Part 1 - Lilli's help

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After 10 years of marriage, I wanted to spice things up sexually. I decided on a plan and implemented it, along with my hot friend Lilli.

After a lovely dinner In a quiet resturant, I surprised my wife by taking her to a hotel instead of our home. As we entered the bedroom, she found the lights off, lots of candles & music playing. I ran her a warm bath and gave her a shoulder massage in the tub along with scented oils in the water and more candles.
Afterwards I dried her off and then helped dress her in a warm robe. but then I blindfold her, not something I had done before.
I lead her to the bed where she can hear music and smell the scented candles. I laid her face down, but sideways across the bed opening the robe and started to massage her feet, legs, then back, shoulders and neck. Using a scented warming oil. I paid special attention to her feet and toes, which she loves. She soon moans in appreciation and I roll her over and talk to her as I gentle tie her to the head and foot board.
First I do her hands, kissing her and reassuring her as I gentle restrain her hands.
I move to her feet and do the same, so she is in an "X" position across the bed.
I start to massage her again, starting at her neck & shoulders. I also put headphones on her with the same music I can hear.
Now she can't see or hear me. I am hoping this should heighten her sense of touch.
I move down her body kissing all over her breasts and stomach as I also massage her with the scented oils. As I finish her feet, I work my way up to her honey pot. I can tell she is aroused as I start to tease he lips with small kisses, my tongue and my breath

This is when Lilli comes out of the closet. She is wearing a black corset, (breasts exposed) garter, stockings and heels, her hair is pulled back in a bun. She is also very turned on, having watched us and looks me in the eyes, smiles nervously (it's her first time with another woman) and kisses me deeply.
She starts to bend over and I approach her from behind and pull her hands behind her back while kissing her neck. I then tie her hands. While she is surprised, Lilli smiles an continues leaning forward. As she kisses my wife's vaginas lips my wife moans quite loudly, I think it's because she can't hear herself.
I am as hard as steel as I watch & listen to my long time friend kiss and lick around my wife's vagina.
The wife doesn't seem to notice a difference face in between her legs, as I took great care in shaving my face hair for her to notice this AM, and the massaging oils are helping. Well, those things and the fact her pussy is getting kisses and licked very well..
After i watch Lilli give my wife some more sexy, sloppy licks, I kneel down behind her and start to kiss and kneed her ass cheeks.
I can smell her arousal and slowly work my way to her shaven "honey pot".
When I get there she is very WET and as I run my tongue up he entire ass crack, after, giving little soft kisses in her pussy lips, they start to open and I can truly see how wet you are. She moans and tries to stop, but then relaxes as she understand why I put the headphones on my wife.
I start to, lick the inside of her moist lips, sucking on each one and then working my tongue around your hole but avoiding your clit. After a bit more of this you are again moaning and push back onto my face. Finally I flick you clit with my tongue, then sucking it into my mouth. I use my hands to open you wider and start inserting my fingers inside you. First one then a second. With the attention you are moaning, but still working on my wife's vagina.
My wife is squirming on the bed and getting loader and closer to cuming.

As Lilli continues to please my wife, I increase my tongue action. Again, I like up and down her crack, over her virgin anus and back to her hard clit, which I wantanly suck on while pistoning my fingers inside her, curling, opening and rotating them. Lilli moans louder and pauses to catch her breath.
I stand up and can tell that my wife is cuming, as she starts to come down, she yells stop, but as we discussed Lilli doesn't and continues to lick her sensitive Clit, my wife is now truly squirming and trying to get her attention to make her stop. But being tied, there is not much she can do.

As lilli Is tongue deep in my wife's pussy, I start to rub my hard engorged dick up and down her crack, over her anus and down her wet pussy. I part her lips and push part of my cock inside. As I start to pull out of lilli moans into my wife's pussy, who is once again enjoying the attention and is even moaning herself and is arching her back.
As my fat cock head pushes deeper into lilli she once again pushes back and I slam balls deep into her pussy, causing her to cry out in pleasure.
It's a nice warm snug fit. I start working it in and out while playing with her clit at the same time. She is getting even wetter. I decide to try something and slowly try pushing my finger into her anus, this causes Lilli to turn around and shake her head NO, but with my dick pumping in her, my wife's sweet wet pussy close to coming a second time in front her face, her anus being well lubed with my saliva and my fingers being covered in the warming body massage oil; she stops shaking her head and goes back to pleasing my wife. As she does I slip my finger in gently and she doesnt complain anymore.
I am now pumping firmly into Lilli's pussy with my cock as well as teasing her anus with my finger, when she calls out I'M CUMMING .. I pick up the pace to help her finish and the force of my thrusts help drive her face into my wife's vagina, who screams out as she starts shaking and cums again.
Lilli stops and slides off the bed happily spent and satisfied, she gives me a wet kiss, grabs her clothes and quickly dress; as she heads to the door, I mount the bed and rub my cock on My wife's sensitive pussy.
As I hear the door close, I remove my wife's headphones & blindfold and enter her. She is spent, but sighs as I know she LI kes the feeling of being filled.

I slowly start to move and it's not long before she is moaning and squirming again and I feel my orgasm building. I am caught up with her sounds and especially the movement of her large DD breasts shaking as I pick up the pace. My wife is moaning loudly and I am talking dirty to her. I am soooo close to cumming, I grab her nipples and twist them slightly. I release her legs and hold them up as I am about to deliver my seed. She is close and as I push in deep, we both release
As we cum, I lean down and release her hands and give her a deep kiss. Tired, I lie next to my beautiful wife and we fall asleep in each other's arms.


Thanks Lilli !!

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