Massage Gone Awry

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So. Not sure where to start. It all started about a month ago. A good friend of mine came to me and ask if I would do him a favor. See, he knew I had training in sports massage and his wife, a runner, had some hamstring and lower back pain. She didn’t want to go to a dr or a chiro and he felt that a good sports massage would be the perfect thing for her. I was a little uncomfortable agreeing especially since she was so attractive but more so because she was his wife and although I have massaged many women before I kind of felt this was just a little different.

In the long run I agreed. We set it up for one evening after she go off work. Since I have a portable table and stuff I told her I would come over to their place to just make sure we had a quiet place to set up. I got there about 7pm. Courtney answered the door looking as great as always. She was wearing her infamous short running shorts and a tank top with no bra. She quickly gave me a hug and told me she had sent the kids and her husband out to dinner and a movie, so we had plenty of quiet time. She led me into the basement and showed me where I could set up the table and stuff. She then dimmed the lights and asked me if she should undress and how far. I handed her one of my large massage towels and told her to undress as far as she felt comfortable and just wrap the towel around herself.

She left the room and went into the adjoining bathroom while I set up the table and got the oils out. A few minutes later she came out her blonde hair in a ponytail wrapped in a towel. I jokingly said “ok beautiful, jump up here on the table” as I patted the towel covered vinyl. She climbed up lying down on her stomach mentioning how bad she needed this massage. I asked her to show me where she was having any pain and she pointed along her lower back, her thighs and just under the curve of her butt.

“If you can fix all this, I will be in your debt”, she said.

I told her we would start with her legs first but would work all muscles by the time we were down. I took some oil and gently started at her feet working my way up to the towel which was mid-thigh. First one leg then the other leg. Her skin was so soft, and I could hear little moans from her as I work her lower legs. After a little bit I told her I was going to roll the towel up and work on her thighs. I then folded the towel a couple of time, so it was just covering her buttocks. I noticed right away she was wearing a bright pink thong as she slightly parted her legs.

I work on the right thigh and then the left thigh rotating back and forth massaging the tension out of her muscles, massaging all the way up to just below her butt cheek. As the massage went on she would part her legs slightly and let out a little moan here and there which I had found common when massaging these areas on other women. After working all her leg muscles, I told her I was going to work on her back now. I moved around to her head and fold the towel she was wearing down to her buttocks so that just her butt was covered. Immediately noticing she was not wearing a bra, which was fine because most women removed their bras for massages.

I quickly went to work on her massage rubbing from her shoulders all the way down to her buttocks. For the next 10 minutes or so completely working all the tightness she had and sore muscles in her lower back. When done I told her that if she would roll over I could work on her thigh muscles from the front if she wanted. She happily agreed and as I turned around to get more oil she sat up and rolled over. As I turned back around she was lying on here back, the towel pulled up to cover her breasts but high enough that the pink triangle of her panties could be seen.

I moved around the table and started working on her legs from her toes up to that panty covered triangle. As I moved up higher and higher on her legs, massaging her thighs, her legs parted slightly more and more giving me access to her inner thighs as well. As I was massaging the inside of her right thigh, she bent her leg out slightly and I heard a slight moan and saw her lean her head back her eyes closed tightly. More importantly I noticed a slight damp streak of wetness in her panties. Now I have seen this before happening as a massage can be very erotic but with Courtney it immediately turned me on.

I continued the massage working my way closer and closer to her covered triangle. Getting braver now, I non chalantly rubbed up against her covered pussy and heard a very audible moan. Realizing this was my friend’s wife, I felt maybe it was time to end this massage.

“So, we’ve worked a lot out today”, I said. “Any other last areas you sore still?” I asked

“Yes,” she said. “Would you mind massaging my buttocks, they are so sore from a marathon I ran.” She rolled over on her stomach and set the towel on the ground. There she was, on my table, her nice firm body, wearing only a pink thong baring her nice round butt.

“Um, sure,” I said. I moved to the right side of the table and started to massage her buttocks, working around her thong. After about 5 mins of this she moved her hands down to her panties, arched her back and slid them off her butt.

“There,” she said. “They were in the way.

My eyes were glued to what I could see now. Her very clean-shaven pussy was in full view and glistening with wetness, her lips fully puffed out. I massaged her buttocks a bit more and she spread her legs a bit more giving me even better of a view. Feeling it would be better if I didn’t stare at it, I moved around to her head and started to massage her shoulders and back down to and over her buttocks as I leaned over her stretching to reach.

As I was massaging her lower back and butt I felt her hands move to my hips. She slid her fingers inside my sweats waistband and moaned as I rubbed her left and right buttock. Then, before I knew what was happening, she had quickly jerked down my sweats and underwear, making my very noticeable hard on pop out practically hitting her in the face.

“Well, look who else is turned on,” she said. I was embarrassed and froze for a minute but without missing a beat, she took me by the hips and quickly engulfed my raging hard on into her mouth. Pulling me in and out of her mouth by my hips as she literally tried to suck the juice out of me. This went on for several minutes and figuring we were well past the point of no return, I moved her off the table. She stood up, naked, her panties dropping to the floor and we embraced in a tongue twisting kiss as I felt her nice round paid for breasts. She then turned around and bent over the table and spread her legs.

“fuck me,” she said.

I didn’t wait for a second invite and moved behind her and with no effort at all slid into her very wet and very nice clean-shaven pussy. Starting slowly and then picking up pace till we were both slamming into each other, fucking like teenagers on their first date.

“Cum in me, cum in me,” she yelled. Those words were all I had to hear as I slammed into her one more time and felt the shots of cum just fill her up. We stayed together catching out breath and then she got down on her knees and sucked the rest of the cum out of my cock. She stood up, kissed me again and grabbed her towel wrapping it around her.

“That was the best massage I have ever had,” she said. “I’m going to go take a quick shower while you pack up. Steve will be home with the kids anytime now.” I put all my stuff together and cleaned up. I was standing by the door when she came out of the shower in a bath robe. She came over to me, gave me a hug and kissed me on the cheek. “I really enjoyed the massage. Could you do me a favor?”

“Sure, Anything,” I said.

“Our daughter, Aimee, she’s 18 now and has been really sore from gymnastics. Can you give her the same massage?”

“The same massage,” I asked shocked.

“Even better if that’s possible,” she replied. “But keep it our little secret. I want her to be surprised.” She winked at me, slapped me on the butt and walked away. As I turned to the door to walk out I saw Steve and the kids, Aimee with them, driving up. I quickly headed to the car and told Steve as he waved to me I had to run because I was late for a date. The next day he called me thanking me for doing whatever I did for his wife as she was an animal in bed last night and said she had the best massage. He then floored me when he said Aimee couldn’t wait to get her massage next.

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