My Sluty Mom_(0)

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Ever since I can remember, there was always a lot of noise coming from my parent's bedroom at night. My bed was against the same wall as my parent's bed.

Then one day I was over at my friend's house, and he put in a DVD, there was a young couple laying on the bed naked, kissing, then she started kissing his dick, and then she put his dick in her mouth and began sucking on it. I had never seen anything like this before. The expression on his face was one of pure bliss, faster and faster she went. Then he put his hands around the back of her head. I thought he was going to pull her head off of his dick. But instead, he pulled her head deeper and deeper onto his dick. She started gagging on it more and more. Finally, he released her head, she could breathe again. It was so huge. I had never seen a dick that big before. Then he pushed her back down on to the bed, spreading her legs as he pushed his dick deeper and deeper inside of her, she screamed and begged for more, for the next 20 minutes he fucked her, in and out, faster and faster. Then he grunted a few times and fell down on top of her exhausted!

Suddenly, I knew what my parents had been doing at night.

As I laid there listening to my parents the next night, I realized that my hand was on my dick, and it felt terrific. I moved my hand down inside my shorts, as I'd seen the girl do, and started moving my hand up and down faster and faster. I began to get a fantastic feeling. I had never felt anything like this before. There was the feeling of pure glory. Then all of a sudden, there was white stuff squirting out the end of my dick.

Then I knew I had to go back over to my friend's house and watch more of his videos, so I called him up, and he said come on over, I have a bunch of them we can watch. The next day he asked me which one do you want to see, I started looking at the names on the cover of the boxes. "Mom & Dad," I stopped and handed him this one, the woman on the cover looked so much like my mom? I had not expected this; as we were watching it, my friend looked over at me and said your eyes are so wide; I looked at him then looked back at the video. I couldn't believe how much this woman looked like my mom.

My mom was 50 years old, but has the body of a 30-year-old, long brown hair, firm medium-sized natural breasts that stand up high. And nipples that begged to be sucked on, and a nice round firm ass that begged to be squeezed, long muscular legs, and when she flashes you that very seductive smile of hers, you knew you were in for a good time.

Then one night, after some very hot sex in bed. Mom had gone to take a shower. She always used the shower head, set at pulsate to massage her pussy. After which she came out and found that my dad had died, he had scribbled out a note. It was still in his hand, you almost didn't see it, when you did, it said, I LOVE YOU DEAR, SORRY.., You screamed and started crying.

This hit you very hard; she was in severe depression for over a year. Then one day, when she was at the grocery store, a black guy came onto her, and she let him come home with her, the two of you started making out as soon as you got home.

Everytime he pushed his huge black cock in you, you screamed, his cock was the biggest you had ever had and you wanted more.

He would fucked you every way possible. I was surprised, because you had never wanted anything in your ass before. You moaned and moaned as he pounded your ass, you were going crazy, I laid in my bed listening to you, your bed kept hitting the wall of your bedroom, I thought it was going to go right thru the wall.

You moaned and moaned for more as he pounded both your ass and pussy, he was using you as his own fuck toy.

He would stop for a moment then start all over again, faster and faster he went. All day and night he fucked you and pounded your pussy it was like he was trying to drive his Huge Black Cock right thru you, you were in heaven, and you couldn't get enough of him, you let him fuck you in every hole, and you loved it and wanted more. He would pump huge loads of cum deep inside you no matter which hole he was in. He also loved it when you deepthroated him. Then when he was all the way inside your mouth, he would start cumming and cumming, it was hard for you to swallow it all, and It was amazing all the stamina he had that he could cum like that and still stay hard, you had his cum running out of your every hole.

Then he left you and went home. He had gotten what he wanted, and your moans and smiles turned to anger, He had used you for his own pleasure and now he was gone.

Then a couple of nights later, I was in my bed and almost asleep when I started hearing noises coming from your bedroom. I laid there and listened, and the sounds continued, very quietly. I got up and walked out of my bedroom, walked and stood at the doorway, and slowly opened your door. You had kicked off the covers on your bed. And you were lying there naked sleeping your hands were on your breasts, squeezing, pulling, and twisting your nipples.

