I shrug off the bra and stand topless in front of you. The look in your eyes is so hungry and I pull you over to the bed and lay down. I cup my breasts softly and motion for you to join me."

Cindy carried the cordless into her bedroom, removed her bra, and lay down on the bed softly teasing her nipples and cupping her full breasts. She heard Gary moan, and her eyelashes fluttered as she reveled in the sound.

"Your breasts are so perfect, round and full. I kneel on the bed next to you, and I kiss around each nipple softly, teasing you. I can feel the skin tightening under my lips and I brush the tip of my tongue across the tips of your nipples ever so softly. My hand caress your satiny skin lightly as I kiss all over your breast except on the nipple."

Cindy was rubbing her breasts slowly just as Gary was describing his kisses. She teased herself and felt an electric longing rush through her nipples. They ached to be touched and kissed and sucked.

"I moan softly as your mouth and fingers tease me, and I beg you to take them in your mouth. I want you to kiss them. I arch my back and press them to your lips. They tinglethey're on fire as your lips touch them ever so softly."

Gary rubbed his penis through his jeans. He was closer to coming than he would have thought he'd be, but the feeling was just so good.

"As you arch your back, I part my lips slightly and take each nipple into my mouth in turn, pressing my tongue against the tip as I suck lightly. Your moan makes me shiver with pleasure and I slide my hands over your flat stomach to cup your breasts as my lips and tongue devour you, tasting you, sucking you."

Cindy was now rubbing her nipples with almost reckless abandon. She had wet both her palms with her tongue and rubbed the wetness onto her breasts. Her breathing was short and soft as she touched herself deliciously.

"Your mouth feels so wonderful. It's just what I needed, what I wanted. I arch my back again and force my nipples into your mouth. I caress your face softly. I push you off softly and unbutton your jeans. I can feel the hardness of your penis as my fingertips brush across your underwear. I motion for you to lie down on the bed and pull your pants off. Your underwear are wet with pre-come, and I can see the wonderful bulge of your penis through the cotton."

Gary unbuttoned his pants and slid them off and then kicked off his underwear too. His penis was fairly throbbing in his hand.

"Your fingers tickle me and tease me as they brush across my hardness. Your hair frames your face so wonderfully, and your delicious breasts brush ever so softly across my skin as you lean over me. The soft caress of your nipples sends a chill down my spine."

I pull your underwear off, and grab your penis softly with my hand, rubbing my thumb across the head, spreading the wetness all over the end. You feel so warm and hard in my hands. I lean over and kiss you softly at the base of the shaft."

Gary rubbed his thumb across the head imagining with very little difficulty that it was her hand and not his. He moaned again. This time very softly.

"Your thumb is sending little tingles down my penis, and your lips make me shiver. I raise my hips in your hand and lower them back down. I can feel myself throbbing in your grasp, and pre-come drips freely from the end onto your thumb."

"I begin to rub my hand slowly up and down the length of your wet penis. I love how your body jerks so slightly when my hand travels over the head. As I slide my hand back down, I press my lips to the tip and taste your pre-come. I open my lips and take you into my mouth, sliding my lips down as my hand travels down your shaft. I remove my hand and take you all of the way into my mouth. I slide slowly up and down, sometimes looking up to see the wide-eyed look on your face."

Gary was slowly fisting himself now, and his penis and hand were completely covered with his own pre-come.

"Ooooh man, Your lips are driving me wild. I begin to raise my hips in time with your mouth, loving how you suck me so softly. I love how your lips tickle me as you pass over the head, and I love the feel of them as the slide down the length of me. I am moaning softly as you press your pouting lips to me."

Cindy slid her hand down underneath her skirt and into her panties. She slid her hand over her soft fur and then touched the soft wetness of her flower. She sighed softly as she withdrew she finger.

"I slide my lips off your penis and wiggle out of my skirt. My underwear are soaked clear through, and I kick them off too. I turn to face away from you and straddle your chest. I can feel my breasts pressing against your hips and I take your penis in my mouth again and begin to suck softly on the end."

Cindy had removed her skirt and panties and lay on the bed with her legs spread. Her right hand rubbed up and down slowly between the wet lips. She stifled a moan as she spread herself open.

