The Island, Chapter 26

Chapter 26

By the time we had gotten back to the beach, Janie had formulated a plan to reconnect with Jared. She agreed to take my advice and lead him on a hike, but decided to make it an overnight trip so the two of them could have some quiet time at night to talk. “Kids always open up more when they’re in bed and it’s dark out,” she told me. I had to take her word on that, although I did remember some of the best talks I had with my dad when I was young were after lights out when he would come sit on the edge of my bed. Maybe there was something to it after all. I helped her collect some food, cushions for bedrolls, food, and assorted camping supplies. By the time we were through, Jared and Madison had returned looking a little smug and happy. The girl was a little pouty when she found out her boy toy was leaving her for the rest of the day, but Jared was thrilled to be going off on an exploring trip, and he and his mom decided on tackling the south side of the big mountain, in order to see what was there.

“We can camp near the peak, if we want to,” Janie said. “There’s room on the beach by the lake for a fire and bedrolls.”

“That sounds cool,” Jared agreed. “We can go swimming in the lake.”

“Sure,” she replied. “And we can go to the hot springs, too. I’ve never been there.” She turned to me. “How are they, Dave?” she asked innocently, batting her eyelashes at me.

I know what you’re getting at, woman, I thought. She knew Alison and I had made it at those hot springs. “Very invigorating,” I answered, equally innocently, as she smiled sweetly at me.

The two eventually trooped off so as to get a couple of hours exploring in before it started to get dark. Left to my own devices, I wandered the beach, checking on the various campsites. The shelters were taking shape, most near the tree line so they could take advantage of some shade, and use trunks as supports.

I stopped by the field hockey camp, where the girls were hard at work building a sleeping platform so they would be less aggravated by bugs in the night. “Don’t you ladies have another camp in the jungle?” I should know, I thought. I’ll never forget that day.

“Yeah,” Alexis answered. “It’s our hunting camp.”

“And playing camp,” added Hannah with a significant look.

“But it doesn’t have any water there. We have to bring it ourselves from the stream,” her captain finished. “Why, do you want to come visit us again?”

“I do, but not just yet,” I told them. “I need to build up my strength for that.”

“Don’t wait too long,” Hannah said with an evil grin. “We have lots of toys and tricks to introduce you to.”

My mouth went dry and my heart speeded up slightly as I pondered the nature of those tricks.

“Give me a couple of days, girls, and I will be at your mercy.”

“We promise to be gentle,” said Samantha, running a finger along my cheek. “At least some of the time,” she amended. I gulped and wished them good evening.

Sharon, Patricia, Jill, Rodney, and Horace were sitting in the flight crew’s completed shelter. I strolled over and chatted with them a while. I figured our carpenter had given a little priority service to this group, since Patricia seemed to be his lady friend.

“How’s the still coming?” I asked.

“It’s done,” Rodney answered proudly. “We used metal tanks from the plane, and some of the hydraulic tubing from the wings was copper. We assembled it with screws and bolts where we could, and duct tape and tree resin where we needed to. I’ve got the first mash brewing now; I used a piece of bread I had saved from the galley as a starter for the yeast.”

I was impressed, and told him so.

“Don’t thank me until you taste it,” he said. “This isn’t the best material to work from. It’s going to be a bit harsh.”

“Some days a little harsh may be just the ticket,” I told him. I stood up. “I’ll see you guys tomorrow.” They said their goodbyes and went back to telling stories of unruly passengers and trips of yesteryear.

I found Joelle with Dkembe, Falani, Onyeka, Adede and the four African children. I collected a kiss from her as the ladies introduced their progeny. The kids were in constant motion, and trying to affix the unfamiliar names to the almost identical looking youngsters in my mind seemed like a lost cause to me. I’d have to work on it in the future.

“I’m learning so much about their world,” Joelle said with animation. “I hope I can go to Africa some day. It sounds magnificent.”

“I’d go with you if we ever get the chance,” I told her. “I’ve always wanted to see it.”

“Would you like to share our hearth tonight?” Dkembe asked. “I owe you a great debt for saving my life.”

“Hey, it was this lady that kept you alive,” I said, pointing to Joelle. “I didn’t do much beyond getting you to the beach.”

“She is a special one,” he agreed, while the topic of our admiration blushed. “We are making a feast for her tonight to thank her.”

“I’ll leave the guest of honor to you, then. I’m going to check on the rest of the neighbors.”

They wished me good evening, and began making a fire to cook their evening meal.

