I never had been much of a religious person. I just went to church to fill that emptiness inside. But I quickly discovered that it was a great place to pick up girls. Being twenty-one, though, it was hard to meet a girl my age. I kept going, though, hoping to get lucky.
It had been four months at the church when I noticed the preacher's fourteen-year-old daughter. She was very beautiful for her age. She had long, curly blonde hair, and beautiful blue eyes that spoke volumes to my soul. Her figure was slim, with slightly matured breasts and a sleek back that curved delicately to a round, toned ass. I enjoyed watching her in her skimpy little Sunday dresses. She rarely closed her legs when she sat down, so I constantly got a view of her floral print panties.
Two more months went by, and my lust for Miley grew. At church one day, they had a picnic. And she sat at the table across from mine. When I looked up her skirt, I had to hold back a smile. She wasn't wearing panties, showing off her juicy, shaved cunt. Just by looking at it, I could tell that she was definitely not a virgin.
When every one started packing up to leave, the preacher stopped me. “Hey, Bradley! I need you to take my daughter home for me. My wife and I will be going out with some friends. We would really appreciate it.”
I couldn't say no, even though my idea was morally wrong. So I agreed and approached Miley. When I found her near the swings, she grinned at me. “Hey, Miley. Your dad asked me to take you home.”
No one was around, which was good. She suddenly spread her legs and hiked her skirt up enough for me to see the pussy that I had dreamed about for two months. “Do you think I look good shaved?” she asked, stunning me.
I stammered, not knowing what to say. This was wrong. I couldn't fuck the preacher's daughter. Instead of stopping her, though, I knelt and slid a finger inside her. Discovering the tight damp hole made me unable to suppress a groan. She moaned softly. “That feels good, Brad. Take me home and fuck me hard.”
That was all the encouragement that I needed. I took her hand, got into my car, and we drove off. The entire way there, I tried to focus on the road as she played with herself. The sound of her fingers moving around in her wet cunt was deafening. I felt so hard. I knew that I would burst if I didn't fuck her soon.
She looked so cute and innocent in her ruffled greed dress, but having her legs spread wide, her feet on my dash board as she fucked herself made the innocence disappear. When I got to her house, we quickly exited the car and went inside. As we passed the kitchen, though, she reached back and unzipped the dress, letting it fall off her shoulders and to the floor.
My cock throbbed as I be held her hard pink nipples. I groaned and yanked my shirt off, and then kissed her hard, squeezing a soft breast in my hand. When I knelt and tasted one of her hard buds, she whimpered with need. I placed a hand over her cunt and groaned at the feeling of her damp heat. “Miley, I am going to fuck you so hard.”
“Mm. Do me, Brad!”
I picked her up by her sweet ass, and she wrapped her legs around my hips as we kissed. She was grinding against me as we kissed, and I walked her to the counter. Once there, I sat her down and stepped back. Her naked body glistened with sweat, and she smiled a slutty little smile. When I dropped my pants and boxers her jaw dropped. “You are huge,” she said, acknowledging my nine inch cock.
I palmed it and rubbed it against her wet pussy lips. “And I am about to put all of it inside of you.”
She gasped as I pressed the tip inside. “Oh, Brad. Please don't tease me.”
With a soft grunt, I pressed into her tight hole. The warmth engulfed me, sucking me in deeper. I thrust gently, wanting to enjoy every moment. She was so much warmer than I had expected. She was wet, and with each thrust she got tighter. I groaned as I fucked her harder and harder.
Miley cried out, bracing her hands against the wall as I fucked her faster. The impact my hips hit hers with was strong. I loved being buried inside this teen pussy. It was so wet and tight, like fucking hot peach. She screamed as she came, enveloping my cock in her sweet juices.
Finally, I pulled out and rammed into her tight little asshole. She squealed, and then began moaning as my thrusts got harder and faster. “Fuck yes! Harder Brad!”
I smiled. The little slut loved getting fucked hard. All of this time she had been so eager. I wished I had fucked her sooner. I pulled out and sprayed my cum over her flat stomach.
As she ran her fingers through my cum and licked them clean, I got dressed. Church was the best thing that ever happened to me. After that day, I fucked Miley nearly every day. When she turned eighteen, we got married. Today we have four kids, and one of them, my daughter Mikaila, just turned thirteen. I plan on stuffing her with my cock next.

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