A Morris Man's Tale Part 6

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This work may be used free of charge and copied, selling without prior written consent prohibited, obtain permission before redistributing, In all cases this notice must remain intact copyright D.W. Bloyce 2012

All characters are fictitious, If a character name is used in connection with a side, it’s just co-incidence if that given name belongs in that side. Insofar as song lyrics being included I don’t know the legalities or etiquette involved, I have given the opening few and last few lines if that is all that is needed or the song in full if the text needs it and credit to the author in either case, traditional songs are treated the same but credited as Traditional.

This is a fiction story, not fantasy and while there is a lot of passion and some very erotic action in later parts and in book two if you are looking for raw action then I am sorry but this isn't the book for you.

Chapter Thirteen
On The Third Day
iv. Evening
Jenny and I settle at the far end of the bench and it doesn’t take us long to get to hold each other and kiss, Jenny’s arms are bare and I stroke her left arm and shoulder with my left arm going behind her; my right hand is in her lap, stroking her thigh, and our kiss is a long slow warm and tender loving lip massage, however, as earlier it doesn’t take long for the passions to rise, our tongues come out to play, we both need this, irrespective of less than perfect breath, we kiss for a couple of minutes at high heat, then withdraw and revert to a lip massage, after a minute we break and just hold each other, I glance towards Chrissie and Darren, they are lost in each other, a gentle slow kiss, I see Darren’s hand start to wander, Chrissie’s elbows are up to the challenge, his progress is stopped, well short of his target. I return my attention to Jenny, she has a little colour left in her cheeks and it could well be time to increase the temperature again, we come together again, soft and gentle, we slowly increase the heat, just enjoying ourselves and each other, and again we withdraw slowly and with regret from both of us, we part and just hold each other. We look into each other’s eyes, we are both a bit misty eyed. Our voices are low, not much more than whispers.

“I love you so much my treasure, and apart from the upsets at the Gordon over our proposal has it been a good day for you?”

“It has been a truly amazing day, I am sorry I spoilt your plans, but Tribal have been brilliant, do you think they will keep their word and not tell tale?”
“I have no idea, but I strongly suspect that Michael can keep them in line far better than Ken can Blackwater; you didn’t spoil my plans, we already knew we would wed it was only the change in the timing, If we don’t get lots of visitors tonight who want to stay and party, we will be ok, half a dozen in a dry awning can’t make much noise. Don’t worry about it. Honestly love, I think we have made it.”

“What did Darren mean when he said he’d be good?”

“I told Darren that Chrissie is very vulnerable that’s why the scream shook her so much, be good, be gentle to her, please Darren. You heard his reply; I hope he keeps his word.”

“I’m going to turn to check on them flower, I got her into this I have to protect her,” Jenny turns and see them both sitting looking towards the river; they are not in contact at all.
“Are you ok Chrissie? Darren?”
“Can we go back to the van please Jenny?”
“Of course Chrissie; flower, Chrissie needs to get back to the van.”

“Ok treasure,” I get to my feet, a pity that, but never mind; I was hoping for at least another ten minutes of kissing cuddling and talking. Chrissie is talking with Jenny; Darren is a few feet away and looking a little crestfallen.

In the campsite Michael has all of tribal standing in the awning of Bill and Maggie’s caravan,
“Ok people, bagman’s notices. Back at Ye arrow, some of us were given privileged information, and in order to reduce the strain of keeping secrets among our female members, I have taken it upon myself to let everyone know the same, side rules apply folks, this does not get told to outsiders until after the parties concerned have left the campsite tomorrow, does anyone here have a problem with this ruling.” An adolescent female pipes up,

“I do, this isn’t a police state; I have and want to keep freedom of speech.”
Michael replies, “Anybody here support Abby’s position?” Her future partner in crime and twin sister, Becky, states, “I do; anybody else with me?” Silence reigns in the awning, after a few seconds, Michael continues
“Julie, could you take the young ladies for a walk around the track? If you could explain the concept of pack loyalty while you are out there I would be well pleased. Thanks love.” Once the twins and Julie have had time to get a few yards away Michael continues.

“Ok folks, I want no cheering during or after the news, as those of you who know him may have seen down town, Frank has a new girlfriend, Jenny, she is so new she sparkles and so clean she squeaks. They are to be married before Lynda’s ale and Jenny has requested that day two, the sixth, be her and Frank’s Morris reception. As this is a change of plan we need a vote. Those in favour raise your hands,,,,,,,,, Any against,,,,,. Carried unanimously thanks people, remember not a word to the twins. In order to help Frank and Jenny have a peaceful evening I would like to extend an invitation to all three of them to our barbeque also since Frank only bought food for himself for the weekend and although Jenny ordered a restock via her mobile yesterday, Chrissie, Jenny’s friend has now joined them, and Darrel has joined up with Chrissie? Any objections?. Didn’t think there would be; thank you everyone. Bagman’s Notices closed.

On the Athletics track Julie and the twins are taking a slow walk around the field, predictably Abby opens her mouth first.

“Why were we kicked out? It isn’t fair, we have a right to know what is going on around us.”
“Sorry to disillusion you Abby but you have no right to know other people’s private information or secrets. How would you feel if Becky told mum and dad about your walks round the field and into the woods with Graham? We trust Graham completely, if we didn’t trust him you would not have been permitted out of our sight but instead hauled back here and been home within the hour, We wouldn’t tell why, we would just say to your parents that we have problems trusting your behaviour, and we didn’t want it to reflect badly on the side, with all the child protection laws nowadays you would be powerless to do anything about it. That is what Michael meant by pack loyalty, stay, play and hunt with, feed and help fellow pack members. The pack member you groom today might be the one who pulls you out of the mire tomorrow.”
“You both have missed out on some privileged information that will be public knowledge tomorrow. Michael will have told everyone not to pass on what they have been told; they will just bask in the warmth and loyalty of the pack. I hope you enjoy being outside the main pack for a while, all will be forgiven tomorrow. Now come here both of you and feel just a little pack warmth, Julie puts an arm around each and they continue the lap.

“Treasure, wave bye, bye, to the Medway, we won’t be walking down here till next year, we put our arms round each other and wave with our free arms, some people on the bowling green wave back, a couple of them yell ‘bye’, Jenny and I shout ‘see you next year’ as we walk up the hill towards the U.C.A. to my surprise I see that Chrissie and Darren ahead of us are arm in arm, I thought they had had a falling out,

“Is Chrissie ok love? When I saw that they weren’t touching and I assumed Darren had pushed the pace too much.”

“She is desperate for a toilet, she was caught out by the speed we left the pub, otherwise she would have asked for directions there.”

“We walked practically past the toilets coming back, we could have stopped at the Gordon or The Eagle, still we don’t have to go all the way to the van, there are mobile toilets at the school, we need to catch them up to redirect them, if she is that desperate we could form a screen round her on the other side of the hedge.” We pick up the pace slightly and catch up with them just before the gate in the fence and hedge that separates U.C.A. from the field.

“How urgent is it big sis? Can you make it back? If you can’t we can screen you over there.” Nodding to a gateway set back into a wooded area.

“I should make it back ok, I should have asked on the way back but Jenny so worried me with her description of Saturday evening that I didn’t want to delay us, and of course I wasn’t going to leave you two alone on a bench.”
As we leave U.C.A. grounds we take the first gate into the school grounds, “It’s longer this way moans Chrissie.”

