Another Welcomed Guest 8

Greek Gods


Zeus - King of the Greek gods

Hera - Queen of the Greek gods, sister and wife of Zeus

Hades - god of the underworld, brother of Zeus

Poseidon - god of the sea, brother of Zeus

Demeter - goddess of harvest and fertility of the earth, sister of Zeus

Aphrodite - Daughter of Zeus and Dione, Goddess of love, beauty and sexuality

Artemis - Daughter of Zeus and Leto, goddess of the hunt, the moon, and chastity

Athena - Daughter of Zeus and Metis, goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, civilization, law and justice, strategic warfare, mathematics, strength, strategy, the arts, crafts, and skill.

Ares - Son of Zeus and Hera, god of war

Apollo - Son of Zeus and Leto - god of the sun and light, music and poetry, healing and plagues, prophecy and knowledge, order and beauty, archery and agriculture.

Dionysus - Son of Zeus and Semele - God of the vine, grape-harvest, wine-making, wine, fertility, ritual madness, religious ecstasy, theatre

Hephaetus - Son of Zeus and Hera - god of fire, metalworking, stone masonry, forges and the art of sculpture.

Hermes - Son of Zeus and Maia - Messenger of the gods, god of trade, thieves, travelers, sports, athletes, border crossings, guide to the Underworld

Eris - Daughter of Zeus and Hera - minor goddess of discord and strife

Deimos - son of Ares, twin of Phobos - god of dread

Phobos - son of Ares, twin of Deimos - god of fear


Ephus - the godling man with an unusual power.

Dr. Quinn Markov - human wife of Ephus


Egyptian Goddesses and wives to Ephus


Bast - Goddess of cats, protection, joy, dance, music, family, and love

Sekhmet - Goddess of fire, war, and dance

Hathor - Goddess of the sky, dance, love, beauty, joy, motherhood, foreign lands, mining, music and fertility.

Serket - Goddess of scorpions, medicine, magic, and healing venomous stings and bites

Maat - Goddess of Truth and Justice

Tefnut - Goddess of Rain, Air, Moisture, Weather, Dew, Fertility, and Water


Brothers of Bast and Sekhmet


Thoth - God of knowledge

Sobek - God of the Nile, the Army, military, fertility and of crocodiles

Anhur - God of war and the sky bearer - Full brother of Bast and Sekhmet

Horus - Ancient God of the sky and kingship

Min - God of fertility

Khonshu - God of the Moon

Apophis - God of Chaos and darkness

Shu - God of the wind and air


As soon as Eris jumped to her feet, she again bowed to Ephus, with a small smile she vanished. Shaking his head, Ephus thought he had to get a handle on all this.


In his small area where he led his attacks, Ares's eyes slowly opened. Sitting up then falling back, the room seemed to spin a bit. What in all the realms had hit him? Thinking back, he seemed to remember, hearing the godling's voice. Pissed, he punched the wall putting his fist through it.

He had to kill this godling, before too many were healed for him to control. It was obvious, that none of his sons nor his slave Eris were going to be of much help that was for sure.

He sat far harder than he intended to, Ares held his head as it started to throb. By all the power the godling was going to pay for this!

He had to come up with a plan, to get the godling alone. Yes, alone where he knew his superior fighting skills would win out the day.

Ares laughed then slowly, (this time) arose, reaching out a wicked, slightly curved, pitch black colored sword appeared. Ares touched the hilt then started to laugh harder, he felt the raw power of the sword throb up his arm.

"Ah! The Caspian god killer! With this," Ares stated as he swung the sword, creating a shrieking wail as it cut through the air. "I should make very short work of him. After all, I have had hundreds of lifetimes to become the ultimate swordsman. Him? Bah! There are no finer to teach him, ah but I will, when I cleave his chest, rip out his heart, then eat it!"