"Your hot flower is just inches from my mouth, and I can see your pouting lips glistening with wetness. I press my lips to yours and taste the sweetness that is gushing from inside you. I caress your tight buns softly as my tongue parts your swollen lips and runs slowly up and down the length of you. I love how you taste, and your flower pours its juices onto my tongue."

Cindy was rubbing herself rhythmically up and down sometimes darting her finger inside her, and she could feel her heat rising little by little. She let the next moan come, low and guttural. Gary was rubbing faster and faster, his penis was almost on fire in his hands. He would bring himself right to the brink of orgasm and then back off before bringing himself back to the edge. When he heard her moan, he felt an electric shock jolt down his spine.

"I wrap my hot lips around your stiff penis and begin to slide up and down, faster and faster. I run from the very tip of your head down to the base of your shaft and back up, letting you feel my lips leave you and then open as your penis slides between them. You're so hard in my mouth. Your lips are making me shiver as you kiss my wetness. Your tongue touches me so softly, and I can feel myself getting wetter as you kiss me."

"I wet my index finger with my tongue and slide it up to the puckered opening between your tushy cheeks. I rub around the crinkled skin softly as my tongue slides into you, spreading you open. I drive my tongue into you as far as it will go and wiggle it back and forth inside you as my finger presses softly against your other opening."

Cindy felt an odd tingle between her buns as she rubbed softly around her clit. She was holding her breath in short gasps as her orgasm came closer and closer. Gary's penis was swollen now and a very dark purple. His hand was slipping off the end as he was having trouble maintaining his rhythm. Her heard Cindy moan softly, and he moaned in return.

"I love how your finger is teasing me as your tongue is sliding in and out of me. I can feel the tide rising inside me. I increase the pace of my lips on your hardness, and I can feel you swell in my mouth. I press my tush back towards your finger as I slide my lips up and down your shaft."

"I press my finger into your puckered opening softly as I run my tongue and lips all over your hot flower. I tease your swollen clit and press my tongue inside you tasting deep inside you. I suck softly on the engorged folds of your lips as I press my finger deeper inside you. I can feel you rocking up and down on my cock and also back and forth on my finger. My penis jerks once, and I begin to come."

As Gary spoke the last word, his penis exploded in his hand. His hot semen splattered over his hand and across his heaving stomach and chest. He was gasping softly into the phone. Cindy heard him gasping and moaning, and it pushed her closer to the edge. She increased the pace of her rubbing and knew she was almost there. She held her breath and clenched her tushy.

"I love the feeling of your hot come splashing in my mouth and I take it all in. I love how your penis is jerking between my lips. I press back onto your finger one last time, and I come on your mouth and lips, quaking softly as you continue to lick and penetrate me. I shiver over your tongue and then finally climb off you as the waves pass."

Cindy came too just as she finished, moaning uncontrollably into the phone. They both lay there gasping for breath not realizing that they had been holding their breath while the other person was talking each time. Gary managed to get himself under control first.

"Ohmigod Cindy, that was incredible."

Cindy gasped softly once more before replying.

"I know, Gary. I'm still shaking. I want you sooooo bad."

Gary felt another thrill at her last admission.

"I want you too. More than I've ever wanted anyone. But"

Gary trailed off.

"Gary? What hon?"

"I don't want to rude or mean, but should we meet this soon. I know you turn me on more than anyone ever has, but should we get to know each other better first? Please don't be mad I said that."

There was a short pause and then a giggle at the other end.

"Don't be silly, Gary. I'm glad you were honest, and I think you're right. Why don't we keep chatting and keep talking and then see how it goes. If after whatever time you and I feel good about, we're still interested let's meet someplace special."

"Like where?"

"Oh, I dunno. Have you been to Chicago?"

"Yeah lotza times. I have some friends from college there."

"Why don't we meet at a hotel for a weekend if this works out right. We could go to the museums or the aquarium or something."

Gary smiled at his end.

"That sounds great."

They talked for another 4 hours that night on the phone about just about everything: 80's music, sports, books, life, old boyfriends and girlfriends, their jobs, their parents, their friends on AOL, etc. When they hung up, Gary rubbed his ear softly and watched TV for a while before going to bed. Over the next few weeks, he and Cindy talked and laughed and got far closer than he would've believed possible without even having met her. Gary made a few calls one Wednesday and then signed on to AOL. She wasn't on yet, and he hurriedly typed out and email, sent it, and signed off.