“No it isn’t big sis, trust me.” Once we are past the scout tents, I tell big sis, “those big green things are toilet trailers, go for it, girl.” We continue a slow walk towards the toilets, and Jenny asks Darren,

“Were you good to her?”
“I tried to be, I don’t think she will chuck me back just yet.”
“Thanks Darren, Frank said you were a good man.” At this Darren smiled then coloured up a bit.
“Feel better big sis?” Jenny asked as Chrissie came back to us. At Darren’s side she held his hand and looked up to him as she sought his lips for a kiss. “Yes thanks, I didn’t know these were here, I never noticed them when we left this morning.

“That’s because we were following Blackwater, they don’t like hills, preferring to walk round rather than over. Let’s get back to the van, get the kettle on for a brew and finish our cuddle; or should we get Chrissie’s tent up while the kettle is on?”

“We have to prioritise” says Jenny, “Music, then kettle, then give these young lovers some privacy by putting my tent up for them.” Once we are back at our van I ask Jenny to get some music on while I take the bags that Chrissie bought with her out into the awning; I then set the kettle on to boil after filling it.

“Flower, can you remember the details of the song that Andy sang last night, I would like to find it if you have it?”
“Sure treasure, it was The Shout by Show of Hands on Someone Was Calling Disc one.”
“Thank you;” a few seconds later, “found it, what do I do now nothing is coming out” “Put the switch by the radio down to the on position, wait a second or two push the power button on the radio, push mode to select aux, volume is the up and down arrows on the right”
The song comes out of the speakers; I call in from in the awning.

“Can you restart the song and open a couple of windows to let the sound out and up the volume please love?”

“Big sis, Darren, come in and sit down for a couple of minutes, while we wait for the kettle to boil.”
“Frank, can I be my usual nosey self and have a look in your caravan please? I’ve never been in one before, and I would like to know what sort of life you can lead in one.”
“Sure, Jenny love, can you give big sis a tour of our little nest and its facilities.”

“Yes flower, in you come Chrissie, as you can see there isn’t a lot of space in here when the bed is made up. But there is plenty of room to sleep and cuddle, it’s six foot square, the super king duvet looks lost doesn’t it.” Jenny kneels on the bed and switches on the LED strip light above the bed, opens and closes the cupboards on the sides.
“The bar is above the fridge, the wardrobe is behind you, next to that is the wash toilet shower room. Cooker, oven, sink and drainer complete the tour.” The kettle starts to whistle, “I’ll make the brew flower, and then we can start on the tent.” Jenny makes the tea in the mugs, and passes them out into the awning, once Jenny comes out of the van I dive back in for a rummage under the bed for our old chairs, still serviceable but not as comfy as our director’s chairs Chrissie and Darren are currently using. We sit around drinking our tea and chatting about nothing in particular, if Chrissie and Darren got any closer they would be wearing the same clothes, Jenny and I are at least three inches apart at the closest point, hopefully that will change later. When she has finished her tea, Jenny asks me if I can come in the van to help her for a moment, I rise and follow her, she closes the door behind me,

“Help me get out of this dress I don’t want to damage it putting the tent up.” I pull the zip down and Jenny shrugs her shoulders down and forward and the dress slides down her arms and to the floor, she bends and picks it up and my hands go round her waist and lift to cup her breasts; she stretches up and leans back against me, “thank you flower, it’s been such a long ‘hands off’ day that I was beginning to think you didn’t fancy me anymore.” I turn her to me and kiss her, our tongues play again and it starts to get ever so hot in the van, “steady love, we have guests remember.”

“Of course, if you can slip out without giving everyone a peep show I will see you in a minute.” I readjust my clothing to make myself look respectable and exit.
“Jenny will be out in a minute, she is just changing.”
“We heard, you naughty man.” This was from big sis.

“Let them that are without guilt cast the first stone, didn’t I see Darren hands going for a wander making you exercise your elbows, did you keep him at bay all the time.”
“You weren’t supposed to be watching, I was reasonably successful in preventing any untoward entertainment for the bowls club members.” There is a slight flush to Chrissies cheeks that wasn’t there before.

“We weren’t watching, we were just making sure you were safe.” Jenny exits the van and again she looks great, the cream blouse with the coral cardi open over the top to hide her nipples and the short green skirt, I am in great danger of running out of superlatives, absolutely no makeup, she looks so fresh and innocent, I wait for Chrissie’s reaction

“Jenny where did you get that lot from, I thought you had no clothes,”
“I went round the charity shops with Frank, he sorted out a few outfits for me; what do you think of this outfit?”
“I think the skirt’s too short, the blouse is perfect but too transparent, and that orange doesn’t go with the green. Nice try though.” I can’t believe what I’m hearing, is Chrissie trying to ruin Jenny’s confidence.

“What did you think of the green dress then Chrissie?” I ask
“Not a lot really, normal charity shop homemade dress, I suppose.”
“Jenny treasure, do you have a moment I need your help at the front of the van for a minute or three”
“Ok flower.” We leave the van together, and once outside and round the front of the van Jenny comes into my arms and whispers, “Is Chrissie telling the truth, flower, do I look a mess?”

“No my darling, you are stunning, I don’t know why she is being so horrible about your clothes, unless it’s the little green meanies again, who would you believe, me and Blackwater or Chrissie, did any of Tribal pass any derogatory comment? And did you put a wiggle on when you saw yourself in the mirror?
“Thank you my flower, I thought I looked good, you think I look good, but I suspect you might be biased; I agree that it might be the green meanies, it fits with earlier in the Gordon, and fancy calling my green dress homemade!”

“Let’s get her tent up, and then think about some food, do you know its ten hours since I had a decent nibble.” I can see Jenny doing the mental arithmetic and by the flush that comes to her cheeks she has found the correct answer. Hand in hand we go back into the awning, Chrissie and Darren are kissing, he on his knees in front of her, I think they are totally lost in each other.

“What do we need treasure, which bags are tent, to start with?” I ask quietly.
“Two navy sausage bags, and a long skinny navy bag has the hoops and pegs.”
“Got them all, treasure.” I take them all outside, “This is all down to you love, I will ‘obey’, you know what goes where, If we can set the tent so the door is at our awning end and the long axis parallel to the car that should give it the maximum shelter.” Jenny picks up the first bag and tips its contents out, this is the inner, she lays it out and asks me to peg it down in three places on the two longest edges, next she tips out the outer, then the hoops, these go through the outer and terminate on the corners of the inner, the top of the inner, clips into the outer, a hoop over the front and the tent is up, that was quick.

“Thank you flower that was easy wasn’t it? If we can open out the sleeping bag in our van that will give it time to fluff up and also help make sure it’s dry.” We go back into the awning and take the sleeping bag into the van; Jenny takes the sleeping bag out and gives it a good shaking, once it was laid out on the bed to air and fluff up Jenny comes into my arms and we kiss again for a couple of minutes.

“Right treasure, let’s get big sis, moved into her new quarters. Chrissie, it is time to surface, wakey wakey.” Chrissie breaks from Darren, he has got her going, and she is practically panting. Darren looks disappointed, I’m glad that I made them separate though, as I told Jenny, at his age his brain is in the wrong place; and although I haven’t been impressed with Chrissie’s attitude today I would not want to see her hurt, it would help if I knew how experienced she is, I wonder if Jenny knows?

“How much of your stuff do you want in the tent?”
“I’ll take it all thanks, thank you both of you for sorting the tent, I don’t deserve two fully paid up halo wearer’s as friends, Jenny I am sorry I was such a cow about your clothes, it’s was another bout of the little green monsters I’m afraid.”

