Patricia's Daring Anniversary Experiment, Part 8

I could not believe how amazing this anniversary weekend had been so far! My wife had never been interested in adding any additional partners to our sexual life, but had written me a sexy note expressing curiousity about sex with others watching, "Maybe you could take my top off in the back of the movie theater so anyone looking could see these nice tits you like so well! Too bad public fucking is illegal! We could put on quite a show!" That enticement had made me hard, but I couldn't have guessed she'd act it out and invite two other couples and two beautiful milfs to join us in orgies. My love slaves for the weekend included Jill, the black goddess; Diane, the blue-eyed, black haired southern belle; and Lori, the gorgeous and still lactating redhead.

After having watched my new redheaded mistress being pleasured by my hot sluts Jill and Diane, all four of us settled in for some much-needed rest, my beautiful Lori sleeping contentedly in my arms, with girlfriends Diane and Jill snuggled close to us on either side. I drifted off enjoying dreams of the pleasures I had enjoyed and would enjoy in the morning. As I began to stir, I felt our bed being rhythmically compressed as I heard soft moaning coming from the beautiful ebony goddess, Jill, lying next to me. "Oooh, yeah, Stuart! Baby, you know just what to do! Fuck me, baby!" Now, I knew I had Lori in my arms, and she was still sleeping. I opened my eyes and glanced over to see Jill on her back, her brown toned thighs spread wide, being fucked by Diane! Diane had put on a strap-on double dildo, and was slowly fucking Jill with it, while simultaneously pleasuring herself with the penis inside her own cunt! I smiled and winked at Diane, as Jill was enjoying what she thought was my own cock. Suddenly Jill opened her eyes and discovered her pussy being penetrated by the gorgeous slut she herself had whipped and raped with a huge black dildo! "What the fuck are you doing, you little slut??? Get off of me, you whore!" Jill began thrashing about, trying to throw off her assailant, but Diane was determined to keep riding this black beauty. Diane just kept up her pumping rhythm. "That's right, bitch! I'm raping you! You're the first chick I've ever fucked, and I'm gonna take your wonderful cunt! Just relax, goddess, and enjoy my big cock inside your pussy, 'cause I'm not stopping till I cum!" Jill kept up her protesting and struggle for another 30 seconds, then surrendered to her rapist. Jill then pulled Diane to her mouth, kissing her lover deeply as Diane kept up her pace. Lori, my hot big-titted redhead, snuggled closer and began fondling my now hard cock. She put her delicious soft lips on mine, and began to kiss me and caress my tongue with her own.

I could not believe how amazing this anniversary weekend had been so far! My wife had never been interested in adding any additional partners to our sexual life, but had written me a sexy note expressing curiousity about sex with others watching, "Maybe you could take my top off in the back of the movie theater so anyone looking could see these nice tits you like so well! Too bad public fucking is illegal! We could put on quite a show!" That enticement had made me hard, but I couldn't have guessed she'd act it out and invite two other couples and two beautiful milfs to join us in orgies. My love slaves for the weekend included Jill, the black goddess; Diane, the blue-eyed, black haired southern belle; and Lori, the gorgeous and still lactating redhead.
This was so hot! Watching my two beauties Diane, the milf mother of two, and Jill, the newly pregnant ebony goddess, fuck each other passionately was definitely making me want to join in, but I had promised my red-head Lori my affections. “Baby, you like seeing hot women pleasuring each other, don’t you? You wish you were fucking Diane’s ass while she reams Jill, don’t you? Want to watch me kiss Jill and feed her my delicious milk?” Lori teased with a mischievous smile. “Lover, that would be some hot foreplay! If we do join in, I promise to save my cock for an hour of fucking with only you!” I offered. “Well, what are you waiting for? Get that gorgeous dick over here, so I can suck it hard and moisten it for Diane’s sweet asshole.”

