Amber's learning more sex Vol. 2

Hello again and welcome. If you don't know the story read Amber's learning sex Vol. 1.

For years my sister and I continued to have sex every chance that we got when she turned twelve and we took a family vacation things between us would never be the same and sex would always be different for me forever. This is other chapter in Amber’s life.
“Good morning wake up lets go . Lets go ! Get up, get up. I’m headed downstairs to get a few things together; you’ve got about twenty minutes and you need to be on the porch stacking the luggage and ice chest and getting everything strapped down. OK?” said my mother before standing and walking out of my room and down the hall.
As I jumped from the bed grabbed a few cloths and a towel headed down the hall toward the shower as I got to the door my beautiful twelve year old sister Amber runs in and turns on the water strips and jumps in the shower leaving her head poked out to say “hurry up slowpoke this could be the last chance for sex for the next sixteen days come on.” She was right we would be on vacation with mom for two weeks and it was going to be very hard to be along let alone get some of that sweet tight pussy.
Soon as I step into the shower Amber dropped to her knees and gripped my ass pulling me towards her sucking my seven inches of hard dick right to the back of her throat. Slowly twisting and pumping my dick in and out of her mouth like a pro; she would really watch and mimic the woman in the porn videos we viewed together. With very little time to waste I pulled her up sat on the lip of the tub turned Amber toward the wall and told her to sit on me slowly. She began to spear herself with every inch of cock that I had to offer. Soon has she hit bottom she began to fuck me with a vigor of a nympho, after her third orgasm, with pussy juice dripping from my balls I stood up pushed her hands onto the back of the tube and started fucking my sister like a wild animal. The whole time holding my left hand over her mouth and my right hand on her firm size b tits. Soon as I felt a good cum about to rip through me I pulled her tighter to me and flooded her young cunt with enough cum to force it to leak from the sides of my dick and down her tights. She stood face me kissed me on the lips and said “I’m going to jump in my shower before mom checks on me I left it running.” After giving her ass a squeeze she took left and I quickly rinsed off.
After loading everything into the back of the truck we were on the road nine and a half hours later we made it to my grandparents house in the middle of no where along side a river. No sooner had we pulled into the driveway than my grandfather was standing with my mother giving her a message from an old friend of hers. Apparently one of her old high school friends had died. She quickly unpacked my sister and I leaving us standing with our grandparents saying only “sorry kids one day you will understand, now you guys enjoy your summer and I will be back before you know it but right now I have to go and help with everything behave for your grandparents.” She was to be gone for five days oh well the summer would go on no matter.
The first night was pretty uneventful till bed time when Amber grabbed me by the hand and informed me that we were going to sleep in the attic room. I had forgot about that room I went with Amber upstairs and lad down about an hour later I was awakened by a hand stroking my already hard dick and a dripping wet sensation that would raise the dead. Amber was in rare form and I wasn’t about to let this chance go. She slowly ran her tongue up and down my shaft while rubbing my balls, awe how those little hands could make a hard cock feel. I had her spin around and sixty-nine me; after I shoot a huge load down her throat and what she couldn’t manage dripped down my dick and pooled above my cock where she used her mouth like a vacuum to suck it all up.
While still hard I rolled my sister over on her back and slid my dick in to that hot little hairless fuck hole, immediately I began to slam all seven I inches in her like I was crazy she replied in turn by pushing her hips up in time with my every thrust. We fucked till sweat poured from us both. Soon as I felt a second cum begin to churn I pulled out and shoot one rope of cum from her clit to her chin, the second stream shoot right into her gapping little pussy and down her as crack, the third and final shot went all over her face and hair. While I was still stroking my dick and trying not to pass out on top of Amber she sat up and began to suck me without a warning causing me to blow a load almost immediately into her wanting mouth. Not excepting this she almost chocked half to death before spitting all the cum out onto my dick and the sheets.