“I won’t say it didn’t hurt, because it did, but Frank reinforced my own beliefs of how I looked and reminded me of what Blackwater thought yesterday. It looks like we have visitor’s incoming from Tribal, Michael and Julie I believe.”

“Knock Knock”
“Come in both of you please, what can we do for you?”
“We have come for the chat we need to have with Chrissie and to invite all of you over to Tribal territory for food, drink and a little entertainment; don’t look worried, the pair of you, it’s not a party, and also to ask you to do Tribal a favour please.”
“Of course, we will if we can, what do you need?”
“It’s a little psychological training for a couple of our young female members, as I said in Ye Arrow, side rules apply, that means we keep confidences within the side safe from outsiders, I took it upon myself to tell the rest of the side of your forthcoming marriage, but only after I had imposed side rules, the twins Abby and Becky couldn’t accept this so while I told the rest of the side Julie took them for a lap of the track and explained the concept of pack loyalty, we have all agreed that they will learn nothing from the rest of the side till tomorrow and we would be grateful if you could keep your plans secret from them as well.”

“Certainly, that shouldn’t be a problem. Chrissie, can you go along with that?” I ask.
“Yes I hope so, I haven’t been very reliable so far today though, but I will try.”

“Chrissie, can you spare me five minutes of your time for a bit of a chat and a walk round the track?” asks Michael. “Sorry Darren,” as Darren moves to rise, “this is between Chrissie and me.”
“Sure Michael,” said Chrissie “I assume doing a lap round the track is a traditional way of having a private conversation here.” Chrissie rises and their conversation continues as they leave the awning.
“It was never planned that way, it is something that just sort of evolved; if two people are on the track, they won’t get spoken to first, they may be waved at, but not interrupted.”

“Julie,” Jenny asks, “when is the Barbeque due to start, we have some pasta to contribute, and we should be able to bring a few bits and pieces, not as many as we would like though as so far at least this week-end meal plans made ahead don’t work. Frank bought food for his week-end and I turned up, I restocked for the rest of our week-end and Chrissie turned up; and neither Frank nor I are comfortable taking more out than we put in.”

“Don’t worry, with as many teenagers as we now have in the side it’s a lot cheaper to get meat in bulk from the cash and carry, there will be plenty to go round, and as it is paid for out of subs and both of you were invited by the side in a unanimous vote you are both to not worry, is that understood Jenny girl? And so far as timing is concerned come as soon as you are ready.”
“Yes Miss, Thank you very much, I know Frank is getting hungry, and I wouldn’t mind a bit to eat either.”

“Darren” Julie asks, “are you coming back to freshen up and change? Give Frank and Jenny a little time together, then all three will come over to us.”
“Yes ok, see you later, bye”.

With no words being exchanged between us we go into our van closing the door and pulling the blinds down, we lay together facing each other on the bed, I kiss Frank slow and gentle, but after a few heartbeats, I need more so my hand goes behind his head and I pull him in, increasing the pressure, I want him to hold me and to cuddle me close. I wriggle against him, I send my tongue to brush against his lips, they open to me and our kissing warms up and Frank’s hand slides off of my hip and round to my bottom, he pulls me closer and we rub against each other, I can feel my tummy moving, my vagina starts to feel very wet, almost as wet as our mouths, our tongues are really moving around each other, I understand why Chrissie was panting, I can feel my vagina twitching, I need Frank to do more for me but I know he won’t go much further here and now.
With any other man I would be defending myself, stopping him taking advantage of my passion; I need to get rid of my skirt, it is too close fitting, I don’t have the freedom I need, reaching behind I move Frank’s hand down pop the button and pull the zipper down, I break our kiss and quickly shimmy out of my skirt and panties, once free of them I return to Frank and continue our kiss.
Frank’s hand goes back onto my bottom and he gently strokes and pulls my bottom cheek up and around, it’s like having an itch and someone rubbing all around it but not where it itches, my pussy lips are being moved against each other but not getting the job done, I am going quietly mental! I need him to make me peak now not in half an hour. Grabbing his wrist I pull his hand from my bottom and still holding his head, flop over onto my back and put his hand exactly where I need it, between my open legs, as soon as his hand covers me I feel a finger, oh so gently, part my lips, ‘please man stop tormenting me!’
I am no longer going quietly mental, ‘sod the squeaky springs,’ I start moving against his hand, I mentally scream at him, ‘please flower, harder, faster, I need you, make me come!’ My mouth is locked wide open as are my legs, that delicious numbness is starting in my belly, I feel it spread, down my vagina, my pussy lips are going, my clit is going now, both my hands go to Franks head and he gets yanked down to my breast, bugger, my blouse is in the way, it makes no odds to Frank as he attaches to my nipple I can feel him suck and rasp at it. Here we go, yippee, ahhh! He hasn’t stopped! his finger is going like a demented bunny rabbit on my clit, my nipple gets the same treatment and I’m still coming and coming, how long, I can’t count, I don’t have the mental capacity, he still hasn’t stopped, I can’t keep coming like this, another fresh wave crashes through me, still his tongue is rasping over my nipple, I can’t handle any more stimulation on my poor little clit, my legs clamp together holding him in place and my hand goes on top of his over my puss holding him still.
As I slowly calm, I realise Frank has a finger in me, it is hooked up inside me, his head lies still on my breast, my nipple still in his mouth. I know I have said it before, but Wow! I have never come that long or hard before; I never dreamed a body could do that, what can follow next? A couple of hours sleep sounds nice.

I fly awake, Chrissie will be back soon, she must be in the awning, she might have heard me, must have heard the bed creaking.
“Frank, my precious flower, wakey, wakey, I think we might have just embarrassed ourselves beyond measure.” I part my legs and get Frank’s hand and finger away from me, next I lift his head away from my breast, as he flops onto his back I move over him and give him a quiet “thank you” and a gentle kiss.

“Thank you my precious love, I hope you enjoyed that as much as I.” Frank replies.
“We have to get dressed, Chrissie might come in”
“Yes, you do don’t you.” Said Frank as he rose to his knees on the bed and rearranged his erection inside his clothing. I pick up my panties and discover I can’t wear them, they are for the wash I didn’t realise I was that wet, I go to the top draw for a clean pair, I have to open the second pack, I wasn’t aware that I had used six pairs already, I must have had a psychic moment when I bought two packs on Saturday, the news gets no better when I pick up my skirt, that has a damp spot where my moisture came through, more work for the cleaners, looking in the mirror I have to have a clean top as well, where Frank suckled is also predictably wet.

“Flower I have a problem, I have no clean tops left.”
“That’s all right treasure, you can go as you are, you did offer this morning, but seriously what’s wrong with your tops.”
“When you were on my boob, my blouse got very wet, the sweater also got some.”

“If you put the sweater on for now, I’ll warm the kettle up with a bit of water in it that will dry your blouse out in a couple of minutes, I daren’t do the same with the cardi, how is your strappy top? Could that last out the evening? Or use your grey jacket open or buttoned. So you have the choice of white skirt, with any two from strappy top, white blouse, cardi or jacket.” I put a mug full of water into the kettle and put it on to heat, while it is heating I have a rummage in the wash bin for Jenny’s strappy top, I find it and pass it to Jenny,
“Could you have a look and sniff at your strappy top love, is it fit to go under your blouse?” I turn the kettle ring off, the kettle is nearly hand hot, well past warm anyway, I find the wet spot on the blouse, using a wad of kitchen roll, and some water dab over the wet area before holding it on the kettle for a count of ten, lift off and blow to dry and cool, I repeat this half a dozen times, and give it a few extra puffs to make sure it’s cool before asking Jenny’s opinion,
“Is this dry enough love or does it need a few more goes?”
“That’s perfect flower, and the strappy top is perfectly serviceable for tonight, with the white skirt, I should be up to standard. Do we have five minutes before we have to go?