Again, Ares swung the blade, filling the air with higher and higher ear piercing shrieks. Laughing even harder, Ares licked his lips as he thought he could almost taste the godling's blood as he bit into his heart.

Ares looked into the full length mirror across the room. Swinging the blade, he smiled at his image. "Damn, but you are a handsome son of a bitch! I am the only one capable of bringing order to all the realms. Especially with this little beauty." Laughing the hardest yet, Ares sat again to think things through. There was a way to get to the godling, he just had to wait and find out.


In the Olympus realm, Hera appeared outside of the great hall. Smirking, she looked at the building shaking her head. Usually males of power built great buildings like this to compensate for a physical deficiency. A small smile crossed her lips, he definitely wasn't lacking there, just how he used it, badly. A small chuckle, then a sigh escaped her lips.

She'd never stepped foot in this monstrosity, nor was she about to. Feeling her power rise she pointed at the building drawing Zeus to her. There was a great shouting, then a loud thud from inside. A moment later, several pairs of feet could be heard within.

A smirk on her face, Hera hadn't thought it would work. After all, her brother was far stronger than her. Within a minute later, Zeus, Apollo, Hermes, Dionysus and Hephaetus appeared before Hera. Hephaetus of course, had an energy shrouded sword drawn, which he immediately dropped as he bowed to his mother.

"Mother forgive me, I had thought it was an attack upon father." Hephaetus stated causing the others except Zeus to prostrate before her.

Hera nodded as she moved forward to stand before Zeus. "I told you before, I made an oath that I would not raise a hand against you again. As I have heard I will not have to." When Zeus's face showed confusion, she continued. "I am referring to the visit by our brothers Hades and Poseidon. Also, by our sister Demeter."

Zeus's eyes went wide then he nodded.

"I have also heard that they were more than displeased with you. I take it Poseidon swung at you again?" Hera stated, to which Zeus slightly dropped his head, nodding agreement. Lifting his head with her finger, Hera stared into his eyes, "I can and have, forgiven you many things brother. You continue on this path that you have started to spiral down? WE will never have as much power as we did." Turning, she started to walk away then whirled, "Like the rest of the family said, fix this, fix it fast or you might find yourself alone, for the first time since the beginning!"

"I know all of this Hera," Zeus stated his head slightly bowed.

With that she again whirled, then vanished rather quickly. "Father? Did mother have over half her power back?" Hephaetus stated causing Zeus's head to snap around to stare at Hephaetus.

Zeus put his hand to his chin as he thought a moment. She had appeared to have more power, than he had seen in her in some time. Sighing he needed to find Ephus, get him back here somehow. He had to admit the realm was by far better than it had been in a very long time. If he left it, it couldn't be for long. Finally deciding he told all his sons then slowly vanished.


What seemed an hour later, Zeus appeared outside of Ephus and Quinn's home. Taking a deep breath, he was about to just enter when he thought better of it. Raising his hand, he knocked on the door. It was a few moments before a young woman answered the door.

Zeus smiled at the woman startled when, she showed no sign of being enthralled by him. "Yes? How can I help you." The young woman asked.

"I have come a great distance seeking Ephus. Could you tell him that I am here?" Zeus asked.

Quinn looked over the tall older male, trying to decide if he was a threat. "I'm afraid he isn't here right now."

"I have to" Zeus started, then was astonished when his face smashed into what felt like a wall.

A voice in the room behind Quinn, drew Zeus's attention. "Sister, shall I dispatch him? Brother left orders that no harm was to come to you. I mean to keep you hale."

"Not as of yet, Anhur. He says that he is here to see Ephus. After that last male that showed up, I'm not sure." Quinn told Anhur.

"I will wait sister," then he turned toward Zeus. "Know this, I will fight 'til either of us is destroyed. From what I feel, you have power though far weaker than I."

"Now then, as I stated, he isn't here. I'm not sure when he will return. Is there anything else?" Quinn stated feeling a little emboldened with Anhur there.

