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i wil visit to my dad`s native place in VELLOR (tamilnadu, india) at der my dad`s brother & his wife , & two sons(39&35) & daughter(30) were living i am studying ug final year when it was happened ..

when i visited der for my holidays i got unforgettable night .1 day when i saw a porn movies in my cousin brother`s room lonely(because my cousin bro gone for night shift) i forget to lock the door the porn movie was started . i was watching very interestly at tat time my cousin sis was watching wat am i doing.
1st i will tel about her , she was very sexy after havin 2 children with a big boobs with 36D CUPED BREAST . height 5"3. wit a average body shape ..

when i saw her tat she was watching at me i just stunned & minimized the window. she came near to me & said its nature only, i was not able to tell anything at that time she told to maximize the window to watch the movie, &said to lock the door & then she sat next to me to watch tat video at watching tat video i am staring at her boobs, she saw tat & asked, if want to see my boobs..? with in a second i told "YES"
slowly she took off her t-shirt off she was wearing a black bra its looks very attractive because her skin was in white tone . she turned back & told me to unhook her bra . i did it as she told. then she turned back to me , i was unbelievable of her boobs size , its drives me crazy then i asked her "can i touch it.?" she said if u like, you touch it , slowly my right hand gone to take her tits in my hand. Wat a moment tat is her tits were very soft & fleshy 1.. i just pressed it lightly and i pinched her nipple with my finger she moaned aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh.. yaaaaaaaaaa.& then she whishpred its gud plz do it more
for me brother, then i pressed it hardly .. then slowly my face gone near to her boobs & i just licked it what a feeling it is cant describe i licked it for 10-20min i had been feeded a boobs milk by her.. at tat time her hands gone into my shorts & pressed my cock very hardly & storked it gently she then told me to remove my shorts , i did as she says , suddenly she grabbed my cock wit his hands & storked it gently , she saw my pre cum and licked it wit her tounge in my cock head and slowly liked all over of my cock & she started to suck my cock fully deep to her throat i can able to feel her theet & her tounge were teasing my cock wooooooooooowwwwwwwwwww it was amazing , i whishpered to her..then i feeled tat i am going to cum then i came in her mouth itself she licked it fully.and she asked me before this u had got a blow job wit any 1 . i said it is my 1st and she asked me before this u had got a blow job wit any 1 . i said it is my 1st and she asked me before this u had got a blow job wit any 1 . i said it is my 1st and she asked me before this u had got a blow job wit any 1 . i said it is my 1st and she asked me before this u had got a blow job wit any 1 . i said it is my 1st experience, but i am experiencd by watching the porn videos. i told to her , she asked me , and then u r a virgin rhight. ya i am virgin only, till now ..
she asked me would u like to fuck me now..? within a second i nooded my head YES. and then asked her its make her pregenant. she told tat she was stopped her pregnancy. then she said "go on brother u can take me now and do what ever u need to do" slowly i took her pant off & placed my head to her pussy lips, it was pink & light red in color i just teased it by my tounge she moaned ssssssssss ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh then i inserted my tounge to her pussy as much as i can insert. now she was breathing heavily & moving her hips towards my mought at tat time she grabbed my head & forced it towards to her pussy thightly she then said , i was cumming, i am cumming, i am cumming and thenshe came,, her pussy juice was fully on my face. it tastes gud.. she said come on brother fuck me fuck me now.. i need all ur cock into my pussy , fill my pussy wit your cum plz plzzzzzzzzzzz. then i parted my (7inches length& 5.5 inches) cock near to her pussy hole.. i teased it with my cock , she said, bro insert it insert in my pussy.. her hands guided me to go into her pussy 1st slowly i pushed in she screamed wit moans tats right go in go in deeply she said , slowly i thrusted my cock inside her deeply & stayed to feel tat pleasure & leaned on her & played wit her tits for some times , she said u can play wit my tits afterwards. now fuck my brother FUCK MEEEEE, then i slowly thrusted my cock in & out of her pussy. she moaned ahhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhh ooooooooooooooooooooo yes yes like tat only she also moved her hips towards my thrust. i felled her she was coming again , but i am not cumming.. so i started my speed to thrust her pussy.. she moaned loudly ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yes fuck me baby fill your sister pussy wit ur cum i started very rapidly because i am going to cum . i told i am cumming i am cumming. within a 10-15 storkes i filled her pussy with my cum,,,,,,,,,,,still my cock was deep in her pussy.. then i pulled out my cock out , suddenly she knelt down & sucked my cock . it was cleaned by my sis mouth
then i felled down next to her and played wit her tits. she asked me to fuck her another time plzzzz darling..? i told its my pleasure my dear sis.. she smiled and started to suck my cock to get erection . it was erected within a min by her mouth.. i said i need to fuck yous assssssssssss . 1st she didnt accepted then i pleased her.. then she accepted to fuck her assssssss , I asked y u r not accepted 1st.? she said she didnt fucked wit her assssssssss. i then slowly put my fingure into her ass hole slowly i thrusted in & out, tat itself makes her pain & pleasure..she moaned ohhhhhhhhhh shit it was gud she told me to insert my cock into her ass . i applied some face cream to my cock & to her ass hole for go in smooth into her. i parted my cock to her ass hole then slowly thrusted in it was sooo tight i inserted 2 inches into her ass hole tat makes her hurt. i asked her it was hurting huh..? she said it k no problem it is nice go in my brother. she said . so i thrusted my cock with full force it went another 4inches. probably fully then i slowly thrusted in & out of her ass hole , its hurt her lot & she was moaning in every thrust of my cock. it continued 5 mins, then i am feeling i was going to cum so i started speed thrust into her ass hole she was seein my cock how it was going in& out of her ass hole,,,,,,,,,, she was moaning ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, fast fast my dear fast. then i came in her ass . she told tat she was able to feel my cum in her..
Then we started to clean our self & gone to sleep. from next morning i used to press her boobs in living room without caught by any one
we have a continuous sex in every time when we have a time

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