I wanted so bad to taste your pussy, and now would be my chance, I hoped you would never know it was me, and would think it was just part of your dream, and now was my chance, I couldn't wait any longer.

Quietly, I moved toward your bed, and touched your legs, running my fingers over your skin, you pulled your legs up high and wide, exposing your hairy bush. I hadn't expected this because you had always been clean-shaven before, but since dad had died, you hadn't seen a reason to keep yourself that way.

As I got closer, I noticed your sweet womanly odor; it was calling me toward you; and the smell was intoxicating. I had been told that no two women tasted the same, and you tasted great, then all of a sudden, you put both hands on the back of my head, forcing my face deeper into your vagina, then you moaned as your orgasm hit, you started squirting all over my face, but I loved the taste and wanted more, I tried swallowing your juices as much as I could.

Then you screamed, FUCK ME, FUCK ME NOW, then I knew you were awake, what do I do now I thought, you could not know it was me (Your son Jr.) so I started moving up your body, hiding my face the best I could, kissing you passionately as I moved higher and higher up your body, as I got closer to your face, I put my face in your neck. But you weren't looking at me.

As I put my hand on my cock, it seemed so big, so I positioned myself at the entrance of your moist hole. When my cock touched you, you moaned and moaned again, as I pushed my cock into you, I asked myself, how should I fuck you, fast or slow.

Then I decided, slowly, and I pushed my cock in you and started fucking you, you moaned, and said you're TEASING ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME NOW, with that you put your legs up and around my rear end. With one giant thrust, you forced me deep inside your pussy. And screamed again and again, the feeling was like nothing I had ever felt before, a tight wet pussy, but not just any pussy, one that could be like that of high priced hooker, that could control her mussels down there, they could even hold my cock in place, or squeeze my cock so hard to make it hurt, or also keep me from pulling out.

We started fucking faster and faster and faster, you started moaning again, but it was not just me fucking you, you were fucking me back, meeting my every stroke. Then we stopped, and we got on our knees, doggy style. then after awhile I stopped and told you to fuck yourself. Watching you move on and off of my huge cock, you moving your ass this way and that, watching you fuck your self on my cock was so hot. Then you turned your head and looked back over your shoulder. Suddenly the look on your face changed, for a few moments, you fucked me then that stopped, but you were still teasing yourself on the head of my cock.

YOU SCREAMED, "JR." I could see the fire in your eyes, what are you do--doing, we can't be doing this, but mom, doesn't my huge cock feel good in you. You slid up and down on my cock a few more times and moaned, NO NO, THIS HAS TO STOP, WE CAN'T BE DOING THIS, you pushed me off of you and ran into the shower. It seemed like you were in there for a long time; I opened the door and looked in. You were in the shower. You had your back to me, the shower head was set to pulsate on your pussy, all of a sudden you screamed, I hadn't expected this, and let go of the bathroom door. It flew open, and you turned, I was caught, you yelled, "JR," as I ran from the doorway.

Later, you wouldn't even look at me, WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT THIS, YOU CAN'T BE DOING THAT ANYMORE, "JR" THIS NEVER HAPPENED, AND MUST NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN, but mom I can do things for you, you screamed NO, WHAT COULD YOU EVER DO FOR ME. Mom, I need you to set down at the table and listen to me so I can explain, you just stood there and looked at me, then walked over and sat at the table.

Mom, I have been going to this night club, watching for very handsome men, Then I would follow them into the restroom, to see if they had huge cocks. But I was getting some strange looks. This one guy asked, what the hell are you doing. I was checking to see if you had a huge cock. Are you single?, yes, but I don't do guys. I want you to fuck my mom." Yeah right. How ugly is she? She's not; she's hot. And you expect me to believe that?

I want to see her photo. I pulled her photo out of my pocket and showed it to him, wow, she is hot and so beautiful. But why is she sleeping?