"No young lady, please tell him that Zeus wishes to parley. We had many misunderstandings before." Zeus explained to Quinn.

Quinn's mouth had dropped open when he said Zeus.

Anhur started to hiss, "leader of the Hellenes gods! None of us trust any of you, Zeus the most. Go back messenger, tell Zeus we will tell Ephus."

Zeus looked startled then a little angry at Anhur, "I am no messenger, I am Zeus." Turning back to an even more startled Quinn he stated, "let him know this time, I will listen to him." With that he lifted his hand then vanished.

A still startled Quinn, just stood there in the door, staring at the empty space where Zeus had been. Her mouth still open, she slowly turned to look at a slightly startled Anhur. "Do" She started with a loud gulp. "Do you believe any of that?"

Anhur thought about it a moment then nodded. "He wasn't as weak as I thought he was, though, Ephus, had said he powered Zeus almost half. He was weak, though not as weak as the female earlier. I believe that it is possible."

All Quinn could do was nod to a smiling Anhur. Slightly bowing to Quinn, Anhur stated, "Do you wish me to remain here or just watch?"

"Keep an eye on us, I think that's what Ephus wanted. I know you have a great deal to do, I won't delay you." Quinn told him.

Anhur smiled broader, then slightly bowed to Quinn again. "It will be so human wife, of the godling Ephus." Then he waved a hand vanishing.

Quinn sat hard on the sofa, what in the hell was going on? There was most definitely more influx of gods and goddesses lately. A lot more than usual.


Hera didn't go far, she just hoped that her tirade to Zeus would get him moving. When she saw him talk to his sons, she nodded with a smile, So it had worked! Even as she watched Zeus lift his arm then vanished.

This is a good time to talk to his sons she thought. Appearing moments after Zeus vanished, all four of the males could only stare at Hera.

"So," She started as she stared at Hermes. "You actually attacked him, without feeling if he was a god or godling? Then you said what you did, about ending the godling. You might have to beg him to help you." Here she turned toward Hephaetus. "You, I think he might actually be willing to help, though you will have to apologize."

Hephaetus looked at his mother, a look of confusion on his face. "I'm afraid I don't know what that is, let alone how to."

Hera nodded, then turned to the other two, "The two of you he might leave weak, after neither of you even said a thing to defend your brothers."

Both Apollo and Dionysus nodded their heads as they lowered them.

"Well, you are in luck. I am here to teach you. If there is any hope for you, then you have to learn. First let's start with this." Hera reached out briefly touching all four of the males on their foreheads.

At first, all four had a look of curiosity on their faces, the full impact of what they had done, plus what they had to do soon had Hermes, Apollo and Dionysus nearly vomiting then on the ground looking up at Hera. The look of disgust on their faces, Hera wasn't sure if it was because of what they had done or HAD to do.

Hera shook her head ,oh boy, this wasn't going exactly like she'd hoped it would. Looking over to Hephaetus, she saw that though he was disgusted, he wasn't having as hard a time as the other three.

Hera sighed, then she had a thought, perhaps Hephaetus could explain what would happen if they didn't. Smiling, she'd have to wait a bit, the three on the ground were turning a little green.


Ephus had decided that he should talk to the rest of Hera and Zeus's family, at least the three he knew of. Demeter was the best of the three, inviting him in, giving him a wealth of information about Zeus.

It took all Ephus had, to keep up with Demeter. She started and never seemed to take a breath nor pause at all. Ephus breathed a sigh of relief when ,he left, though he promised to return much to his chagrin.

Hades was slightly harder though he did arrive right outside of Hades home. When he knocked, he discovered that the god was not there. Well he thought, this is a place of the dead, He has a lot to do I guess.

Walking further into the dark place, he was astounded at the sheer numbers of souls there. Finally, he found Hades next to two doorways. One had extreme heat coming from it, the other seemed rather pleasant.

