Nick and Logan Adventures -Close Call - #3

Part 3

"Let's go guys!" Logan yelled up the streets to the 2 neighbor boys, Johnny and Noah. Johnny and Noah were twins, and two years younger than Logan. Nick, Logan, Johnny, and Noah were all neighbors until Nick had to leave the neighborhood because his parents got divorced.

"Coming!" they replied in unison.

The three boys were headed back to Nick's new house so that they could hang out and Nick could show the two brothers his new house. Logan was just going to hangout. The two brothers, Johnny and Noah didn't know that Nick and Logan had something sexual going on. The three boys, and Logan's mother got into the Audi sedan and zoomed off down the street.

"Did you know Nick's house has Tennis courts, a basketball court, and a pool?!" Logan asked the boys excitedly.

"Really?! Awesome!" Replied Johnny who was the more athletic one of the two.

A few minutes later, they arrived at Nick's house. Nick greeted them and brought everyone into his house. He gave the brothers the tour of the house while Logan went to the bathroom. They all met back up in the living room of the grand house.

"So what do you guys think of my new place?" Nick asked.

"Its awesome man!" Noah exclaimed.

"Yeah its awesome bro!" Johnny exclaimed.

"Well you guys still haven't seen the basketball courts and my new pool!" Nick replied loudly.

"Lets go bro!" Johnny said.

The four boys walked outside into the summer heat, down a path under big trees, past a guest house, and emerged into a flat area with a tennis court and a 20 foot long pool. At either side of the court sat a basketball hoop. Over in the corner sat some basketballs.

"You wanna shoot some hoops?" Nick asked.

"Duh! Of course!" Johnny replied sarcastically.

"Alright!" Nick replied, "Logan and Noah, do you guys wanna play?" Nick asked.

"Nah its all right, I'll sit this one out," Logan replied.

Noah ran over to the basketball and picked it up ready to play.

"Wow dude! You're ready!" Nick exclaimed.

"Yeah! Im born ready," Noah replied.

Nick broke up into teams, and Logan sat on some stairs on the sideline, spectating.

"Alright guys, you two brothers verses me! I get to start with the ball," Nick explained.

"Okay!" The brothers replied.

10 minutes later of rigorous basketball, Nick took a break and sat down next to Logan.

"Where are you going Nick? We are in the middle of a game?" Noah yelled from across the court.

"I'm going to take a breather, you guys play without me," Nick replied.

"Alright bro!" they yelled.

Nick and Logan sat in silence, while the brothers continued to play, when finally Nick broke the silence.

"So man what have you been up to?" Nick asked.

"Not much dude, just kept practicing what we did last time," Logan replied quietly.

"Nice dude!" Nick replied with a sly smile.

"Yeah!" the two boys sat in silence once again.

Nick broke the silence saying, "Look bro." He was looking down at his shorts, which had started to tent.

"Shit bro! You're hard!" Logan whispered so that he wouldn't interrupt Johnny and Noah's game.

"Haha yeah. You wanna touch it bro?" Nick asked daringly.

"UmI don't know dude? What if the brothers see us?" Logan asked concerned.

Nick looked at them who appeared to not be paying attention and replied, "Don't worry dude, they wont see us,"

"Alright, we gotta be quiet though," Logan replied.

Nick grabbed Logan's hand and slowly pulled it towards his tenting shorts and rested it on top.

"Grab it dude!" Nick replied seductively.

Logan grabbed Nick's dick through his shorts and could feel how hard it was. He wordlessly slipped his hand down Nick's shorts and underwear and could feel his sweaty shaft and bulging dick head. Nick's eyes lit up with glee and the two brothers were still occupied playing basketball. Logan continued to grope and rub Nick's dick, and he began to breath heavily. There is nothing more thrilling than doing something sexual in public, especially when there are other people around.

"Waitdude. Lets go to my room," Nick whispered slowly.

Logan simply nodded his head.

"Logan and I are going to go inside for a minute, we will be back out in a minute," Nick yelled across the court to the sweaty boys.

"Alright, Nick. No problem," the brothers responded as Nick and Logan made their way into the house.

As soon as they got in the house they kicked off their shoes and socks and went to Nick's room. Logan noticed that no one was home. The boys had the house to themselves! They ran into Nick' s room, locked the door, and Nick laid down on the bed, while Logan sat down next to him. Nick grinned quietly as he began to pull down his pants. He ripped his pants off quickly and sat for a moment as if expecting something. Logan looked at Nick confusedly.

"What are you doing?" asked Logan.