Diane heard our banter and licked her lips, “Get him nice and wet for me, Lori! I wanna feel his cock deep in my slut ass! Come fuck your woman’s waiting asshole, Stu!” Lori fastened her wet lips around my glans and sucked it hard. I wanted to just surrender to her and explode in her beautiful mouth, but I also wanted to enjoy some great ass and pussy! Lori moaned as she fucked my throbbing member with her mouth, then led me by my wet hard member over to Diane’s inviting ass. “There you are, Baby! I’ve got you lined up to plunge inside her.” Lori kept gently stroking my cock and sucked her index finger. Using her delicate hand, she spread Diane’s firm ass cheeks and slowly inserted her wet finger into my slut’s puckered hole. Diane paused her fucking of Jill to enjoy the sensation. “Oh, yeah, Lori! Fuck my asshole! I love your finger inside me! Get my hole ready for our master! Fuck me!” Lori giggled, “Stuart, master, you’re going to love this beautiful ass! It’s so tight- and hot and wet inside. Ohh, she’s squeezing my finger! Diane, Baby, all those play dates with our kids- and never once did I imagine I’d be fucking your nice ass and watching your tits bounce as you fucked a beautiful woman!” They both giggled at the thought of their stay-at-home mom lives now forever changed. Lori finished finger-fucking Diane, then guided my cock to the rim of Diane’s waiting asshole. My tip gently pressed at her back door, and Diane felt me there, purring in anticipation. Lori stood behind me, her arms around my chest, her warm naked body pressing me into Diane. Suddenly my cockhead burst past her sphincter and slipped inside her hot ass. “Oh yeah, Baby! You’re ass fucking me now! Shove it deeper inside me, Master!” Diane begged. Suddenly, Jill demanded, “Hey, you beautiful white bitch! I thought you were raping my pussy! Now get with it! I want to cum with you!”
I held Diane firmly at the waist and began thrusting into her anus, which drove the double-ended dildo into Jill’s waiting cunt. Lori held tightly to me, swaying with us as we fucked Diane together. Jill was grateful for the renewed rhythm, “That’s it! That’s what I want! Stu, make her rape me! Harder, Bitch!” Lori loosened her caress and slid over on the rocking bed to passionately kiss Jill. They both closed their eyes and moaned in pleasure as their tongues danced. I noticed Lori’s white breasts swaying from the girls’ rhythm as they hung, nipples pointing down. Lori lifted herself up from kissing Jill and crawled over her, positioning her large gorgeous breasts just above Jill’s lips. The black goddess eagerly took Lori’s engorged nipple between her lips and began sucking. Lori sighed with gratitude, “Oh Jill, you’re draining my tit! That feels so wonderful! Enjoy my milk, sister!” Diane watched Lori’s nursing efforts and fondled my redhead’s left breast. “This is so fucking hot! Lori, your body is gorgeous! I can’t believe I- I mean we- never enjoyed each other before! Well, now we know how much fun we can have!” Diane continued plunging into Jill and played with Lori’s free tit and stroked her beautiful red hair. Jill broke for a breather, panting, “Mmmm, that milk of yours is delicious, Red! Diane, you slut, I’m just …about…there! Keep fucking me…that’s it! Harder, harder, Baby! Yeah… yeah…oooh…oooh…I’m cumming…cumming! Jill trembled as Diane pounded her pussy, the blue-eyed belle increasing her pace as her own orgasm approached. “Yeah, Stuart, my asshole is yours! Master, you’re the only one who’s had me this way, and you’re the only one I’m going to allow to use me! Even my husband Tommy will have to get permission from you before he gets my pussy! This hot beautiful slut body is yours, Baby! Oh yeah…I’m…I’m…I’m cumming! Oh my God…Jill, my beauty…You’re so fucking hot! Yeah! Aaaagh! Yes! Yes!” Diane spasmed and collapsed on top of Jill. I reluctantly pulled out of Diane’s ass, walked over and embraced Lori.
We kissed deeply for a few minutes, then lay on the bed, Lori’s naked, willing body next to me. Her beautiful auburn hair draped over her left shoulder, just lightly falling on her breast. She gazed into my eyes with her green ones, one hand on my chest, one hand stroking my hard cock, still wet from ass-fucking Diane. “Stuart, do you know why I chose to be your slut, to be used by you? It’s because I can’t trust my cheating husband, who doesn’t want me anyway. Diane is my best friend, and she trusts you. Will you promise to be my faithful master, taking care of me and my two children? If I leave my husband, which I intend to do, I need to know I can depend on you to love me, to love my kids. Will you do that- pledge your love, your protection, your provision? Your wife, Patricia, told me how faithful you have been to her- even this crazy weekend- and she asked me to offer my body to you and become yours. She knows my current situation and despair, and promised you would be the ‘man of my dreams’. Your gorgeous wife invited me into your circle of family, and, master, it’s what I want. Do you want me as your hot willing slut, my Lover?” At this, Lori teared up, the drops falling down her beautiful cheeks.
I pulled her close, locking my eyes with hers, and softly promised, ”Lori, we have only known each other a few hours, yet we have been more intimate than in my first 25 years of marriage. I do pledge to you my love, my protection and my provision for as long as you are mine, even until death. My pledge is to your children, and our children together. I will be a kind and sensitive master, and will be delighted to use you as my slut.” Lori pulled me to her lips kissing me deeply as our tongues wrestled. As she broke our kiss, she whispered, “Baby, I love you already! I was desperately hoping you would take me as yours! Now, let me give you my body, this gorgeous body you’ve admired. I want you to take me! Use my mouth, my tits, my pussy, and my ass, Baby! My Master, please use me for your pleasure!” Lori then stood before me, naked in all of her glory, slowly turning round for my appraisal. “You like, Lover?” She asked, smiling. Her hands lifting her beautiful breasts, she presented them to me.