“That depends on how hungry you are feeling.”
“I’m hungry all right, and it’s not just for food; do I have time to put a face on?”

“Of course you do treasure, I’ll see if I can find Chrissie, see you in a few minutes, we have a bye, bye kiss and as usual for us the temperature rapidly increases, Jenny breaks away this time,
“Stop it you naughty man, I have to do my face.”
“I didn’t do anything,” I protest.

“You did, you were getting me hot again.” Jenny whispered in my ear.
“See you in a little bit my treasure.” Chrissie isn’t in the awning, hopefully that may mean she didn’t hear Jenny getting enthusiastic and a bit noisy, I walk out of the awning, the sun has set and the twilight lays silent over the field, there is some music coming from Hertfordshire holly’s direction, and a few laughs from Tribal’s direction, as I look round towards the tent I think I can hear crying, the gentle unhappy crying like Jenny did the early hours of Saturday morning, I walk a few steps towards the tent and then ask Chrissie;

“Big sis, are you ok, do you need or want to talk for a few minutes while Jenny is putting her face on?”
“Please Frank,” comes out between the sniffles so I bend and open the flap of the tent and crawl in, Chrissie is in the sleeping bag flipping my sandals off on the way, as soon as I am in the tent, and about to hold Chrissie she opens the sleeping bag, even in the very dim light I can see she is nude.

“Chrissie, do up the sleeping bag now or I am leaving.”
“Frank, I need a cuddle like Jenny had, I am desperate, I can’t trust Darren yet, what can I do?”
“Zip up, and we can talk and cuddle or I can go and get Jenny and you can explain what you want from me to her, but I don’t think even Jenny could be that generous in sharing her sweeties, I wouldn’t be keen on the idea either; that could be the quickest way to lose a friend or two you will ever find. I will go out, please then get dressed and come into our van and we can talk all together. Ok?”

“Don’t tell Jenny I made a play for you, please Frank.” I don’t answer but reverse out of the tent and picking up my sandals walk barefoot into our van, I tap once on the door and open it slightly “only me” and open it fully and enter.
“That was quick, where is she? Did she hear us?” I answer quietly, just in case Chrissie is listening.
“She’s in your tent, she did hear us and she made it very plain she wanted some of the same, I had to reject her; I don’t believe you would be willing to share me that much, she is hurting but can’t trust Darren to the same extent that we trust each other.”

“What can we do for her my flower? I hate to think of her alone and hurting and she won’t be very comfortable tonight, she didn’t bring the roll mat unless it’s still in her car, she will be just on the groundsheet.”
“What might you be willing to suggest treasure? She is your friend, and I will go along with whatever concessions you want to make to her.”

“Chrissie probably feels how I felt overnight Friday, she needs a cuddle, I trust you to cuddle her when she needs it flower.”
“Treasure, maybe I didn’t make it plain enough, and please don’t blow up at her; she is feeling bad enough at the moment, Chrissie was nude when she invited me into your sleeping bag for some of what you had, that’s why I was back that quickly.”

“She must be hurting badly and desperate if she had to make a play at you with me less than twenty feet away, I know it’s your, not our van but do you think we could allow her in here to sleep tonight, I will go in the middle and Chrissie can have my bag and sleep on the end.” I try to imagine Michael’s remarks if he were to hear of Jenny’s suggestion, but I can’t have any real objections, she will be safer inside, and I have a chaperone in Jenny to keep me safe.”

“If that’s how you feel and what you want to do I can accept that, are you going to call her in and tell her?”
“Yes, I’ll call her now but we will sit in the awning as I don’t want to give her ideas by inviting her to lie on the bed, while we talk. Would you care to pour some wine please flower, just us for now, big sis gets one if she accepts, without going ballistic.”

I take two glasses and the wine box that we opened Friday night out into the awning, and arrange Jenny’s and my director chairs close side by side at the table and the other two chairs on the other side, I can hear Jenny and Chrissie talking but can’t hear what they are saying, until Chrissie, obviously pleased and happy that she hadn’t lost a friend, exclaimed

“You’re sure that’s ok. Frank doesn’t mind, after what I did, Jenny, oh Jenny, I don’t deserve having you as a friend. Thank you so much.”

“Pour another one please flower, we will be there in a moment or two, just getting big sis ready.” Just after the girls come into the awning Julie pokes her head through the flap
“You need to be over ours now people, bring your drinks, we need to eat, you might be living on the fruits of love, but the rest of us need normal food.”

“Ok Julie,” I say “do we need chairs?”
“Just one for Chrissie, and could you bring the pasta as well please Jenny.”

“Just a mo then Julie, we will follow you.” I go into the van and pass the pasta out to Jenny, I take both our glasses Jenny has the pasta, I lock up, and ask Chrissie, can you manage a chair and your wine?”
“Yes, thanks Frank.” I zip up after us and follow on behind enjoying the view of the three ladies, Chrissie and Julie both curvy in figure hugging jeans and my precious Jenny in her white skirt and blouse. This is my first visit to a Tribal camping weekend; between them the side has two caravans, one with an awning one campervan and a motley collection of tents. Two gazebo’s have been lashed together, and the back and sides have been fitted in. A gas barbeque is back centre, and the smells coming from it reminds me how long it has been since breakfast. Most of Tribal are seated at the tables or around large drums with wooden boards on top to protect the skins

“Come on folks sit you down, you can all fit round this end, yes?” It looks like we three are at the head of the table, three tables are placed end to end along the gazebo’s length, and a few large drums have been pressed into service with wooden tops to protect them, this provides a very informal arrangement.
“I can’t do a whole set of introductions again, Frank knows a fair few of you, but for the benefit of those who weren’t at Ye Arrow, this is Chrissie, nick name big sis and Jenny, Franks best girly, they’ve only known each other since Friday, so it’s a waste of time asking one about the other yet, they probably don’t know anyway.”

“Nobody gets personal service here, as it’s cooked it gets divided up amongst the tables, salad, pasta, rolls etc are on the end, there are only two sorts of people here, the quick and the hungry; dig in when you’re ready.” A large plate with half a dozen or so chops and rounded out with burgers and sausages is placed on our table, the empty plate that was there is taken and loaded up for the next table, and so on down the row, In next to no time half the meat has gone off our table.

“Dig in girls help yourselves to what you want, come on Frank don’t be bashful, I reckon Jenny will want you properly fuelled up, if you are going to keep performing like you have been. What’s the phrase, if it’s rocking don’t come knocking.”

Jenny goes bright red in the LED lighting. I would like to say I feel sorry for her, but she was the one who made it rock! Chrissie is grinning from ear to ear, she is enjoying Jenny’s discomfort, I lean towards Jenny and cuddle her, I whisper,

“I did tell you that didn’t I love?”
“I didn’t make that much noise did I flower?”
“You didn’t but I wouldn’t be surprised if the van springs squeaked a bit treasure”
“Please don’t flower, I am soooo embarrassed already, I feel like a proper fool. I know you can’t die from simple embarrassment but acute embarrassment with complications, that’s a very different problem.”

