Our sexy adventure - the third time

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The next morning we lazed around and had breakfast on the deck overlooking the lake. Carol had on a silky pajama top and no bottom. She had just shaved her pubes and put some protective oil on it. It glistened in the sun. We talked about our adventure on the yacht. As we talked about it we started to get aroused. Carol was absentmindedly stroking a finger along her slit. I asked her to come over to me. When she got there I put my finger in her and she was wet. I pulled my pajama pants down and she straddled my lap. I ran my prick along her oiled mound. I pulled her down on my erection. We both moaned and I pulled her top off. There she was on the deck in the sunlight naked and riding up and down on my prick. I caressed her and sucked on her beautiful breasts and they swayed with our motions. Carol kept talking about our adventure on the yacht. She was very graphic in her descriptions: How she sat on Brian's face, how she felt so full when I fucked her ass while he fucked her cunt how wanton and free she felt. The pictures blazed in my mind. She was getting more and more excited. Carol started making sex sounds and talking dirty - I sucked his prick, you sucked his prick for me, Ohhh, can't stop, fuuuuck me, come in my cunt. I felt her tremble with the start of an orgasm and I pushed up and filled her with my cream. I held her tightly against me and told her how much I loved her and our sex game. When we settled down we were both sweating and glowing. We went into the cottage and gently washed each other off. The rest of the morning we stayed put and read books.

The day was sunny and clear. We decided to take the float boat out. She put on the tiniest bikini I had ever seen. A float boat is just that, you putter out onto the lake and just float lazily around. Once we got off the dock she lay down on the deck to suntan. After a while she asked if she could go topless. I said sure. She took her top off and her breasts glistened with lotion. In the middle of the lake we dropped anchor and lazed around. After a half hour or so she said let's go skinny dipping there's no one around. We pulled of our suits and jumped into the water. It was cool and refreshing. I cupped her tits and she floated face up in the water. I snuggled my prick between her cheeks and we just relaxed in the water. When we were getting back in the boat another boat came by and slowed down. When she realized they could see her, she put her hands over her face in fake modesty turned toward them so they could see her beautiful body. We didn't see who was in the boat as they sped off. Her nipples were erect. We went back to the cottage and took a nap.

That night we decided to go to a local bar and restaurant. It was close to the cottage and we walked. It was a rustic log cabin building. Directly behind it a well kept trailer park. Carol wore a tight cowgirl shirt with snap buttons and a bared midriff and very tight white pants. We had a great meal of lake fish and a bottle of white wine. In a room off the bar there was a dancing area. I told her to go ahead while I took care of the check. When I walked in she was at the bar flirting with a local guy. She was touching his arm and smiling at something he said. She flipped her hair and touched his thigh. He put his arm around her shoulders and she leaned into him. I was mesmerized by it all. This was a new wrinkle in our sex game. The band started some mournful slow country song. He pulled her to him and she ran her hands up and down his arms while dancing. When the song ended instead of going back to the bar she brought him over to my table. He looked confused. You introduced us to each other - John. I invited him to have a drink with us. He sat down but looked at Carol quizzically. I smiled at him and said relax. Carol and I got up to dance and you whispered to me I'd like to get me a cowboy tonight. I whispered back would you like to fuck him? You groaned and said yes, yes.

When we got back to the table he asked you to dance. Carol put her arms around his neck, her head on his shoulder and discretely opened a few snaps on her shirt. When the dance ended they both came back to the table, Carol flushed and John with his jeans looking a little tighter. Carol and I looked at each other, we told him we were playing a sex game and maybe he'd like to play. He looked astonished and eager. A slow country tear jerker started and she stepped into his embrace and put her arms around his neck, molded her body to his and gave him some soft kisses on his neck. The dance ended with the two of them locked in a passionate tongue kiss. When she came back to the table she sat on his lap and squirmed on him. I looked at you and said is it game time. She said softly so we'd both hear "I'd really like to fuck him". I said to John what's your trailer like? John beamed and said let me show you. She leaned into him unsnapped her shirt and we walked out.

We walked to the trailer and he showed us in. It had a narrow living area, a galley kitchen and bathroom and a big bedroom in the back. Carol and I sat on the couch while John went to get drinks. I pulled her to me and gave her a passionate kiss and caressed her bare breasts. John came back into the room and Carol patted the cushion next to her. He sat down and she turned to him, put her arms around his neck and took his hands and put them on her breasts. I sat back and watched. She started moaning and reached for his zipper. She pulled out his cock and it was red and hot. She stroked it then bent down and took it in her mouth.

I said let's take this into the bedroom. Carol stood up and took off her jeans and stood there gloriously naked. John and I got undressed. She took his hand and led him to the bed. He started kissing her and caressing her breasts. She sighed. After a few minutes she rolled over on top of him and began humping his body. His hands were all over her. They got into a 69 position. I could smell her wetness as he licked and sucked her cunt and she sucked his cock. It looked so hot I began stroking my prick. John rolled off her and got up on his elbows and she started to push her cunt toward him. He stuck his cock in her and started to pump in and out. After a few minutes she stopped him and rolled over on her side and he spooned into her. She reached down and put his cock back in her and then raised one leg back over his. I had a perfect view of her cunt stretching and his prick plunging into her. She looked at me with sex glazed eyes and started groaning. She said Oh John fuck me, fuuuck me. He went into a sexual frenzy and then he groaned and I could see his pulsing prick coming in you and your throbbing cunt coming on him. As you both calmed down I went over to the bed and pulled her to the edge. I knelt down and began licking and sucking her freshly fucked cunt. His cum dripped down my jaws. She began humping to my mouth, then clamped her legs together and held my mouth to her. I continued to lick her she started dirty talking - suck his cum, Ohhhh, Ahhhh, I can't stop, I'm coming. I got up on the bed and held her tenderly. After a while I said to John what a great night but we have to get going. He looked disappointed but gave us both a naked hug and said goodnight.

We walked back to the cottage. When we got there I rushed her to bed and started fucking her - I said did you like fucking him, did you like me sucking his cum out of you, did you get your cowboy. She moaned yes, yes, yes. I came quickly in her freshly fucked cunt. We cuddled and drifted off to sleep.

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