Jennifer and mark part 3

Please read part 1 and 2 first.

Part 4 will follow

After several months of enduring countless, rapes and tortures, for the viewing of the paying visitors of jennifer and mark, rachael had given up her faith in escaping her personal hell. Some of the situations she was placed in were pleasurable even though they were against her will.

Rachael no longer was embarrased whilst kirsty or jennifer paraded her naked in front of mark and the rest of the voyeurs who came to see her be punished. as promised Rachael was very well taken care of she always had food and clean clothing brought to her by kirsty's visits, Jennifer had also allowed Rachael to have a small tv in her room.

The intercom crackled again, with its white noise introduction, Rachael be ready to leave in 20 minutes, No need to change into any outfit, Jennifer wants to meet you, so you better be presentable.

Rachael got off her bed, and went into her confined bathroom. She brushed her teeth till they were sparkling white, Brushed her long brunette and tied it back with a small hair bobble. She looked in her wordrobe, now full with sexual fetish uniforms, as she frantically tried to find something presentable, nothing was standing out. She was afraid of the consequences if Jennifer didn't approve. Rachael had a flash back to the first night on the boat, when Jennifer pulled out Rachael's pubic hair strand by strand for Rachaels disobedience.

Rachael had nothing else apart from the grey jogging bottoms and sweatshirt she was first given, Jennifer may not approve but Rachael knew she had no other option and confined herself to wearing them.

The door open and kirsty stood there, in true normal Kirsty fashion, no smile just a very seductive dominant look. "Well i suppose that will have to do." commented Kirsty as she eyed Rachael upon down. Rachael presented her wrists, for the shackles she had become accustomed too when leaving her room. "No need for them today, i hope we can trust you not too escape?" Kirsty asked with half a smile. " Rachael raised her eyes to Kirsty smile, "you know i wouldn't try to escape. i have no where to go." answered Rachael.

"Follow me" Commanded Kirtsy and with that Rachael followed, along many corridors Rachael was starting to remember where certain rooms were, the main one's being the medical room, with its viewing windows and the dungeon. Rachael knew that every time she was taken down to the dungeon, she always needed help leaving. Either the beatings were too brutal or the pleasure was so unbearable she wasn't able to compose herself to stand let alone walk out.

The medical room, was where she would be taken to before any public displays. The medical room was where she would be checked over by a private doctor, who would not talk to her but only to Jennifer away from the ears of Rachael. This room would also be where the make up would be applied, and also where Rachael would have her pussy, legs and armpits waxed.

Kirsty lead Rachael into Jennifers office. Jennifer sat in a very dignified grey suit and white blouse. "Rachael come in take a seat, i have a proposition for you." Rachael's face was a blank and decided it would be best to sit down rather than question Jennifer. "OK Rachael this is where we are, you've, been with us now for just over 5 months now, and we are starting to have trust in you." Jennifer stood up and walked round her large oak table, and sat on the front of the desk facing Rachael. Rachael looked up in acknowledgement of her Mistress.

"I'm going to offer you a job, you can be a Mistress, Kirsty is willing to help you to adjust, you will be paid £30k a year, you can make use of the office computer to purchase anything you want online, you will also be taking part in dominating some of our clients and their partners. How does that sound?"

"Will i be trusted to leave Mistress Jennifer?"

"One step at a time, but for now you will shadow Kirsty as she preps a new girl in the medical room. Kirsty, Lisa is waiting in the medical room please take Rachael with you. That's if you accept the proposal rachael!"

"I Accpet the role Mistress Jennifer." Rachael replied.

"Good now follow Kirsty to the medical room, watch and learn."

Sitting in the high chair was Lisa. A small very attractive Blonde haired girl with green eyes. Her wrists were shackled to the arm rests of the chair. Her legs were in the air supported by the knee rests, pretruding from the bottom of the chair. She wore a pair of tight fitting denim jeans, and a Black polo kneck Jumper.

