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This is a true story of something that happened to me when I was only 13.

It was a warm summers day and I was thankfully home alone. Puberty was beginning to take over and I found myself constantly hard and horny.
As I lay on my bed playing with my cock while thinking about a girl I had seen earlier that day at my local swimming pool. She was older then me, her beautiful body almost fully developed. She was only about 5 foot tall with long black hair and an extremely curvy body. To my horror I had gotten a boner while looking at her and thought it best to quickly leave the pool.
Stroking my cock I found myself beginning to now imagine my neighbour. Another beautiful and curvy woman who stood almost 6 foot tall with short black hair. They best way I can think to describe her is an Amazon from one of the old fifties and sixties films. She was in her early thirties, married with three kids and the inspiration behind many of my wet dreams at the time.
It was about this time that the idea hit me. Every summer my next door neighbours would go stay at the beach for a few weeks and they would give my parents their keys to check their mail and so on. To this day I have no idea what made me think of it but I had a sudden urge to go find where my parents had kept the keys.
It only took about five minutes to find the keys but it took me a good twenty minutes to get up enough courage to go through with my plan. Although I knew my parents would not be home for hours I will still extremely scared of being caught.
Slowly I unlocked my neighbours from door and snuck inside quickly closing and locking the door behind me. Heading first to the laundry I felt my cock begin to swell as I sort out my goal, dirty underwear. The idea had sprung up from a friend I went to school with telling us about when his older sisters best friend had stayed over and left her dirty clothes in the bathroom. He had picked up her dirty knickers, he said, and proceeded to sniff and lick the crotch while jacking off. He told us how nice it tasted and smelled then added that he shot his cum all over them before putting them back. This was my plan.
The laundry was a bust so I headed to the bathroom. No luck there either she must have done all the washing before they left. I was distraught, my plan in ruins and my cock aching for attention. Then it hit me! Why didn't I think of this earlier. I ran into the master bedroom and straight over to their chest of draws. I opened the top draw and bingo, lingerie.
I began looking through the drawer, play with the bras and knickers as I slowly pulled my pants and jocks down. Hiding in the back of the drawer I found some red and black open crotch knickers and a matching bra. I grabbed out the knickers, wrapped them around my cock and began to slowly masturbate with them. I was so busy jerking myself off thinking of my hot neighbour wearing these that I didn't even hear the front door open.
“What the fuck are you doing!” My neighbour was standing behind me and she looked mad. What could I say there I was with my pants around my ankles with her knickers wrapped around my cock. I was frozen in fear, to scared to move an inch.
“Please don't tell my parents!” I was finally able to speak and all I could think about was how ashamed my parents would be. Alright I was also scared shitless that my dad would kick the shit out of me! My neighbour did not speak, she was just standing there glaring at me, her arms folded under her ample breasts lifting them. It was then that I realized I was still feverishly stroking my cock. I quickly stopped think it would be a very smart move.
“What do you think your doing?” My neighbour asked as I let go of my cock. I thought for a moment on how I could answer this question.
“I said what do you think your doing?” Her voice boomed and fear truly gripped me.
“Start playing with your cock again right now! Unless you want me to tell your parents?”
“What?” I asking thinking there was no way in hell that she had just told me to start masturbating again.
“I said start jerking off again right now! If you make yourself cum I might be inclined to not tell your parents about this. Now do it, use my knickers to make yourself cum!”
I began to slowly rub her knickers up and down my cock, somewhat scared even though I was extremely aroused. Looking at her with her arms folded under her breasts I could not help but stare at her tights as I slowly jerked myself off.
“Well come on then!” she spoke to me now rather then yelling. I was mesmerized, I was jerking myself off in front of this beautiful woman and all I could think about where her large breasts.
“Staring at my tits are you?” She asked me looking me dead in the eyes.
“How about I give you some more motivation then!” With that she reached down and grabbed the bottom of her top with both hands and in one fluent motion pulled it up over her head. The sight of her ample bust clad in a sexy white lace bra instantly had me on the verge of cumming.
I began to stroke myself faster then watching as she rubbed her hands over her boobs driving me wild. I knew I was going to cum soon and tried my best to hold off as long as humanly possible. My breathing became heavy and laboured as I felt the sweat forming on my brow. I began to moan then as I felt my orgasm shooting up from my balls. I began to cum then, shooting so hard that I actually got my neighbour although she was standing a few feet away from me. Again and again I exploded, this time catching it all in her knickers which I still had firmly wrapped around my cock. After two my blasts I was spent and found myself standing there in shock at what had just transpired. I watched as my neighbour scooped the cum off her jeans leg and licked it greedily off her fingers causing me to become instantly hard again.
“I think it is about time you go home now” she said before adding “ Just leave my knickers on the drawers” I put down the cum soaked knickers and hurriedly pulled my pants up and made a bee line for the door. I turned around quickly to ask if she was going to tell my parents then thought better of it and just ran.
I spent the next few week in two minds. On the one hand I was waiting for my parents to confront my about what ha happened, on the other I was left so aroused I kept jerking off over the memory. My neighbour never did tell my parents and for the next six months, before they moved never looked me in the eyes or spoke to me again

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