We quickly cleaned up pulled the sheets off the bed and curled up together on her bed naked with my half throbbing cock between her firm tights. Sleep was bliss until a knock on the first door leading up to the attic broke the silence of the room. Amber quickly jumped from the bed and ran for the bathroom I jumped into a pair of shorts just as my grandmother got to the top door again she knocked and walked into the room. “Good morning did you kids sleep good last night?” she asked with a smile that she never went without. “Yes ma’, what time is it?” I asked. “Almost ten and time for your grandpa and me to run in town and see Miss Frances for awhile before doing some shopping you guys coming or not?” her tone gave a hint of please say no. Just as I was about to answer Amber walked out of the bathroom and again grandma asked the question. Amber quickly said “no thanks can we stay here and just play around the yard?” all she could say was “I guess you guys are old enough.” She headed back downstairs yelling back that breakfast was ready and that if we weren’t going with them that they would be leaving soon so hurry down. Amber smiled as she walked by wiggling her ass and skipping down the stairs, half way through breakfast our grandparents left out for the day. After eating and watching T.V for awhile we decided to go outside and goof off.
While playing a game of hide-go-seek Amber found her way through a window into the barn house. As I looked for her I found smug marks on a dusty window, soon as climbed through I saw my sister’s shoe hanging out from behind a sheet thrown over an old work bench. “Gotcha” I yelled as I pulled the sheet back throwing dust everywhere. Amber climbed out form under the bench and turn on the lights. We played around exploring and digging, just being nosy. Up stairs where its used to be a hayloft we found a bunch of old suitcases and dress chests and among them we found a jackpot of porn. Everything a young mind could wish for magazines, video tapes, and a few toys. Apparently someone in are family though this was a good hiding spot, after a few questions Amber and I decided that with the amount of dust on the chest that they were forgotten items or belonged to someone that was dead. Either way Jackpot.
We filled a small box with about six tapes, a handful of mags, and two toys. A small black one (butt plug) and a flesh pink one with ridges. After hiding them upstairs in our room we went into the kitchen were I made us both grill cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. Around 4:30 pm our grandparents returned and as I was helping put up groceries Amber ran to get a shower. I quickly took one after wards and we all sat around watching T.V eating popcorn till about nine. When grandpa said he was going to bed we were told to head upstairs. Soon as we got into the room Amber asked to put in a video.
Deciding to let her pick one I jumped onto my bed and took my cloths off. Amber turned and smiled, she quickly stripped naked and jumped next to me. I picked up the vcr remote and pushed play were a scene of a lady laying on a restaurant table getting fucked hard in her ass and sucking another guy off. Amber watched quietly while I rubbed her slit soft and slow. She soon asked “so you can do it with more than one person at a time and I can have sex in the butt?” “Yea I guess, I really didn’t know that much.” I said. She sat up look at me with her hand beginning to stroke my dick and asked if I thought we could try it. “Try what two people?” I asked. “No try putting your dick in my butt like her.” “I don’t think I can get it in you I might you more than when we first tried your pussy so that’s your call.” She quickly turned over on all for ass in the air. I got up went to our hiding spot and got out the small pink dildo and did what the guy in the video was doing which was licked her ass first began with slowly put my middle finger in and began to fuck her. Amber gently moaned and pushed back slightly with each push of my finger; after a few minutes I pulled my finger out and again licked her ass and left a lot of spit for lube. As I pushed the dildo into my sister’s ass she bit down on the pillow and pushed back hard and fast a couple of times, she reached behind her and pulled the dildo out tossing it on the floor and turning over with her legs spread wide she almost begged me to “put your dick in there I think it will be OK I really liked that it feels good.”
Without a word I jumped in between her legs and pushed the head of my cock slowly in her ass. Soon as the head popped passed her ring she grabbed me neck pulling me down toward her and causing me to slip almost the length of my shaft into her in one motion. I was sacred she was hurt but after she stopped shaking I realized she had just came harder than ever before. Looking down into her rolled back eyes I know she loved it; without hesitation I began to fuck my sister’s tight ass and fuck like a porn star I did. She began cumming so hard that it started running down her cheeks helping lube our anal fucking fest that only aloud me to slip a little further in. I felt that felling of a great cum building up I pulled out and gave Amber what she loves best a mouth full of cum, after swallowing it all she smiled and reached her hand in between that sweet little wet pussy slid a finger slowly into her dripping hole and asked if “we could fuck again but you cum in my butt this time?”
