The Club pt1 - -Mary 1

If wasn't more than 2 months before she went to Kevin’s that Mary had even considered something of this nature. She had been longing to find release from the torment she had been having and when Jeff had began to hold her arms during their love making, she began to realize that maybe bondage was something she needed. She really felt she also needed discipline when Jeff ordered her to stand in the corner with her back to him. Never before had she felt so complete.
Jeff was smart enough to realize what Mary was feeling and understood that he was not the one who could give her what she wanted. However, he knew that Kevin was more that capable of providing her fulfillment. Jeff also felt that Kevin would be more that happy to help Mary.
Mary was very beautiful. She had long, fine blond hair. Her blue eyes sparkled like the sea and seemed to draw you into them. She kept her body in shape with plenty of exercise and proper nutrition. Her breasts were 36D, but her 5' 6" frame carried them well. They were firm and had only a bit of sag. Her ass was perhaps her best feature. Heart shaped and well rounded. No one could have asked for a nicer shaped ass. It took Jeff the better part of two weeks to convince Mary to let him contact Kevin to discuss the possibility of a meeting. But in the end, Mary finally did understand that Jeff was right and if she were going to find out if this was the way for her, it should be with someone she could trust. And it there as anyone more honest than Jeff, she didn't know them and if Jeff said Kevin could be trusted, then it had to be true.
Kevin took about 30 minutes to make up his mind about Mary after Jeff had approached him and told him about her and her problem. If Mary was any more beautiful than the photos, Kevin could not imagine they’re being someone like that. But it took Jeff the better part of 30 minutes to explain to Kevin and convince him that this was the way he wanted it also. Jeff explained that he knew this was what Mary needed and he could not give it to her, at least at this time. If this was what she needed, then he was going to have to learn how to provide it since he was so deeply in love with Mary.
The first meeting between Mary and Kevin was very sociable. Jeff had prepared a gourmet dinner at the apartment he and Mary shared. After dinner, over a bottle of wine, they discussed Mary's desire to explore the realm of bondage and discipline. Kevin made it clear that if Mary was to fully experience it; she would have to put herself completely in his hands.
This meant that she would have to move in with him and experience bondage and discipline. Kevin explained that he belonged to the Bondage and Discipline Club and told them of their start, their goals and some of their rules. One of the unwritten rules is there can be no sex with someone you are training to be a slave. Only after a woman has committed herself to being a slave can a Master have sex with her. “Be aware,” Kevin said. “Once you have become a slave in the Club, your body can be used by any Master in the Club as he sees fit. This includes bondage, discipline, and sex. But just to clarify something, all of this will be with your own Master’s consent. Your Master has control over what happens to you.”
They talked about the first steps of the process. Mary was to move to Kevin's house, a sprawling mansion out by his lake on the far side of town. He said it normally took 3 to 6 months for a woman to decide to really become a slave. Jeff could call every night at 8 to see if every thing was all right. He and Mary could only talk for 30 seconds. In that time, if a code word was used, then Mary wanted Jeff to come and get her. Kevin was not to know what this code word was. In addition, Kevin and Mary would have a code word, so that if things really got too bad, she could use it to slow down the process. Kevin left that evening and left a sealed note for Mary to open if she decided to become a slave.
Mary and Jeff spent the rest of the evening and way into the early morning taking about the pros and cons of the plan. It wasn't until Mary had decided that this had to be tried before they made love for the last time before she would go to Kevin’s.
The next morning, Mary arose quite early. She was surprised, but a bit relieved that Jeff had already left. They had talked about a lot of things and in a way she was very sad he had agreed with her on this idea. But in another, she understood that he did love her enough to allow her the freedom to see if this was what she really needed. She picked up the envelope from Kevin. She and Jeff had decided that she should open it by herself. Inside she found several sheets of paper. The first was a map to Kevin's along with his phone number. Mary knew Jeff already had his number but she left the number and address for him just in case. She also wrote the code word on this message just so that they would be sure of it. This she left them on the kitchen table. The next page was an acknowledgement form stating that she was going to become Kevin's slave in word and deed by her own choosing. It also stated that there was to be a code word between her and Kevin and there was a place for her to write it in. Mary sign the papers, left a copy of it for Jeff along with a note telling him how much she loved him for being so understanding and letting her see if this was the life she wanted.
