Archie Andrews gets Laid, ch1

"Reggie, I saw you with her! Plain and simple. You can't deny it." Archie lowered his voice to a whisper, "you had your hand up her skirt!"
“Archie, chill. Midge loves it.”
“But, she’s Moose’s girl!” Archie stopped and turned to Reggie on the sidewalk and said, “do you wanna get pummeled? If Moose caught you two together, what do you think he’d do? You’d get punched straight up to the moon!” Archie Andrews had walked in on his good friend Reggie Mantle and their classmate Midge Klump hooking up behind Pop’s the day before. Archie knew he had to confront Reggie about it.
“Archie, you'd understand if you knew what I know. She is so hot! She's worth the risk. I mean, have you seen her naked? OOoooh, Arch. She has the most luscious tits! They're huge! Not to mention that ass, mmm! And Arch, the best part is, she loves to fuck! She gets fucking wild, moans like a whore! Plus she loves to suck cock!”
Archie’s eyes grew wide and his cheeks turned red.
“Reggie! You- you mean you and Midge… You and Midge have done it? Third base? All – the way?”
“Sheesh Arch. You are such a doofus. Midge and I have been going at it for years. I mean really, do you think an idiot like Moose would be able to satisfy a slut like Midge? That boy couldn't please Midge to save his life! Dumb as a post!”
“Heeh heh. True Reggie. He sure is a few bricks short of a load! But I still don't get it! How'd you get Midge to go all the way with you? Why, I'd give anything to get Veronica to round even second with me! You don't suppose you could… could show me how to get a girl to go third base with me?”
Reggie smirked, “You’ve come to the right guy! Who do you want to pop your cherry? I’d bet Midge would be willing to help us out! In fact, let’s stop by her place this afternoon. I could use a little ass, and in the mean time you can watch and maybe get a turn yourself!”
“Gee Reg…” Archie stammered, “I dunno… I mean, I really like Midge and all. She’s really pretty, but… round third base with her? Plus I, I- I promised Betty I'd drive her to the library later”
“Don’t be a wimp Arch. Come on. Let’s do this, I’m opening up a whole new world for you. Just think of how you’ll be able to impress Veronica! And Cheryl Blossom!”
Reggie and Archie wandered down through the neighborhood until they reached Midge Klump’s street. They wandered up to her house and rang the doorbell. Midge answered the door. She smiled a half smile at Reggie. Then looked inquisitively at Archie.
"Hey Archie. Reggie? What are you doing here? Moose is coming over in a couple of hours.”
“Don’t worry about it Midge baby! We just wanna hang out.” Reggie pushed his way through the door. Archie entered and smiled at Midge nervously. Reggie grabbed Midge by the hand and pulled her to the bedroom.
“Midge I've been thinking about you all day. I want you so badly.”
“Now Reggie I…”
Midge was wearing a thigh-length flowy blue skirt and a tight white tank top. Her black lacey push-up bra showed through the white fabric.
“Midge!” Reggie grabbed her and kissed her passionately, slipping his tongue into her mouth and winding it around with her's. He slowly snaked his hands from her waist up to her C-cup breasts. He massaged them slowly through the fabric, then brought his head down to her chest and sucked on her left breast through the fabric. Then he ripped the white shirt over her head, reached around and unsnapped her bra, and backed her onto the bed.
“But Reggie, isn’t that Archie watching?”
“Relax Midge. I brought him here on purpose! I thought we could give him some pointers? Show him how to do it right!”
Midge looked worried. “But Reggie, I don’t know if I feel comfortable –“
“Oh shut the fuck up Midge and take off your panties. I’m ready for you.”
Midge looked annoyed but obeyed him. She slid her tight white panties down to her knees and Reggie roughly ripped them off the rest of the way, getting them stuck on her stilletto heels. She reached down to take off the shoes, but Reggie stopped her.