Kirsty entered the medical room followed closely by a bewildered Rachael.

"you must be Lisa." commented Kirsty as she walked over to the side of the chair.

"Wh.. what are you going to do with me" trembled Lisa with fear in her voice.

"I'm going to strip you naked, check you pain tolerance, give you a once over and a complementary waxing if required, followed by a good arse fucking! if you speak to me again with out permission. You understand that bitch." with that kirsty slapped Lisa across the face and left a large red handprint on Lisa's right cheek.

Lisa closed her mouth softly feeling the sting off the slap, tears started to form in the corners of her eyes'

Kirsty walked over to the bench and picked up a pair of scissors, mainly used for cutting the leathers off motorcyclists after an accident, to give access to the injury. Kirsty walked back to lisa, and started to cut off her clothing, being very careful not to harm her new toy.

Once the clothing was removed Kirsty stood back to admire the view of the bound naked body infront of her. Kirsty eyes were drawn immediately to Lisa's shaven hairless pussy, and the inviting ring which pierced Lisa's clit, with out commenting her eyes scrawled upto Lisa fleshy and curvy freasts, Lisa lightly tanned body paid complements to her darkened nipples.

"And what is that between your legs, slut?" asked Kirsty.

"What is what" Lisa said defiantley.

Kirsty knelt between Lisa's legs, gripped the ring and pulled on Lisa's clit. Lisa let out a high pitch scream of agony, as Kirsty pulled harder.

"Why do you have this pierced hmmph, is this for pleasure?. Look at this shaved pussy is that for all the men you fuck?. You fucking slut"

Lisa tears were streaming down her blushed cheeks. "i'm sorry miss, i'm so sorry"

Kirsty stood up again and turned once again to the bench, she bent over and looked through the cupboards under the bench. "A ha."

Kirsty pulled out a cat of nine tails, and walked over to Lisa.

"Now you will refer to any woman as Mistress and any man as Master, you will also only speak when given permission. and will fulfil any request we have of you. Do you understand?"

"yes Mistress." replied Lisa

"Now for your punishment"
Kirsty pulled back the strands of the whip with her left hand and a crack of her right wrist allowed the strands to crack against Lisa pussy. Lisa cried out in pain,

"2,3,4,520" counted out Kirsty.

Lisa's make up was smearing with her tears.

"Rachael if you'd like to assist with this examination, please feel free."

Rachael walked round positioning herself behind Lisa in her chair.

"i'll squeeze her nipples whilst you test her pussy and ass hole." Announced Rachael.

"Good idea, take her mind off me fisting her" Kirsty gleamed.

Thwack, sounded the latex gloves as Kirsty stretched them over her hands, deafining out the pleas of Lisa.
Followed by the squelch of the lubrication as it is applied to Kirsty's hands. Kirsty worked immediately three fingers in and out of Lisa pussy.

"squeeze those nipples hard mind" Kirsty ordered.

With that Rachael piled on the pressure between her thumb and forefingers on Lisa already erect nipples.
Lisa squirmed in agony, pain and adrenaline surging through her veins. Kirsty carried on working her fist into Lisa, once up to the wrist she started to probe Lisa arse hole, and with out warning inserted two fingers and stretched her tight virgin ass. Kirsty started to rotate the fingers into Lisa arse, however struggled to insert a fourth after the third. Kirst could feel her fist through the thin membrane seprating the rectum from inside Lisa's pussy. Lisa started to cry out even more, fighting her body's natural urge of enjoyment, whilst Rachael was squeezing and twisting her nipples.

After a few minutes had passed Jennifer entered the room, Mistress Kirsty, Mistress Rachael you are now excused, we need to savour Lisa for tonights festivities, After all we dont want to upset our clients do we, Kirsty with drew her fist from Lisa's pussy and finger's from Lisa ass, took off her gloves and threw them in the medical waste bin. Rachael released her grip and looked to Kirsty.