“May I offer you an appetizer, Master, a taste of things to come? I made some delicious warm milk just for you!” She lay next to me on her side, inviting me to suckle, and I leaned in to take her tender left nipple to my lips. I caught the fragrance of her perfume as I admired her 36D breasts, each crowned with a lovely silver dollar-sized areola. I moistened the nipple with my tongue as I gently began caressing her with my lips. She immediately released a spray of warm creamy milk into my waiting mouth and gave a sigh of satisfaction as she fed me. “That’s the way, Baby, drink my milk. Suck my warm sweet cream from your tit. Ooooh, you suck me so well. Take what’s yours, my Master.”
I drained her left breast, then rolled Lori onto her back to enjoy the right one.Lori’s nipples dangled from her beautiful areolas like small pink tootsie rolls, reminding me of tiny penises as they began to harden in anticipation. As I took each precious nipple between my lips, my new lover gasped in excitement. “Wow! Your lips are making my nipples so hard, Baby! Your wife, Patricia, told me your mouth is such a sex organ, and she was right! Make love to my tits, Master. Take my nipples and caress them with your mouth!” “Lori, you have the hottest nipples! They’re dangling from your tits like beautiful pendants. I love the feel of your hard nipples between my lips!” I complimented her and immediately pressed my face into her soft breasts, kissing and sucking her twins. My affections were rewarded with some sprays of breast milk, which I eagerly lapped up. She smiled at me, her beautiful green eyes glistening, “I know we’ve just met, and we really don’t know each other, but I trust you, and I give all of myself to you.” She placed her hands on the sides of my head, pulling me to her lips. She kissed me deeply, pressing her tongue between my lips. She made love to my tongue and mouth, using her own tongue like a penis fucking me. As she released me, she purred, “That’s what I want you to do inside my ass and pussy, master! Now, will you please drain my other tit?” I clamped my lips onto her hard nipple and began gently sucking on it.
“Yeah, Baby, drain my tit. I’ve been saving my milk just for you! Take it all, Master!” She gripped my hair and kept me tight against her tit, moaning in pleasure as I drank her cream. “Oh, yeah, Stuart! My husband has never wanted me like you do! Take my tits! They’re yours now!” After her milk flow tapered off, Lori released my head, then kissed me again, “Now, Master of My Body, I have something special I have saved only for you.” With that, she got on her hands and knees, turning her fine white ass to me. As she wiggled it slowly, she turned her face to me, smiled naughtily, and offered, “This fine sexy ass has never been taken by anyone- even my husband. Now, Baby this is your ass. Why don’t you enjoy it?” She placed a pillow beneath her breasts, then spread her cheeks apart with her delicate hands, displaying her virgin asshole. I immediately began kneading her soft cheeks myself, and she surrendered her ass to my pleasure. I began kissing the soft skin of her ass cheeks, sucking her into my mouth, enjoying the excitement of having what she had never offered anyone but me. I moved into her cleft, seeking her soft virgin anus. She trembled when she felt my tongue brush her, then sighed as I began pressing against her warm asshole. “Ooooh, Master, I can feel your tongue pushing to enter me! Push harder! I want your tongue inside my virgin ass! Get ready to pop my cherry, Baby!” Lori desperately wanted me to pleasure her with my tongue, and rocked back on her knees to drive my face deeper into her ass.
I stiffened my tongue like a small cock and pressed harder against her willing anus. I could feel my new woman pressing outward with her sphincter muscles, trying to open her ass for my eager tongue. As she continued to press back against my straining mouth organ, I felt her opening stretch, allowing me to finally penetrate her asshole. “Oh God! Your tongue feels so good inside me! You just popped my cherry wide open, Master! Enjoy my rectum, Baby! I can’t wait to feel your cock in my asshole! Do me, Lover!” I continued to tongue her anus as I fondled her naked dangling tits. She moaned in pleasure with sensations she had never before felt, and my cock was hard as I imagined fucking her ass and then her beautiful pussy, finally spraying my hot seed deep inside her womb. I probed inside her a few more times, then raised up on my knees and lined up my cock for some hot assfucking. “Yeah, you motherfucker, put that nice hard dick deep inside my asshole! Just go slowly at first, since I’m a virgin! Baby you’re the only one who gets to sample this delight! Now take my slut ass!” I slid up to her, dragging my engorged member down her cleft, then pressing against her waiting anus. I could feel she was wet from my tongue as I increased the pressure. I could feel my tip opening her asshole as she moaned in anticipation. A little more pressure, and my entire glans slid inside.“Yeah, Baby! You’re taking my cherry! Your head feels so good in me! Keep pushing more of that magnificent cock in your slut’s ass!” Lori invited. I pushed further, and when another couple of inches were inside her I felt my slut tightening her sphincter, pulling my hard member deeper inside her ass. As I pushed, Lori giggled as she gave my cock a nice squeeze with her muscles to assist my conquest of her wonderful asshole. “Master, you’re doing me! Go, go! Deeper, Baby! I’m pulling you in, caressing your cock with my anus! You’re in my ass where no man has ever been! I love what you do to me, Stu!” She began thrusting backward, forcing me deeper.
“Lori, you are such a great fuck! I knew I’d enjoy you! I love fucking your ass! Let’s go slowly, ‘cause I want to plunge deep into your fabulous cunt and shoot you full of my cum.” She turned her face to look into my eyes, “You really like this ass? My worthless husband has never wanted me this way! It makes me hot knowing you lust after my body! Keep fucking me, Baby!” ‘’I hate to pull out of this beautiful ass, but I really want that nice pussy you have.” Reluctantly, I slid my hard member out of my slut’s nice ass, turned her over, and began kissing her beautiful mouth. She eagerly parted her full most lips for my tongue, caressing me with her own, and sucking mine deeper into her mouth. Lori moaned in satisfaction as we kissed, and my hands explored her breasts, her soft waist, and her now experienced fine ass. I slid down her gorgeous body, enjoying her fragrance and the softness of her white skin as I kissed every inch of her. I nuzzled her fabulous breasts, caressing each nipple to diamond-like hardness, probed her lovely navel with my tongue, then proceeded south to her waiting cunt. I could smell her sexy sweet musk; I could feel the heat of her pussy on my cheeks as I extended my tongue to enjoy her.I glanced over at Jill and Diane, who had recovered from their shattering orgasms, and were still copulating, joined together with the long, black double-ended dildo. They paused from their kissing and gazed deeply into each other’s eyes smiling. “Diane, you fine white slut, why don’t you take my pussy from behind so we can watch our man fuck his new whore?” Diane raised herself up, kissed her ebony lover, then pulled out the long black cock from Jill’s wet pussy. Jill rolled onto her right side, facing Lori and me, while Diane snuggled up behind her. As Diane reached around Jill to fondle her gorgeous brown tits, Jill grasped the dildo and guided it into her cunt with a purr of satisfaction. “Yeah, Bitch, that’s what I’m talkin’ ‘bout. Now start fuckin’ me, Lover!”
I smiled at them, then focused my affections on Lori’s naked pussy. I could smell her sex mixed with the fragrance of the rose-scented lotion my ladies had massaged into her skin. Her vulva was beautiful, soft, wrinkled and pink on the inner folds- much larger than my wife Patricia’s. Her pussy lips were thick and warm, moist with her juices. I gently pressed my tongue onto her waiting petal, then sucked it into my mouth, eliciting a moan of pleasure from my beauty.