The next page was instructions on what she was to bring with her to Kevin's. It surprised her a bit when she read that the only thing she was to bring was the clothes she was to wear and that consisted of a white silk blouse that buttoned down the front. She was to leave all the buttons open down to the first button below the lower curve of her breasts and the lapels were to be pressed so that they ended at that last closed button. Thus the cleavage in her breast would be quite visible but not absolutely risqué. She was also to wear a black linen skirt that was to come to just above her kneecaps, a pair of 4-inch high black stiletto pumps, hose, and a black garter belt. Another thing that surprised her as the instruction that she go to a particular beauty shop and have her hair done. She was to ask for Amy and tell her Kevin had sent her. Amy would already know exactly what to do with Mary's hair. Enclosed were directions to the stores which the items she did not have. The only other item she was told to wear was a pair of 3-inch diameter gold pierced loop earrings. Kevin made it clear that everything else that Mary would need would be provided. The last instruction on the page was that Mary was to arrive at Kevin's at 4:00 P.M.
Mary took a long bath and contemplated what she had read. Was she really ready for this? After a while she decided she just had to try it. She knew she was going to have to purchase the shoes and skirt. She already had the blouse and earrings. She first called the beauty shop and made an appointment with Amy. She then chose a nice skirt, pressed the blouse as instructed, put on the earrings and a pair of dark colored pumps and she called a cab. Since she had time before the hair appointment, she went and purchased the skirt, garter belt, hose, and shoes.
Amy was a lovely young woman with red hair and green eyes. When she spoke of Kevin, it seems to be in awe of him. Amy washed and dried Mary's hair complementing her on the health of it. She then informed Mary that it was Kevin's instruction that she cut her hair straight across the back and also cut the front with bangs. After the trimming was done, Amy did up Mary's hair is a French Twist. Amy let Mary know that she should expect to be required to do her hair up this quite often. This was one of Kevin's favorite styles. After her hair was done, Mary changed in the back room of the beauty shop and took a cab to Kevin's.
Mary arrived at Kevin's at exactly 4:00 P.M. as instructed. Following the instructions, which she had completely memorized, she entered without knocking. She went to the second floor, the third door on the right. This was to be her room for the remainder of her stay. She stood in the middle of the room, head bowed, arms folded behind her and her legs spread and waited for Kevin. When he arrived, Kevin then told her that at the house, all the women went nude unless there was a party or there were guests. The only other exception was when certain jobs were being performed where nudity might be dangerous like cooking. He then asked her again if she was ready to stay. She said yes. He instructed her to remove everything and put them away. As she was doing this, Kevin explained that the items she had come there with were the items that all slaves wore to Club functions. Therefore no slave looked any better than any other. He then asked Mary for her safe word and repeated it so the she knew he had heard her correctly. Kevin then said that she would not be completely nude. He put leather bracelets on her wrists and her ankles and a leather choker.
He then told her to assume the position. Mary looked a bit confused. Kevin told her this was the bondage position and was the way the Master told the slave to get ready for them and assume their slave identities and was known as the bondage position. He explained that the position was leg spread, head bowed, and arms folded behind them. He explained that most Masters allowed they slave to be out of the slave mode at times. They would let her know the release phase. He told her his was “Mary, you are released.”
Mary and Kevin then walked downstairs to the dining room. When they arrived, she saw three other very beautiful women standing and waiting for them. They were all dressed the same as she was. Kevin introduced each one. Lisa had blue gray eyes and long light brown hair down up in French braids. Diana was a blond with green and her hair appeared to be longer than Mary's and also done in a French twist. Mary noticed at this time that all the women had bangs of some sort or another. The last woman was Cindy. She seemed to be of Asian mix with medium length black straight hair and brown eyes. Her hair was done up in a bun.