“Don’t worry Jenny” said Michael, “you’re no fool, I could only hear when Chrissie and I got close, and only the fourteen others in here have heard me mention it, so turn down the heat in your cheeks and enjoy your food. I’m surprised at you though Frank, I thought you might have had a bit more control, having been caravanning for years.” I am tempted to correct him but don’t want to pile on the agony for Jenny, as a distraction for her and Chrissie I get up and collect salad, pasta and some rolls on two of our plates and bring them back to our places, take your pick girls, no ceremony here, as Michael said, ‘the quick and the hungry’. Jenny drags some salad and a roll to her plate, and pulls a chop from the meat plate, I divide up what is left between big sis and myself and pass the meat plate to Chrissie, she takes a couple of burgers, I have a chop and a sausage, the closer the food gets the hungrier I feel, silence reigns as we three tuck in, after half my plate contents have gone I stop for a breather and a slurp of wine.

“That feels better, thanks Michael, with a bit of luck I might even be able to take enough time to taste the rest; how are you getting on treasure?”

“I also feel a lot better thanks my flower, for some reason I feel extra hungry tonight.” And having realised how that sounded starts to pump a bit more colour back into her cheeks; although no-one said anything, I think I heard a giggle from Rachael sitting by a drum behind Jenny.

“Would you like a refill Frank” asks Julie, brandishing a bottle of red wine over the table. I finish off the last half inch in my glass.
“Please Julie,” Quietly I add “how are the terrible twins feeling now?” Julie half fills my glass and then replies,

“Looking and feeling fairly miserable, they are both sitting outside their tent with a couple of sausage butties, no-one is talking to them, they are really being ignored, we think one strong reining in and get them back on course is better and more effective than lots of little tickles on the reins. As I have told them, all will be forgiven tomorrow.”

“Could Jenny and I tell them what they missed out on, when we do our engagement lap tomorrow, if it won’t be affecting side discipline?”
“If they haven’t wheedled it out of someone before then of course you can, it might be more effective that way, anyway. Jenny, refill for you and big sis?”

“Please Julie,” they say in unison and they hold their glasses out to Julie.
“Julie,” Jenny says, “Thank you for keeping our news under wraps; I only hope that Blackwater haven’t told too many people.”

“Don’t worry about it, we don’t get too many visitors from other sides, a lot of the traditionalists in the Morris don’t like our version of the tradition, and if people have to come here to talk to you, the odds are they won’t bother, if you had stayed in your awning, you would have been crowded out. While we can’t guarantee it, you and Frank should have a fairly peaceful evening here.” I ask the girls if they need anything from the other end of the table, both would like bread and salad, I load my plate with both and head back, take your pick girls just leave me a little of each, Michael tops up the meat plate with chicken, lamb, and beef, and more burgers and sausages, I notice that the youngsters are taking only processed meat, only the adults are taking un-processed meat, I pass the meat plate to both girls, Jenny goes for a chicken breast, Chrissie and I go for lamb, now that everyone’s initial hunger has been sated, conversation starts amongst the grown-ups, at times it gets a bit saucy even racy, especially with reference to caravan suspension, but as we all seem to have been there at some time or another and some people are happier making confessions than others, it causes more laughter than embarrassment, towards the end of this topic I was amazed to hear Jenny say to Michael,

“I think you have been most unfair to us, but especially to Frank it wasn’t him making the van squeak it was me, and before you get any funny ideas, we were only playing, cuddling, messing about and that sort of thing, I admit I was feeling really frisky, but Frank is a bit old fashioned about that sort of thing, I will still be a virgin when we marry.”

“Sorry Jenny, we weren’t casting aspersions, it’s none of our business what you do, or don’t do, it’s just the whole ‘if it’s rocking’ thing is always such an easy way of breaking the ice, and getting people talking together that it’s difficult not to use the opportunity it affords.

“Darren, when you’ve finished could you take a wander towards Franks van and see if anyone is hanging about, I would prefer if no-one saw you, ok?”
“Sure thing Michael, I’ll be back in a minute.” It is fairly dark now and guy lines make for a tricky short walk but a couple of minutes later Darren is back.

“Hi again, five adults and two children are outside your awning, they have chairs and bags.”
“That will be Ken, Sue, Richard and Kath with Charlie and her brother I don’t know his name.” I say. “I wonder how long they will wait for us. Has anyone got a program?”
“I have one somewhere” said Julie “why is that Frank?”

“I was thinking of a little misdirection, If Darren and Chrissie were to walk towards Chrissie’s tent and let drop that we won’t be back until after the Bounty Hounds finish at the wherever they are, we might be able to sneak into the awning and settle down.”
“We might save that for later, when you want to go back, has everyone finished eating?” A couple of youngsters grab some sausages, but there are a lot of leftovers.

“The consensus appears to be that we are all done, so let the games begin, Rachael, what do you fancy?”
“Chase the ace, please”
“Ok, does everyone know how to play chase the ace?”
“I don’t.” Said Jenny,
“I’ll need a refresher about your rules, its years since we played it.” I say.
“I’m with Frank.” Said big sis.

“Ok, everyone gets one card you want to keep as high a value card as you can, you look at your own card, keeping it secret then starting at the dealers left If you have a face card you should be safe, keep it and say ‘stick’; if you have a middling card, you might want to swop cards with the person on your left or stick, if you have a little card you will want to swop, the person on your left has to swop if asked, unless they have a king, they have the right to keep that and in that case you are stuck with the card you have, swopping continues around the table, when it gets round to the dealer, his swopping option is with the top card on the deck, all then turn their cards over and the lowest card and aces are low, loses a life, or a chip or cash depending on what we’re doing, we normally play three lives and a dogs chance ten pence a life. Are we all ok with that?” asks Michael, silence reigns, “Ok who’s in?” It is amazing how quickly chairs, tables and drums were shifted, eight people are around two tables and the third was moved away, non players stand behind the players, most with a drink in their hands.

“Can the twins join in” I ask “or are they barred”
“No they aren’t barred, if you want to invite them go ahead”
“What do you reckon treasure, at the risk of getting a thump, they were only acting like normal teenage girls, shall we invite them?”

“Yes flower, it is our fault they were excluded, shall we both go?” In reply I stand and taking Jenny’s hand say, “Back in a minute.” As we go out of the gazebo there is enough light to see the outlines of the tents and we see the girls sitting on a roll mat outside a blue and orange tent, “Hi Abby, Becky we have come to invite you for a game of chase the ace, do you fancy joining in?”

“Can we, is our punishment over?”
“I don’t do punishment, you were excluded from knowledge that all the others have, so I suppose to pair of nosey little female teenagers that could be called punishment, curiosity must be driving you wild, but you are not being punished; if you want you can both come to our van tomorrow after breakfast and we will tell you what you missed out on. Is that ok, are you coming?”

“Yes please” was squealed at us in unison. Both girls got up and Becky dived into the tent and pulled the roll mat in behind her, once she had the tent organised she came out zipped up and handed a purse to her sister. They both looked at us as though we had rescued them from disaster, hero worship in their eyes. When we returned to the gazebo additional chairs had already been placed for the twins, Becky next to me then Andrea then Abby, I also noted that big sis had moved a couple of places to be next to Darren, they were cuddling with the occasional short kiss. Two plastic food containers were in the middle of the table, one had loads of ten pence pieces in it the other was empty.