"Come with me and i'll show you round." Kirsty said

Lisa sat in the chair astonished of how easily she was violated, mixed emotions running through her body. Lisa was upset, angry, embarrased however satisfied pleasurably. Jennifer eyed up Lisa's naked and abused body, assessing if she would be able to fight against her wants.

"Lisa, my dearest Lisa. I'm going to take you to your room, in there you will prepare yourself for my pleasure tonight. You must clean yourself up and be awaiting me to come to your room, wearing what has been presented. Now follow me!"

Lisa unwillingly entered her cell, Jennifer had made her walk along the corridors to the cells naked. The first thing Lisa noticed in the cell, was a skimpy Black thong and A shiny Mask with an indentation for her nose and two eye holes in.

"Make yourself at home, i will be back in 1 hour, You will find through the door at the bottom, a small bathroom. Dont let you hygiene dissapoint me, or you will be severley punished." Jennifer's small speach was ended abruptly by The cell door slamming.

The longest hour of Lisa's life had passed. Her ass hole was sore, her nipples had stopped burning, and she was starting to worry about tonight, the mentions of clients upset her. She started to wonder, "Am i to be forced into prostitution, what will they do to me if i dis-obey, who were the people holding her captive."

The door opened, Kirsty entered and soon followed Rachael, they were both wearing black Latex Catsuits, gripping to their perfect bodies, The smell of rubber filled the room, and hung in the air. Lisa had managed to put on her thong but didnt wear her mask. Rachael stepped forward and forcefully pushed Lisa onto her bed. "Put that mask on and hold out them wrists." Lisa did what she was asked and kirsty shackled her wrists follow me.

Kirsty walked in front and Rachael followed Lisa, they went through several corridors and up several flights of stairs. and entered, a large communal room.

There was at least 200 well dressed people in the room, a mix of men and women, and the majority appeared to be in couples. There was a table to the left of the room which Jennifer sat behind and a large stage to the right of the desk with a dark velvet curtain concealing a room behind the stage. A banner across the stage read "Slave Abuse 2009"

It dawned on Lisa she was to be the slave, Jennifer stood up on the table and announced. "Ladies and gentleman, can we have you attention please, we will be starting our auction tonight. Mistress Kirsty and Mistress Rachael. Please if you will bring our subject onto the stage" Rachael and Kirsty marched Lisa to the stage, they stood either side of Lisa and held Lisa by each arm.

"As you can all see Lisa has blonde hair green eyes, this is her first appearance and will be our subject this evening." Mistress Kirsty will you please bring out the wooden X. and strap our slave too it."
Lisa started to struggle but Rachael wouldn't ease her grip, Rachael whispered, "Just try to enjoy it, this is the nice part"

Lisa allowed Kirsty to strap her arms and legs to the cross and Kirsty fitted a ball gag with parting words, "you cant escpape, and the gag will help." Rachael locked the wooden X into position. Jennifer picked up the micro-phone and got onto the 2 foot high stage. "If i can have all your attention please, for the opportunity to pierce both nipples and whip her til she's sufficiently marked, do i hear a £1000. Gentleman in the back do i hear £2000" And so the bidding increased to £8500 "And your number madame" "13481 replied a stern business women. she was dressed in in a long black skirt with elegant ballroom shoe's her hair was straightened and rested just above her shoulders, her green piercing eyes held surprise and the will to cause Lisa pain.

She stepped up to the stage and Jennifer presented 13481 with a small medical box with two steralised piercing needles with two small bars, and a cat of nine tails whip and one 10 foot long bull whip.

"Payment has been debited with thanks, you are free to abuse her."

