Just As He Is - Part 8

AUTHOR'S UPDATE: The next chapter will be the epilogue of this series. Will Julie find a new boyfriend? How did the brother's new fiancee lose her cherry? What does the fiancee have in common with Julie?

In the segment below on the "little talk", reference is made to the prospect of peepholes for viewing into revealing quarters. With characters from this series, look for my upcoming story on girls who drill peepholes into the boys showers.

For all the sultry humidity, at least there was a good stiff breeze outside. But the older brother despaired that none of it seemed to ventilate into the migrant shelters despite having raised all the windows in good working order. He was inspecting another window that showed some rot at the frame. "Why couldn't they have constructed these places with steel frame windows?", Stuie thought. It was all so overwhelming. He was cataloging all the repairs a work crew would have to make starting the following Saturday morning. He hated this feature of the business because it instructed how much misfortune could undermine potential profits.

He heard some rustling at the doorway. "Julie, I am back here."

He was astonished to see his sister saunter into the small room clad only in flip-flops, an odd item of jewelry including her sexiest ankle bracelet, and nothing else. She walked right up to her brother and looked him straight in the eye. "I have an idea."


The young teen was washing windows in what she hoped was the last cabin. She was intent on finishing her work because the next task of wiping down all the kitchenette counters would probably progress with much greater ease. In the front living center, she heard a stomping noise close to the open doorway into the shelter. She was startled when a shirtless man suddenly blocked the doorway. He was sweating moderately but breathing heavily. He was wearing baggy but well worn pale jeans with a key chain with an odd assortment of small tools and knives hanging off. He was barefoot. Otherwise he had a folded bandana tied around his head near his scalp and what looked like other bandanas or handkerchiefs possibly only tucked part way into the back pockets at his ass.

"You have come too early. None of the peaches are ready yet. The pickings won't start for at least another week and anyway we are not ready yet to take any migrants into the shelters."

The man at the doorway did not set a posture of respectful courtesy. With his left arm stretched up, he was leaning against the portico, a mature patch of long dark whispy pit hair made all the more visible for being frizzed by the day's humidity. Boldly, he ogled the young woman with unconcealed desire and inappropriate assumptions as to her availability for his carnal gratifications evident to the young teen. "No peaches you say. How do you know? Maybe it is your own peaches I have come to pick." He did not speak with a Latino accent.

The young teen tried to summon her sternest demeanor. "Go away. There are other people here. Being here now you are tresspassing and could get in a lot of trouble." She knew there was impending danger here and her nerves started to unravel. She started to shake inside. But there were other feelings. She could not help herself but be attracted to the looks of galling curiosity he cast her way. He exuded a look of dark foreboding but coupled with a magnetic sensuality of mystery. It was the first time in her young years that a man so boldly stripped her naked with his eyes. She liked it. There was not much to strip away. Her tanned legs were almost completely bare, set off alluringly with cutoff denims and ankle bracelet over her left foot. She wore a slightly tattered India cotton blouse with a visible stain where she tied it to reveal her midriff, comfortable for housework. Her pulse quickened with the mix of emotions ever so slightly and her respiration hastened. Thank god the man could not see her nipples stiffening, concealed by the sports bra she was wearing, or maybe she would have liked him to see that. And yes, that tingle that centered deep in her sex between her legs started to ignite with little sparks at first.

"No need to be so unfriendly pretty little lady. Let 's just say I have come for a little visit. When I leave, we can all agree we had a wonderful time." He was shifting his hips from side-to-side and fumbling with the folded knives off the key chain in menacing gestures.

"If you hurt me, you will go to jail."

He raised his other hand revealing a powerful palm in a false gesture of peace. "Where do you get this idea I want to hurt you. From what I see, a girl like you should have a man like me come to love you."

The teen felt her pulse quicken just a little more. She knew this ogre was not going to be dissuaded. The worst thing she could do would be to panic. A clear head was her best friend. If there was some way she could just talk him away from the entrance, she had a chance of outrunning him back to the house and the telephone. "Well if you just step away from the door and then follow me, there is some place I could lead you to where it would be so much more comfortable for us to have a little party."

The man at the doorway gestured a 'come hither' with his fingers. "Come to me and I will show you how we can start a luv-in right here." He pursed his lips and then wagged his tongue tip at the teen in a very lewd and lascivious gesture.

"Well then in that case, come inside. If you stay out there much longer, someone could come along and see us."

"Let me worry about anyone else. I am tired of arguing with you. Now come here. There is no reason that a pretty lady like you should not want to enjoy a good time with a man like me. I can tell by looking at you that you think I am the type of man who is fun." The teen could not help notice that the man was running his large fingers against the lengthened bulge in his jeans despite the bagginess. The tingling between her legs sparkled with electric heat. "We need to know each other better. I am from all the hot-blooded races that come to pick your fruit. I am part Mexican, central American, Italian, southern French, Polish, and Greek. We also like to pick the sweet fruit that is young girls like you." He smiled at her his wicked smile for the first time.

The teen's heart was pounding. The odds of escape seemed to be diminishing every second. Her best hope was to switch back to talking him out of it. "You don't seem to understand. I am a virgin because I am too young and can't have fun that way, yet."

"You look old enough to me." The man's voice was as filled with gravel as his day old beard looked. He seemed to be slipping one of his folded knives off his key chain. He winced an evil leer at her. "You are a virgin, huh? This is my lucky day. After we have our fun time, you will become what Mexicans call a 'puta'. Do you know that word? Everyday, you will crave what hot-blooded men like me have to give, no matter how generous they are and how much they give it to you. You will be transformed from a very pretty lady who thinks herself still a little girl to a grown woman who knows a good time and is always looking for more. Life will be so much more fun for you." He started to step into the house. He had his eyes trained very carefully on her. He knew she would use any opportunity to slip past him and run to evade him completely.