I admired Lori's shaved cunt, her neatly manicured nails gripping her smooth firm thighs spread apart for me to enjoy her hot beautiful sex. "It's all yours Stu! Enjoy it!" encouraged Lori. I looked into her eyes and she smiled at me."Go ahead, lover, enjoy your pussy. I want you to taste my wet garden. "I moved my head between her legs and could feel heat rising from her garden. I gently touched my tongue to the lips of her sweet vagina and she shuddered. "Oh baby! Your mustache feels so good when it brushes my pussy! Oh, my lover!" I gently uncurled each lovely petal of her lips, savoring her unique exotic nectar.

As my beautiful new lover, Lorrie, spread her alabaster thighs wider for my access, I gently uncurled each of the petals of her labia.I could smell the fragrance of the rose-scented lotion mixed with the erotic scent of her sex. Her firm white thighs were still cool from the lotion, and I could feel her shaven smoothness on my cheeks. Not a single bristle or trace of stubble! This beauty took extra care to prepare herself for my enjoyment! She was wet with anticipation of sharing herself with me, her petals and the soft and sensitive region between her vagina and her anus, and I eagerly began to stroke her there. I was thinking, “ This is incredible! 24 hours ago, I was just your average married guy, and here I have enjoyed the greatest fucking with three beautiful women who are excited to please me!” My newest lover, this gorgeous redhead, Lorrie, began slowly grinding her luscious pussy into my mouth and nose, moaning softly. My other two mistresses, raven-haired southern belle Diane, and the ebony beauty Jill, looked on with admiration at my efforts- and with a little jealousy that Lorrie was being pleasured and not them. “ Oh, my God! Stuart, your tongue is fucking me so well! Yours is the only male tongue I’ve had inside me- besides my loser husband’s! No one has ever taken my pussy like this- except maybe your other two mistresses here next to us!” Lorrie shared with a little giggle and a smiling nod to Diane and Jill who were lying on their sides facing us, spooning. Jill lay in front of Diane, slowly rotating her chocolate hips into her sister slut, pressing the double-ended dildo into both of their cunts, sighing with satisfaction. “I know that feels great, you gorgeous redhead! Stuart did me with his incredible tongue last night,” Diane commented. As she softly spoke, Jill’s ebony hands fondled Diane’s white breasts, drawing forth a slight spray of milk, which dribbled down Diane’s milky white tit and onto the bed.

As I explored her sex with my tongue and tasted her nectar, I lightly stroked her now-engorged clit, evoking a spasm and a sudden gasp from Lorrie. Her fabulous pussy was superheated with her fluids and her anticipation of giving her kitty to a new lover. Her taste was tangy, with musky smell mixed with roses- delicious! Lorrie began to moan as she ground her sex into my eager mouth. “Yeah, Stuart, Baby! Take my warm kitty! I’m… I’m… coming! Baby, keep going! Fuck me with your tongue! Take this pussy, you motherfucker! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!” Lorrie’s eyes rolled back in ecstasy as she enjoyed my tongue’s affections. She grasped my hair and pressed my face into her spread sex. “Ooh, Baby! You’re doing me! Keep… going… That’s it! Make love to my little strawberry!” I gently pulled her swollen clit into my mouth and stroked it with my tongue. I was immediately rewarded by feeling her grind on my mouth, then Lorrie began to tremble. “Yes! Go Stu, go! I’m… cumming… Don’t stop! Yes…Ohhh!” Then Lorrie went limp, her breathing stopped. “Now that’s an orgasm! Beautiful slut Diane exclaimed. “I wish that were me getting my clit fucked! Way to go, Lover! You sure know how to please us!"

I lifted up from Lorrie’s snatch, enjoying the view of her wet, aroused sex. I began kissing up her body, pausing to tongue her navel, then gliding up to her left breast. I licked her hard nipple, then gently pulled between my lips. As I began to suck, her warm milk began to flow, squirting into my waiting mouth. Just as I started to worry about her oxygen deprivation, Lorrie gasped, inhaling a long breath of fresh air. She took a few more deep breaths, then sighed in satisfaction. “Oooh, Baby, that was awesome! You gave me the biggest orgasm ever! Thank you, my new Lover!” “Hey, Girlfriend! What about us? You remember how we tongue-fucked your hot naked cunt?” My ebony goddess Jill demanded with a smile. “Yes, Girls, you fucked me but good! I certainly want that again- many times! But…Stuart is the first man to please me sooo thoroughly! That’s why I’m his- his to look at, his to kiss, his to fuck with his tongue or his cock! This is the hottest, most sexually satisfying night of my life! Now, Stuart, my loving Master, will you please fuck me with that wonderful cock of yours- I mean ours?” Lorrie requested with a smile and a tiny giggle.