I touched base with the rest of the campsites, most of whom were now making dinner preparations. I figured with Mayor Janie out of town, I would act as Vice-Mayor and press the flesh with the constituents. It looked like the evening meal was DYI tonight, as the completion of shelters called for each group to celebrate on their own.

After making the rounds of the beach, I wound up at Girl’s Club. They were cooking something in a metal bin over the fire.

“What’s that?” I asked, as three girls latched onto my legs and another climbed on my back, all yelling “Dave!” in their high voices. Alison laughed at the younger girls’ antics, and answered, ”It’s something Anjali taught us. You shave pieces of this root into boiling water and it’s like pasta. Then she showed us how to mix herbs, goat’s milk and some bird eggs from the cliffs to make a sauce.”

I leaned over the fire, after dislodging the clinging cuties, and took a healthy sniff. “Mmmmm, that smells great!”

“Do you want to eat with us?” asked Alyssa.

Soon they were all clamoring for me to stay.

“We have lots,” said Mackenzie.

“Pleeeease!” begged Morgan.

“OK, OK!” I said, laughing. “I think I know what we can make for dessert, too.”

“What?” several of the girls said at once.

“We can roll up bananas in wet leaves and roast them in the coals after dinner.” That brought a chorus of “Oooohs” from the girls. “I just wish we had some chocolate to mix with them.”

Ashley and Lily looked at each other, then at me. “We have a few chocolate chips left,” Ashley confessed. The other girls looked shocked. Withholding chocolate is a serious crime in the female rule book, I suspected.

“We had a few left from the plane,” Lily said, a bit desperately. “We weren’t hiding them, just saving them for a special occasion.”

“Well, then let’s use them,” I said heartily, trying to defuse the situation. “This cookout will be a special one.”

The girls liked the idea, and before we ate, I dispatched Juhee and Madison to collect some leaves, and Mackenzie grabbed some bananas from the food stores by the central fire pit. The ersatz pasta was a success, and there was indeed plenty to go around. Once the fire had burned low we put the bananas in to cook. The girls chattered away happily, and I learned more than I ever thought possible about high school and middle school drama in this decade. Once the bananas were done we scooped them out carefully and passed them around on leaf platters, Hawaiian-style.

“Oh my God, this is so good!” moaned Alison, her mouth full of steaming hot chocolate chip banana dessert.

“It’s the best!” agreed Morgan. “Thank you, Dave!” She latched on to my arm tightly.

“Stay with us tonight,” begged Madison.

“Yeah, we can tell ghost stories,” Mackenzie added.

With both my ladies otherwise occupied, I had nothing better to do, so I agreed. I went to brush my teeth, and suggested the girls get ready for bed. They ran hither and yon, using the latrine area, brushing their teeth, and changing into their sleep outfits behind hanging towels they had rigged in their campsite. By the time I had finished my evening toiletries, changed into boxers and a clean T-shirt and stowed my gear, they were all back in place on their beds around the dying fire, wearing sleep shirts, pajamas and nighties. I arranged my own bedroll and collapsed onto the sand, still sore from Janie’s earlier attack on me. Morgan immediately climbed on top of me, laying her head on my shoulder.

“All right,” I said. “Who’s going first?”

“I will,” said Madison, and told a story about a gremlin who tried to destroy a plane in flight. The girls were enthralled, and I decided not to tell them this had been a Twilight Zone episode from before even I was born. Hey, a good story is eternal. Alison spun a tale of a zombie attack at a summer camp that had the girls squealing in fright at every surprise twist, and sent the twins into each other’s arms, and Mackenzie into my bedroll to grip my arm tightly. Juhee and Alyssa followed with more murderous mayhem involving camping trips and boarding schools.

When it was my turn I gave them the old chestnuts “Bloody Mary” and the one about the hook handed man and the couple making out in the car. They were suitably terrified in a happy way, and began looking around them at the looming trees, starting at each animal noise in the distance.

“What were they doing in the car?” Morgan asked innocently.

“Making out means having sex,” Lily said.

“Like making babies?” the youngster asked.