"Now my little friend, if you relax and cooperate, you will have no need to concern yourself with the blade I am bringing out here."

The teen broke out in little pleading squeals. "Ooooooooh nnnoooooo! Please don't hurt me."

"My lovely little signorita! There is no need for me to hurt anyone." She started to run around and past him, but he lunged for her and managed to grab her by the wrist. He had slipped the knife back in his pocket and quickly used the same powerful hand to grab her throat and neck after he had yanked her toward him. He used his strength to brutally direct the teen to the front and out just in front of the shelter. "Now listen carefully. I am a man, a strong man. I am a man who never likes to hurt no one. But if you resist me, I can crush your throat very slowly or kill you in another way that would be just as awful. Now the best you can do for yourself is to cooperate with me. Do you understand?" He loosened his tight hold on her throat just enough for her to be able to nod her head in agreement with ease. His hand on her neck and other on her wrist started to pull her down to the ground. "Now lie on the ground facing down."

She did so with no resistance. As he had her pinned on the ground, her left arm raised up by his strong grip on her wrist and his other other hand on the back of the neck. He smiled his obnoxious leer again. "Oh yes, my pretty one. That is so much nicer. I will manhandle you. But it will be so much nicer for both of us if I don't have to. Please relax. One day you will look back on this time and think it was a wonderful moment in your life, no?"

The young teen on the ground who had been grunting in some pain now started to quietly sob. She looked up, her face all cast in a frown with some tears in her eyes. "What are you going to do to me?"

For the first time, the expession on the menacing abductor actually softened some and he sat on the ground next to her. "Oh my little pretty one, do not be like that. I am going to make a woman of you. Lucky for you, it is going to be a big strong man like me who will do that to you." He had taken one of the bandanas from his back pockets and was tieing her wrists together very firmly. "I just need to take some simple precautions that neither of us will get hurt when this beautiful thing happens."

The frown was still on the teen's face as she looked up. "I am so scared."

The abductor gave the teen the first of many brisk but small slaps against one of her cheeks - just enough to stun the girl. "GOOD! A little fear is a good thing. It will make what is about to happen be more exciting for both of us." He took another bandana and wrapped it around itself so that one end was its full length from the other. He took one end of the wrapped bandana and tied it firmly to one of the loose ends of the bandana tied around the teen's wrists. He repeated this twice with other available bandanas, only this time he would tie one end of the bandana to the untied end of another that was formng a chain of cloth from the bound teen. As he was finishing tieing the knot between the last 2 bandanas, the teen suddenly shuffled to raise herself.

The whole sequence of fabric was about to elude him. But he grabbed its end and jerked it to force her back to the ground. He slid his face inches to hers and grabbed her throat again. With his other hand, he raised his forefinger so she could see it as a gesture of menacing warning. "Now my little friend, you would not want to injure yourself so grievously. You should prepare yourself for the inevitable. When we are done with this, I will know you in all the most important and special ways a man can know a woman. You will love the way a man explores you this way."

With the tugs of the leash, he signaled he wanted her to stand. Her wrists bound, he helped her up. With the colorful leash he led her to the open door again and carefully tied the end of the makeshift chain of fabric around the door knob tight enough so that it was secured with several knots. He calmly stepped behind her. He gently but firmly shifted his large hand about the teen's warm bare midriff from back to front and with his second finger explored the indentation of her navel. The teen let out a sigh. "Oh you are very soft, little friend. That will make things very nice." He had taken the knife from his pocket and cut the back of her blouse from bottom to top and then at the top to both openings to her arms for it to fall away, so that now all she wore on top was her sports bra.

"Oh please don't do this. I can make it worth your while. You can live at the shelters before the picking starts and I will make sure you have plenty to eat. When the other migrants arrive, I will see to it that all the prettiest girls and women are yours to enjoy whenever you want. If the families will not agree, they will have to leave unpaid."

"That is very generous pretty one. But why can't we do both? After we are finished here today, you may want to do many nice things for me." He was cutting the back of her sports bra but stopped to cut her straps. He just cut the clasp for the feminine support to fall away too and now she was naked above the waist. He rubbed his large hands on her back and then slowly around to feel her budding tits. With forefinger and thumb of one hand he was rolling one hard nipple, triggering it to stand out even harder. He quickly jumped in front of her to smile and whisper loudly in her ear. "How exciting, pretty one, you are blooming." She thrilled to the hot breath that liberally blew into her ear and stretched out little neck. He hungrily tossed his open mouth to her chest and fervently sucked and nibbled at the hard pointed nipples of the teen, smooching and smacking his lips. She cooed little sighs of pleasure from her titties being lusted so. The instant gooseflesh mixed with trembling fear in her weakening knees awakened for her an excitement of adventure she had never considered before.

The abductor moved his hands down her front until his fingers were tugging at the band of her little shorts. Some fingers massaged the warmth building up under the zipper and fabric there. He knelt and unzipped her to stick his fingers into the opening and roll them about all the warm wetness. He drew them back and smiled as he sniffed them. He looked up at the teen and let loose a knowing slurred impudent little laugh. "Oh pretty one. You are already a little puta."

"You still have a chance to stop this and enjoy much better things in the next days and weeks." She had stopped trying to fight back tears.

"Stop it? We are just beginning to have so much fun." He pulled her back by the hips, guiding her to be fully stretched by the makeshift leash, even so that her arms would have to be outstretched and she would be leaning over some. From the back, the sexual predator pulled and yanked the denim shorts and then also tugging at her thong panties down so they were all at her ankles.