“Ante up folks” Julie called, I put my hand in my pocket and drew out a load of change, I slid thirty pence to Jenny, I put a fifty pence bit in the coin container and took out change that I spread on the table in front of me then put twenty pence in my shirt pocket, leaving thirty pence playing money in front. Julie deals to Michael, Abby, Andrea, Becky, Me, Jenny, Jack, Bill, Rachael, Maggie, and herself. Michael sticks, Abby swops, Andrea swops, Becky swops with me, I get a better card, I stick. Jenny swaps, Jack swops, Bill swops, Maggie smiles and sticks, Julie swops with the top card, we all turn our cards, in order Michael first they are 10, 9, J,3,4,8,10,3,7,6 and Julie has a King. Becky and Bill are the disappointed holders of the pair of three’s and each puts ten pence in the pot. After the dealing has moved once round the table only Rachael still has all three lives, Jenny is down to two lives; Becky is on her last ten pence. After two rounds of the dealer round the table, Becky is still in there Jenny and I are out as are Maggie and Julie, On the next hand, Michael and Jack go out, next hand Rachael loses her second life, the last two in are Rachael and Becky it’s all on this hand, Rachael gets a six and swops it for Becky’s eight, Becky takes the top card and draws a five, Rachael wins and makes sure everyone knows she has cleared the pot, three pounds profit. I resume my cuddle with Jenny, and notice that Chrissie and Darren have left, I can’t remember them playing chase the ace.

“Treasure, did see the going of big sis and Darren,”
“No flower I didn’t, Julie, did you see where big sis and Darren went?”

“I think they went to his tent, it’s next to the twins, Orange trimmed navy three hoop.”
“Should we go and have a sneaky listen, flower, just to make sure she is ok?”

“I am in favour, do you know how experienced she is with men treasure, I would hate to interrupt sounds of passion if that is not unusual behaviour, but if, like you she is a virgin, I think we should at least make sure that she wants to be there.” We walk quietly to Darren’s tent as we get closer we hear them both talking quietly, we eavesdrop, they are talking about work, I beckon Jenny away, when we are a few yards away I whisper, “how about going towards our van and seeing if we still have people hanging around?”
“Good idea flower,” we sneak through the tents and looking round the corner of one of Grim’s vans we see about eight people outside our awning, “I think we might have to disturb Chrissie and Darren and then find out where and when the Bounty Hounds are tonight.”

“Why do they have to say which pub we have gone to, can’t they just say we are down the town for the Bounty Hounds?”

“That’s true treasure, let’s go wake up the lovers, to do our evil work for us.” We turn into each other’s arms and our mouths unite for a kiss, slow and gentle, we don’t let the heat build although my hand does go to Jenny’s breast to give it a stroke, and after a while we break and walk back the way we came. At Darren’s tent we meet the twins, they are giggling quite loudly, and we hear Darren tell them to “go away and give us some peace.” When the twins spot me and Jenny they walk hand in hand back to the gazebo.
“Sorry to disturb you both,” calls Jenny, “but could you do us a favour if you have a couple of minutes free?”
“Sure Jenny, be out in a minute, or maybe two!” There are scuffling sounds within, a couple of giggles, and eventually Chrissie and Darren emerge, both a little dishevelled and in the light from the gazebo I think Chrissie may have the wrong tee shirt on.

“We would like to go back to our van, could you and Chrissie divert the paparazzi that are outside by telling them we are down the town watching the Bounty Hounds, and won’t be back till late.”
“Sure thing, we will go into your tent and have a listen from inside, when we believe they have gone, Darren can leave to make sure and then summon you home.”

“Thanks both of you; we are sorry if we interrupted your fun this evening, and don’t deny it Chrissie, it’s too dark in a tent to see if you have your own tee on or not, if it won’t take too long, you could save Darren some embarrassment with Tribal by swopping back before he comes to fetch us.” Chrissie colours up to a remarkable extent Darren makes his excuses, “I have to go to the Gents, back in a minute love,” and after a short kiss he makes his way up the field staying out of sight of Tribal.

“Chrissie, can I put my very much elder brother head on and ask you a couple of questions while Darren is away,” Chrissie nods, “Earlier you said you couldn’t trust him yet, is that still true, if not what has changed in the last hour or so? And secondly, and to me more importantly, can you look after yourself if he gets friskier than you want or are comfortable with? You can of course tell me wind my neck in; the offer of sleeping in our van is still and will remain open.”

“Thanks flower for looking out for me, I do trust him a lot more now, but not totally, he has invited me to take a sleeping bag and join him in his tent, but I don’t think I will. I think I know what you are worrying about, I am not as innocent as Jenny, I do know the ways of the world and will not take unnecessary risks with my safety; I will still take you up on your offer, thank you.” She then looks up to me and gives me a proper kiss. I respond for a second or two so that she doesn’t feel rejected; and break away.

“If that’s what Darren was getting, I can see why he invited you!”
“Now, now you two, you are not on loan now flower.”

“Sorry my treasure, I can resist anything apart from temptation!” Darren returns and both head in the direction of our van.
“We had better go and say our farewells to Tribal and to thank them for being good to us.” It takes getting on for five minutes to do the rounds of Tribal; we remind the twins to come and see us tomorrow and then head towards our van, we again peek round the edge of a Grim van, and see Chrissie and Darren still talking to the paparazzi.

“Well if you will excuse us, we are going to settle in for the night, enjoy the wait, I understand that some of the Hounds enjoy a drop or two while they are packing down, their driver is teetotal, Frank and Jenny will probably get a lift back with them around midnight. Nighty Nighty!”

“We will have to nominate the pair of them for an Oscar.” I whisper to Jenny, we move back into deeper shadows and start to warm each other up, I hear voices from near our van; I go to the edge again to listen.

“It’s a waste of time waiting, even if they are back at eleven, allowing for a walk back, after the Hounds finish, we will have to stay quiet, that’s not a lot of fun”
“I thought it was a planned party.” Said a second voice in a disappointed tone.
“It was; but nobody told the guests of honour, they wanted it kept quiet.” Said a third.
“We should abide by their wishes, if they want quiet, they should have peace and quiet, let’s go.” Said the first person to speak.
“I don’t want to miss out on a party.” said the second voice. “But we have to be packed up before noon, I don’t want to pack down in a hurry with a hangover, let’s go back and have a couple in the awning,”
“They are coming this way treasure, I thought the voices were familiar, they are Pretty Grim, and we need to get back towards tribal then down the field.” We scamper quietly among the tents and make it back to Tribal territory, from there we go down field and out to where the people from Holland are camping; we creep towards my car and Jenny’s tent, when we get to Jenny’s tent, all we can hear is a fair bit of heavy breathing, we tap on the canvas,

“Thanks for letting us know, see you in a bit Chrissie, come in from this end and knock first.”
“Ok Frank, sorry we didn’t hear them go. I will give you ten minutes.” We hear Chrissie say followed by;

“Come on Darren my love, it’s time you were moving back to your own tent now. I will see you tomorrow morning after breakfast.”
“Ok love, see you tomorrow, sleep safe.”

Jenny and I creep slowly along the tent to the back edge of the awning where it fixes to the van and slowly and as quietly as I can open the end flap, it is a lot smaller than going in the front but much more secluded, slowly we grope our way round the table and chairs and unlock and enter the van.
“Could you sit on the bed please treasure?” I then have a grope around to make sure all the blinds are down, before I switch on one of the wind up torches so we can see to draw the curtains and close the roof light blinds, we should now be blacked out; but I only turn on the led strip light, not enough light to read by, but enough to see by, I also turn on the water heater.