How could I refuse such a request? I left her breast, then kissed up her neck to her luscious red and moist lips. She opened her full lips to welcome my probing tongue, wet and coated with the arousing taste and smell of her fucked pussy. She softly moaned as she sucked my tongue deep into her sensual mouth, entwining her tongue with my own. As we deeply kissed, she slid her right hand down to find my hard cock, stroking it slowly. She pulled me by my member until I was on top of her, then guided my erection into her waiting cunt. “Now that’s what I’ve been waiting for! The only lover’s cock that can please me! Please fuck me now, sir! Please! I’m yours, Baby! Take me now!” I began to slowly ease inside her warm wet slit, and Lorrie moaned in approval. I could feel the heat of her sex as she squeezed me with her pelvic muscles. She locked her lovely green eyes onto my blue ones, then whispered in trembling emotion,”You…you do like me don’t you? Are you pleased with my body, Master? I’ve waited my entire life for a lover like you! Take me!” Wow! To have a gorgeous, sexually desirable woman begging me to use her body- given to me by my beautiful wife, no less- was beyond my wildest fantasies! “I love your body, Lorrie! You are the most beautiful redhead I have ever seen! I will make you mine, Baby!” I declared. She closed her eyes, kissing me deeply while grinding her hot wet cunt on my swollen rod. I thrust deeply, pulling out slowly until my my sensitive head was barely held inside by her lips. Lorrie grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled me hard back inside. This hot babe really wanted my cock!

“My beautiful slut, I want you to ride me so I can watch those gorgeous heavy tits bounce! Now get on up and ride this wild cock!” I commanded; she obeyed instantly, rolling up above me, keeping me inside by squeezing her pelvic muscles. “ Yeah, Master! I’m riding you till you inject me with your red hot seed! Nail this hot slut! My no-good husband never let me up on top. I’m lovin’ this, Baby!” Lorrie cried out. My other two babes, the raven-haired belle Diane, and the ebony beauty Jill, broke their embrace and knelt astride us as we mated. “You look so hot, Red, riding our man like that! Smile for the camera! Show us how much you like his dick inside you!” Encouraged Jill as she recorded our lovemaking. “ Yeah, Stuart! I love your hard hot cock deep inside my whore cunt! Fuck me hard baby! Show me what you’ve got for me, Baby!” Lorrie screamed between breaths, her tits bouncing, chest heaving. Swiftly leaning in and grasping Lorrie behind her neck, lovely Diane pulled Lorrie in for a passionate kiss. Diane’s beautiful globes dangled just above me, so I latched on to the lowest-hanging fruit while I continued pounding my redheaded mistress. I could feel the pressure rising as I savored the taste of Diane’s breast milk leaking into my eager mouth. Diane momentarily broke her kiss with Lorrie,”Oh my God, Stuart! You’re making love to my tit! That’s good, Baby!” I remained attached and continued nursing on that beautiful, white, soft breast.

Panting, Lorrie tried to catch her breath,” Diane, you sexy slut sister! Your kisses drive me crazy! Stuart, you are my new first love! Keep…fucking…me! I’m… I’m… almost…there! I…I…I… want you…to…to…knock… me…up! Please…Master…inject…me…now! Arrrgh! Yessss!” I released Diane’s tit, growling out,”Ugh! I’m…gonna… cum…Nowwww! Ugh!” I felt my balls tightening, and the pressure blew out ropes of cum. Lorrie trembled, pausing from her riding rhythm to enjoy the pleasurable sensations of her orgasm. She collapsed onto my chest, staying conscious this time. Jill began kissing her right shoulder, making her way down Lorrie’s alabaster side to the small of her back. Lorrie squirmed with the new stimulation. Jill's gorgeous and full ebony lips paused at the top of Lorrie’s soft ass cleft. Then, extending her sexy tongue, my black goddess began a slow, sensual southward journey down the soft valley toward Lorrie’s rosebud. Lorrie slowly spread her smooth white thighs, allowing Jill better access to her vulnerable anus. Lorrie sighed,”Baby, you took me like no one ever has, nor ever will! I love what you do to me! I’m yours- forever! Oooooh, Jill, your sexy tongue is making me tingle! Make love to me with your sex organ, but I’m keeping Stu’s cock in my pussy!” Diane joined in, softly stroking my redhead’s thighs, lying aside Lorrie, her heavy breasts caressing the beauty’s naked side. Lorrie turned her face to Diane, and began softly kissing her friend and lover. I gently kissed Lorrie’s neck as my two sluts aroused my lover. Jill reached Lorrie’s anus, slowly encircling the rosebud, and gently pressing inward. “Girls, I’m building up again! Keep going! Jill, fuck my ass with that hot tongue!” Lorrie began slowly grinding her cum-soaked sex against my softened cock, and I felt my spent member begin to stir. My redhead leaned down and kissed me deeply, her breathing becoming short and shallow. Black-haired Diane dipped down to join in our kiss, while Jill used her sexy tongue like a penis, penetrating Lorrie’s sweet ass. My cock was rising to full size as my lover kept up her pelvic gyrations. “Yeah, Lovers! My hard cock is filling up my pussy, and the luscious tongue of my goddess is fucking my ass. Take me higher, lovers! How about some milk, Diane!” Lorrie encouraged the three of us, and Diane leaned over my head to offer our sexy redhead some delicious warm milk.

