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‘She’s right where I want her - This is better than that first day at the Inn.’ I thought. Far from fighting me, and not in a numb or distracted way, my new little jar of clay removed my clothes. She even folded them for me. It was a simple walk to the bedroom, her holding my member, while glancing back at me with shy smiles. And now, here she was on her stomach, a pillow under her hips, and I was prone-boning her, HARD. Thankfully, I had pulled the bed away from the wall, but the way I was, on top of Alexis Wash, straddling her legs, my hands holding her arms, the bed was still making some happy little squeaky noises. I really hope the neighbors could hear us.

“Does my Pet like it?”

“Uh-Uh (To the rhythm of my pounding) Yes…you know – Uh – I do..”

“You like it when I hold and pound you, don’t you?”

“MMph---Oh..I do…PLEASE Don’t stop…” Alexis had her head turned now and was looking back at me. Her mouth was hanging open as she panted, as she lay there taking it.

I slowed just a bit, and shifted my weight to my forearms, then elbows. Sliding my hands under her, I grasped a breast in each hand and squeezed as I thrust in, tugging the nipple as I pulled out. making her moan really loudly.

“yes-Yes-s-s-sss” she replied, moaning. perfect.

I now shifted so that I was basically sitting on my knees. I held Alexis hips tightly, and picked up the pace, pulling back, almost out, then impaling her again and again. With a low groaning grunt I tell her “Yes Pet, Yes-s-ss.”

“Give it to me, PLEASE! I want it-t-t…Alexis said, begging. Her moans were now becoming yells. Damn the neighbors indeed

This was great as you can imagine, my plan was coming to fruition. It was all perfect, now time to form that jar of clay. Pulling out of my pet, I smiled as I began to shift to the edge of the bed. Alexis moved with me, she understood, and with no pointing or prompting, Alexis Was slid to her knees, and willingly took me into her mouth.

Alexis could feel a sea-change was taking place. She was shifting from simply living in the moment & suppressing those feelings, to embracing them, and reaping the benefits. This she now understood, so rather than fight it, Alexis slid his cock into her mouth, tasting both their juices. She worked it into her cheek, swirling her tongue. Remembering to relax, she guided Him to the back of her throat, knowing she could trust Him.

It was truly working, my little pet took all of me. It felt incredible to feel her nose in my pubic hair as she cupped my balls and lightly kneaded them. My pet moaned on my cock as she guided me back out, held just the head, and wrapping her fingers around my thick member, she began to pump it while swirling that tongue. I could feel the wave rushing now, I was going to dump my load, because Alexis Wash was now bent fully to my will, and it was WONDERFUL.

Alexis knew what was about to happen, but she was more than ready for it. Her man held the back of her neck, but there was no need, because when she felt it ‘twitch’, she knew. She closed her eyes, and felt the first spurt hit the roof of her mouth. Alexis turned her head ever so slightly, and then came the big main rope. The warm goo filled her cheek as it spurted and lowed, followed by another two smaller dumps. She breathed thru her nose while making an ‘Mph!’ sound. Using her fingers to grip &pump, she dutifully milked the last bit.

I really should have gone longer, but the mental knowledge of what where she was plus the act she was now willing performing made me dump my load, every last bit of it, along with the roar of a lion claiming his territory. She took every last bit, and even milked my dick, and then gave me my best surprise yet. My pet opened her mouth and displayed my full load of goo. It was around her tongue, her teeth and lips, then she closed her mouth, squinted, & swallowed. As in every drop. PERFECT. ABSOLUTELY. PERFECT.


Alexis checked her look one last time. Johnathan had specified and laid out for her the black leather pencil skirt with blue blouse, and a sexy little set of satin strappy bra & panty set before he left the night before. She had to again admit, the man had taste, and feeling good about it, she headed in for the day.

I got a call from Janet in HR that she had caught my little pet at the door and they were on their way up, so I let the other gentlemen know they were on the way. It wasn’t in my nature to serve others, but as these four men were the owners of the bank (along with a significant part of this region) I did my best with coffee and the like. “You’re sure she’ll stay” One asked. Another chirped “this offer needs to be enough to keep her here”

“I assure you gentlemen,” I replied, “Alexis Wash isn’t going anywhere, you’ll see. I’ve done better than get rid of her as some of you wanted, I’ve developed someone that could surpass even me, thank goodness she’s not a lawyer.”

They were still chuckling when Janet showed her in, and introduced her. I just stayed in the background, offering a wave. Janet wanted her piece of the action, so she gave the presentation. “Alexis, due to your efforts in this project, the bank owners have decided to give you a 20% raise in your salary, & a 25% raise on the clothing stipend.” Alexis was still grinning and blinking when Janet added, “Oh, the bank provides preferred employees like yourself a company vehicle, so I’ll set up an appointment at the Toyota dealership for today @ lunch.”

“No Mercedes just yet.” I quipped from the back of the room, to much laughter.

Alexis noted that in the accompanying pics of the bulletin boards and local paper, Johnathan Roberts was wearing a matching suit. ‘control’ she simply thought, then smiled. With handshakes all around she reminded the group there was still work to do, and she was determined to get it done.

I smiled. After the meeting broke up, I shut my door, took a moment, and reflected. ‘She really could replace you’ I thought to myself….then smiled. Taking my phone, I texted “Congrats, really. Be at the Coombs Inn today @ 4. Door will be open.”


I stopped short in the parking lot of the Inn, and smiled. Sitting outside was a brand new Royal Blue Toyota RAV4, replete with dealer paper tags. I smiled, and parked beside it. The door was ever-so-slightly ajar, and I let myself in.

Alexis had heard Him, and was waiting. She was wearing the silk knee-length robe He had bought her, and was using it to cover the lingerie she had bought to surprise him with. “Come in…” Alexis said with a sly grin. “Like the car?” she asked, as she opened her robe.

“Nice, especially the leather seats and the sunroof” I reply. As Alexis undoes the robe, I can see she is wearing a white set of hose and garters, no panties, and an open-breast bra, so I add “I think the view in here is MUCH nicer, though…”

“yeah, well let’s say I’ve got plans.” Alexis responded with smile, as she began to unbutton her new mentor’s shirt. Alexis was careful to fold and place everything on ‘his’ chair as she undressed him, just as she did that first day. She realized that she was lucky in a lot of ways; this could have turned out so differently, so she showed it as she knelt in front of him, the large mushroom head of Johnathan Roberts cock now willingly in the back her throat, the salty taste of precum on her lips.

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