Turning Poing Ch.# 7

Turning Point Ch. # 7

Robert has come quite a ways sexually. From masturbating, swallowing his own cum and playing with own ass to sexual exploits with a much older woman. Still he has just scratched the surface with much more to come.

I was on the bed laying on my back and Mary was on her side laying next to me. I could feel her big soft tits pushing naked and warm against my side as she sucked and lightly bit my right nipple and was pinching my left nipple. She ask if I wanted to ask her the questions I had mentioned earlier. I smiled and told her that the were little things that I was curious about and she may think part of it was silly. She told me to ask and we would see.

I told her when we were talking about what style we wanted when shaving her pussy she was telling me about how her sister and some other friends had there pussy’s shave. My question is how do you know this. Mary laughed and told me because she had shaved them before and yes, I have also had sex with them. I guess I looked a little surprised when ask YOUR OUN SISTER. She looked at me and said YES, MY SISTER. You, who is laying here in bed with your ass still tender from getting fucked with a strap-on. You, who still has the taste of his own cum and his throat is sore from a deep throat with a toy cock and you, who fantasizes about fucking your own sister while you are having sex with a woman older than your mother. Sorry I said, that was very judgmental on my part. She said no problem I will talk with more about all that later.

Next question and it may sound silly but you talk about the size of my cock and my cock head. I have never had anything to compare with so tell me truly, how do I measure up with others you have seen? Mary smiled and reached down and placed her hand around my half erect cock. She said well Robert here are the facts. I’ve not put a ruler to your hard cock but I would say you are a good seven and a half to eight inches and your cock is what is known as a mushroom head which is good. The average cock is about five and a half to six inches and the head is usually much smaller. So yes Robert, you are blessed and I’m pleased.

I was smiling and somewhat proud of myself. Mary continued to stroke my cock until is was nice and hard. She reached across me and got the bottle of lube from the table, handed it to me then rolled over and got on her hands and knees. I moved behind her and poured a generous amount of the lube at the top of her ass. Then I spread her cheeks and watched as it slowly run down across her ass and onto the smooth lips of her pussy. I pulled my open hand from the top of her pussy lips letting a finger slip inside her pussy then on up to her ass. I could here Mary’s soft sighs and moans as I rubbed my fingers around her ass. She rest her head on the bed and reached back with both hands and pulled her ass cheeks wide apart. When she spoke her voice was almost a growl, TAKE MY ASS YOU FUCKING PERVERT, TAKE IT ANY FUCKING WAY YOU WANT IT.

I though here is this full round ass in front of me and the owner is begging me to do with it as I please. I thought this is the first ass I have ever had besides my own and I should make the best of it. I had to laugh, Mary was moving her ass muscles in and out and it made her asshole look like it was winking. I kneel down and touched the tip of my tongue to her asshole. She pushed back causing my tongue to slip a little further in her ass. She let out a moan as I pushed my tongue into her ass. I started moving back and forth tongue fucking her big ass. I pulled my tongue out and sipped two fingers in her ass. She started rotating her ass around and pushing back to meet my every thrust. I added a third finger and Mary groaned as I shoved the three fingers to the hilt. Mary was pleading, fuck me hard baby, split my asshole open, Oh yeessss fuck me good. I added more lotion and spit in her ass a couple of times and my fingers were sliding in and out with little resistance.

I thought now is the time so I pulled my fingers out of her ass with the intention of jamming my cock deep into her ass. When I pulled my fingers out I looked down and saw that her asshole was gaping open. I couldn’t help myself, I kneel down, buried my face between her ass cheeks and stuck my tongue up into her asshole further than I had ever had it before. I held it there for a few seconds licking the inside of her asshole. OOOOOoooohhhhh, lliicckk mmmeee was coming for Mary as I reamed her ass. I reluctantly pulled my tongue out of her ass. I got on my knees and placed my rock hard cock at her ass and pushed a little. Mary said jam that hot cock in my ass baby. I did just that, in one quick move I rammed my cock in her slick ass until my ball slapped against her pussy lips. Mary let out a howl of pain and pleasure. I just held it there for a second just savoring the feeling. Mary started rotating her ass around again and I could feel the inside of her ass tighten around my cock. Fuck me hard and fast baby, I want it hard Mary said. I pulled my cock out until I could almost see the head then shoved it back in. Then repeated this over and over making it harder every time. Mary was meeting my every thrust so hard she let out a loud grunt each time.

Suddenly I heard a kind of humming noise. It sound like it was coming from around Mary’s pussy so I reached around her hips and felt for her pussy. My hand touched a hard round thing that was vibrating as Mary shoved it in and out of her hot, dripping wet pussy. I jammed my cock back to the hilt and held. I could feel the toy as it moved in and out of her pussy and I could actually feel the vibration. Damn, it felt good. Mary growled at me, fuck my ass you kinky pervert, fuck my ass good. I got up off my knees and was squatting behind her and started slamming in her asshole without mercy. Mary started thrusting around while moaning out, OOOHHHH FFFFUUUuccckkkk YYYeeeeaaa, Cccuuummmmiiinnngg. I could feel my balls tingling and I started pumping her ass full of my cun. I could hear the wet sound as her ass filled up and started coming back out around my cock. Mary fell forward on the bed and I followed her down landing hard on her ass cheeks. We both lay there trying to catch our breath. Both our bodies were wet with perspiration.