“Cup of tea or a drink my love?”
“Tea please flower, have you worked out how we can all get ready for bed?”

“Not in detail, I think I will have to go in the awning while you both get ready, one has the van, the other the washroom, then swap over, when you are both ready I can come back in for my turn like on Friday night.” I fill the kettle with enough water to make tea for all three of us and put it on to heat.
“Come here flower, we still have at least five minutes till Chrissie comes.” I go to the bed and we lay together, and Jenny continues “I had so much planned for you tonight; I know you wanted a shower, and I was hoping for one as well, then we might have been able to have some shared fun for both of us, not just me, I wanted to do something special for you.”

“Thank you for that my treasure, we have years ahead of us now, and those same years to learn exactly what we both like and what we would want for each other,” Jenny’s eyes well up, “don’t cry love, we are supposed to be happy, as happy as I am.”

“I am so happy my flower, that’s why I’m crying, not weeds, but acres and acres of flowers. Thank you my flower and we kiss, long and warm and loving, we kiss till the kettle whistles, Jenny rises and turns the gas off and then returns to me, our kiss resumes, and the temperature slowly increases, I was right, Jenny is soooo addictive, but hopefully only for and to me, after another couple of minutes there is a gentle rap on the door, Jenny goes to the door I turn off the light, after a few seconds the door closes and Jenny says;

“Ok, it’s safe to light up flower.” I turn the light on, “Did you zip up tent and awning Chrissie?”
“Yes Bruv, all secure.”
“Thanks big sis, would you like a brew or a drink?”
“Brew please, Bruv.” I fire up the kettle ring again for a brew.
“How do I address you collectively, ladies or girls?”
“Girls.” Is the reply that comes from them both almost in unison.
“Ok girls, can you get yourselves comfy on the bed while I sort the brew, milk, no sugar for you sis is that right?
“Yes how did you know?”

“You didn’t take sugar in the Gordon.” In a minute or so the kettle boils and I make a pot full, “Jenny treasure, could you put Blondel’s England on please, but keep the volume down.”
“I assume you mean Amazing Blondel, yes?”

“That’s it treasure” Seascape starts as I pour the tea, I sugar mine and Jenny’s and put mine and Jenny’s on the drawer unit, big sis’s goes on the fridge. “Shift girls, make space for me please.” They go apart, I only have the middle ground left, I move onto the bed and get comfy on my back and listen to the music Landscape follows Seascape, I put my arm out for Jenny to come to me she comes within my arm and laying on her side holds me her top hand high on my thigh, her head rests on my shoulder, and she looks up for a kiss, she gets her wish, another gentle warming kiss, after a minute or so Jenny breaks away,
“We need to get our tea down and get organised for bed, how can we do it? Frank can’t stay in the awning like Friday night.”

“That’s easy Jenny, Frank has seen me naked, I am guessing he has seen you in the same state, he is used to people seeing him naked at Studland, and as none of us has puritanical tendencies don’t make problems, just do it, we do have one minor problem though, I have to go and get the sleeping bag,”

“Ok Chrissie, are you ready to go, I will turn the light out and if you wait for a minute you will have some night vision when Jenny opens the door” I switch off the light.
“Just come in when you come back big sis, we won’t turn the light on.” Jenny opens the door quietly then closes it behind Chrissie, and gropes her way back to me,
“Would you be ok with nudity between us three flower?”

“Yes treasure, no problem.” We kiss warm and gentle until Chrissie comes back in with her bag and Jenny’s sleeping bag; I turn on the led strip light as Landscape finishes and Afterglow begins this being the final part of The Paintings, which occupied side one of the original LP.
“Who wants first go in the washroom, we have hot water, it’s perfectly ok to use the light, we shouldn’t have visitors at this time of night and if anyone does call we can just yell Night-Night see you tomorrow.”

“If I go first, you and Frank can re-arrange the bed how you need it” said Chrissie.
“It’s all yours then.” I reply as I go onto the bed and drag our sleeping bags close to the outside wall and then re-arrange the pillows for us, Jenny meanwhile has positioned Chrissie’s sleeping bag next to ours and used a long cushion as a pillow for her. As Afterglow ends and A Spring Air begins Chrissie comes out of the wash room, holding her clothes in front of herself she gets to the bed and dumps them all before bending to fold them all and stack them in a corner of the bed near where her feet will be. She then gets on the bed and turns and kneels as Jenny did Friday night. She looks very sexy, she is built on much more robust lines than Jenny.

“Who’s next? Ladies first or do you want me to go next treasure?”
“I’ll go next love and then Chrissie and I can watch you come into bed.” I go to sit on the end of the bed as Jenny goes into the toilet/washroom; as soon as the door is shut, Chrissie leans forward and cuddles me round my neck and I can feel the heat from her nipples as they press on my back, “Will you be in the middle Bruv, we could have a nice cuddle later, a very nice cuddle if you understand me,”

“Jenny will be in the middle, that’s how we were Friday night and I don’t think there is any reason to swop, if you still need that very special sort of cuddle you might need to wait till you find someone you can really trust and smuggle him into your flat.

“Please Bruv, I am still desperate, I need a few of what Jenny had, you’re the only one who can do it for me.” Chrissie rubs herself against me harder, if she is hoping to get me going she stands no chance, all she will do is raise her own temperature and then feel worse for it. I turn in her arms and hold her face,

“Look sis, Brothers and Sisters shouldn’t do what you want; even the thought of it makes me uncomfortable, just talking as Bruv and Sis, sex is a real turn off, I am sorry Chrissie, you have a great body, an even better personality, you don’t have to cheapen yourself by behaving like this, I hate making anyone feel rejected in any way, if I didn’t love Jenny I would be more than pleased to know you, both as I do and in the biblical sense.” Chrissie at this point begins to cry,

“It isn’t fair, why do I have to go without, I deserve a little happiness as well?”
“Chrissie, nobody deserves happiness or misery, you get what you are given or can find in this life, you want the physical manifestation of love, but it isn’t fair on the loving people around you if you can only get the physical love you crave at the cost of hurting the emotional and physical love of two close friends.” Jenny comes out of the washroom gloriously naked,

“Life’s not just orgasms, Chrissie, remember you told me that this morning, and you are right, Frank can’t give you what you need, you need love not sex, you are like an adolescent male your brain has moved from your skull to your pussy and you now can’t tell the difference between love and lust. Your turn for the washroom flower, I will continue talking with Chrissie.”

“I understand what you mean Jenny, I need a lot more than what my fingers can do for me, is it lust not love that drives me, I know that this could sound horrible to you but you are still an innocent, once you have tasted the fruits of physical love it doesn’t matter who or what is doing the driving it is the absence of what I need that hurts.” With this comment from Chrissie, Jenny kneels in front of Chrissie and holding her face, moves in towards her and kisses her on the lips, Chrissie responds instantly, her arms going round Jenny’s shoulders, and her tongue pushing into Jenny’s mouth. Jenny cools the kiss to a lip massage and then softly pulls away.

“See Chrissie, it is lust not love that drives you, I want, that in the cold light of morning we will still both be very good friends to each other and not lovers, that should be what we both need, let’s get into bed and wait for Frank to show us what he has.”

