Riding Lawnmower

Riding Lawnmower

I bought myself a brand new riding lawnmower. My old one finally bit the dust. This one has everything. It can cut the grass of course but it can bag the clipping to be composted, till the soil for my garden, collect the fall leaves, and snow blow my driveway too. It does it all. I was in love with my ‘Mean Machine.’

I showed my wife and two daughters how it worked, that was my mistake! After that the grass stopped growing and I never got a chance to ride it. However I still had to maintain it. It used a lot of gas and I had to add a little oil every now and then too. I quickly put an engine hour meter on it so that I could tell how long it had been run.

Every day when I came home from work there was at least an hour or more of time added to the hour meter. Not one of my women would admit to using it but the grass catcher was full and I had to empty it.

That night in bed while we were making love my wife finally admitted that she had been riding my new lawnmower and that it had a very unique vibration in high speed. She explained that if she holds a golf ball between her legs inside her panties so that it touches her clitoris and then she leans forward while in high speed that she can achieve a powerful orgasm every few minutes. How to hell do women figure something like that out? How many experiments did it take? I guess a vibrating golf ball to the clit is not all that far fetched to some of the stuff that I have seen my wife do in the past. As I was filling her with cum she said that our two daughters knew about it too and that was why the lawn never grew.

The very next day when I came home and opened my car door to step out Ginger my fourteen-year-old daughter asked if she could mow the lawn. She said that her mother had told her to ask me before just using it. As I was about to say okay to Mary Ann my fifteen-year-old daughter came running out of the house asking me if she could mow the lawn too. Now what was I to do?

As I was thinking of an answer Ginger said, “If you let me mow the lawn I’ll let you watch me!”

Mary Ann said, “I’ll let you watch me mow too but I’ll be topless!”

I was in the middle of a bidding war to see who would get to ride my lawnmower and I didn’t really know what to do.

Ginger said, “I’ll be topless too if you let me mow daddy!”

Mary Ann said, “I’ll do it nude!”

Well I think the bidding war had just come to an end and we had a winner!

I said, “Okay Mary Ann! In the nude! While I watch! Right!”

Mary Ann blushed and said, “Okay! I don’t know! Maybe! I shouldn’t have…!”

Ginger said, “I’ll do it in the nude daddy and you can watch me! Okay?”

I looked at Mary Ann. She just held her head down and ran into the house.

I asked Ginger, “What’s up with your sister?”

Ginger said, “Mary Ann’s on the rag and flowing really heavy! She’s too embarrassed to let you see her bleed all over your tractor seat! Now don’t get all bent out of shape! She cleans it off real well afterwards!”

I said, “Well then, I guess it’s your turn to mow the lawn!”

I followed my pretty little daughter into the garage where I store my lawnmower. Ginger was not one bit shy about removing her clothes in front of me. She took a golf ball out of my golf bag and walked to my mower. I watched as she then spread her hairy pussy lips open enough to place the golf ball up against her clit. She rolled her pelvis to apply some pressure on the seat to embed that tiny ball against her clit tightly. Then she started the lawnmower up and closed her eyes. She made a few adjustments to her position and I saw her nipples start to dance on her breasts. I saw her breasts start to dance on her chest. Then I saw Ginger start to dance on the seat. It took her a good two minutes but when Ginger had that first orgasm it was wonderful to watch. Ginger had her eyes closed tightly, her head laid back, and her hands tightly clinched to the steering wheel. She looked so at peace with the world. I believe that Ginger would do this anywhere that she could, even on Main Street at high noon in broad daylight during a parade. She was completely oblivious to her surroundings. After she came down from her high she smiled at me and put the lawnmower in gear and drove out of the garage still stark raving nude.

As I followed her I saw my wife smiling at the view, she handed me a nice cold beer, and said, “Ginger sure looked happy!”

I stammered something about a contest to see who would get to mow the lawn.