I began thrusting upward now that my dick was hard again, and Lorrie was getting close. Jill began sweeping her tongue ever lower, stroking the perineum near Lorrie’s wet and leaking pussy. Jill excited both of us by kissing, sucking, and playing with my thrusting cock and Lorrie’s gyrating cunt. “Jill, you… are… one…hot…bitch! I can… feel your sweet lips…and…tongue…fucking…us! I…can’t…stop it! My…pussy…is…exploding! Aaaaahhhggg! Yes!” As Lorrie cried out in the tsunami of her orgasm, I exploded again! Not much volume, but what a release! We four finally slumped into the king size bed, exhausted. Lorrie wouldn’t let me pull my softening cock out. “No, please, my Lover, don’t take your love organ from me. Let it stop my pussy from leaking your seed. Remember, Master, I’m wanting to be your ‘Baby Momma’! Let’s wait a while for your seed to germinate!” How could I argue with such a beautiful sexy woman? Lorrie rolled underneath me, my cock still buried in her cunt. I kissed her deeply,”Now you are mine, Woman! Mine to enjoy fucking whenever I want you.” She smiled and nodded enthusiastically, hugging me tightly. We whispered promises of sex, love, and ownership to one another, and fell asleep kissing, Lorrie and I joined by my cock, and my other sluts Diane and Jill alongside.

What a pleasant sleep! The soft naked bodies of three gorgeous sirens snuggled with me, each of us dreaming of the pleasures our next day together would bring. About 3 hours of blissful sleep, and my iPhone sounded off for a face-time call from my beautiful wife, Patricia. Still groggy, I stretched my arm out and retrieved my phone. I rolled to my side, Lorrie still holding my stiff member inside her amazing pussy. The three girls yawned and slightly stirred, eyes still closed, their naked bodies inviting my mind to lust. "Good morning, my sexy husband! Did I catch you in the middle of someone, or someones?” Patricia greeted me with a sly smirk. She looked beautiful, her hair mussed from the night’s lovemaking. As she moved the phone further away from her, I could see the enormous black flaccid cock lying at rest touching her cheek- the same cock that had conquered her pussy and ass the night before. “Remember this, Sweetie? I pleasured this magnificent cock, and it pleasured me back!” Patricia moved the phone closer, showing me every little detail of her ‘Black Monster’. ‘Big Daddy’s’ member was impressive, even in its relaxed state. Long and smooth, black as night, his glans forming the distinctive ridge above the shaft denoting his circumcision. “What do you think, Baby? See how clean this monster is? I cleaned every fold and ridge with my tongue- the same one you love to play with inside your mouth! This wonderful organ has pleasured me in ways I never even imagined!” Patricia offered, as she continued to proudly show me her new master.

She gave me a close-up of his balls, huge, smooth, and black. Now, I’m no queer, never attracted sexually to men, but I have to say this guy’s cock was handsome, and made me envious. “Wow, Baby, that cock sure is impressive! I can only imagine how big he gets when you arouse him!” I commented. “Do I detect some jealousy, Stuart? You wish you owned a huge, hot black cock, don’t you?” Patricia challenged, smiling deviously. “Say, how are your gorgeous mistresses this morning? Who are you into right now? Oh, hello, Lorrie! Did my husband please you? Did you satisfy Stuart?” Lorrie had pressed her cheek next to mine, entering the FaceTime video. “Yes and Yes, Patricia! Your husband is the best lover I’ve ever had. Thank you for sharing him! Hehehe! I think the subject of your black monster cock has excited Stuart! His cock is hard and pulsing inside my wet pussy!” Lorrie responded. “Really? So… you are turned on by this enormous, smooth, handsome cock?” My wife queried. “Oh yeah, Stuart’s cock is pulsing in excitement! Why don’t you show us what you can do to get that thing hard and wet?” Lorrie teased. “Honey, watch my magical tongue transform this beautiful black cock into a huge black rod of iron! Why don’t you imagine that my tongue is yours pleasuring this magnificent pleasure-giver? Enjoy, you lovers!” Patricia softly kissed the sleeping Black Monster, then passed the phone to Big Daddy, so she could give her master her complete attention. Patricia licked her lips, then began stroking the tip of that smooth dark cock with her extended tongue. She looked right into the camera, letting us know she wanted us to watch. Her tongue pressed into his soft tip, searching for the slit to draw forth his crystal clear lubricant. I could see that monstrous cock begin to expand as Patricia licked it like an ice cream cone, the ebony skin tightening, looking ever more streamlined and smooth.

Diane and Jill crowded in to watch the show- my white wife pleasuring a magnificent black cock. “Patricia, that cock looks amazing! I’ve never had a black one, but I’d share that one with you!” Beautiful Diane observed. “I can tell y’all that Big Dady’s cock is the nicest, longest, and tastiest dick in Atlanta! Look at how that white slut is tongue-fuckin’ that beautiful black monster!” Jill the African goddess offered. Patricia gracefully swept her brunette hair over her shoulder so we could all watch her sexy tongue awakening the black beast. Big Daddy, owner of the Black Monster, began groaning as my lovely wife continued stroking his meat with her amazing tongue. I felt movement behind me as Jill pulled the black double-ended dildo out of Diane’s pussy and leaned forward above me, letting her sex toy dangle, brushing my cheek as it wobbled. Jill squeezed her nipples and thrust her sexy hips forward to me,”Stuart here’s a big black cock for you to enjoy, coated with Diane’s sweet nectar. Come on, White Boy, show your wife how you please my dick!” What to do? On the one hand, I was no gay dude! On the other, it was hot watching my wife lick this monster. Lorrie could feel my penis throbbing with arousal and began giggling, “Patricia, Diane, Jill! Stuart’s cock is throbbing! He wants Jill’s big black cock! Come on, Master! Be a man and taste some cock like your wife is doing!” Patricia paused form her stimulation, “ I knew it, Honey! You do like this gorgeous black monster! Now, let us see you lick Diane’s juices off of Jill’s hot cock!” Lorrie began squeezing my now-hard rod with her pelvic muscles and kissing me deeply in encouragement. I shrugged my shoulders, and said, "Why not? But just to be clear, ladies, I AM NOT GAY!” With that I tentatively licked that dangling toy, tasting Diane’s delicious nectar, and the girls giggled in support. The taste was exquisite, the situation hot! The huge head of this black cock was at my lips, and I extended my tongue, swirling around the tip, sweeping along the ridge of Jill's dick! As I tongued this sex toy, I looked up to watch Jill’s heavy pregnant breasts jiggling, her beautiful face inviting me. “Now open your sexy mouth, my white lover, and take my black juicy cock!” As I began to open my mouth, my ebony lover thrust her black cock into my mouth. I could taste Diane’s sexy juices as the huge silicone toy forced its way inside. I had to focus to suppress the gag reflex, and I got a new appreciation for the sensations of cock sucking. “Go, Stuart, take Jill’s sexy cock! You look hot, sucking that huge BBC. Too bad it’s not real, Baby! I can feel you surging inside me, Lover! I know you like this!” Lorrie encouraged.