His large hands and fingers briskly but smoothly and warmly swept all over her soft skin including her pink ass cheeks, occasionally tickling at her exposed sex from behind. He whistled constantly in admiration. The teen surprised herself that she did not feel any sense of resentful embarrassment as she had expected. There was no sense of indignity for intense personal violations. She enjoyed being undressed this way. The gooseflesh intensified for his obvious approving enthusiasm and the way he caressed her. She surmised in her bound defenseless nudity that she was truly vulnerable and completely available to a sexual predator who was aroused beyond reason to her palpable charms. He had spoken of 'inevitability' and she thought it could be pointless to experience terror and trauma for it. Perhaps it would be best to frame an emotional surrender to things that must be. He had spoken of things like transformation to a 'woman' and 'beautiful'. Maybe he really fashioned himself a model lover even to strange young girls. If she truly surrendered herself to him, perhaps his afflictions to her person would not be like violent assaults, if not entirely gentle. She tried to think things she could say to plead with him to be not brutal, but even sensual. But she feared her appeals might have the opposite effect and she could not think of the right words. She wanted to overcome her fears. There was no denying to herself that she was deeply aroused and she wanted to surrender herself to him. If he was not too physically disrespectful, she wanted to be his captive whore.

Her denim shorts and thong now off and kicked away, he gestured with his large hands pressing on her inner thighs to step to open her legs some. She let out a gasp as he gingerly explored her sopping wet vulva and all its swelling parts for his unobstructed digital exploration. Occasionally he would pull fingers back to wipe the wetness about the rim of her sweet little pucker and feel how it would swirl about, obviously the consequence of her flexing her bowels so that all the nerve endings thereabouts could benefit from the fingering applications. However reflexive, he intuited the need for her to be breeched back there and he did just that on occasion. He lowered his hand so that attentions were less tactile against her. She would respond by bending her knees and crouching to mesh herself against the hand. "That 's right, puta." He pushed his middle finger part way up her still dripping wet little hootch and started to press it down into an extension of soft but swelling urethral tissue in the direction of her pubic bone while the fingers of his other hand wagged against her swollen love knub and other parts. The teen started to squeal and ultimately she erupted into a small gush of thin syrup.

"Ooooooooohh, look what we have here, puta. What happened, your father kicked you up your twat one day, you little brat? You are no virgin. Smell this ripe mess that your girlie hootch squirted on to me." He brought his hand full of climactic elixir up to her nose and gave her one of his little slaps until she took a deep sniff, setting off new sparks in both her tits and between her legs. "This may come in handy." He spread it over her pucker and tried to work as much of the liquid into her back hole as he could.

He walked around to her front and gave her another little slap. "Now I want you to watch me." Inches from her face, he unzipped his fly and unbuckled his belt, also unbuttoning his jeans. He was wearing no underwear so that when his jeans dropped to his ankles, his fully erect thick 7 1/2 " cut cock sprang out and swaggered to greet the captive teen, the end of it glistening in the sun slick with the excitement that oozed so much precum. She let out a little squeal in response. "Now you see, this is a man's hard cock, made to service little putas like you. You will be very eager to have them fucking you in all your different holes."

The teen looked up at the man with a face filled with fascination mixed with uncertainty. He started wagging it about her cheeks and on her face. "Will it fit?"

"Oh my little puta, it will be nice and snug in your girlie little snatch, no doubt. Doesn't it feel so warm and smooth. You will love it rubbing and stretching you on the inside." He suddenly lifted it into his dense patch of soft guy weed and brought the palm of his other hand to lift his sac slightly. "This is a man's nuts. They have ingredients of a man's creamy cum that women come to love so much." He gave her another one of those little slaps. "Now puta, open your mouth and stick your tongue out to lick the end of my cock." She did not have to stick her tongue out far as the end of the cock was almost into her mouth. She did as instructed. "That's so nice. Lick firmly on the pee hole. . . . Oh yes, doesn't that taste good? You will enjoy licking and sucking the pee holes of many men, no?" The abductor focused on the warm wet and spongey application of an attentive girl's tongue to the opening of his manhood. "Give it one more kiss before I lick and suck on you."

Kicking away the jeans about his ankles, the trim and muscular naked man stepped behind his naked captive and lay down on his back so that he could slide his head between her feet and legs. His large hands pushed on her thighs so that she would lower her lower half on to his face. His tongue immediately went to work on the moist charms between her legs. She gasped again and broke out into a litany of squeals of pleasure. She tried to use her hips to shift her surface between her legs up and her round ass further down so that tongue and lips would also be attentive to her squirming pucker. But the servicing abductor would have none of that, only fingering more moisture to the rim and occasionally breeching her with it. She convulsed and shuddered into a state of semi-consciousness. "My wrists are hurting."

The naked man slid out and raised himself off the ground. "Not much longer my little friend. You are ready now, puta." He stepped behind his captive again, making sure she was bent over enough so that he could mount her doggy style. He fingered for her little love hole and finding it, holding the end of his cock with the fingers of his other hand he pushed his cock head in and quickly grabbed her waist with his hands on either side and pushed his pulsing needy manhood into the hilt, his soft fuzzy tuft of weed pressed against her pucker and ass. Again, she let out a little gasp. "Oh my little puta, for such a nice tight little wet snatch that grabs my cock and not let go, you could charge horny men for what you got. Now I give you a joy ride for what I have stuffed up into you." He started stroking in different paces and at varying amounts of shaft into her. She squealed and moaned, shifting about to set her own rhythm. "That is right puta, learn to ride a man." He stepped back slightly so that he could lean some on her back while still stroking her tight hootch unrelentingly, to reach around or from behind to finger her hard blown up clit. She started to squeal and moan at an especially high pitch. "Oh my little bitch in heat, you are so much fun for a big strong man to fuck."

