Best Night of My Life -- Part 4

This story features the return of Jake, the sexy blonde! Sara is not dead, haha, but I wanted to make a part appealing to the more fun half of my bisexuality ;). Hope you enjoy! <3

Disclaimer: if I spell stuff wrong, sorry. I usually do fine though.

When I woke up alex was still asleep with his face inches from mine. Sara was not there but I noticed a sticky note in my hair. It read "Hey sexy sorry I had to bolt out I had to go to church with my family. I'll see you guys at school! <3 Sara". Oh well. I nudged alex awake. "Hey baby , what's up this morning?" he said in a flirty voice. God I love it when he does that. "Not much Sara had to go to church so her parents picked her up. When do yours get back?" "Next week, they got held up. Enough talk babe." With that we started kissing. And we didn't just kiss like usual this time it felt extra passionate! I started kissing him down to his trail and soon started blowing him. "My my aren't we eager for me early this morning!" I broke the blow to say "I love you. I want you forever." "Same John. You opened my eyes to how hot having a boyfriend is." I got up and gave him a hug and started tearing up a bit. "What's wrong!?" he asked. " I think I love you more then I love her. I.." "It's ok John I feel the exact same way, but having her around makes things fun. Dont worry." he assured me. "I have a crazy idea." "Lay it on me." "Let's invite Jake over." "A four way relationship?" "No no!" I laughed telling him this. "I want him up my ass. I'm super horny." "I'll make it happen babe!" alex said. He called up Jake and had him come right over. Me and Alex played some xbox nude while we waited. His Ginger body was so sexy.
I loved him. LOVED him. Perhaps more then I LOVED Sara! Jake recalled and said he'd be an hour. I winked at Alex and said in the most flirty tone I could. "I guess just me and you for an hour. Thinking what I am?" "You know it babe. I love you so fucking much." We slowly managed our way upstairs while making out with eachother. His lips were so soft, so tender. He made me feel like no other person could. I never wanted to lose his lips from my mouth, but we had to have sex! When we got upstairs I sat on the bed and told him "I'm your sex slave. Do me as you wish." He grinned and immediately pinned me on my back and split my legs do his sides and invited his ginormous cock into me. It felt like heaven with his cock up my ass to my prostate. Bareback was the best shit EVER. I had to jack off it was so awesome! After 3 minutes he commanded me. "Babe, I demand you suck my cock so deep you almost choke on it!" I got on my knees and headup invited him to plunge down. He fucked my mouth like my ass, to the balls every time. I couldnt contain myself and jizzed in my hand. I spread it on his cock to make me even hornier. Soon I felt the spasms and tasted cum. His cum was beginning to taste delicious instead of bitter and salty. I love this man.

Soon the doorbell rang. "Hey gu-why are you guys nude?" "Oh get in here silly." I dragged him in. "What do you think about this?" me and Alex started making out like this morning. I glanced at Jake and noticed a semi. "Jake something you aren't telling us? You want to join the fun?" "are you two an item?" I nodded. I stripped him while Alex made out with him. "Silly Jake you don't need clothes here." Once he was nude me and Alex tagteam blew him. I started licking his balls and Alex sucking his dick. We changed spots a few times. "Enjoy this Jake?" "Dont stop!" Soon I felt the spasms as Jake came in my mouth. I spit half into Alex's mouth and we both swallowed. "would you like more Jake?" "Im so horny I want both of you to fuck me right now!" we led Jake upstairs.

We led Jake to Alex's bed. We wasted no time for foreplay and got right to it. Jake got on all fours and I positioned my cock into his ass. "Why doesn't this hurt you at all Jake?" "To tell the truth, I've used dildos before. I started ramming his ass while jacking him off. Jake had a 7.5 inch cock as this as Alex's. I was so jealous. I rammed to his prostate and he moaned very loud. Or atleast I think he did, his mouth was stretching with Alex's cock down his throat. After 3 minutes we swapped spots. Holy shit Jake was good at blowing too! "The hell Jake? You're a blowjob master!" I announced. "I lied..I have had anal sex beforewith Kevin." I gasped. Were we all bi? I put the thought behind me as Jake deepthroated me. He felt so fucking good. His ass was warm and fleshy like Sara's pussy and his mouth was magic. I came after another minute, and at around the same time Alex came in Jake's ass. We had officially pounded our bed friend. "Thanks guys I needed that." I gave him a thumbs up and he sat down and I began sucking his dick while Alex made out with him. His dick felt better in that it wasn't splitting my mouth new dimensions. I sucked his balls too, which was delicious! I felt the spasms and he released cum on my face. Alex licked it off. "Should we bring Kevin for a four way?" I asked. "Fuck yes!" Alex said.

Kevin went home an hour later and I asked my mom if I could stay at Alex's for the week. She said yes and next story will be about our shenanigans during the week. We will be engaging in very sexy activities, because I came up with new ideas >;).

Next Part will be a four way, taking place next week. I will do a recap of the week, but it was mostly me staying at Alex's and us fucking as usual.

I'm kinda down a path with two options. Should I eventually have Sara leave and have Alex become my only or is the bi-thing working fine? Post feedback please! Thanks everyone for enjoying my content. I write as you enjoy! ^-^

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