<To: Firehair7
From: GaryGnu
Subj: Chicago


The honor of your presence is requested at the Clarion Executive Plaza at 71 E. Wacker Drive in downtown Chicago on this upcoming weekend at 8:00 pm for dinner and dancing. I await your response.


Gary signed back on about an hour later. Cindy was not on again, but there was a letter in his box from her.

<To: GaryGnu
From: Firehair7
Subj: re:Chicago


I would be honored to dine and dance with you 'neath the city lights of downtown Chicago. I will meet you there at 8 pm. I'll be wearing an emerald green gown. See you then. :*


Gary yelled so loud that a kid walking by the front of his house looked in the window to see what was going on. Gary signed off and made a few more arrangements. He ordered some flowers to be picked up on Friday on his way and then called the hotel ordering champagne to be waiting for them in the suite he had reserved. His credit card was burning when he was done, but he was in no danger of running out of money. His job paid well enough. The next 2 days of working were interminable, and by unspoken agreement, they avoided each other on the phone and online.

Friday afternoon finally arrived, and Gary blasted home, grabbed his suitcase, and jetted out to the flower shop. He paid for the roses and threw them on top of the suitcase and headed west. He was in Chicago by 7 local time, and checked into the hotel. He rushed upstairs to his suite. It was everything he had hoped. There was an in room hottub done in shining black marble that made him literally shiver with anticipation. He took a quick shower, shaved, and threw on his most dashing suit. It was a muted grey with a faint black pinstripe. He wore a pale yellow shirt and a whimsical Superman tie. At precisely 7:45, he took the elevator down to the lobby to wait for Cindy.

Shortly after 8, a young red-headed woman walked through the front door. She wore a dazzling emerald gown. From the waist up, it was of crushed velvet and the neckline was high. From the waist down, it was a flowing satin that hung to her ankles. She wore elegant, satin heels in the same emerald. Her hair was down and framed her face much like the picture she had sent him. He felt a pang as he looked at her, and let his breath out with a whoosh. She saw him and smiled a dazzling smile. He walked over and they looked at each other awkwardly. With a giggle, she set down her suitcase, leaned over and kissed him on the cheek.

"You look great, Gary."

Gary hugged her softly.

"YOU look stunning, Cindy. You're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen."

She blushed hotly and kissed him softly on the lips.

"Thank you. Now didn't your invitation mention something about dinner and dancing? I'm starving."

Gary nodded, picked up her suitcase and bid her wait while he took it up to the room.

"I want the room to be a surprise."

She smiled and sat on the couch to wait for him to return. He made a quick call to confirm the champagne and hurried back down. He took her hand in his, and they walked hand in hand talking quietly to a deep dish pizza place not far away from the hotel.

"You said you loved deep dish pizza, and this place is really good."

She giggled that impish giggle again.

"Boy, you really know how to treat a girl."

"Would you like to go someplace nicer?"

She saw the hurt look on his face.

"Oh no, hon. I was serious. I LOVE deep dish. Now, don't be so nervous."

She squeezed his hand, and they went in to eat. True to his word, the pizza was wonderful, and they ate it with relish. They left the restaurant about an hour and a half later, and Gary led her back to the hotel.

"No dancing?"

He smiled at her.

"Trust me."

He led her to the elevator, and they rocketed up to the suite. He opened the door for her with a flourish, and she gasped softly.

"Gary, this is too much."

He shushed her and led her in. Sitting in a wine bucket already dripping condensation was a bottle of champagne. Next to the bucket, were 2 glasses on a serving platter. He flipped on a portable stereo he had brought and held out his hand.

"Would you care to dance?"

She took his hand and smiled softly.

"Yes, yes, I would."

He held her close and nuzzled her neck as they danced. They swayed softly against each other and whispered in the darkness. They danced for hours sometimes still dancing while drinking the champagne, not even noticing the passage of time when Cindy kissed him softly and led him over to the bed. She motioned him to sit on the bed and she went over to the hottub. She turned on the water, the heater, and the jets and reached behind her back and unzipped her dress. She shrugged herself out of it to reveal a black satin bodysuit. Her lithe legs were long and toned, and her full beasts swelled over the top of the bodysuit.