"Waiting," replied Nick simply.

"Waiting for what?" Logan asked.

"Waiting for you to take off my underwear for me!" Nick exclaimed.

"Oh! Shit!" Logan laughed.

Logan reached over and slowly pulled down Nick's bright green boxer briefs revealing a mega erect dick. The boys had played a vigorous game of basketball, and as a result, Nick's balls hung low, and his dick shined with sweat.

"Shit! Its so hot dude!" Logan exclaimed.

"Well bro," Nick paused, "What are you waiting for?"

Silently, Logan engulfed Nick's punishingly hard cock. It tasted like a mixture of boy sweat and dried cum. He slowly established a slow slurping rhythm going up and down, passionately. He then started to rapidly lick in circles around Nick's bright pink dick head. It amazed Logan how soft Nick's dickhead was. Logan then licked the piss hole of the dick and slowly took the loose frenulum on the back of Nick's dick into his mouth. The frenulum is the part just under the piss hole/v shape on the back of the dick. In response, Nick clenched the bed sheets in extreme pleasure.

"Fuck dude thats" Nick was interrupted by a knocking on the bedroom door.

"Who is it?" Nick yelled in a surprised manner as he quickly pulled his underwear back up and put his pants back on. Logan quickly ran into the adjoining bathroom and quickly wiped his mouth off.

"Its Noah! What are you guys doing in there? We have been waiting for you outside, and we have to go in a few minutes!" Noah asked.

"Nothing! We will be out in 1 minute!" Nick replied quickly.

"Okay!" Noah walked and Nick could hear his footsteps down carpeted hallway.

Logan slowly emerged from the bathroom and gave Nick a surprised look, saying, "Shit dudethat was fucking close!"

"I know right! Lets go outside and hang out with them until they leave," Nick replied.

"Ok, sounds good!" Logan replied relieved.

The two horny young men went out to the backdoor and put their shoes and socks back on.

Walking outside Nick asked, " Who won the game?"

"Johnny did by 2 points!" Noah replied.

"Yeah it was close!" exclaimed Johnny.

"Sounds good guys!" Logan replied as Nick smiled sheepishly, still shaken up by the surprise the wild boys had received.

"Alright guys, we have to go now. Our mom is waiting outside for us," Johnny exclaimed sadly.

"Alright, see you soon! I will walk you guys out. I will be right back Logan, " Nick said as he walked the boys out.

As Nick walked outside with the unsuspecting brothers, his mom walked up through the backyard from the garage and walked into the house carrying bags of groceries.

"Hey Logan! How have you been?" she asked nicely.

"I've been great! How about you?" he replied.

"Awesome! I have to go put these groceries away. You guys stay out of trouble!" she said sternly.

"Yes, don't worry about us!" Logan replied as Nick walked back out into the backyard.

"Alright bro, lets go to the guest house where we can have some privacy," Nick whispered.

"Okay lets go,"

"Mom! We will be in the guest house watching a movie," Nick yelled into the house, winking at Logan.

"Okay honey!" she replied.

The horned up boys walked across the path towards the guest house and Nick unlocked the door and the two boys entered. The room was not really used, but over in the corner sat a furry, white plush chair. Since the room was open to view from the outside through the door, Nick closed the blinds over it, and locked the door.

"Alright man, I'll continue if you don't mind?" Nick asked.

"Yeah bro, ill finish you off," Logan replied slowly.

Nick sat down on the plush white chair and took off his shoes and socks and slid down his jeans. He sat in his cute green underwear.and t-shirt

"You know what to do," Nick said with a small smile.

Logan got onto his knees and slowly pulled down Nick's underwear to reveal a semi-hard dick. It was still a little hard from the fun they had a few minutes prior. Without needing to be told, Logan reached over and stuck Nick's 6in cock straight out from his body and slowly lowered his warm mouth onto the slowly hardening joystick, and resumed his deep rhythmic motions. Logan took the slowly hardening dick fully into his throat and could suddenly smell Nick's unique boy smell. Each boy has his own unique smell, and Nick's was particularly musty. Even though the smell was musky, Logan loved the smell knowing that it was a smell that only a few people would only get familiar with. As Logan, slowly let the dick out of his mouth on the upward motion, the slick feeling of a hard cock sent him into euphoria. Nick pulled out his phone.

"Dudeyou are doing really well, can I film a sex tape of you blowing me so I can jack off to it later?" Nick asked.

Logan didn't stop, he just grunted. With that, Nick started to record Logan giving him head. Logan was wearing a baseball cap, and Nick turned it around backwards.