He would occassionally shift his fingers from her sex with the excess of her wetness above to her pucker and its rim to add to the wetness of her hole with little shallow breeches. Then he would lean over again to diddle her more. Her squeals were shrill and noisy. The teen felt wonderful sensations all about those places that identified her sex, but it was awkward and she could feel herself succumbing to exhaustion. Her abductor was humping her exuberantly. He felt her anus was soft, very moist, and not clenching on his fingers so hard.

"Puta, your lovely shit hole is ready, now" He pulled out completely and breeched her pucker with his cock head. He thrust himself forward and the teen felt the length of smooth warm man gristle surge deep into her, through her bowels and beyond into her viscera. She squealed not with pain, but a sort of pleasure for feeling the danger of being dependent on the mercy of an unpredictable hedonist.

He thrust his forward strokes with speed, strength and hard impact. She would wail and gasp her responses to movements so deep in her most personal place. He pulled back for a time and only stroke her shallowly just beyond her pucker, as if he was going to withdraw completely. "Oh nooooooo, please more."

"You want me to fuck you harder and deeper my little puta?"

"Oh please, yes!"

He slammed her again hard, her stretched bowels feeding on the warmth and impact of animated insistent flesh from within with each forward stroke. He luxuriated on the sensation of a reliably quivering juicy pucker snatching little hard grips on his demanding flesh as he slid it in and out. The searing hot tightness in the root of his cock and his nuts was surging forward now as the most demanding of all the exquisite sensations he felt below the belt start to predominate. This was the most prodigious of all inevitabilities. He gripped the sides of her abdomen and pulled herself into him, leaning on her back to affect the deepest penetration. She felt the most intense throbs against all her internal tunnels and the animated flesh stretched and stuck deep inside her unloaded ample shots of warm liquid silk so deep, so smooth, and so soothing. He was breathing hard and sweating. She felt the length of manhood in her start to soften.

"Come back to pick the apples. Now get this damn thing off my wrists, it hurts."


'Apples' was their safe word. The naked brother crouched over her and penetrating up her ass withdrew. He stepped to find the knife on the ground and bent over to pick it up. He was careful to move the blade between the tight fabric and her hands in a way that he could not cut her, starting to cut the cloth to free her wrists. Just as she was freed, the substantial load of cum up her ass had slithered building up against her much exercised pucker and suddenly dripped out copiously, much of it also running down her tanned but still creamy thighs. "Oh, that always feels so great," she announced.

Her hands and wrists free, the brother had slashed some of the tied together bandanas into unfolded rags. He took one of them and wiped much of his cum off his sisters thighs, calves, and some of her ass. Always mindful of new experiences for his kid sister, he then took the very damp and very fragrant rag and exhibited himself to her wiping down his dick that had just been ploughing happily up the teen's shit hole. They both knew this was going to be only a very preliminary and very insufficient cleaning. When he did all he thought he could under the circumstances, he took hold of her 2 small hands and brought them up to his mouth to kiss and then lick about her sore wrists.

"Wow, Stuie. You are an amazing actor. I really thought a couple of times you really had turned into a crazy rapist."

"Well you know I took a couple of major supporting roles in school theater in my freshman year. . . . But there is more to it than that."

The teen sensed some reluctance on her brother's part. She gave him a warm hug for encouragement.

"I am like so many guys, I guess with a dominant streak. We have fantasies that we are going to be aggressive with a girl, even to the point of rape, and she will be turned on by it. So when we fuck her hard, she loves it and technically it is consensual. There can be a dark side to guys."

"Oh bro, you know what? As long as what is going on in the background and places are different and often new, I think I would like being domi, . . . domin, . . . dominated by a boyfriend. As long as he was nice to me all other ways."

"Some girls are that way, kid. All the more reason you have to be so careful."

"You are right, but there is something else you want to tell me, isn't there?"

Stuie mulled over letting his kid sister in on a family secret. "Well these dominant/submissive tendencies in rape fantasies come awfully close to home. I promised Mom I would never tell you this, but you are old enough and you have the right to know, now."


"Well you know how poor Uncle Homer is living in state side hospital."

"Yeah, I do. He drank himself into there."

"It has a lot more to do with than drinking. Now first let me say I don't think Mom knows the 1/2 of it. The less she knows the better. I sort of pieced this story together from different cousins in the family, most especially young Reetee. For some reason she has become fond of me. I try to keep my distance."

Stuie was satisfied he had gotten all the preliminary introductions and details covered. "It all started when Reetee was only a couple of years older than you are. She had gotten in trouble one day and her parents were chewing her out for it. Probably it was nothing more than the usual teen issue about being too forward with a boy. But she didn't accept their criticisms and talked back to them. She really sassed them. Well Uncle Homer could really get steamed and he told her she was going to be taught a lesson.

About an hour after Aunt Rita had left for her night shift nursing job, Uncle Homer was still fuming. He burst into Reetee's room when she was doing homework on her bed. He told her he was going to teach her that lesson she needed so badly. He jumped on her in a fury and started tearing her clothes off. I think he meant to scare her and make her either fight back or try to get away from him. Then he would say this is what happens to girls who talk back to their mothers. Well Reetee just lay there and let her dad pull her clothes off. Well there was his daughter on her back on the bed in just her bra and panties. That only made him angrier and he told her again that she needs to be taught a lesson and wrenched her bra off and then peeled her panties away. She spread eagled herself on the bed, naked as the day she was born, and looked up at him with a yearning little smile, making little gestures with her hands for him to go for it. She was just as super turned on by the whole thing as a teenage girl can be.

