Opals fun

Stealth shuttle flying in uncharted shoot

Opal koboi was felling glum. She had been so preoccupied by her take over the world business she hadn't had any pleasure in ages. And that was no time compared to the year she had spent without even a finger to play with. Opal koboi needed some action. She couldn't masturbate because the brill brothers would know what she was doing. She had holly short though, and even though she wasn't going to fuck her, no matter how cute she was. There were possibilitys.

After a few minutes of thought opal got a laser some cameras and a empty room and started making preparations. She cut a hole through the room, moved holy shorts unconscious body, getting a nice ass and tit feel, and put her in a new chamber. Then she set up some cameras in the room with the hole.

She summons the brill brothers. "Mervil" she yelled "descant "come in here"
"Yes miss koboi" they said in unison. "Inside the room beside us is holly short, and this" she pointed to the whole " is what humans call a glory hole, I will instruct holly eat to do with artimas as leverage, you can tell her what to do and she will obey, any sexual act you desire."
"Wow, thank you miss koboi" merv said " this is a real treat". "Yes yes yes, you go first merv"
Merv started to masturbate to get hard and opal went around the corner and got naked and put on a holo collar, she activated it the head that appeared was holy shorts so now the brill brothers can see who they are fucking.

She went into the room, her large breasts and wide hips almost trembling with excitement. Nerve penis went through the hole, a very large penis, and he said "holly, suck this" opql began sucking it and fingered herself this was good, she stroked the shaft and sucked the tip. Merge voice came through the hole. "Now, go up to the wall. This was not good, she couldn't go balls deep. But then she slammed her head down taking it all in and her eyes widend, she came a little, her eyes widened and she started rapidly goin in and out full length. She was losing control, then mervil said " now put your ass up to the hole, and secure yourself with those shackles I can see on the monitor". Uh oh opal though, those were set to time release, she would have to wait 30 minutes before they would unlock. But she couldn't turn back now, or the grills. Would know what she did she did up the shackles and waited. Marvin's dick slammed in hard and fast, and she cried out "yeah baby, let it out" merv said. Opal moaned this wasn't painful anymore, it felt fantastic, "harder" opal cried, the holo collar making her sound like holly, merv complied pounding harder and harder,and then his splinting stopped and he came, it filled her insides and sprayed on her back. Opal moaned, her hair was full of cum. She gasped and the cuffs unlocked, it had been 30 minutes already, she was covered in cum and her ass was red, then she realized it was descant a turn. She turned off the voice section of the holo collar and said " give the prisoner 2 minutes" realizing this's as very unlike her she then said " but she has to eat all of your cum" she screamed internally, she was a genius how was that the best she could do, then she realized she already had a handful halfway to her mouth, she put it in and before she wallowed descant said " who me the cum" she went to a camera and opened her mouth, "now swirl it around in your mouth" she swirled the liter white liquid. "Now swallow" she did almost gagging, she hated cum
Then her two minutes were done and descant put his massive throbbing dick through the hole and opal went to it. "Suck it" he said and opal went balls deep again ion his cock, then he said " now get your tits and use them to fuck me" this was a new move for her, she grabbed her tits and wrapped them around his cock and moved it up and down, sucking the tip at the deepest point of the thrust, then he told her to start sucking really hard and she did starting slow the working her way up, faster and faster her throat bulging, then came in her mouth and all over her face, she fell back and the cum came out like a hose coating her with semen few strips went up and down her tits and her face was dripping , " now put it all in your pussy" he said, she was not happy about this, she would need to use some serious birth control after this. She put it in then he told her to strap up. He was t done! Opal hooked herself up, ass and pussy pointed at the hole now both pumped full of semen and descant slammed in her pussy, opal cried out moaning and moaning as the long hard shaft slammed her again and again she can once then twice then it was all a blur, she wanted nothing more than to pull away then he came in her pussy and on her back. She hang there, covered in cum tied to a wall and opal activated a remote that said "you are done brothers you can leave now" she was so exposed and the cameras, now deactivated, still made her feel so exposed, she slumped, and the shackles disengaged, she lay there on the floor, cum everywhere and wished so badly she had a vibrator right now

Because that would make the moment absolutely perfect.

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