Diner was served and was fabulous. When the clock stuck 8:00 P.M., everyone followed Kevin to the recreation room. Kevin explained it was the custom that after dinner, all would retire here for punishment if needed. Otherwise, it would be a time to just relax for a while. All the slaves are required to watch the others being punished. Kevin directed Lisa over to what was called the whipping rack. He explained that a regular slave was picked to be punished on the whipping rack tonight since there was no other slaves scheduled for this punishment. He directed Mary to look at the rack and to notice the dildo inserted into the center of the rack. As she watch, Lisa walked to the rack and impaled herself on the dildo. Kevin then bound her ankles, then her knees, and then her thighs. Lisa raised and spread her arms and Kevin bound her wrists to the cross members. He then bound her arms at the elbows and the middle of the upper arms. Last he bound he upper body. One strap across her upper shoulders, one across the middle of her back, and one across her waist.
Kevin then began to whip Lisa. With each stroke, Mary could tell the dildo was being forced into Lisa by her own body’s reaction to the belt. After about ten strokes, Lisa ass was already red. Kevin let her loose. Kevin told Mary that since this was her first day here, she too was to be punished. He told Mary that a normal punish, which she was about to receive, would be a minimum of 25 strokes. This was what he had planned for her. In addition, for her, that was to be something different. When she looked at Kevin, he smiled and said she would have to wait to find out. He then commanded Mary to take her place on the whipping rack.
Mary approached the rack, looked at it for a moment, then stepped up on the blocks and put the dildo in her cunt. It wasn’t extra large or long, but Mary had noticed it seemed to be replaceable, so she figured that at time, other sizes were used to increase the level of punishment. She felt Kevin strap her ankle to the rack. He the strapped her knees and thighs. After taking her hips and making sure she was completely seated on the dildo, he strapped her wrist and then middle and upper back. He then strapped her arms, elbows, and upper arms. She was strapped to the rack and could not move.
Kevin then told her that at times he like to have a bit of fun with his slaves during punishment and one thing he liked to do was to make sure they could feel the dildo so they could get the full benefit of it. He then stepped up and removed the block Mary was standing on. In that instance, Mary realized that she was actually hanging on the dildo. Even if all the bonds have been taken away, she would still be still be hanging there.
Kevin stepped back and struck Mary with the belt. It stung and as she knew it would, her body jerked away from the belt and drove the dildo farther into her body. The next stroke was even harder and Mary screamed. But she was not prepared for the next one which hit the upper fleshy part of her thighs. There was not as much padding there as on her ass, so the pain was even greater. The next stroke on her lower back was almost that back, but not quite.
Mary was not sure exactly where in the middle of the 25 strokes that her body began to react to the whipping. Although every stroke was very painful, her cunt was beginning to drip fluid. As Kevin got to the last five, he started counting backwards. Five, Four, Three… And on each stroke, he hit a little harder. But her body was reacting in a manner she did not understand. She began to feel like she was going to come. When he said two, she knew that unless she passed out, she would come on one. And when he said one and the strap fell, Mary did come and she screamed. Mary came so hard she passed out.
When she awoke, she was lying on a couch in the room and the other girls were putting salve on her welts. She was offered a cup of tea which she drank. She also noticed that she was lying in a pool of her own come and her cunt was still dripping. A few minutes later Kevin came back and told her she had done well and she could retire for the evening.
For the next four months, every day, unless she had duties she had to perform, Mary was either bound or whipped, sometimes both. The normal whipping was 25 strokes, when she had done something wrong or as she later found out, when Kevin decided she needed it, she received more strokes.