Well Uncle Homer was just sick with anger and confusion and thought if he actually pulled down his pants, she would snap out of her naked stupor and learn her lesson. So he was still saying he was going to teach her a lesson as he unbuckled and pulled down his pants. Well in the frenzy of the moment, Uncle Homer lunged forward easily slipping his stupendous salami into Reetee's open and available wet twat-o-roonie, ramming through to take out her sentry guarding the fort, hence taking her cherry, and humping her until he shot out his gargantuan load into her.

Within minutes, Uncle Homer regained his composure, picked himself off his own daughter's bed, fumbled to pick up his pants and buckle up, flustered and ashamed, ran out of Reetee's bedroom in a fright. A 1/2 hour later, he knocked on the door of Reetee's room. 'Young lady, we have to have a talk. Are you decent? May I come in?'

'Yes, Dad.'

Well young Reetee had some ideas about 'decent' that didn't jibe at all with what her parents thought, because when Uncle Homer opened the door to see her in her room again, she had not put on any clothes and was sitting on the side of her bed facing with her legs wide open and doing that thing with her fingers down there that girls and women do to get themselves off. Uncle Homer must have been been so consumed with his own feelings of guilt and remorse that he hardly even noticed. He went to sit down next to her. He could not look Reetee in the eye and told her he had done a terrible thing and said it could never be allowed to happen again.

Reetee wrapped her small arms around her father's neck and hugged him. She told him she promised she would never tell Mom and besides, she had it coming anyway. He said that is nonsense, no matter what bad thing a young lady ever does, she never deserves such a horrible response like that from her father. He looked her way and said 'you really ought to put some clothes on unless you are going to take a shower right away.' She said she would take a shower if he would walk down to the bathroom with her and check to make sure her shampoo and combs and all were there that she could use. She was feeling a little queasy and asked if he could then go to the kitchen and retrieve a cold drink for her to bring back to the bathroom. He said this being sort of an emergency he would do that. If she really felt bad, he would bring her to the hospital.

On the way to the bathroom, he told her that a god-fearing man should never see his maturing daughter uncovered like this unless it is some kind of emergency. Why did she say she was decent when he knocked at her door or why didn't she say she needed help then? She said they were 'blood' and that no matter how much or how little young people wear at home, they should be thought of as 'decent' in home privacy by the parents who brought them into this world. He insisted that is not the way with 'decent' god-fearing people. He said they both need to mend their ways."

"So did she seduce Uncle Homer anyway? Did they become the way we did this summer?"

"Not really, or not for the same reasons. I think for a couple of weeks Reetee would play little games with her father when her mother would be on her working shift. The towel wrapped around her after her shower would fall off, she would not close the bathroom door and ask him to bring things, she would need to use the toilet right away in the mornings when he would take his shower, that sort of thing. Uncle Homer right away figured the best thing was to ignore her.

Anyway, Reetee started becoming a real little terror and a terrific annoyance to both her parents. She was caught vandalizing property and property at school, she started hanging out with the wrong crowd, she got in trouble with the police for underage drinking and other offenses. Aunt Rita just could not figure what had gotten into her daughter. Well Uncle Homer knew what had gotten into her and he was tortured with guilt about it. Finally, about 6 or 8 months after this all started, young Reetee ended up in the hospital, beaten up by 2 boys. I think she had tried to provoke them to rape her. I also think she had succeeded in seducing other boys this way.

Well that was rock bottom for Uncle Homer. The poor man was reduced to being determined to solve this problem the only way he knew how. Shortly after she was released from the hospital, he went to her room at night and told her she needed to be taught a lesson. The whole pattern of mock rape events started up again. Instantly she switched to a model citizen at school and she was getting better grades than she ever had before. But she would invent little offenses to annoy her father.

Much to her erotic thrills, her clothes would be torn or stretched out. Her mother would ask her why many of her bras would be disfigured and ruined. She would say she did not think she was getting enough support at night and wear them asleep, but her movements in bed at night must be tugging at them. She solved the problem by wearing more resilient sports bras when she thought her father would attack her on a particular night. He would have to be even more violent to strip them off her and she liked that. She started asking him how he was going to teach her a lesson if he wasn't going to scare her crazy naked when he did so. So he started bursting into her room wild man naked or wrenching his own clothes off as he stripped her.

This went on for almost 2 years, about 3 or 4 times a week. There was always some reason Uncle Homer had to teach Reetee a lesson. Fnally one night, Aunt Rita arrived at the hospital and there had been some mixup as to who was to be on duty for the night shift. She drove back home to arrive and hear funny noises in Reetee's room. Well of course, there were the 2 of them, stripped naked, Uncle Homer's clothes spewed about on the way to the bedroom and Reetee's clothes tossed about every which way thereabouts. Uncle Homer was teaching their daughter a lesson in plain view of Aunt Rita. The legal term is that they had been witnessed "in flagrante, delicto".

Well, Aunt Rita said she wanted Uncle Homer out of the house that night. Reetee screeched at her mother that this was her fault and she had no right to kick her father out of his own house. As her father packed to leave, Reetee yelled at her mother that if need be, she should be the one sent away. Poor Uncle Homer's drinking got much worse, he lost his job, and that is how he ended up where is now. Reetee would run off to see her father despite a restraining order being filed against him. Reetee would tell her mother, fuck restraining orders.

Reetee went back to her calamitous ways. To this day she hisses at her mother that her father was the man she loved most in her life and he was ruined by the bitch who happens to be her mother. Aunt Rita calls Uncle Homer the devil's spawn and Reetee the witch of the devil's spawn. The only reason Aunt Rita never had Uncle Homer charged with incestuous statutory rape I believe was because she was afraid Reetee would burn down the house if she did so."

"Stuie, isn't Reetee working in a restaurant nearby?"