What could I say all I could do was stick my still hard cock back into her ass while we lay side by side, gripping her shoulders and pulling that sweet young ass down onto all seven inches like this was the last time I would ever get to fuck. Amber soon wanted to get on all four, and like a good little cock hungry girl she planted her face in the pillow and pushed her hands against the wall allowing me to fuck her as hard as I could and that’s exactly what I did. Amber only took ever inch I had like a pro and soon as I begin to swell ready to cum she realized this and pushed back a little harder and all I could do was grip down hard on her hips and cum inside my sister’s ass for the first time. As I pulled out and all the cum poured out on a towel Amber dipped her finger in the puddle and tasted it smiling and saying it was good from both holes. After laying down together for awhile she sat up and asked “can we have sex again but this time try what that lady did and put this in my butt, please?” while saying this she held up the pink dildo and smiled.
“Amber your a real nympho; I have to take a break my dick getting sore” I repelled. “OK I can wait do you want me to suck on it so it will feel better?” she asked while batting her eyes. “No I think that will only make it worse how about getting some sleep and we can do it first thing in the morning is that cool?” I asked. Without a word she rolled over and pulled the covers up to her chin.
Feeling like I had broke my little sister’s heart in two; I laid beside her on my bed and placed my soft, sore, and throbbing dick between her soft sticky ass cheeks and she lightly pushed back and we quickly fell into a deep sleep.
Waking up to my grandmother pulling on my foot light speaking “time to get up you guys come lets go breakfast is ready come on down.” After walking out of the room back down stairs I jumped out of bed and quickly got dressed helping Amber wake and get dressed also; “shit that was to close we have to be a lot more careful or shit will hit the fan and mom will kill me.” I whispered will scrambling to get my shoes on. “I don’t think we should sleep without cloths on again either just in-case one of the grownups decides to pull the covers down to wake us up.” Amber giggled a little and agreed.
After breakfast grandpa said he was going into town for awhile and asked if Amber and I wanted to ride. Quickly up and out the front door and into the front seat of the truck before I could bat an eye my sister went. “I think I’ll stay and help grandma clean up.” only staying behind so I could pick up the upstairs room and not to get caught. Not wasting any time I ran upstairs telling grandma I would clean the room and jump in the shower she yelled after me that as soon as I was out of the shower to come to her room to help pick up. I quickly made sure all the tapes and toys were well hidden before jumping in to the shower. Once I got dressed and went down stairs I walked across the house to my grandparents room.
Knocking on the closed door my grandmother said come in, soon as I opened the door I noticed the room was dark cause the blinds were shut. Before I could say anything the bedside lamp came on and laying in the middle of the bed with her legs spread told me was my grandma, naked and rubbing her pussy slowly with her hand. “Come here and put that dick to good use,” she said. Before I could answer she added “don’t think I didn’t hear you and your sister last night or see that you two weren’t wearing cloths this morning I’m not going to tell anyone but you are going to bring that hard dick that’s trying to get out of your pants over here and let grandma show you what to do with it now.”
And with that I pulled down my shorts giving my dick room to finish getting hard. Without saying a word I got on the bed between her legs, she reached between her legs grabbed my dick and guided it into her dripping wet and hot pussy. “Oh shit that’s bigger than I thought. Come babe stuff that cock deep in this wet pussy and fuck grandma good please.” Without hesitation I forced the entire length into her hairy cunt and began to fuck her as hard as I could without any warning she grabbed my ass checks pulling me into her dripping pussy in time with my thrusting forward motion. I was so into the fucking that I didn’t realize that she had my cheeks spread and had with a pre lubed middle finger slipped it up my tight asshole with little resistance I slowed for only a moment before she began to massage my prostate if felt so good my dick got harder and I fucked deeper and faster until I felt the cum boiling I pushed in as deep as possible and let spurt after spurt of cum fill my grandmother’s pussy soon as I stop thinking it was over I began to pull out that’s when she started to finger fuck my ass harder cause my dick to remain hard and without a warning I began to cum again after the third time I was spend and very sore both dick and my asshole. With a smile grandma stood and grabbed my hand walking me toward the bathroom where with a single word we showered and afterward she said for me to go get a nap so I would have some energy for my sister later that night adding that I should leave the door cracked so she could come in the room and show use how to fuck the right way. With only a smile and hope for the fucking later to come I went upstairs to sleep…..
Part 3 coming soon thanks for reading and feedback is welcome.

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