She walked over to him, grabbed his tie, and pulled him to his feet. She slid his jacket off his arms, undid his tie and flung it across the bed, and unbuttoned his shirt and threw that away too. She pushed him back down on the bed, removed his shoes, socks, pants and underwear, and then she straddled him. She rubbed her hips back and forth across his penis. He shivered as the satin tickled him.

She leaned over and kissed him hard on the lips. He pulled her tight to him, and they kissed passionately as the hottub filled. Just as the water neared the edge, she hopped off of him quickly to turn it off and let the heater do its job before returning to the bed and slipping out of the bodysuit. She cuddled into him in a spoon as he kissed her softly on the neck. His fingers brushed softly down her arm raising goose pimples as he nuzzled her neck.

She turned her cheek towards him, and he kissed her softly on the cheek as she reached down between her legs and guided his penis over her already swollen lips. She rocked her hips back into him softly as he kissed her hard on the lips. He cupped her breast with his hand and rubbed her nipple with his thumb. She moaned quietly and slid her finger down to tease her clit as she rocked back on him more insistently. His tongue slid over her lips and darted between them to taste her, and she returned the favor. His hand was more insistent on her breast, and he was now pressing his hips into her with an almost animal ferocity.

"Ohhh Gary, I am so horny."

"I want you, Cindy. I want to be inside you."

She rolled out of the spoon and had him lay on his back. She straddled him and rubbed her wet flower over his penis slowly as she kissed him again. She lifted her hips off him, reached between her legs, and guided him into her. He sighed as he felt the soft wet flesh surround him. She pushed herself down on him and then lay down on top of him. Her soft breasts felt so good against his skin, and she kissed him softly. Gary reached around and hugged her tightly to him, holding her as they kissed. He began to rock his hips back and forth ever so slightly, moving just barely back and forth inside her. She lifted herself up off of him slightly and placed her hands next to his shoulders. She began to press back on his penis meeting each thrust of his hips.

He licked his palms and pressed the wet flesh to her soft breasts. Her nipples slid deliciously across his hands, and she moaned softly, squeezing him tightly as she did so. He felt her muscles clench him and moaned softly in return and little by little increased the length of his strokes. He leaned up and pressed his lips to her breasts, taking each nipple into his mouth in turn as she rode him. He could hear her hold her breath and let it out as she reached for an orgasm, and he felt the tingling between his legs that meant his was coming soon.

She bit her lower lip as he pushed inside her, and his penis throbbed again. The head of his penis was on fire inside her wetness as he held back from coming wanting her to come too. He was gasping from the effort of holding back. His buns were clenched tight and the center of him was on fire. Each stroke was a sweet agony as he gritted his teeth and forced himself not to explode inside her. She took in a deep breath and then sat upright on top of him, grinding her hips down on him. She grunted once softly, massaged her breasts almost cruelly, and then gasped loudly as she came. The feel of her clenching his penis and her moans were the final trigger and he came too, releasing the torrent of sperm inside her. His penis jerked inside her, and the release was almost too much for him to handle. He swooned as she collapsed on him, and they lay together, trembling and shaking.

She whispered in his ear. It was all she was capable of.

"Ohgod, that was incredible. I don't have the strength to sit up."

He whispered back, barely loud enough for her to hear.

"I never thought anyone could make me feel this way."

They held each other for almost half an hour, caressing each other and recouping their strength when he led her over to the hottub, and they climbed in and soaked in the bubbling water. The soothing jets quickly rejuvenated them, and they fell once into a heated clench. She was facing him, kneeling, with her legs straddling his as he sat against the wall of the tub kissing him deeply. The water swirled and eddied around them and made them sweat deliciously. She looked deep into his eyes, and he looked into hers, finally sure that they were a dark hazel.

"One more?"

He smiled at her.

"At least one more."

She raised up slightly and slid down on him. As she rocked up and down softly on him in the steaming tub, he pulled her soft breasts to him and sucked on her nipples. She moaned again, and began to rock harder

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