“Yeah, but there’s a lot more you can do besides making babies,” Ashley told her, with a meaningful look my way. I became uncomfortably aware that cross-legged Mackenzie was not wearing anything under her nightie, and that I was getting enticing little glimpses of panties from under several sleep shirts. My cock was stiffening involuntarily, and a cold sweat broke out on my forehead. Morgan was sitting on my hip as I lay stretched out on my side, and as my shirt was rucked up slightly, I could feel her bare pussy pressed up against me, the warmth of her skin feeling like a trail of fire where she came into contact with me. Several of the girls were grinning and nudging each other at the thought of “making out,” and I began to wonder how much they had told each other about the various encounters I had had with some of them. Trying to head off this line of discussion, I interrupted their murmurs and Morgan’s inevitable follow up question.

“So, Morgan, do you know any scary stories?”

She thought for a moment, then said, “Yeah! I have a good one I learned in Brownies.” She proceeded to tell a ridiculous tale with the catchphrase “I’ve got you where I want you, and now I’m going to eat you!” repeated throughout, which ended when the protagonist discovers the “monster” is just a guy eating boogers. After so much tension had been built by the other stories, the girls reacted with hysterical laughter, rolling around until tears were streaming from their eyes.

Morgan grinding against me, and shirts hiked up to reveal tight little buns covered in panties, was not helping my boner situation, and I had to adjust myself to keep from busting out of my shorts. Juhee barked laughter once more, and I glanced at her just in time to see her on her back, legs spread to reveal wiry black pubes peeking out from around her striped undies. I closed my eyes briefly, gritting my teeth against the sweet temptation all around me. God, it was the pool party all over again, but now there were more of them!

The laughter continued as Ashley and Lily began tickling each other. Soon it became an all-out tickle fight, and someone must have spilled the beans regarding my weakness about getting tickled, because they all descended on me in a giggling horde, poking my sides and fluttering fingers on my feet until I was incapacitated. The sweet scent of young girl filled my nostrils as they piled on top of me, and soft bodies pressed against me on all sides. A stiff little breast bud ground against my face through a thin cotton shirt, and I could feel the slightly damp gusset from someone’s panties pinning my arm to the blanket. The next thing I knew, small fingers had worked their way into the fly of my boxers and were wrapped around my rigid cock. Ashley or Madison, I bet silently to myself, groaning in sublime suffering as my unknown assailant took advantage of the melee to cop a feel.

I did my best to fight back, rubbing and squeezing the smooth flesh where I could to provoke squeals and giggles, occasionally coming in contact with a tight young breast or a moist little cunny, purely by accident, of course. I was in a frenzy of lust, and whoever was jerking me off was not helping me regain control. Gradually the chaos subsided, and we were left piled together in a heap of bodies, blankets and pillows. I was still getting an anonymous hand job from someone, and a moment later I felt another hand take mine and pull it between soft, warm thighs. Soon she had pressed my fingers to her bare pussy, and began rubbing against me sensually. I raised my head slightly to see who it was, and was thrilled to see Alyssa smiling back at me. She soon closed her eyes, opening her legs slightly to allow me unfettered access to her seeping, virginal slit. As the other girls drifted off to sleep, my existence narrowed down to the small hand wrapped around my shaft, and the sweet young cunny my own hand was caressing. She was very wet by now, and I languidly slid in and out of her warm gash with my index finger. I took a detour to the top of her cleft, stroking her little nub lightly and making her gasp quietly.

I let out my own gasp as my unknown fluffer ran a finger across my glans, picking up drops of precum that were leaking out of my throbbing tool, then circling the underside of the sensitive helmet with the wet digit. I guess I taught these girls well, I thought, as the little minx slid her palm down my meat and took my aching balls in her hand gently.

I inserted my finger deep into Alyssa’s twat, then slowly slid a second one into her narrow tunnel as well. She groaned and squirmed as I stretched those tight vaginal walls to their limit, then began thrusting in and out of her as unobtrusively as possible. I could hear her breathing heavily as she enjoyed the attention her cunny was getting, and it mirrored my own pants as my dick was stroked faster and faster. Applying my thumb to her stiff little clit, I worked Alyssa’s pussy frenetically, listening to the wet, squelching noises emanating from her crotch with increasing arousal. Soon she was writhing in climax, making faint grunting noises as she came. Her motions awoke Mackenzie, who was next to her. Misinterpreting Alyssa’s orgasm as her own doing, she sleepily scolded her.

“Stop it! Go back to your own bed if you want to rub yourself.” The drowsy girl rolled over. “Go to sleep,” she mumbled.

I was nearing my own climax, but the ruckus must have awoken Lily as well.

“Stop bumping me, Ashley!” she ordered her sister, and to my dismay the sweet sensations pampering my peter stopped abruptly, leaving me in an agony of arrested orgasm. Aw, fuck no! I silently complained. Don’t stop now! At least I knew who had been yanking my meat, not that it was much of a surprise.