"I think she is a cocktail waitress at some dive in Hockeyville, even though technically she is still underage. I guess with her big tits, no one would guess she is underage. Pretty sad, huh? On top of everything else, Mom has struggled to cope with what has happened to her older brother. If family were to ever find out about us this summer, I am afraid they would make comparisons to Uncle Homer's family."

There had been a storm brewing nearby. By the time the naked youth was finishing the account of relatives, a downpour ensued. He used nature's bounty to clean off his dick even more. But he could see his kid sister start to shiver and she complained she needed to use the bathroom. He drew her close into him for some warmth as he accompanied her back to the house. After the storm, they returned to retrieve damp clothes and cleaning supplies. Once back at the house, Julie told her brother, "I would like you to barge into my room all wild man naked."

"Maybe one Sunday morning after Mom has started off to church."

They both used the bathroom at the same time. The older brother stepped into the tub behind the shower curtain as his kid sister sat on the toilet. He was eager to clean off his dick properly with the shower head spray. He was used to her stink. Not only did it not smell so bad to him, it reminded him of when he would change her diapers when he was still only a little boy himself. He felt a rush of fond protectiveness. After she flushed, he softly encouraged her to step in and join him, where together with the shower spray and other fingers she was aroused and stimulated to breathless euphoria.


One day, they had both finished their chores for the day and enjoyed a hot shower together. Dry and comfortable they helped themselves to cold drinks from the fridge. It would be at least 2 hours before Julie needed to start preparing for supper. At last they could settle into the parlor and have "that talk" Stuie said was so long overdue. Stuie stretched out on the sofa clad only in sport shorts and a form fitting tank top. Julie only wore one of her soft and worn over-sized tee shirts, sitting in the antique Queen Anne style armchair next to the sofa. The older brother spoke to his young sister with his head in his hand looking up, his elbow propped on the cushion. She could not help but note how dreamy her brother looked stretched out like that. He had pledged to help her paint her toe nails that day, but this was going to be so much more interesting if partly dreaded.

"So tell me sis, what do your girlfriends at school think about sex?"

Julie let out a little scoffing chuckle. "I think they do not know as much about it all as they think they do. But they think it is exciting but also funny."

"Well that is sensible. There is much about it that is humorous. When people are in love, they have much to laugh about."

"Yeah, but I don't think a lot of even older girls have thought it through very well. They trash talk a lot of boys because of their swagger and tough talk to each other. They think they are mean, but then they are mean to the boys about it. . I mean, some of the girls have porno pics of naked boys and men on their cell phones, kind 'o like the pics of women you have on your phone."

"Do they have those pics to laugh at, or because they are excited by them."

"Well both sort of, I guess. But they would not show each other photos like that unless they thought they were really cool. I think they are cool. Girls think that if boys could just be more relaxed, everyone could be friendlier and more concerned for each other. But then they laugh about the small and geeky boys. They accuse them of being gay, like it is something bad. A lot of those boys have been nice to us and were friends when we were younger."

"Ok sweetie, let me say something here. It is very difficult to be at your age. I think it is harder for the boys than the girls. Our culture requires more of boys to uphold difficult standards when they reach a certain age, even in this time of feminism and all. They have to assert themselves more in a social framework to assure themselves respect from others and for themselves."

"Yeah, I've thought about that. I think I will be nicer to the boys in school next year."

"That's my sweet sis. In the Bible, Jesus says "Blessed are the peacemakers." You can cultivate yourself to be the sort of personable girl who knows how to put others at ease. With boys, they will not feel the need to be so competitive in your presence. They can relax and be themselves. Even if that means they are just funny screw-ups. There is much to laugh about even in sex.

Now when I was your age, I was a jock-in-the-making. I could get along with everyone. But I just ignored the kids who had a reputation for being geeks and so called 'losers'. I wasn't a bully, but I wasn't helpful, either. Let me tell you what I've learned about what everyone calls 'geeks' and 'nerds'. The only person I have ever brought back here from college was that girl during spring break two years ago. Do you remember?"

"Yeah, the skinny girl."

"I kept telling you and your mother before hand, she was just a friend and we were not romantically inclined. She is still one of my best friends there. Mom called her the 'starving sparrow'. Mom still thinks I am some sort of a big man on campus and does not know why I would consort with such a person. You laughed at her big glasses."

"I thought she was kind of cool. She would tell these subtle jokes I would only get after about 10 minutes and completely pass over Mom."

"Her name is Sheena Merlowe and she is brilliant. Anyway, last year she was going to transfer to an Ivy League school, but a couple of us talked her out of it. So many students who work hard, need her so much. One day she is going to be an amazing researcher or teacher.

Sheena was in a lesbian affair when we first got to know each other. She has since told me she is very attracted to men. The point is I have many more geek friends whom I hang with than jocks like the guys on the wrestling team. Some are gay and others I am not sure about. I learned early on that the popular crowd on campus is great for school image, but the geeks and nerds are the most loyal friends and are of real value for succeeding. I am a wrestler and I spend lots of time, especially in the off-season, in the weights room at the gym. Sure, it turns lots of girls heads in my direction, but at the cost of incredible boredom. The geeks spend that time in the labs and trading ideas in academic clubs. If it were not for their many kindnesses, my grade point average would be much lower. "

Tears were welling up in Julie's eyes as she stood up from the chair to turn and kneel in front of her brother still lying on the couch. She hugged him and kissed him on the cheek. "You are the coolest and sweetest brother a girl could ever have."

He grinned widely. "Don't forget sexiest."

She giggled, wiping away her tears, hugging him again. "That too. I will try to be kind and understanding with everyone at school that I can, including the geeks. I have loved you so much all my life and love you still now more than ever."

He gently picked up her small teen arms from his broad shoulders, pulled himself apart from her, and prompted her to sit next to him on the sofa. "Julie sweetheart, we have a problem, now don't we. Mom has figured some things about us, but doesn't know much more that would shock her."

