Sex in collage

I walked down the street, my heels clicking on the pavement as I head toward the collage. I knew people were looking at me, they always did. I was different, but I liked it that way. My hair midnight black with blood red streaks, my olive green eyes bright outlined by thick black eyeliner flicked up at the corners. I was a tall girl with an hour glass body and a heart shaped arse. I knew I was sexy, my bad girl Goth/emo look made it all the better. I was show stopping. People stopped to look at me wherever I when, girlfriends pulling their man closer as I pass.
Today I wore a black corset with a short sleeve black top underneath that had slits over the cleavage. Paired with tight criminal damage short shorts with hand prints on the arse and fishnets, my black high heeled boots had red souls came up to my thighs. It was understandable why I was being looked up and down by every guy, hey what could I say I was an attention seeker.
I reached the entrance to the collage and stepped throw the automatic doors, smiling at a bunch of girls giving me dirty looks. I took the stairs to the second floor and when over to the sofas on the mez, where my friends where already gathered.
“Kitty” said my best friend Lauran embarrassing me in a hug.
She too was also into the whole Goth/emo scene however didn’t take it to the extreme that I normally did. She has short black hair and brown chestnut eyes, she was a lesbian while I was bisexual myself and on many drunken occasions we had come close to expressing our sexual attraction toward each other. However today wasn’t one of those days.
I looked over to the others who I considered my friends there was; Bo, Ben, Jordan (my ex that was still completely in love with me), Lexi and… Carl. Carl was Jordan’s friend the same age as us but was doing the level below us, which meant he was doing kitchen/front of house, while the rest of us had specialized in one or the other. It had been a long time since I had seen Carl although we had been texting a lot recently, it had been even longer however since I had seen him out of uniform.
I looked over his body admiringly, even though he felt younger than me, I knew he was a couple mouths older and his body defiantly looked that of a man. He wore a checkered shirt that was black, red and white along with skinny jeans. I couldn’t help lingering on his clearly buff body and strong arms. He had brown slightly flicky hair and a little stubble, his eyes so innocent I just wasn’t to corrupt him.
While I had been taking in Carl and wondering why I hadn’t noticed how hot he was before the overs had engaged in conversation between themselves but Carl was looking at me.
“hey” he said not breaking our eye contact.
“hey” I answered, taking a seat diagonal to him.
“I’ve seen you round a bit but haven’t talk to you in ages” he said leaning forward so he could be heard over the laughter of Lexi and Lauren.
“should of came over and said hi” I said looking at him from the tops of my eyelashes.
“yeah, I should have. You look beautiful today by the way” he said licking his bottom lip. I wonder what he tastes like I thought to myself.
“you think?” I ask leaning folward so he got a better view of my bust.
“you always are” he informs me.
“feel like I should have been told” I joke. He smiles, a smile that would melt a girls heart.
“I think you already know” he said moving his leg ageist mine.
“a girl can very get sick of hearing it though” I told him, letting my leg curl around his.
“Carl” Jordan says clearly noticing our flirting.
“yes” he says not taking his eyes off of me.
“lets head to restaurant” he commands more then asks.
“yeah I’ll be there in a sec, I just want to catch up with kitty” he said, looking over his shoulder at Jordan who sat next to him.
“bro lets go now, kitty’s got to get changed for kitchen anyways” he said trying to play it cool but clearly despite.
“sure” carl caves. I couldn’t help feeling a little disappointed. He waited a few moments before getting up and then bends down to give me a hug that he lingers for a little too long. “text me” he whispers. Before following Jordan toward the catering department. I sigh, then grab my things before heading toward the catering department as well. I walk down the corridor and down the stairs toward the other half of the level three lockers, my friends all had stuff in the other lockers and there was nobody else down in the basement as we called it. We did have changing rooms but I could never be bothered to go up there, instead I took off my shoes and opened up my locker dumping my coat and shoes inside. I heard footsteps behind me but didn’t bother to turn around and look.
The smell hit me first the familiar smell of his aftershave that I had only smelt moments ago, he stood close to me his warm hands brushed the hair from my shoulder and his lips came down on my neck. I close my eyes allowing him to put his arms around my hips. He turned me round and I looked up to carl smiling down at me. we didn’t say a word, we didn’t need to. the sexual tension between us was clear. I moved closer to him pushing my boobs ageist his chest. Biting my lip. He lowered his face toward mine before pushing his lips to mine. It was gentle at first, I could tell he was a little unsure and shy toward me. I put my arms round his neck deepening the kiss. I allowed myself to be pushed up ageist the wall and his kiss became more confident and sexual. our breathing coming faster. I slid my hands down his chest, feeling his abs beneath his shirt, I then let them slide to his hips, my fingers going under his top stroking his hips.
We heard voices from the top of the stairs and he slid away from me, I grabbed his hand pulling him throw a door at the end I knew led to a dark unused small corridor that connected to the mechanics corridor. This time it was my turn to push him up ageist the wall, I let my lips find his and kissed him harder. My hand grabbing his crouch where I could feel his hard package trying to get out of his jeans.
