Aunt Neesa

This story was inspired by a porn actress I’ve seen on the web several times. I thought I would create this little story about a MILF named Neesa. Enjoy and send me your comments.

This story begins when I was ten years old. My parents had to go on a business trip and left me behind with my Aunt Neesa. Aunt Neesa is a goddess. She has 32D sized breasts and flowing red hair. She is kind of pale, but that only adds to her sexuality factor.

My parents left me at Aunt Neesa’s house that morning. That day, they died in a plane crash and ever since that day, I’ve lived with my aunt at her house. For the next two years, I would wake up every other night screaming for my parents. And every time, my aunt would run in and hold me close to her. Sometimes, she would cry. She missed her sister, my mom, as much as I did.

The next few years weren’t so bad. I really enjoyed them. Every day was the same: get up, go to school, come home, and eat dinner with Aunt Neesa, then back to bed. Sometimes I would have a few friends over and we would play video games or something. Once, my friend Jimmy brought his Playstation 2 and we played Splinter Cell or something. That was the way it was for years. However, one summer day, things got really strange.

One night, I awoke to a loud crying and realized it was my aunt. I went over to her room and found her sitting upright and crying loudly. She wore her baby blue silk nightgown.

I asked her what was wrong and she kind of jumped. Apparently, she had not been expecting me. She told me that she was scared and wanted me to sleep in here with her. Looking at her face, I knew I couldn’t refuse her. I told her I would get a blanket and sleep on the floor. She insisted I slept on the bed with her.

Reluctantly, but not arguing about it, I complied. I pulled back the sheets and crawled into the bed. She was cold and asked me to hold her. I put my arm around her chest, for some reason being careful NOT to touch her tits. She was very cold, but as soon as I put my arm around her, she seemed to warm up a bit. I slid my other arm up under her and clasped my hands as if I was hugging her.

For some reason I never fully comprehended, I started to act like I was humping her back. She giggled as I did it and started bumping back everytime I thrust forward. We both got a kick out of it. She laughed, but her breaths were still shallow from all the crying she did.

We lay still for a few minutes. I closed my eyes, but I felt Neesa moving. I opened my eyes and saw that she was trying to move closer to me. She turned over and faced me. I stared into her eyes for the longest minute of my life. Her stare had me entranced. She leaned forward slightly and barely puckered her lips. In the split second that followed, a dozen things must have run through my mind. First, I wondered what she was doing. Then, I wondered if it was really happening. There were so many things running through my head, I did the only thing I could do without thinking: I kissed her.

After that, the whole world seemed to stop. We lay lip-locked for a few seconds, but to a sixteen year old boy, a few seconds is a lifetime. I slowly started kissing her neckline and moved my hand towards her moist pussy. I took my left hand and moved the bottom of her nightgown. I took my right hand and slid my middle finger along her pussy, causing her to let out a small squeal.

I took two of my fingers and slowly inched them up her vagina. She let out a loud moan. I took both of my hands and began massaging her tits through the silk. Neesa relaxed and let me take over. I pulled her tits out of her dress. I began to kiss them and sucked her nipples hard. Went lower and began eating her out. She tasted so sweet, I didn’t want to stop.

After I finished, she took her hands and began to slowly jerk me off, sometimes kissing the head of my cock and licking it with her tongue. I felt myself go to the brink and shoved my dick into her mouth. I felt my sticky juices erupt into her mouth. She swallowed it all, then lay back and spread her legs.

I took my thick and sticky cock and shoved it into her tight pussy. She moaned and began thrusting forward to meet me. It felt so right, I felt like I could co forever. She began screaming for me to go faster and harder. I replied and began going so fast, I got dizzy. After twenty minutes, I began to get tired, but I didn’t stop until she came. When she finally came, she squirted so hard, it forced my cock out of her pussy. After she had calmed down, I put myself back in and continued for another ten minutes.
I finally let go a second time and felt collapsed. She was breathing heavily and her eyes were wide and glazed over. She needed to rest. I slowly got off of her and felt myself go limp again. She began to breathe normally again five minutes later. She told me she could barely sleep now, so I began massaging her back with a bottle of warming body massage she kept in her drawer. She relaxed and was on the brink of sleep. She said before she goes to sleep, she usually masturbates. I told her I could do it for her while she relaxed and slept. She said it would be heavenly.

I took my arm and wrapped it around her waist. I took my right hand and began playing with her pussy. She moaned a few times and was silent. I continued to play with her long after she fell asleep. I soon lay back and relaxed, closed my eyes, and replayed the scene over and over again.

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Next chapter. Please enjoy. Comments and feedback greatly appreciated_____________________________________________________________________________________________ I do not endorse or condone underage sex or teen pregnancy. This is a story meant for adults if it is illegal
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