I let the girls settle back down again, the soft snores now coming from Alyssa letting me know that at least one of us had gotten the day’s tensions addressed in the proper way. I, on the other hand, was all revved up with no way to fix the problem. I slowly untangled my arm from Alyssa’s legs so as not to awaken the sleeping teen, and pulled my hand to my face. I drank in the sublime scent of her virginal nectar on my fingers, then licked every drop of the salty-sweet fluid from my hand. Unfortunately, this was not helping my aching cock in the least; in fact I was even hornier than before, if that was possible. Once I was sure they were asleep again, I carefully eeled out from the pile of tender young bodies and tiptoed out of their camp. Jesus Christ, I needed to come!

I strode into the jungle, almost at a jog, and made my way to the big pool. Thinking again, I opted to climb around the waterfall to the upper pool, where the trees were thinner and the moon was shining brightly. I dropped my shorts and leaned back against a rock. I looked down to see my rigid cock straining into the night air, and took myself in hand so as to finally relieve my lustful cravings.

“Wait, Dave. I want to talk to you,” a hesitant voice broke in to my private pleasure session.

You have got to be fucking kidding me!

“Juhee, this is not a good time,” I said testily, not even bothering to cover myself.

“I know, I’m sorry,” she said contritely. “But I really need to ask you something before you do that.” She gestured at my pumping fist, which finally stopped me.

I sighed and dropped my hand. “What is it?” I said in resignation, though I was still cognizant of the fact that the girl was staring at my erection.

“Well….” She began, trailing off in embarrassment. She began again. “Did you know that today was my birthday? I’m 15.”

“Congratulations,” I said wearily. I just wanted to get this conversation over with so I could jerk off in peace and go to sleep.

“I didn’t tell anybody, because I didn’t want them to make a fuss.”

“You’re entitled to a fuss, girl. It’s your birthday.”

“I know, but I really didn’t want to think too much about it. I was missing my family. I was supposed to go to Medieval Times with my friends, and we were going to see the Hunger Games movie. I know it’s sort of corny, but I love horses, and the knights look so cool when they do the jousting.”

I looked at her as she talked, her pleasant light brown face split in a big grin and exposing her braces. The moonlight gleamed on her teeth and in her eyes, and I was not surprised to see tears glistening in them as she thought of her family and friends back home.

Her thick, black hair was done up in her customary braid, which trailed down her back. She was dressed in a My Little Pony sleep shirt that hung down to her thighs. Her muscular legs protruded from under the hem, and I followed them with interest down to her bare feet. She really is a lovely young woman, I thought. I was very aware that I was half naked in front of her, my dick jutting out insolently for her young eyes to see in all its throbbing glory. I admired her full breasts as they strained at the thin cotton, the nipples erect in the cool night air. Stop it! I castigated myself. The poor girl is in pain and you’re checking her out.

“I’m sorry you’re not with your family, honey,” I said gently, my dick starting to droop in shame. “I wish I’d known it was your birthday. I would have arranged something to make it special for you.”

“That’s just it,” she said quietly. “I only had two things on my wish list for when I turned 15. One was to go out with my friends like I told you.” She stopped, biting her lip in consternation.

“And the other one?” I prodded.

“I wanted to become a woman,” she whispered, looking down at her feet, suddenly shy.
Don’t do it! My good angel screamed from my shoulder. Fuck you! my bad angel said nastily, spearing the halo-wearing wuss with its pitchfork.

“Do you mean you wanted to have sex?” I asked in a trembling voice, my dick back at full attention now.

“Yes,” she said, finally looking at me again. Her eyes cut to my cock, then quickly back to my face. If we had been in daylight, I suspected her cheeks would have been flushed. “Most of my friends have already done it, except for the younger ones. But I’m one of the youngest girls in my grade, so I’m always behind the others.”

“Your body is definitely ahead of the curve,” I said sincerely, the words tumbling out before I could stop them.

She looked down at herself, suddenly aware that her taut nipples were plainly visible through her thin shirt. She started to cross her arms over her chest reflexively, but steeled herself and held them at her sides.

She gulped and continued. “I got my period when I was 10, and I started touching my coochie when I was 11.” Her coochie! I thought. How cute. “I have a candle I took from the kitchen that I use. It makes me feel good. And I’ve watched stuff on the internet.” She was babbling now.
“But I want to have real sex, and I want it to be with you.”