“someone’s excited” I whispered, ageist his lips. I undid his belt and unbuttoned his jeans, then when up and unbuttoned his shirt.
“kitty your so bad” he said before biting into my neck. I couldn’t help a moan leaving my lips at the unexpected bite. my nails digging into his sides. He kissed down to my boobs and then undid my corset and ripped off my top. Letting my boobs free, his hands gently messaging them.
“I want you” I told him. He smiled which was hard to let from the lack of light.
“not yet” he whispered. Which only made me want him more. His hand moved under my arse and he picked me up like a weighed nothing, he slid down onto the floor with me sitting onto of him. I kissed him, rocking myself ageist him so my shorts were rubbing ageist his jeans. His hand held me by my legs pulling me to him and away as I rocked myself. It felt amazing rubbing agiest his hard cock either though there was fabric between us. I stopped rocking and slid myself back a little. So I could unzip his jeans, my hands felt his cock though his boxers. It felt so big and ready. I slid his cock out and felt it in my hands, amazed by how thick and long it really was. Who knew he hid such a monster from me. I let my hands run up and down it feeling it from top to bottom. It felt good.
“you like?” he asked me.
“I more then like” I reply.
“I’ve wanted to share him with you, since we met” he said with a naughty smile.
“have you wanked over me?” I asked feeling in control of him.
“many many times” he confessed.
“mmm that’s so hot” I said feeling my pussy tighten imagining him wanking over me.
I let my hand pump up and down faster feeling him inhale deeply. “you’re so hot” I say looking down at him in the dim light.
“says you” he says pushing me to my feet “take off your shorts for me” he tells me. I do as he says slowly undoing the button then unzipping it, turning away from him as I let them drop to the floor. Letting him see my thong though my fishnets.
“dam you have an amazing arse” he says pulling me back down on top of him, kissing me gently. He pull my thong to the side letting his fingers stroke my clit. I moan kissing him deeper, my hands on his shoulders digging into his skin. “you have been a bad girl” he tells me. letting one finger slip inside my pussy. I gasp. “say it” he commands me.
“I’m a baaa-d girl” I say gasping as he pushes another finger inside of me half way throw me speaking.
“yes you are” he says letting his fingers slide in and out of me slowly, “you know what I do with girls like you?” he asks not expecting an answer “I make you despite, make you beg me to let you have my cock, make me desperate to cum but only when I’m completely satisfied with you. Will I let you cum” he says slowly in a deep whisper. His words like electric ageist my skin. I felt close. “uh hu uh” he said taking his fingers out my pussy and licking them clean. “mmm sweet pussy kitty” he says lifting me up again and pushing me down on the cold floor, he slides between my legs his mouth beginning to lick my clit. I moan loudly. Knowing that someone could easy hear us only made it feel more naughty. He slid his tongue inside my pussy licking my g spot. “awh” I moan again. But just before I can cum he pulls away. Climbing on top of me.
“no, no, no kitty. I cant let you have all the fun now can I?” he kisses my neck. I let my hands go under his shirt and around his back feeling his smooth hot skin. Without warning I feel his cock thrust deep inside of me fast. I half gasp half moan with pleasure. He felt so big almost painful. I let my nails dig into his back. “you could have warned me” I said letting my eyes roll back.
“but what would be the fun in that” he smiled “I much prefer seeing your face, so so dam sexy”
“your so fucking big” I said. He laughed slowly sliding all the way out of me. then fast all the way back in. and slowly out again. Repeating. Making me close to squealing every time. he moved my legs up onto his shoulders letting him slide in somehow even deeper then before. I bared my face in his neck to stop myself from screaming with pleasure. I couldn’t believe how good he felt inside of me. he kissed my cheek “am I hurting you?” he asked slowing down.
“no” I said “I’ve just never felt so much pleasure”
“and I’ve not even reached full power yet” he teased. Setting that as que to speed up, his cock deeper and harder pushing into me. I felt close. So very very close. His body was so perfectly matched for my own that it felt too easy too good. I wrapped my hands round his arms that where tensed making me feel even more attracted to him. I needed to cum. “Carl!” I shouted not caring who heard.
“kitty” he whispered in my ear his voice husky.
That was when I noticed someone standing by the door we had come though. I looked over and saw Jordan. He stood still with shock. Carl noticed my attention elsewhere and looked over too. What surprised me the most was that Carl didn’t slow down, instead impossibly so. He sped up. I couldn’t help the moans that left my mouth, I moved my attention back to Carl to focused on getting my fix. Knowing Jordan was watching made me feel even naughtier. I couldn’t help my body from squirming as I began to cum hard. Carl swore feeling my pussy tighten around him as my cum shot around him. He took couldn’t hold it in anymore. He shot his hot cum into my pussy. He lay his head down on my boobs. Looking up at me as I looked down at him. Both of us sharing the same mental and physical feeling that this was by far the most amazing organism we had ever had.

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