She stopped looking at him in the eye. "Please don't say that."

"I told you that I have cherished you most of all, sis, and I meant it. But this little affair we have, hot and blissful as it is, must come to an end. My sociology professor would say we are 'flaunting convention', and that is putting it mildly. If we don't care about what happens to us, at least think of Mom. If she were ever to find out everything about us, it would break her heart. She would think of it as sort of a betrayal. Think of how hard she works, and on our behalf. It is not always a lot, but this has been a nice home for us. She has had her heart broken by two men. Let's not do the same."

"Well she is not always nice when we try to help her out."

"Yeah, sometimes she takes her stress out on us. If we were in her shoes, would we do better? The more I learn about the business of this place, the more I appreciate how well she has managed to hold this place together."

"Well we've gotten this far. This is our summer, isn't it? When you go back to college things will be back to normal."

"I am the older one here. I feel I am responsible. I got us into this mess. I don't want us to back away and have you feel so spurned that it is a drag on your sex life and your romantic life for years or even always. We need to start planning now for how we can cool down and get on with our lives."

His sister had a difficult time wiping away the tears from her eyes. "Stuie, you know how much you turn me on and how much I will always love you, no matter what. I am not going to be able to help myself from being attracted to you. Whatever we do to break this off, my feelings for you are never going to change. Not really."

"I know, sis. And whenever you find a great boy to love you, which I hope will be soon, I will always be jealous that some other guy has caught the eye of my beautiful kid sister and is making her very happy. I will not be able to help myself about that. . . But for our sakes and Mom's, we have got to do the best we can."

"You're right, as usual. But I can hardly stand the thought of your big beautiful cock not being available when I need it." The younger sister broke out in her pixieish mischievous smile for the first time that afternoon. "Is there such a thing as dying from horniness?"

The older brother fell back on the sofa and let loose with one of his song-like mirthful laughs. "Not that I have ever heard, and believe me I have friends on campus who have made quite a study of human sexuality." He pushed away his sister's small hand that was affectionately patting his toned abs through the fabric of his tank top. "I am not the only male with a big cock. We will have to find you someone who is nice, considerate, a little older, very discreet, attractive, and well hung."

Even though they were alone together, the brother's eyes gleamed and he raised his eyebrows as if he were passing on a revealing secret to a young sister. "I sort of have an idea how you might be able to find the right boy, even though I don't think anything would ever come of it. The high school locker rooms at that gym are situated that the boys showers are adjacent to a pretty discrete place. Just upstairs, is the towel and supply room adjacent to the girls showers. There are coaches and staff in and out of there all the time. But downstairs from there is just the furnace and hot water heater room. Regulations keep them from storing much in there, so there is hardly anybody going in and out. For years, some of us guys have considered that some enterprising girls could drill peep holes to, you know, check out us guys and maybe our coaches using the showers."

Julie shifted her hand up to her mouth and her face brightened with the prospect of such enticing mischief. "Do you really think that could happen?"

"Well it could if some girls got together to do some careful planning, even if it is unlikely. I know there is more to a good pick among guys than a developed package and a nice set of buns, but I would like to think my kid sister has a chance to choose from the whole stable of boys at the school, before she makes her selection.

Now let's get into that kitchen so that we will have a nice meal almost ready when Mom gets home. "


By the time the workers had arrived at the orchards full force, Stuie was up before sunrise. He would try to encourage them to get the most work done before the heat of the day was in full force. Julie would always have a late lunch ready for him.

One afternoon he came into the kitchen sweating so much and so exhausted, she coaxed him straight into the bathroom and stripped him of all his clothes while she ran a hot bath for him. Once she got him seated into the tub, she quickly went back to the kitchen and retrieved his lunch with an ice cold drink. She then washed him from head to foot. She could see by his open mouthed expression how much he enjoyed the sensation of all the running hot water and his sister's careful application of soapy wash cloth absolutely everywhere right down to between his toes. "My goddess sister, you should have been a geisha queen" That afternoon, she learned this was her opportunity to baby her brother with his splendid statuesque form, at a time when he most needed her.

When she helped him out of the tub, she would not even allow him to dry himself. She walked with him down to his bedroom, made him crawl into his bed, insisted he take another long sip of his iced tea, tucked him in with his bed sheet, turned on his electric fan, smooched him on the cheek, and closed the door to his bedroom and start to take off her clothes for her own quick shower alone. She later spent a half an hour outdoors to do her own peremptory supervision of the pickings.

An hour after she got back, she heard her brother shuffle to raise himself. "Go and pee and then come back to your room." When he returned, Julie was naked but for the odd item of jewelery. She was on his bed squatting, cramming her folded up diaphragm deep into her. "Washing you that way is such a turn on. I need for you to fuck me, er I need to fuck you. Get under me." She mounted her brother in the reverse cowgirl position to make sure his brimming mushroom cock head would bang up against her 'G' spot. She enoyed at least 2 climaxes before she put her female teen muscles to work to milk the athlete's load in an ejaculation that featured many hot spasms that pleasured all his sex organs for what seemed like minutes. They both got out of bed for little cleanups and put on their clothes to prepare supper for the evening meal.

There were many repeat performances. She learned to have some of the smaller metal fruit buckets filled with tap water, heating on all the stove's burners at the lowest settings. The water would be just the right temperature when she would pour it over his shoulders and neck, or douse his head altogether. Her brother would sigh in little soft coos that reminded her of his snoring. He would be mostly speechless during his baths, focusing on all the luxorious tactile attentions of a thorough teen sister, but he would tease her when she would prompt him to raise his seat off the floor of the tub, so with the soapy washcloth wrapped around her index finger she could reach down and around to wriggle and clean about his bung hole. "You want to use the occasion to get some jollies from goosing your brother."