“Jenny please, can I be in the middle for a few minutes before we settle down? If you can both just hold and cuddle me, I promise I won’t go after Bruv.”
“We will have to see and ask Frank about that, you could be asking him to do more to you than he has to me, neither of us could possibly be happy about that.” I emerge from the washroom, I am I have to confess to being slightly aroused by what I heard the girls talking about, the old man isn’t looking at the roof but he is showing definite signs of taking an interest in his surroundings.

“Flower, sis and I have been talking, she needs us to help her, could you find it in yourself to help me to help her, she has bad withdrawal pains, we all know that Darren practically had her panting this evening in the awning while we were putting the tent up, she was aroused again in Darren’s tent, when her t-shirt and bra sort of fell off, and finally in her tent a half an hour ago. I know how I was feeling when you got me going earlier, I was going not so quietly mental, if we had to stop then, and start up again later just to be interrupted again, after the third interruption I would be going noisily mental, I would be screaming and breaking things; I know a little about how she feels now having discovered the difference between doing things as a couple and DIY. If she lays in the middle for a while with the lights out can we be nice to her, send her to sleep happy?”

“That’s a hell of a lot of trust you are putting in me treasure, I only pray that I don’t disappoint you.”
“You can’t disappoint me flower, I know how strong we are, remember your cycle ride with Janet, you are even stronger than that now. I trust you totally and without reservation.”

“Thank you love.” And with that I climb up the bed and wiggle down into the bags as Jenny and Chrissie swop sides, and lie on my side and with my back to the wall I am facing Chrissie, silence reigns in our van,

I wonder who should make the first move, Chrissie wants it, will she move first or should I as the ‘blank firing’ supposedly alpha male make the first move, I can almost feel the tension rising and as I move my hand to Chrissies tummy the tension breaks with her sigh; my hand gets pulled down towards her pubes,
“Not yet sis.” and I move my hand back up to her rib cage, just below her breast, I nuzzle closer in to her neck, and up to her ear my hand slowly climbs the swell of her breast, Chrissie moves her head and slopes her body to face closer to Jenny, I feel Chrissies head move and I think they are kissing; I hold and stroke Chrissie’s breast and as her nipple rises it gets a bit more attention, her nipple is larger and less firm than Jenny’s and I can tell from the way she is moving it is very sensitive, I move my hand across her body to her other breast and give it the same treatment, it firms and erects almost instantly. While Jenny and Chrissie are kissing I leave Chrissie and stretch further to find Jenny’s nipple, she just gets a gentle stroking and soon Jenny’s hand comes up to still my hand on her boob, after waiting a few seconds like this I lift Jenny’s hand onto Chrissie’s breast, in a short while, Jenny is working on Chrissies right breast and I return to her left one, as we are working on Chrissie she breaks her kiss with Jenny and turns to me, our kiss starts hot and soon becomes so intense I have to focus my mind onto Jenny.
I imagine her eyes, her face, I think of her with her proper hair colour, this gets the old man twitching, but keeps my feelings for both girls honest, what we are doing is to help Chrissie, I feel her tense, she loses concentration with her kissing. ‘One down’ I think to myself, Chrissie gets back into the kissing but after a few more seconds I leave her mouth to go looking for my supper, once I get down to her left breast I soon find and latch onto her nipple, I suckle and swipe it with my tongue and after a minute or so of this I am surprised to bump heads with Jenny, as she starts working on Chrissies right breast; Jenny and my hands meet and mesh on Chrissies tummy and I can feel her tummy muscles squirming, I think another one is due soon, I gently disentangle my fingers from Jenny’s hand and my hand heads south down Chrissie’s tummy, at the top of her pubes I meet no undergrowth and as I head further south I realise she must wax, she is far too smooth for shaving, that makes me think of Lynda and as if by magic my erection collapses.
My hand is above her slit and she is rising to my hand and to my mouth, I allow my second finger to slide between her legs and as I do her legs open as does her puss, ‘is it still a puss if it’s bald?’ I stroke upwards through her wetness and move my mouth to hers for a kiss as I brush her centre, I feel her sigh loudly into our kiss and as I stroke and brush around her clit she moves faster, I know she is not a virgin so one then two fingers go into her vagina and my thumb keeps working on her clit, she must be getting close, but I cannot be sure, her nipple is now like a pebble, I feel her inhale deeply, and as my thumb bunnies across her clit my fingers feel her insides tremble then pulse, I wonder how long I or we can keep her going, Jenny managed about fifteen seconds before she stopped me; my fingers are waggling and my thumb is going across her clit in time and I’m back suckling at her breast, that’s around about twenty, twenty-one,,,,two,,,,three,,,,four,,,,Chrissie jumps up onto my hand again, wanting more, I don’t know how much longer I can keep my fingers coordinated with my thumb, my hand is starting to ache, another jolt goes through Chrissie, this time she squirts, my hand gets very wet, either Jenny or I are getting the wet spot tonight, Chrissie has had enough, her legs clamp my hand in place, I get pushed off her nipple so she can get her hand on top of mine over her sex, she pushes my hand down on to her sex hard, she doesn’t want me moving my hand for a while, I go back to her breast and gently suckle, she tastes sweet! I stay and enjoy, Chrissie isn’t pushing me away, I have to leave, we should have given her enough to make her sleep and my poor Jenny will need a lot of reassurance after this. As I work my way to the surface from below the covers I feel Chrissie and Jenny both moving, and when I join them the led strip light is on and Chrissie is crying into Jenny’s neck as they hold each other.

“Thank you so, so much Jenny, I don’t think I will wake up for a week after that, and you too Bruv, I kept my word didn’t I? Tell Jenny I behaved, please.”

“Yes Chrissie, you kept your word, you didn’t touch me, have we made you feel better now?”
“I have never felt anything like that in my life, it was so intense, I have never been that wet before, I don’t know what happened but it was amazing”

“You squirted Chrissie, has that never happened to you before?”
“No it hasn’t, I didn’t even know it could, did you know Jenny?”
“I have no idea what you are talking about, what happened to you Chrissie?”
“After I had come three or four times I had this need to squeeze or push, I have no idea what I did, but it was intense, it felt great when I did it, and I am sorry to say I have made your bed a bit wet.”
“Is that normal flower, do girls or women become that wet?”

“Yes my treasure, it only happens at the peak of sexual passion and the consensus is that it is well worth searching for, so Chrissie if your man can’t do that for you, then you have to teach him or throw him back and look for a better lover, always remembering Chrissie, life is not just orgasms!”

“It must be night-night time now girls, could we have kisses all round and go to sleep?” Chrissie turns to me and spends half a minute giving me a gentle slow kiss, I don’t know how I know but she was very sad when we parted, I almost felt like crying, Jenny got exactly the same except when Chrissie was climbing across Jenny she ducked her head and gave Jenny’s breast a gentle suck before getting into the sleeping bag. Jenny turns to me for her night-night kiss and I can see she is nearly crying as well. We spend a good couple of minutes kissing and looking at each other and then going back for another kiss.

“We both feel the need for reassurance don’t we love, we can and will rebuild our relationship and we will rebuild it better and stronger with a solid anchorage in our love for each other.” Jenny comes to me tears rolling down her cheeks, “you won’t leave me for Chrissie will you I know she knows more than me and is more passionate but I need you so much my precious flower.”

“You need have no fear, it is you that I love and will marry when we set the day; what happened tonight strengthens our love for each other, we were both able to give to a friend and in the giving still have more left for each other. Would you like to be held and cuddled till you sleep, my precious love?”

“Please flower,” I get another warming kiss and Jenny turns away and we lay as spoons my hand holding her breast as it did last night, hello faeries.

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