“Leave them on, you look hot in them.” Then Reggie pulled off his own t-shirt and took off his pants. He pulled his dick out of his boxers. Then he pushed Midge down on her knees and shoved his dick in her face. “Suck it good you dirty slut.”
"Oh yeah baby, give me your huge cock." Midge grabbed his cock in one hand, and opened her mouth around the head. She sucked it in slowly. Then she licked it from base to tip.
The whole time, Archie was sitting in a chair completely silent. He was speechless. First of all at how flawless Midge looked naked, and second of all how shamefully Reggie treated Midge. As if he didn’t care about her at all. But Archie had to admit to himself, he was getting kind of hot. Prickly almost. He unbuttoned his shirt a bit. He was still uncomfortable and he realized his pants had begun to form a tent. He unbuttoned his pants.
Meanwhile Reggie had grown to his full eight and a half inches. Midge sucked down on Reggie’s cock. He grabbed her head – she was only four inches down, and he pushed her face into his crotch. She gagged immediately on the full 8 and a half inches. Choking, Reggie held her there against his pubes. Her face turned red, and finally she relaxed her throat around his cock. He grabbed her by her short hair and yanked her throat up and down around his cock. It slid along easily once she was past her gag reflex. Reggie sighed.
“Oh yeah Bitch, that’s nice. It feels so good getting my hard cock all the way down your throat. You’re a hot little slut, Midge!” Midge looked up at him, tears streaming down her face, running her mascara down. She was still being face fucked all this while.
Archie sat spellbound. He didn’t notice but his hand had wandered down to release his dick from the confines of his boxers. He slowly began to stroke himself. Up and down, up and down.
Reggie yanked Midge off his cock. “I’m getting too close Midge. Lay across the bed and stretch your legs as wide apart as you can!”
Midge pulled her legs into the splits while on her back.
“Further Midge!” Reggie pushed her legs back even further. Then he stuck his face into her smooth pink pussy. “Mmmm, I love that you shave your pussy baby. It’s so sexy bald.” He licked her inner labia. Then he sucked at her clit. He used his teeth on it gently. Then he stuck his tongue into her hole, and licked all around the rim of it, sucking up her juices. He returned his attention to her clitoris. Humming softly around it, then sucking it, then teething at it, then sucking again. Midge was clearly approaching orgasm. She’d begun to moan wildly. Then Reggie stopped and all at once put his cock to her hole and – Rammed it up her pussy!
Midge screamed in pain and pleasure as Reggie filled her up completely!
“AAAAAHHHHHHHHH REEEGGGGIIEEEEEEEEEEEE! FUUUUUUCKK MEeeeee! You son of a bitch, that hurt like crazy!”
Reggie just grinned and started pumping in and out of her. Archie meanwhile pumped harder and harder at his own dick. Midge writhed around on the mattress while Reggie humped roughly into her. She was a moaner. Her moans grew louder and louder, until suddenly she screamed out loud! She bit her hand as she screamed to muffle it. She contracted and throbbed around his cock. Reggie felt her tighten around him, and it was the final straw for him. He suddenly pulled out and pumped his seed all over her body. First he sprayed onto her pussy, his hot white sperm covering her bald pussy. Then across her tits and a little onto her mouth. The third spray went all over her face, into her eyes and her hair. She jumped up and sucked his cock into her mouth, trying to lap up the remainder of the semen, sucking it down and swallowing it.
At that moment Archie blew his load moaning out loud. Reggie and Midge both turned toward him (having forgotten about him earlier). Then Reggie pushed Midge at Archie, and she ran and kneeled down before Archie.
“Pump it anywhere you want Archie!” Yelled Reggie.
Archie wasn’t about to say no to an offer like that. He pointed his cock at Midge’s face and spurted away. He had so much sperm, that by the end you could barely recognize Midge.
Archie grinned at Reggie. “That was great Reg!”
“Oh please Arch. That was nothing. When you’re ready, you can fuck her yourself!"

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