There were several Club parties that she had to attend. As Kevin had told her, she was expected to wear the skirt and blouse set she had come here in. After the dinner at the party, before the bondage session, earrings were passed out. She would give Kevin her gold loops and he would give her a pair of while pearl earrings. He reminded her that with the white pearls in her ears no one would try to have sex with her. It was forbidden. However, they were allowed to bind her and discipline her. The slaves would then go an anteroom and disrobe for the bondage and discipline sessions.
At the end of four months, Kevin told her to come to his office. She wasn’t sure what that meant. When she got to the office and was standing there in the bondage position, Kevin told her that she had done great. He told her that she now knew all she should need to know about being a slave and he now expected her to decide the path she would take. She could leave and forget everything, leave and go back to Jeff, or join the Club. He then told her that if she wanted to become a slave in the Club, there was something else she had to know. He went on to tell her that that since she had come here without a Master, it would be his job to place her with one. She could not be in the Club without a Master and she could not choose one on her own. This was something Mary had not thought about, but she knew she wanted to be a slave and she wanted in the Club. Besides she had come to trust Kevin and found him to be fair and understanding.
He then handed her a copy of the bylaws of the Club to read. After she finished, he then asked her again she was ready for the finally section of the initiation. Mary smiled and said, “Yes, Master.” Kevin then had her sign an acknowledgment form that stated she wished to be considered as a slave in the Club and accept all rules and regulations and penalties it required by her own free will. Also she was entering a lifestyle where her life would be controlled by her Master, whoever that might be, in all things, including but not restricted to, bondage, discipline, punishment, and sexual activities. The form reminded her that sexual sharing within the Club was common place and expected. Lastly, but not least, she had to abide by the bylaws of the Club. She signed the form
Kevin told her there was to be a party that weekend and during it, if she formally accepted to be a slave, she would receive her initiation by him. All week long, Mary contemplated what she was doing and began more nervous as the weekend approached. However, she was also so ready for it to get here. On Friday she dressed as required and then went downstairs to help with the party. Before the bondage session, when the earrings were passed out, Kevin started to pick up a pair of earrings, but he stopped. He looked at Mary and told her he knew she was not a virgin, but was her ass virgin. Mary blushed and said yes. Kevin then gave her a pair of emerald stud earrings. He reminded her of their significance. They would show that tonight she would be initiated into the Club and that her virgin ass would be taken.
After the bondage and the discipline sessions, Kevin took Mary to her room. He told her to “Assume the position”. Kevin then bound her arms in the middle, then at her wrists. He then bound her upper arms together and then to her body. Next he laid her on the bed on her back He placed a pillow under Mary's head and shoulders to relieve some of the pressure her body was having on her arms. He then tied ropes from her upper arms to the upper post of the bed and tied ropes from her legs to the lower post spreading her very wide. Kevin then asked her if she was willing to accept voluntarily the Club’s sign of slavery. This was the point of “No return.” She again answered “Yes, Master.”
With that, Kevin took some alcohol and swabbed her right nipple. Next he began to mix the epoxy. The gold ring she was about to have put in that right nipple was a ½ inch diameter gold ring with an emerald free floating on it. It was designed with one small end that would go into a hole in the other end. At present it was being held open by a pliers device. Kevin finished mixing the epoxy. He picked up the piercing needle and slowly pushed it through the nipple. She groaned from the pain. It was not as back as she thought it would be.
Kevin then wiped the nipple with alcohol again, wiped the ring with alcohol, dipped the small end in the epoxy, slide the large end through the hole the needle had just made and clamped the ring and emerald together, and then removed the pliers. About a minute later, the epoxy had set and the ring was attached so that the only way to remove it would be to cut it. He swapped her nipple with alcohol again and reminded her that she needed to twist the ring around until her nipple healed so that it would remain loose like an earring.
Kevin then proceeded to shave Mary's pubic hair completely. This was one of the thing Mary had wished would not happen. Her pubic hair was long and silky and framed her cunt very nicely. She was very proud of it and it almost made her cry while Kevin was shaving her. He then released her and turned her over and rebound her. He then shaved her ass. He explained that it was her job from now on to do this every morning.