"Just the same as you have with me, off and on over the course of many years, bro. I am just returning the favor."

On nearly the last day of the harvest, Stuie did not come inside into the kitchen until later than usual. She could see concerned looking migrants had almost chased him back. She was fearful that he would faint at the kitchen table. Luckily intuition told her to have a pitcher full of iced cold tea at the ready. She made him drink down a full tall glass while she started to undress him in the kitchen. She was not sure that he could walk his naked stinking self into the bathroom and enouraged him to lean on her including at the point of his stepping into the tub full of hot water. She washed him, encouraging him to slurp big gulps of the cold drink all the while. His eyes seemed to shift about in their sockets in some delirium. "My sweet goddess sister takes such good care of her big brother."

Julie was still genuinely frightened and would not have any of it. "It would help, you crazy dumb bastard, if you took better care of yourself."

He tried to wave her off. "Don't sweat the small stuff. I feel so much better." But an hour later, while noticing improvement, Stuie had not been been able to summon the strength to lift himself off the tub floor. "Just let me be for a few more minutes. I am feeling better every minute." Julie was nearly in a state of panic. She was frightened that as the water cooled he would catch a chill and sickness would descend on him very quickly. She poured as much hot water from varying sources as resources would allow. "That feels ssooo nice." But Stuie was disturbed by her growing distress and started to raise his voice. "Now if we both relax, we can resolve this matter successfully. If you act like a scared mother hen, I might be in here all night."

But when Julie heard her mother open the kitchen door, she ran out of the bathroom to her. "Mom, help us please. Stuie is in the bath tub and he can't get up to get out." She stepped quickly to the bathroom with her daughter.

When they got there, the man of the house naked in the bath tub rolled his head about in mortification. "Oh Mom! Julie is making way too much of the fact that I have not been feeling well this afternoon. Thanks to her, I am feeling so much better. If everyone just keeps their cool and relaxes, I will be able to get up and out of here in a matter of minutes."

The mother could see her son was lucid now and probably experiencing marked improvement. "OK, Julie you have been feeding him tea. That can only enhance dehydration. I am going back to the kitchen and make him some lemonade. Julie, if the hot water is still holding out, intersperse small handfuls of cold water on his front, shoulders, and back with the hot. That should improve the flush of his skin and his circulation. Most, of all stay caaaaaaaaallm. Tell each other funny jokes and stories. Stuie, do not try to climb out of the tub until I get back."

While their mother was in the kitchen, Stuie stuck out his tongue at his flushed and bothered sister and made faces. He started to splash her.

"You creepy bastard. When you finally get yourself out of this thing, I am going to kick you up your bare butt so hard, you won't be able to shit for a week."

"Bet you couldn't."

"Bet I could."

"Not a chance." He reached over to manipulate the faucets himself. "Now Julie, be a good girl and do as your mother tells you."

"I ought to fucking drown your bare ass."

When the mother returned with the lemonade, she was muttering something about the good athletic coaches at the colleges work the young men so hard but ought to teach them restraint and about their limitations. "I don't care if you are not thirsty anymore, you drink all of this drink down right now."

As soon as he finished, he briskly raised himself, bath water running off him, effectively exhibiting his nakedness to the 2 females. They were especially sure he could step out of the tub without tripping. While Julie had a fresh big towel, she hurriedly tried to towel him off before he caught cold. "I can do that."

Their mother cast a critical eye at her son who was in no position to argue, "Stuie, really, how many times have I told you, you need to pace yourself." She noticed her daughter was at the the point of trying to dry off her brother's genitals devoid of any gentleness.


"Julie let your brother dry himself off. Now I have something to say about all this. I know how eager you are for this harvest to be as successful as it can be, but not at the expense of injuring yourself. You scared the 2 women in your family unneccessarily this evening, especially Julie. You owe her an apology. If we had had to call an ambulance from here because you were succumbing to heat stroke and dehydration, the season would have been a failure." She was not pleased with what she saw around her. Julie was sloppy, trying to rub in talcum powder in his dry surface. "Look at the mess you 2 have made in here. It 's all your fault, Stuie."

The middle aged woman began to reflect on a crisis defused. "Now this is partly my fault. You know I had planned to take tomorrow off. I should have also scheduled yesterday and today off. Julie I want you to send your brother to his room and make sure he gets in bed. When supper is ready, you can bring him a tray later on. All this liberality you 2 insist on works out for the best in a pinch. But if young people used more common sense, we wouldn't have these disruptions in the first place. "


The Sunday that the youth left home to return to his campus for his last year, Julie was affectionate but struggled to be reserved as she had been in previous years in late August. The 3 previous evenings, she had insisted he sleep in his usual nudity with her in her own bed for part of the night. The night after he left, she wrapped herself in the bedsheets absorbed with his lingering essence, stimulated to open her legs and digitally frenzy herself into peaks of erotic sensation for the memory of her brother's amorous attentions. She repeated this every night until she was expected to change the sheets. She then would sneak into her brother's room for part of the night to experience the same with the sheets of his own bed. This lasted until the bed clothes took on a staleness that lost its stimulating effect. But he would be returning within weeks and then days for weekends during the apple harvest, as such, portending new opportunities.

The week after he left, their mother in conversation complained, that for all her brother's capacity for hard work, if he were just a little more diligent in setting goals and understanding the details for their achievement, he would do so much better.

The kid sister contradicted her mother. "Oh Mom, cut the Saint Stuie crap, for once! Cut him some slack! Yes he made mistakes this year. He made mistakes this summer. He made mistakes where I am concerned. He will make mistakes next year. But he is a funny, thoughtful, and considerate brother. Warts and all, I love him just as he is."

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