"Honey, look at you, giving your first blow job! That is so sexy! We need to do a cock together sometime, Baby!” Patricia offered over Face Time. She had paused her attentions on her Big Black Monster to watch our show. Lorrie, facing me, my cock still embedded in her wonderful cunt, moved in and began licking and kissing Jill’s cock along with me. “Ooh, Master, I can taste Diane’s pussy on your mouth and on this dick! Wouldn’t it be hot to do a big black cock together- a real one attached to a hard, athletic stud? Watch this big black dick thrust inside by sexy white mouth!” Lorrie invited, as she took the dildo in between her luscious lips, the black invader a huge contrast against her flawless white complexion. Jill began feeling aroused by the dildo cock moving inside her own pussy. “That’s it, Red! Take my cock in that sexy mouth of yours! Your Lorrie is one fine cocksucking whore, Stu!” I tensed my cock inside Lorrie’s cunt as I watched her sucking on this black toy. She giggled, her green eyes flashing with lust as she felt my organ pulse in approval. I had never gazed upon a beautiful woman sensually pleasuring a cock from this vantage point, just inches from my own mouth. Caught up in the lust of the moment, I joined Lorrie in a wet kiss, sharing saliva and Diane’s pussy nectar with her as we team mouth-fucked this cock. Raven-haired Diane, our southern belle, had been stroking Lorrie’s hips and ass, her 36D tits pressed into Lorrie’s fair-skinned back.

As we broke for air, Lorrie suggested, “ Hey Stuart, why don’t we swap partners? I’ll let your wonderful cock fuck Diane and spray her womb with your seed, and Jill can fuck me with that nice black dick and plunge your sperm deeper inside my sopping wet cunt.” “That’s a great idea! I’ve been wanting to fuck that fine white cunt for a couple of hours now. Master, please let me use my cock on your ginger-haired slut! You and I can make her a baby momma- your sperm and my cock!” Jill enthusiastically encouraged. “And I’m needing some more swimmers inside my own cunt to knock me up! Come on out of Lorrie’s hot box and nail my pussy, Stuart!” Diane pleaded. She got on all fours, shaking her lovely ass, her heavy full tits swaying beneath her shapely torso. “Come on, Baby! Pump me full of your red-hot cum! Let’s make a baby, Master!”

“Your babes sure want to please, Honey! Happy anniversary, my husband! Now, let me watch you knock up this sexy blue-eyed belle! Pull that wet dick out of your redhead, and penetrate Diane!” I smiled and winked at my wife, her lips brushing the tip of her huge black cock, a smile on her face. We all paused and repositioned ourselves with our new fuck buddies, kissing and caressing. “Hey Honey, I know today is our anniversary, but I’d like to spend the day with my new lover, Michael. I know it’s not what we were planning, but I suspect your babes want you to themselves as well! Let’s meet back up, all of us, here in our suite, at 10 pm tonight. Michael, I mean Big Daddy, says he wants to ‘treat me as his woman’, and ‘decorate this sexy white slut’! I’m curious and excited, Baby! So you enjoy your sluts as my anniversary gift to you, and I’ll let my new master, Michael, enjoy me for the day, as your gift to me! It sure beats a new tie for you, and roses for me!” Patricia requested with pleading eyes. “That’s a plan I like! Mmmmm…” Diane responded, her manicured hand holding my face next to hers. “Patricia, can you give the phone to my husband? I want to check on him and Rachel.” “Ummm, sorry, Diane, Tommy left with Rachel about 2 Hours ago. Rachel had said she wanted him all to herself, so your husband took her to another hotel. He told me to tell you he’d call you sometime Saturday or Sunday. Sorry, Baby Girl.” Diane’s eyes welled up with tears, as she was obviously hurt that Tom hadn’t informed her personally. “I knew I couldn’t trust that skank! I never should have invited her up here! Well, Stuart, you are my husband now, my master! Shall we resume our honeymoon? Come get some new bride pussy, Baby! Excuse us, please, Patricia! I'm going to fuck your husband’s brains out!”