“Are you sure?” I said, not wanting to take what wasn’t freely offered. My dick was certainly sure, and was nodding yes in time with my racing heart.

“I’m sure,” she insisted, finally meeting my eyes. “I’ve only talked about this with Alison. She said you were her first and that you were very gentle with her. That’s what I want for my birthday present.”

This was too much. I began to wonder if I hadn’t really sustained a fatal head injury in the plane crash, and this was all a dying hallucination, like that story we all read in American Lit class. Who cares? my mind screamed. Give the girl what she wants! If I were dying, at least I would go in ecstasy, not agony. I reached for her.

I placed my hands on her waist, feeling the swell of her full hips under the shirt. I leaned in and kissed her softly, tasting bubble gum toothpaste. She wrapped her arms around me and returned the kiss hungrily, her tongue thrusting into my mouth. Obviously she had been kissed before. My cock was trapped between us, its firm length sandwiched between my belly and hers, pressing into her soft body insistently. I felt the scratching of fabric on the sensitive head, and realized both of us were still half dressed. I stepped back and pulled my shirt over my head, and her eyes went to my hairy chest. She placed one small hand on my breast, and ran her fingers across my pec, then over my firm nipple. She grinned and looked me in the eye again, then reached down and pulled her own shirt over her head.

Her full breasts, C-cups at least, bounced out from under the fabric as it came off, and I watched, engrossed in the spectacle, as they swayed back and forth, the big brown nipples proudly erect in their centers.

“You have such a beautiful body!” I marveled in a hoarse whisper. She stood before me shyly, in just her striped bikini briefs. As before, I could see coarse hairs erupting around the overstuffed scrap of fabric. I embraced her again, my woody now sliding across the smooth skin of her belly as I kissed her. Her nipples tickled my chest, pressed against me by her firm tits. I ran my tongue along her teeth, feeling the bumps of her braces. I remembered the last time I had kissed a girl with braces; it must have been in middle school. Back then they had been all metal and sometimes fairly sharp. Juhee’s, in contrast, were smooth plastic, and did nothing more than add a little texture to the kiss, making it more interesting. My hands slid down her back, cupping the firm mounds of her ass cheeks through the silky triangle of her undies. An involuntary “Mmmmm” buzzed through her mouth into mine as she relaxed against me, enjoying the intimate contact.

I felt her hand work its way between us and grasp the tip of my penis lightly. The way her fingers explored my length, I wondered if she had ever touched a male member before. I broke off the kiss, taking a half step back so I could see her hand on me. She looked down at her new toy, fondling it more aggressively as she became more and more aroused.

“Is it OK if I touch it?” she asked, a little too late.

“I love having you touch it,” I answered with a smile. I drew my breath in quickly as her other hand reached up to cup my balls, the smooth orbs settling into her warm palm like they were made for it. She began stroking the shaft now, instinctively knowing what to do with a hard cock. I was so horny after the tickle fight and its aftermath, I knew I wouldn’t last very long, so reluctantly stopped her by taking her hand in mine and kissing it. I kissed her neck, working my way down to her chest, and finally held those twin globes in my hands, sucking the nipples lustily.

“Oooooh!” she groaned. “I’ve never had anyone touch me there before! It feels so good.” It felt pretty good to me, too, and I applied more suction to her virgin boobs, switching back and forth from one to the other, savoring the rough texture of the puckered skin, and the salty, musky taste of her teenaged tit-flesh.

After I had had my fill of her jiggling jugs, I knelt in front of her, my hands again on her ass. I kissed her belly, then ran the tip of my tongue down the faint trail of dark hairs leading from her navel to the waistband of her panties. She was breathing in gasps now, the new sensations piling up in her mind to fast to process.

I pressed my nose to her silk-covered mound, inhaling her heavenly perfume. My hot breath flowed through the fabric as I exhaled, heating her mons up even more and accentuating the aroma. At last I grasped the elastic at the top of her underwear and pulled it down slowly, revealing bit by bit her furry bush to the pale moonlight. Her lips were plump and rounded, covered by a coarse thicket of black pubes. In the dim light, the cleft between them was a mysterious crack, dark and unknown. I needed to explore it.

I pulled her down to the ground next to me, and laid her down on the cool rock slab. Her legs parted without hesitation, and I spied the moist folds of her inner labia glistening wetly in the center of her sweet cunny. I kissed my way up her thighs, giving little love bites to the tender flesh as I made my way to my divine destination. Once there, I didn’t delay; I plunged my tongue into her damp crack abruptly, tasting her honey for the first time.