After he finished shaving Mary, Kevin told her the initiation would last for the next thirty-six hours. He then took her virgin ass. He did not give her a chance to relax nor did he use any lubrication. With the surprise factor going for him, he was already two inches up her ass before her body clamped down on his cock. As he fucked her ass, she began to enjoy the feeling. Having never had anyone take her ass, she did not realize what pleasures you could get from it.
As he continued to fuck her ass, her body began to react. She did not expect to actually enjoy herself. As he neared the end, she could feel his cock getting larger. Then she felt her own climax building. If he could only hold out a bit longer, she would come. Then she felt him tensing up to come. Just a little longer, she hoped. Then he started coming and with it, so did she. She had made it. After he finished, he covered her and left her to sleep.
That night she woke up from the pain in nipple and in her ass. She tried to move and couldn’t. She became frightened. Then she remembered where she was. She then realized that being bound like she was having a very calming effect on her and she went back to sleep.
The next morning, she awoke with a start when Kevin slapped her ass with his belt. She screamed. “Just to wake you up, slave” was his remark. He shaved her ass then released her from the bed so she could go to the bathroom. She found it a bit difficult going with her arms bound and knowing that he was going to have to help her. But she finally managed. Back in the bedroom, Kevin fed her breakfast and then bound her face up on the bed and shaved her cunt. He cleaned the nipple and ring with alcohol. He then proceeded to take her cunt. He was just as rough now as he was last night, but she was ready this time. When he finished, she realized that he had not ejaculated.
Around noon, Kevin came back. He made her suck him and several times he forced her to take his cock down her throat. After that, he released her from the bed long enough to feed her lunch. He then rebound her and left again. She knew what was in store for her this evening. Kevin came in around 7:00 and they had dinner. Since she was still bound, he had to feed her again. She figured he would take her then but he did not. But when he bound her to the bed, he bound her face down. She knew this was in preparation of the last fuck of the initiation. He returned around 9:00 and told her she had done great and was now a welcome member of the Club and he would find her a suitable Master. With that he began to fuck her ass. It was still tender for the night before. She figured that he would not last too long. But she was wrong. He took almost thirty minutes before he finished and came in her ass.
As he finished, he told her that he had anticipated taking her like this for these long months and it was really more delightful than he had expected. He went on to say that, in a way, he wished he could take her as his slave. He told her that besides being one of the most beautiful women he knew, he saw in her the real desire to be a slave and would have relished having her serve him. He then covered her and left her to sleep.
It was 8:00 when a new slave arrived in her room. She told Mary her name was Ginger. Mary asked her why she had not seen her the day before since she was told that all slaves were to be at the punishment. Ginger told Mary that exceptions were made at times. And one of the exceptions was if a slave had been given special punishment. Ginger went on to explain that this was her case. She told Mary that she had been rude to one of the Master's guests and her punishment was to ride the horse for the evening. When Mary asked about the horse. Ginger told her she could not tell her anymore about it, but warned her to try and avoid doing anything that would get her the horse for punishment.
Ginger then remove the ropes that bound Mary. She then rubbed her arms and legs to help relive some of the soreness. After she was finished. Ginger informed Mary that she was expected to take a bath, remembering to shave complete, do her hair up in a French Twist, and then be in the dining room at 9:00 for breakfast. Details of the day would then be announced.
Mary arrived at breakfast with only moments to spare. Ginger, Diana, Lisa and Cindy were already there and seated. Mary took her seat and waited for Kevin to arrive as the other were. When Kevin arrived, all the slaves rose, pushed their chair away from the table, stepped back and leaned over with their hands on the table. Mary followed suit and realized Kevin was going to inspect them. Kevin strolled around the table and then took his seat at the head of the table.
Mary’s life as a slave in the Bondage and Discipline Club had begun! She would remain here with Kevin until he could find her a Master.

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