Diane firmly grasped my hair and pulled me in for a passionate kiss, as her other hand pulled my hard cock to the opening of her aroused sex. “Now, my handsome motherfucker, please give me your cock and knock me up!” With that, Diane thrust her hips forward, skewering her waiting cunt with my grateful cock. As we started our third ‘honeymoon fuck’, gorgeous Lorrie was on her back, her white thighs spread wide, welcoming her new lover, Jill and her huge black cock, “Give me your big black beast, my ebony goddess! Split my cum-filled cunt with that nice dark head! Plunge inside my pussy and pump Stu’s seed deep into my womb! Knock me up with your fake dick, Jill!” “Jill smiled deviously, and knelt between Lorrie’s thighs, gently burrowing two of her coffee-colored fingers in the delicious petals of her vulnerable sex,”Oooh, Red, your cunt feels nice and hot and wet! I can feel our man’s warm seed inside you! You’re the second slut I’ve ever fucked, and I’m going to enjoy this! Mmm, you taste nice- a mix of exotic pussy and baby juice! You’re gonna be the first chick I’ve knocked up!” Jill had brought her nicely manicured fingers to her mouth and sucked them clean, licking her lips in delight. She brought the big black cockhead to Lorrie’s inviting naked pussy. Lorrie held tight, her hands on Jill’s soft ebony hips, and pulled her lover slowly inside, ”Oh my God! Jill, I can feel you stretching my cunt open with your huge cock! Go slowly, Goddess, I’m a white virgin!” Jill pushed her black dildo’s head past Lorrie’s petals, expanding her perineal skin till it shone shiny white and tight. When she had buried 4 inches inside her redheaded lover, she paused and gently withdrew slightly. “Oh, that’s good, Baby! You’re taking my white cherry! Now let me feel you deeper, Girl!” Jill resumed pushing, with Lorrie firmly puling her in deeper, until finally the black cock was buried to its hilt. Jill again paused, laying her beautiful body upon Lorrie and caressing her white lover’s cheeks with her beautiful ebony hands and passionately kissing her green-eyed redhead. I drank in this scene of beauty: two gorgeous women in intimate passion, alabaster white and coffee brown bodies joined together in pleasure. Diane felt my hard cock tense in arousal within her pussy. “Mmm… I feel you throbbing inside me, Lover! You really like to watch your women conquered by a huge black cock, don’t you?" I couldn’t restrain my hard dick from tensing again at the thought of watching my sluts getting impaled on big black cocks! Hearing Diane’s observations, Patricia responded on Face Time, her black lover’s cock resting on her right cheek,”Oh, Honey! How sweet that you enjoy our pleasure. Why don’t you keep getting harder as you enjoy me giving my Black Monster some terrific head with my sexy white wife lips and tongue?” With that tease, Patricia began aggressively licking that incredible ebony knob, making it stretch tight- so tight it seemed ready to rip out of its shiny wet skin! Big Daddy began to moan, ”Oh God, Baby! Your mouth makes me harder than I’ve ever been! Woman, you are the best fuck of my life!” Patricia continued to pleasure his manhood, a confident smirk on her beautiful face when she broke for breath.

Jill, Big Daddy’s baby momma and most recent ‘ho’, was obviously upset by his declaration, and began fucking Lorrie with her black double-ended dildo with new zeal. “Is that so, Michael? Well, you ain’t getting’ this fine black pussy no more! I’ve got better lovers than you now, ones who treat me right! Ain’t that right, Lorrie?” Lorrie had begun panting with the new sensation of the huge black cock inside her, moving in rhythm with her ebony goddess. “You…you…do me…like no one…ever has! Fuck me, my Lover! I can feel your cock forcing Stuart’s cum deeper inside my womb. Knock me up, you beautiful slut! Take this white cunt!” This banter ignited Diane, who demanded to get more of my cock, “Stuart, Baby, fuck me deeper and harder! I want to be your foxy baby momma! Come on, Lover, inject me with your love!” I began pumping harder, as was Jill and my wife Patricia. Everyone was approaching orgasm! Big Daddy was first to shoot, releasing five thick ropes of cum into Patricia’s open and eager mouth, some of his juice splashing onto her chin in droplets, some in her brown locks. Lorrie and Jill were devastated by a tsunami of orgasm, and collapsed on each other. Diane was nearing her release, and I was just about there myself. “Do me …Master! Fuck me…harder! Cum with me…Stuart. I’m…I’m…coming…so big…Ohhhhh! Yeahhhhh! Oh…God!” I couldn’t stop my ejaculation, ”Diane, you beautiful slut! You…made…me blow! Argghhh!” I blasted 4 enormous spasms of semen into her unprotected womb. “Yeah, Baby! You did me again! You are my greatest lover!” After we all caught breath, Diane whispered to Jill, lying next to us, naked on top of redheaded Lorrie, “Jill, bring your fine black pile-driver over her and finish knocking me up! Drive Stu’s seed deeper into my cunt!” Jill opened her eyes, a devilish smile on her face, “You gorgeous white slut! Open that fine cunt for my black cock, and I’ll make you my baby momma!” As I pulled out, Lorrie took my hands and pulled me to her. Standing next to her, she began cleaning my sperm and Diane’s fluids from my cock, making me twitch with excitement. She looked absolutely radiant, her face glowing with afterglow from her orgasm, her full red curls cascading over her shoulders and partially concealing her soft alabaster breasts. Jill went to work, pistoning in and out of Diane’s cunt, pressing my seed deeper inside with each thrust. “Yeah, Yeah! Fuck me, you gorgeous goddess! Ohhhh…ohhh…Baby! I’m…I’m…cum…cumm…cumming!” Jill and Diane embraced, kissing deeply in pleasure.

We four were exhausted-in a good way! I signed off with Patricia, and committed us all to meet together at 10 pm. We kissed each other, and Lorrie and Diane breast fed us each some warm and creamy milk. We cuddled together, my semen leaking forth from well-fucked pussies, and all nodded off for a much-deserved recharging rest. The clock read 6:45. Am, so we had lots of time to rest…fuck…eat…kiss…

Next installment: Patricia’s makeover and return to reality!

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