“Oh God!” she yelped, loud enough that I was glad we were so far from the beach. “Oh! I feel Uuuuuh!” Words failed her as I dragged my tongue up her full lips and slurped her innocent clitoris into my mouth. I sucked it like a miniature teat, its taste different but no less wonderful than that of her nipples. She was shaking now, gasping and bucking as I plundered her ready treasure box with my mouth.

“Put it in me!” I heard her beg over the buzzing in my brain. “I want my present now!” I could have happily eaten her cunt for another hour, by my cock had other ideas, and her request was clear: she wanted a good fucking for her birthday.

I climbed on top of her, and she grabbed onto my head like she was drowning and kissed me hungrily, tasting her own pussy juice on my lips. I lined up my straining meat with her quivering cunt, and felt her wet lips kiss me both above and below. I held the pose for a moment, not wanting to hurt her, but she broke the kiss and cried out, “Make me a woman, Dave!”

I thrust into her in one heave, my rigid prick making short work of her hymen and causing her to screech in pain. I held her, comforting her as best I could, hating that sex had to come at such a price for her. Her discomfort didn’t seem to last for long, and soon her sniffles died down and she looked up at me, tears on her cheeks.

“Now I’m finally a real woman!” She practically glowed with pride, and I smiled with her.

“You were a real woman before; a beautiful one. Now you’re simply not a virgin any more.”

She wrapped her arms around me gleefully and I began thrusting into her. I slowly built up a rhythm, my cock sliding easier and easier through her slick but insanely tight tunnel as she lubricated. Soon my balls were slapping her in the perineum as I pounded into her at full speed. I bent my neck to reach her tits again, sucking them tenderly as I invaded her pussy with my prick. Her breathing was now a continuous series of gasps, her head thrown back and her eyes closed tightly. I popped my lips off her nipple and reached a hand down to her furry mound, my other arm carrying my weight so as not to crush her. I lightly began flicking her clit, making the fat little bean dance with my fingers as I plowed her virgin furrow faster and faster. I wanted to bring her off and make her birthday gift special, but I couldn’t hold my own release for much longer. My hips were a blur as I pistoned into her like a machine, and sucking her nips one more time I finally brought her to the edge.

“Aaaaaaah!” she shrieked, silencing the insect noises and tree frogs around us with the force of her cry. A warm wetness surrounded my rod, and I felt her cunt twitching around me as she climaxed. Her arm wrapped around my back, and she pulled herself off the ground, pressing her face into my chest as she rode out her orgasm with a series of grunts. I couldn’t stand it any more and felt the semen rising in the root of my penis like an unstoppable geyser. I pulled out of her cunny and laid my twitching prick on her mons, streams of jizz fountaining out onto her belly. I would have liked to have filled her cunt with my seed, but I didn’t want to give her another gift 9 months later, and I didn’t know whether the timing was right or not. I finished myself off with my hand, squeezing out the last drops of cum onto her stomach, then rolled off her to lay panting beside her.

“Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you…” I sang softly. She started laughing, and grabbed my arm tightly, rolling into me and pressing her body to me.

“Thank you so much!” she enthused. “Alison was right. That was fantastic!”

“I’m glad you enjoyed it,” I told her, caressing her cheek. “I think you giving me your virginity was just as much a gift for me. That was wonderful.” I kissed her again, resting my forehead against hers while we both caught our breath. “I hope that didn’t hurt too much.”

“It did for a little bit, but I knew it was coming and I was ready for it.” She giggled prettily. “I was sooo ready for it! I don’t think I’ve ever been that wet before.”

“Well, now you’re wet all over,” I said, gesturing to the gooey mess I had left on her belly. I pulled her to her feet and walked her into the shallow water. “Let me clean you off.”
We squatted down, and I splashed water on her, the girl gasping as the cold water rinsed the congealing semen off of her brown skin. I dangled my softening prick into the water, scrubbing her sweet nectar off its length, while she sluiced off her dripping lips, trading her own liquid for the cool water of the stream. I groaned as we rose to our feet, the day having taken a toll on my muscles. A good workout will do that to you, I thought. And you’ve had more than one today.

We brushed the water off our bodies and dressed. I took my new lover by the hand and walked her home, making her laugh once more when I hummed “Happy Birthday” under my breath as we strolled through the jungle.

To be continued.

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