The journey to submission and a whole new life

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Having lived in a large city for most of my adult life the move to a small southwest town was going to be a huge change. I had been involved in the BDSM community for the past five years and had many friends who warned me that I would not be finding anything like what I was accustomed to with our group. The job and the increase in salary was reason enough to pack up and move but I was very pleasantly surprised how quickly I was able to find not only a submissive partner but also a few friends that allowed for the continuation of my dominant relationship.

I arrived on a Thursday evening checking into a motel on the north end of town. Having the evening free I drove around to see my new home. The next morning I met my relator at a local café having just had a nice home style breakfast. Sarah was a young dynamic relator that exuded control and a sense of purpose. She was also a knock out with shoulder length blonde hair and a smile that said welcome. Standing about 5’ 6” and about 140 lbs. she looked great in her white blouse that show some cleavage but still was professional, the short skirt again not too short but enough to show her fantastic legs. Sarah was an attention getter for sure.

It is safe to say there was some attraction from the first hello and cup of coffee before we began my search for a new home. The morning was uneventful with some of the places being nice but not what I was looking for. Wanted a back yard that faced east and had some vegetation to give privacy also. We wrapped up the morning with lunch at Sarah’s favorite eating and drinking hole. It was dark inside and took a few minutes to adjust from the bright summer sun of the southwest town.

It was over lunch that I think the relationship of buyer and relator changed. I dropped a few hints of my sexual preferences and they were all very well received. Sarah being a professional remained calm and open to hear about my preferences but never gave a hint as to hers. I shared my leaving my friends and knowing that in a small town the hope of a replacement was slim. Sarah did give one clue to what I might find when she shared that I might be pleasantly surprised.

It was the second home that we went to that afternoon that seem to fit the bill for my likes and was a good price as well. The kitchen opened onto a patio that was covered and the whole back yard had trees for a complete sight blind. It gave a sense of a private garden. Sarah was showing me the home when I asked her a question about financing and she responded for the very first time ‘Sir’. I smiled and let it go without jumping to a conclusion of what she might be offering. By the time we got to the kitchen with the view of the garden like yard I was getting aroused from all of the submissive signals Sarah was putting out. We stood at the island counter looking at some of the pictures of the home and I touched her shoulder and she turned and smiled and would Master like more? I for some reason knew that this was going to get pretty hot sooner than I could ever had imagined.

I looked at Sarah and told I wanted more than a touch, to which she responded so take it. I reached into her white blouse and into her bra and felt the nipple erect to my touch. I pinched it just enough to have Sarah say with a breath that she liked that. I pinched harder and Sarah rolled her eyes back and lifted her head exposing her neck, which I leaned over and kissed. My hand touched Sarah’s tits and opened the blouse so as to be able to remove the bra. Sarah reached behind and unfastened the bra as it fell to the floor exposing her 36C perky tits that screamed out touch me and suck. I did both and could tell Sarah was into this all the way. I stepped back and looked at my new friend and explained I was a dominant and really only enjoyed a woman if she submitted to my control. The response back was another ‘Sir’ with a ‘yes’ and I thought I had nothing to loose. So I directed my soon to be sub to kneel before me as I pulled out my cock for her pleasure.

As memory serves me this was one hellava of a blowjob with Sarah showing not only her submission but also her passion for pleasing sexually who ever she was with. I stopped her short of blowing the load and pulled her up kissing her and fondling her tits and ass and lifting up her skirt wet pussy through her panties.
Sarah was breathing very heavy and he look in her eyes said take what you want. I pulled her panties down and finger fucked her to an orgasm to just show who was in control. Sarah managed to remain standing up leaned on me when she could not hold it any longer and she exclaimed ‘oh fuck’ and orgasmed on my hand looking me in the eye.

After a few minutes as I held my relator close we kissed and I said would she like to go somewhere maybe back to my motel room and finish the discussion about the home I was going to buy. Sarah only nodded as she was still feeling effects of her orgasm that was just now subsiding. I asked Sarah if she knew that she would be submitting if we did go further and her nod affirmed her agreement. I smiled and said why don’t we get her put back together and go for a drink. Again Sarah nodded and said ‘yes sir’. She bent down and started to put her panties back on until I told her to just put them in her purse along with her bra, which she did.

The rest of that day Sarah was one turned on relator exploring the first steps of her new submissive relationship. It was later that night that I had Sarah sitting on the floor in front of me that I asked her if this was just a one time fuck or something more. She confirmed my hoped for response that she wanted much more. I explained the way this would go and that since this was a small town we could keep her submission to the private life and her business would be just that professional business. We talk about her limits and the need for safe words at least to start. I can say that looking down at my new play partner sure gave a different outcome to my first day in my new hometown. It may surprise the reader that the rest of the evening was not filled with wild and kinky sex but a continuous discussion of what I expected from Sarah as sub and her full and total agreement. How much pain? How much humiliation? How much bondage? Would she ware a collar as a sign of her submission? Was she bi or straight or curious? Had she ever done this before?

Well you can tell it was a full evening of exploring just who this woman was and how much experience had she had in this lifestyle. Not much it turned out but a deep desire to try whatever I wanted her to try trusting that I would protect her and keep her safe. Boy what a turn for the ages as my soon to be wife was from the get go my submissive and even to the point of being a slave. The first night ended with the two of us naked in the bed of my motel and waking up to the first day of the new life in a small town.

Ok there was a quick blowjob with my sub showing me that she was open to my pleasures as I filled her mouth with my usual large load of cum.

Now move forward 18 years of the marriage and two daughters both as exciting as their mom who was now a slave submissive for her Master.

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