Precum began to mix with the saliva giving a slightly salty taste. This was a huge turn-on for Logan because the fact that Nick was leaking precum meant that he was being pleasured, and this made Logan feel like he was helping out his buddy. Logan slowly began to pick up some speed, up and down, almost bouncing up and down Nick's rod. Logan could tell that it felt good for Nick because he grabbed the back of Logan's head and began to push it up and down.

Logan suddenly took his mouth off of Nick's hard dick and started jacking it off with his hand. He moved his mouth down to his hairless, loose balls that hung low near his butt hole. These hot summer days once again made Nick's loose balls hang low and Logan took both balls into his mouth and swirled them around in his mouth. Logan continued his rhythm of jacking Nick off while sucking on his balls. Nick's eyes rolled into the back of his head in true ecstacy.

"Ughughugh," Nick began to grunt with each stroke, "Fuck bro that's so good, I'm getting close,"

Logan slowly let one ball at a time out of his mouth and they flopped down back on his taint, dripping with saliva. Logan engulfed the tan cock and paid special attention to his soft dick head. That was all Nick could take and soon Nick began to grunt loudly.

"Fuck bro! I'M COMING," He exclaimed.

Logan kept licking the dickhead like a lollipop, not fully swallowing it and suddenly a warm, sticky, strand of cum shot up Logan's nose. Logan quickly laid the cock against his face, on his cheek and let the cock continue to spray cum all over his face. By the time Nick was finished, cum was on Logan's cheeks, ears, eyes and forehead as well as in his hair. Cum still was dribbling out all over Nick's slowly softening dick and balls.

"Goddamn! That was fucking amazing!" He whispered, not moving but just feeling the bliss.

Nick stopped recording the sex tape and put his phone on the floor.

Nick finally got up and went to the bathroom to wipe himself off. While Nick was cleaning up, Logan quickly stripped down to be completely naked and sat in the chair. The comfy chair was soft and warm from where Nick had just been sitting. In a minute, Nick emerged from the bathroom, now completely nude, just like Logan.

"You better give me as good a blowjob as I gave you!" Logan teased.

Without responding, Nick came over and got on his knees, near to Logan's 4in erect cock. Nick had his mouth tightly shut, and opened it a little bit to show Logan. Inside was a mouthful of Nick's cum.

"Wow!" Logan's eyes lit up.

Nick hung over Logan's hard blue-vained sausage and slowly let the cum drip out of his mouth onto Logan's cock and balls. It was still warm and it felt so good for Logan running down his dick, lubing it up. Nick instantly started deepthroating Logan's hard dong, and started groping his flappy balls. Nick took more of a fast approach, rapidly bobbing up and down Logan's cock.

Logan's cock was much more different than Nick's dick. Logan's dick was more round, and had a bigger, sensitive head. Logan also wasn't circumcised as tightly as Nick so he had a good amount of skin left. He was more of a grower which meant that when he went from soft to hard, there was a large size difference. Nick's cock had more of toothpaste tube shape to it, not as circular as Logan's. Nick's penis did not have as large a dickhead but had a wide shaft. Nick was more of a shower, meaning that his dick didn't grow as much from soft to hard.

Logan loved the rhythmic pulses as Nick bounced up and down, the tighter Nick sucked the more he felt like he was getting closer to cumming. Nick tasted Logan's precum which tasted more tangy. Logan had more of a sweeter smell than Nick, and Nick loved the smell. Nick too, liked the taste of the warm, bulging cock, and could feel it pulsing as he rapidly suctioned Logan's knob.

"FUCK! I'M GETTING CLOSE!" Logan shouted.

Nick began to speed up, getting more aggressive, and started to massage his balls. 5 seconds later, Logan quickly blew his top, spraying cum down Nick's throat. Nick could taste the slight difference in the taste of the two cums that had mixed in his mouth. His own cum tasted more salty, and Logan's tasted sweeter. Nick took his mouth off of Logan's dick and let the rest of the cum dribble down his shaft and onto his stomach. Just when Logan thought they were done for the day, Nick once again engulfed the slowly limping dick and cleaned off the cum and swallowed the rest of it, licking the semen off of Logan's stomach. No cleaning up was required for either of the tired young men. The boys wordlessly got their clothes back on. Logan got a text from his mom.

"Oh shit, my mom said that we are going to a resort for the end of the summer and my birthday, and she said she wanted to invite you," Logan said with a big grin.

"Fuck yeah dude!" Nick replied.

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