The Rest of the guests had congregated around the stage watching intently as the torture unfolded. 13481 stood in front of Lisa staring into the teary eyes of Lisa, Lisa tried to be but the gag wouldn't let her, instead saliva started to drip from the corners of Lisa's mouth. 13481 got the first needle with the bar attached, and held it up eye level, showing the thickness to Lisa. 13481 grabbed a hold of lisa left breast and placed her mouth around her nipple, and sucked. Lisa's left nipple was now standing to attention. with out warning 13481, gripped the nipple between thumb and forth finger and with her free hand, pushed the piercing through. Lisa bucked and tried to scream but it was useless, her nipple now burning with agonising pain. 13481 moved her attention to the right nipple, once again sucked on it and held it taught with thumb and forth finger. But instead of immediately forcing the needle she slowly pushed it in taking pleasure in watching Lisa violently buck with all her strength, her eyes were welled up with tears, saliva running passed her chin.
Once both nipples were pierced 13481 used a small hand wipe, to clean the blood from Lisa's aerola's, 13481 turned away and decided to go for the bull whip. Knowing how much she would mark Lisa with the whip, Jennifer announced "only 5 lashes with that whip. I don't want her spoilt" to which a few people in the audience found amusing, and laughed.

Each crack of the whip left Lisa with a large red mark across her body, Lisa tried to struggle but in the end just hung from her wrists. Lisa was unable to stand anymore punishment, she appeared like a rag doll just held up forcably by her own arms.

"Mistress Rachael, take our slave down, i think she needs a rest for now Mistress Kirsty please move the wooden X from the stage and bring out the iron wrist and ankle harness, and whilst your in the back start to warm up the branding iron's."

Lisa heart, started to pound, she was anticpating the thought of being branded. kirsty came back after a short while she made it clear the irons were heating up. and brought through the iron harness. the harness had 4 cuffs attached the outer two were for ankles and the inner two for slightly smaller for wrists. they faced lisa away from the public and secured her inplace. she was resting on her shoulders with her buttocks in the air, enclosing the gusset of the thong hiding her shaved pierced clit. and her just recently deflowered ass hole.

Jennifer onced again stood up ok, we are going to now do some vaginal fisting, and butt plug insertion. "This is no normal butt plug." jennifer announced while holding the plug in the air, it comes with a detachable inflator, it can inflate to a 5" diameter and 8" long once fully inflated. Lube will be provided as well as latex gloves. Once again do i hear £1000"

The bidding increased this time to £22,000 there were two very enthusiastic, men out there who just wanted to have this pleasure. The winner was 85902, he stepped forward wearing black trousers and black shirt and shoes. His grin was clear for all to see. Jennifer handed him the gloves, lubricant, and the inflatable butt plug. "Any objections if i removed the butt plug once inflated." "None at all your lordship" Jennifer replied.

85902 walked steadily around the cramped restrained body of Lisa. he pulled her thong to one side and studied her pussy and asshole. he stretched the gloves on his hand and applied lubricant to both hands and started to caress her pussy and ass hole. slowly pushing his fingers deep in her pussy.

He picked up the buttplug and inserted it into her ass hole, which eagerly appeared to swallow the plug, as 85902 started to work his hand into her pussy he could hear the pleasurable screams being muffled by the gag and started to inflate the plug. stretching her rectum beyond its comfortable capacity he could feel the plug getting bigger with his hand inside of her pussy. should i pull out he called out to the audience, and with a mighty yell of yes and a pitiful scream from Lisa, his mind was made up. he started to pull the plug, out, Lisa tried to clench but only made the pain worse, she had no choice but to submit, this was going to hurt, and no one would stop it. 85902 started to inch out the plug. stretching her tight ass wide, she kept on screaming and crying. a small puddle had pooled itself under her face, A combination of tears, sweat and saliva". her hands were clenched tightly, until eventually the plug was removed, still fully inflated 85902 said she is now a true slut.

"Thank you Mistress Jennifer, did i hear you were going to brand her." 85902 said.

"No my darling, the irons are for the rest of tonight, when i will arrange, for our resident Mistress's too torture our paying guests, of course it will be at the request of our guests, during a private 2 on 1 domination. with two of the Mistress' to One Client or even two if they wish."

That is correct my guests, please contact me not all at once though, if you wish to have a session with our ladies.

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