My wife said, “Yes! I know all about it! Mary Ann is really upset!”

I said, “Ginger said that Mary Ann is flowing heavily and that she is embarrassed about it!”

My wife said, “Yes she is! Why don’t you go up to her room and straighten things out!”

I said, “Me? Why? How?”

My wife said, “You because you are the problem! Why because she needs your comforting at the moment not mine. How? Well check out her pussy and tell her that it’s all right to bleed all over your precious lawnmower as long as she cleans it up afterwards! I know how much you like my bloody hole every month!”

I said, “You really think that Mary Ann will let me inspect her pussy?”

My wife replied, “Of course she will! Why do you think she said that she would mow the lawn nude and let you watch her in the first place! She got last minute jitters and chickened out! That’s all! Now go up to her!”

I took one last look at Ginger riding around our lawn in the nude. She was driving a little erratic at the moment so I assumed that she was experiencing another orgasm. She looked so beautiful. Now I wished that we had neighbors that were close enough to watch her too.

I walked into the house, grabbed a fresh beer, and headed up to Mary Ann’s bedroom. I knocked on her door and walked in when I heard her voice telling me to come in. She apparently was not expecting me.

I said, “I need to inspect your pussy!”

Mary Ann looked at me like I was crazy. I walked over to her bed. She was lying back on her pillow. I could tell that she had been crying.

I said, “Well you were the top bidder on the lawn mower until you chickened out! I was expecting to see you naked riding it! Now I want to see you naked! I know you are having your period and I don’t care! I always make love to your mother when she is bleeding! That’s when she is the horniest! Now undress!”

I really expected a big fight but instead Mary Ann got up and started undressing when she asked, “I suppose that Ginger stripped and got on the mower!”

I said, “Yes she did and I watched her put the golf ball against her clit and drive off giving herself orgasms left and right!”

Mary Ann said, “That little slut!” and she continued to undress for me. When she lowered her panties her pad came away too. It had a small blood spot on it.

I asked, “Why don’t you use tampons like your mother does?”

Mary Ann answered, “Because I’m still a virgin and they don’t fit!”

I said, “Well you can take care of that if you want too!”

Mary Ann asked, “How?”

I said, “With your fingers, your mother’s dildo, or even a boyfriend!”

Mary Ann asked, “Will you do if for me?”

I reached out a finger and went for her pussy when she stopped me.

Mary Ann said, “Not with your finger daddy! With your cock!”

I asked, “Really? It might hurt!”

Mary Ann said, “I know! Mom told me all about it before you got home!”

I smiled. My wife was behind all of this. Okay! Why not go along with it and enjoy myself too.

I undressed as Mary Ann watched me. I got a thick bath towel and laid it out in the middle of her bed. I positioned her and got between her legs. There was no way to really excite her much and she really was expecting it to hurt so I decided to just go through with it. So I inserted my cock into her naturally lubricated hole. I hit the resistance and waited for her to take a deep breath. I forced my cock into her virgin hole and knocked the breath out of her. A tear came to her eye. I waited! Soon she gave me a little smile and I continued to force my cock into her until I couldn’t get anymore in. Then I started fucking her. I didn’t really expect her to have an orgasm so I just fucked my daughter until I cum.

After a little rest I took her hand and led Mary Ann to my bedroom to take a shower with me. I washed her off and cleaned her out as best I could. When we got out I took one of my wife’s tampons and shoved it up my daughter’s pussy leaving the blue string hanging out. Still naked I took her downstairs and outside. I motioned for Ginger to come to me and handed Mary Ann a clean golf ball. Then I watched her mow my lawn as she had promised.

As soon as Ginger saw the blue string hanging out of her sister’s pussy she said, “Now do me daddy!”

I replied, “What?”

Ginger said, “Fuck me too! I want to be able to use a tampon too!”

I just looked at my wife and she smiled. I would have to thank her later.

The End
Riding Lawnmower

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