She can't know I took this picture, this has to a surprise, but you have her face covered. Because I can't have everyone finding out who she is. Ok, I am down for it, ok, I need your name & number, she will know only that it is a friend, and will be blindfolded, will I be allowed to see her again? I don't know yet, that depends on how this goes. What kind of woman is she, she's like a slutty hot woman with a voracious pussy and acts like a high priced hooker, "BUT" Be very careful how you treat her, TREAT HER LIKE YOU CARE FOR HER. And she will give you back five times that in sex.

"Mom," you expect me to let strangers fuck me blindfolded. You're crazy, even if I did want to do this. Need I ask what you want from me, I want the same thing, a day with you blindfolded, that way, you won't be looking at me, you'll think that I am dad.

Why would I want to believe that you're dad? Because I laid there every night listening to you two, I know what dad did to you, and I know what you liked. (thinking) You said ok, but what's the one thing I want best of all if you can do this and do a good job, we have a deal, but you have to prove it first. But you only get 15 minutes, but what am I to do in 15 minutes, if you really know what I want, and are good at it, 15 minutes is all you will need.

With that "Jr" jumped out of the chair, where are you going, asked mom? To take a shower, "Mom," what about me, I should take a shower too, no mom, why not, because I enjoy your smell. I don't want anything to interfere with that. When I am done in the shower, I want you to be in dad's bed, blindfolded using a silk scarf, I want you laying in the middle of the bed close to the edge, with your legs pulled up high and wide. You playing with your pussy, but I am all hairy down there, I know, but you will have a chance to shave later, you can get yourself all neat & ready for your friend before he arrives. Then when you are playing with your pussy, I want you to think about dad's huge cock and what it's going to be like to suck & fuck him again.

After my shower, I walked to your doorway, stopped, and looked in. You was so hot and sexy, I thought, slowly I moved closer and closer toward you. Finally, I was standing right in front of you, you were still moaning, I wanted to reach out and fuck you right then, but I knew I had to do as you had asked. I said (in dad's voice) you're so beautiful, again you moaned, without you knowing it, I was standing between your legs,

but you knew nothing of me, till my tongue touched your pussy. You screamed and squirted your juices all over my face, this time I was ready. I pressed my mouth against your vulva and tried to swallow all of your juices. The taste of you was intoxicating. And I wanted more. But I knew I was going have to wait, and I kept working my tongue in and around your pussy and clitoris, this way and that. But I had another trick that I wanted to try on you, I put my lips against your skin, and took a deep breath and blue out, I did like you would be doing on a baby. This, I hoped, would drive you wild, and it did, you had another massive orgasm.

When we were done, I laid there and held you tight, as dad did, we fell asleep almost instantly, we slept for what seemed like hours.

I woke up first, leaving you to sleep with the blindfold on. There was a place near our house that sold roses. I bought just one and came home and laid it near your arm and removed your blindfold.

Later, I heard you crying, I went in and asked you what was wrong, you reached out and pulled me close, and thanked me for the rose, saying I didn't think anybody knew of the rose, dad would always give me one after we were done having making love. Then you showed me how thankful you were by giving the best blowjob of my life and swallowed all of my cum.

I came home the next day. I had been over at my buddy's house, watching more of his sex videos. He had some really freaky stuff, and I was horny as all hell, I had seen things I knew my mom would never do. But I was going to have to wait, maybe someday, if I was lucky.

When I came home, the house was all dark. Mom must have gone to bed early, I walked through the house without turning any lights on, trying to keep quiet, as to not disturb you.

I took a fast shower, using the shampoo to lube up my huge cock, this felt so good, but I did not want to cum just yet, if I were lucky I would be able to hear mom, dreaming again, I got out of the shower and dried off, and quietly walked past your door, into my room bedroom, without turning on the lights, I laid my dirty clothes down in the corner of my room, and walked over to my bed, and reached for the covers.

What the heck there's something in my bed, I reached over and turned on my lamp. My curiosity was starting to get the best of me. I lifted up the blanket and saw a woman's body naked with her back towards me, there was the most beautiful ass I had ever seen, I wanted so much to reach out and grab her, but that might scare her.

The End, Part 1

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