Miss Ginny - Chapter 2

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Chapter 2
Thanks for all of the positive feedback and suggestions. I have reworked Chapter 2 to incorporate more paragraphs and hopefully did a better job of proof reading!

This is the last of the story of my first time with Miss Ginny. I actually got together with her a total of three separate times. I will also write about my second time since it was just as hot!

Hope you enjoy the rest of this story.

Miss Ginny told my Mom she would like to take a shower before dinner since she had been in the heat all day and had been tanning. My Mom told her to use the master bathroom off her bedroom for her shower. When she came out after her shower she had on a yellow halter top that came to her waist and a pair of shorter than usual shorts. Man, I knew she had no bra on under that top and I was itching to see what else she had planned now that she was staying longer.

Later that evening, my Dad came home from work (he worked every Saturday), and we sat down to eat dinner. Miss Ginny sat across the table from me and every once in a while she would rub my leg with her foot under the table. I kept my composure but had a huge hard on during most of dinner. I could not help but think of our day and her tits in my mouth and the feeling of her pussy. I was eager for more. My Dad brought up that some of the neighbors were coming over later to play some cards and asked Miss Ginny if she wanted to join them. “Well, I have no one to go home to so I would love to stay if it is not a problem”. “That would be great if you stayed”, said my Mom.

After a little while, the neighbors began to arrive and the ones that were not at the pool earlier were introduced to Miss Ginny. My parents played cards in the kitchen so I went into the TV room down the hall. I had decided I would stay in for the evening and contacted some friends to tell them not to wait for me. They were going to the mall to try and pick up some girls. I knew I had mine right at my home and I was anxious to see what was next. To be honest, the evening started out a little boring, I was watching TV and flipping through the channels for at least and hour and a half before one of my neighbors ducked their heads into the TV room and said “hi”. We had some small talk and then he went into the bathroom across the hall and then back to the kitchen.

A few minutes later Miss Ginny peaked around the corner. “Whatca doin?” she said. “ I am just watching some TV and hanging out”. She came into the room quickly and said “I wish you WERE hanging out” and laughed. She sat right down next to me and told me the card games were boring and that all she could think about was our fun at the pool. She then grabbed my hand and moved her leg to the side and there was a gap between her shorts and her leg. She moved her underwear to the side and I could see her pussy hair and one of the lips of her pussy glistening. She took my hand and pushed it towards the gap. I got two fingers in between the gap and could feel her hot soft pussy. She was wet and I plunged my two fingers inside of her and she moaned into my ear. She whispered for me to finger her some more as she curled into me. She continued to blow her heavy breath into my ear as I fingered her faster. With my left hand free, I reached inside of her halter top and caressed her one tit. Sliding my hand in through the side of the halter. “Oh that feels soooo good, I am going to cum”. Within seconds of that she was shaking and pushing my hand hard and fingers into her pussy. When she finished, I took my hand out of the side of her pants and she grab my hand and moved my fingers to my mouth. My fingers were glistening with her juices and I stuck them into my mouth and sucked the juices off. I had always wanted to taste pussy and hers tasted a bit bitter but nothing I could not get used to liking. Her smell was also very musty. She then scooted forward and pulled her pants out and I saw her juices running down her thigh and on to the couch she reached around me quickly and grabbed a napkin and wiped between her crotch and leg. “See what you did”, she laughed. She then stared down at the big bulge in my pants and said, “I would love to take care of you but I have to go back into the other room. Someone will be looking for me soon. I told them I had to go to the bathroom. I am so sorry to leave you like that”. I told her to go into the second bathroom near my parents’ room where she had showered and I would come in through the second door. She left and a minute later I went into the bath room through the second door.

When I got into the bathroom she was leaning up against the wall, “so, what did you have in mind in to do in here?” Before I could answer she stepped forward and started to unbuttoned my pants. She was very quick at this now and when she opened my pants the head of my cock was popping out the top of my underwear and my pre-cum had made the band of my underwear all sticky. With her finger, she ran it across the top of my cock head gathering some of the pre-cum and then she stuck her tongue out and showed me her licking it off. She then stood up and leaned in and kissed me hard sticking her tongue down my throat while her hand was still on my cock. Then, she pulled my pants and underwear down to the floor and kneeled in front of me. She had one hand massing my balls while the other was stroking my cock with long strokes up and down. Her mouth was a little lower than my cock so she held my cock out straight bending it down while she was stroking me. That position on my cock kind of hurt but felt good at the same time. Every so often she would lean up and lick the pre-cum of the head of my cock and then look up at me. After a few minutes, she got up and moved herself over to the toilet. With the lid closed she sat on top and pulled me close. She then started to deep throat my cock all the way to the base of my balls and then back up to the top sucking hard as she reached the top. She was making a loud slurping sound and I was afraid someone would hear. I had never experienced anything like this and I felt I was going to release my load any time now and I told her so. She then reached into the side of her halter top and pulled out her panties. The same panties I had played with before. She put the panties in the same hand she was stroking my cock. She was rubbing her panties on my cock while she was stroking me. “I know you like these”, she said. Whoa, how did she know? Quickly my mind changed as I was about to blow my top so I did not care. Her soft panties rubbing up against my cock felt good. Her panties were getting my pre-cum and her saliva all over them. “OHHH, I am coming”. She moved her panties to the top of my cock and captured and much of my cum as she could while the other parts spewed on to her fingers. When I was finished, she licked her fingers and said, “I love your smell and you taste yummy”. She then folded up her panties and put them in her bag that was sitting on the floor. “Since you only left a few dribbles on them last time, I thought I would have you fill them up this time. I am going to take them home with me and put them on and think about you this week.” She looked right into my face and said, “what do you think about that?”

After my rendezvous with Miss. Ginny in the bathroom, I spent the rest of the evening in our TV room hoping to get some more time with her but after the card game broke up everyone pretty much left to go home, including Miss Ginny.

A few days later Miss Ginny called our house @ 3:30 in the afternoon to see if I would be home on Saturday…. To be continued

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