Mary give out a little laugh. I ask what was so funny. She said with the ass workout we have had today we will think about it every time we shit for a week. We both laughed at this. She reached for the glass, handed it to me and told me to pull my soft cock out of her ass. When I did she pulled her knees up under her, used both hands to pull her ass cheeks apart and told me, suck it all out and spit it in the glass. I looked back at her asshole and it was gaped open more now then before. I could see small amounts of cum running out of her ass and I could actually see a puddle of cum just inside her asshole. I bent down and licked the cum that was running toward her pussy then covered her hole with my ass and starting sucking the cum out of her asshole. I spit the first glob into the glass then went back to suck more. When I had all I could get I pushed Mary over on the bed and moved up kissing her open mouth, pushing my cum coated tongue in her mouth. Mary was holding the vibrator in her hand, she held it up to my mouth and I took it in and all the way down my throat. It was covered with Mary’s sweet pussy juice. Mary laughed when I pulled the toy out and licked my lips. She told me Robert, you really are a kinky pervert. Yep, I do believe you’re right.

Mary suggest we get a quick shower and go to the kitchen to get the fish out and to get a little something to eat. I ask her if it would be okay if we skipped the shower, that I like to have her juice on me. She laughed and said if we are going to do that lets make a good job of it. With Mary rolled over on top of me, held her pussy lips apart and starting pissing all over my cock, stomach, chest and into my mouth. We were both laughing as she soaked me from top to bottom. My cock was about half hard but I felt the need to piss myself. I told Mary and she moved forward just a little and put my cock up in her pussy and told me to piss away. Damn, what a turn on for both of us, I could feel my piss shooting up into her pussy then flooding back out then down around my balls and ass. I told how hot I thought that was and she told me there was more to come later.

When we got to the kitchen I told Mary I would need an extra pack of fish because Dad wanted enough to take some to he buddy from work. She made us a snack and got us a glass of wine while I took the fish to the basement and put it with my other fishing gear.

When I got back to the kitchen Mary was setting by the table whit her chair pulled back and her legs apart so her pussy was the first thing I was when I walked back into the kitchen. I laughed and ask if I should start eating there. She smiled and told me no, she was just airing it out a little. When I set down and took a bit of my sandwich I looked over at Mary and she had a very serious look on her face. I ash her if everything was okay. She told me that she needed to tell me something but she waited until we had time to play some first. My heart starting beating fast and I was thinking every bad thought my mind could come up with. Then she told me, Robert I will not be here for the next few days. I just looked at her waiting for an explanation. She told me her sister Alma had called the evening before and she was going to have to leave early tomorrow (Sunday) to go to Alma’s to take care of some family business. She would not return home until Thursday evening. She ask if there was any way I would work it out to come to her house Thursday night. I set trying to think of a way to work it out. I told her I had to go to school Thursday morning to register for my classes but I would be home before lunch. I thought for a few minutes then an idea come to mind. I told Mary that everyone at my house was in the bed by 9:30 or 10:00 every night. It was easy for me to take the screen out of my bedroom window and I could cut across the yards and come through the back gate and not be seen. I told her I wasn’t sure if the back would even open now but I would take care of that while she was gone.

She said that would be great, we wouldn’t have a lot of time but we could make the best of and hour or so. She told me she was sorry about having to do this but it was something she had to do. She said she knew our time would be limited after I started back to school on Tuesday but we would work out something if I was interested. I looked at her with a shocked look on my face and she started laughing. I said Mary, you can be such an ass sometimes.

We had finished our snack and was having our second glass of wine when Mary got up and walked over to my chair. She got on her knees. Put her arms under my legs and pulled them up causing my ass to move to the edge of the chair. She bent down and started licking my balls and ass. She was pushing her tongue into my asshole, moving it in and out. My cock jumped up rock hard and she spit on the head telling me to pump it as she went back to licking and sucking. She was pushing her face hard into my ass jabbing her tongue up into my asshole. I was jacking my cock like a person possessed. It didn’t take long and I could feel the cum building. OOOhhh bbaaabbbyyyy I’mmm gggoonnnnaaa. That was it, Mary quickly moved from my ass to my cock, holding the head in her mouth as she pumped the shaft. I starting shooting and shooting. I couldn’t believe I had that much cum left. Finally my cock started getting soft and Mary let it slip from her mouth. She raised up from my cock and looked me in the eyes. She open her lips just a little and let some of the cum dribble out of her mouth. I watched as it run down across her chin and she would turn her first to the right then to the left and let the cum drop onto her tits. I was boiling hot as I watched this perverted display. I lean my head down and licked the cum off both her breast then her chin. When I moved to her mouth she stuck out her tongue and I could see the big glob of com laying on it and I sucked it into my moth and swallowed. We were locked into a hot passionate kiss for a few seconds. Mary broke the kiss and just smile at me for a couple of seconds. Then she ask Robert, do you know why I just done that. I replied, just because you wanted to. She laughed and said exactly and that’s what I want you to do when you are here. Anything you feel like, no matter how wild, freaky, kinky or perverted it may seem, just do it.

I thought for a minute then told Mary to stay right where she was and I would be right back. I went to the bedroom and got the treat glass and return to the kitchen. There was still a little wine in each of our glasses. I picked mine up took the wine in my mouth and swished it around mixing it with my saliva, spit it in the glass then handed it to Mary. She smiled and followed with the same then hand the glass back to me. I took a spoon that was laying on the table and stirred the contents of the glass. I took a big mouthful from the glass and swished it around in my mouth then leaned over me Mary and placed my lips on hers. I parted my lips a little and Mary sucked the treat out of my mouth. I ask her to describe the taste and she said it is unlike anything else you have ever tasted before and nothing really compares to it. I handed her the glass and told her, lets share the remainder of he wonderful indescribable treat and hope we can savor the flavor until we can be together to make another treat.

End of chapter seven

Robert has some sexual experience now and he is starting to get a little confidence in his sexual skills. He has no idea of what lies ahead and the many turning points that will continue to change his life.

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