After what seemed like a year, they finally finished, with Ephus clapping Hades on the back much like he had Demeter. Both their eyes had flown open as they felt their power increase. Both had grabbed him to hug, causing him to blush greatly.

Then there was Poseidon. With the other two he had a pretty good idea of where to go. Poseidon, he shook his head, the oceans and seas were three fourths the surface of the earth. Then there were places that were miles deep also.

Then it suddenly hit him, how in the hell was he going to be able to breathe? Did he even need to? Well he thought, we're about to find out.

Ephus appeared above the water off shore of Greece, as good a place to start as any. An hour later after covering not even a fourth of the water, Ephus hit his forehead, he then stretched out his hand feeling for Poseidon.

Ephus vanished, then appeared far out in the Pacific Ocean. Damn Ephus thought, isn't this where the Marianas Trench is? Then he appeared several hundred feet below the surface.

Although scared, Ephus discovered, yes, he didn't have to breathe underwater. Well he thought, that's a relief, right before several large stingrays, sharks and whales started toward him at high speed.

What the hell Ephus thought, as he instinctively put his hands out in front of him. Every one of the sea creatures stopped dead, as if they had hit a wall.

Shaking his head, Ephus pushed deeper toward where he felt Poseidon. It was starting to get a little dark when Ephus, felt a large power coming at him from below. Though the thing that shocked him, was the large trident that swung by him barely missing him.

{Stop there interloper! Who are you, what business do you have here? These waters are protected by Poseidon.} I 'heard' the holder of the trident think.

{Good! I am Ephus, I wish an audience with him. I seek information, namely about his brother Zeus.} Ephus thought back to the trident holder.

Ephus watched the, he guessed it was a type of merman. Tail, scales, breathing underwater, look down seeming to be deep in thought.

{It is permitted, follow me.} He finally thought to me.

Ephus thought he'd have a hard time keeping up with him, though he was wrong. They went down for a short time then they stopped. Pointing to a huge cave, Ephus passed him going inside. He was surprised when he saw an extremely large cavern, there also seemed to be something of a city there.

As Ephus went deeper in, several of the mer-people pointed him toward a brightly lit up area. ‘Finally,’ he thought, then he pulled up short. He then got closer to a very large male who was apparently far more than a mer person.

{So Ephus, you are far smarter than I thought. I have it on word from my brother and sister that you have visited them also. How can I help you?} Poseidon thought to me.

{I need information, I am sorry if I have disturbed this, your world obviously.} He thought back to Poseidon.

{I will gladly impart that which you need.} He replied

It seemed we were talking for days, in this world time seemed to be far slower than out of it.

Ephus was finally finished with this fact finding mission. He reached over clapping Poseidon on the shoulder. Poseidon's eyes grew large as like his brother and sister his skin glowed briefly. His eyes gained a clarity not seen before.

Ephus was about to leave, when he was suddenly hugged from behind. Ephus turned to see Poseidon, a look of gratitude on his face.

{You are always welcomed here. If you have need of me, call.} He told Ephus, who nodded, ‘you never know,’ he thought as he vanished appearing in the same park as before.

It was then that Ephus noticed that he was feeling a little weak. He went to sit on a bench his head down. A moment later a young woman came up to him.

"Sir? Are you alright? Do you require medical assistance?" She asked.

When Ephus only shook his head, she lifted his head to look into his eyes. Too late, she got a good look as he tried to look down.

"Sir, I need you to take me, please come with me." The young woman stated as she pulled Ephus off the bench. As they were walking toward a clump of bushes an older woman stopped the younger woman.

"I thought we were going to lunch." The other woman started.

"We will, first I need this man to take me." The young woman stated. The other woman tried to pry the young woman's hands off Ephus's.

She turned to Ephus about to yell at him, to let her friend go when she also caught sight of Ephus's eyes.

She grabbed the other hand, as they both proceeded to almost drag Ephus to the clump of shrubs. "You are right, we need to have him take both of us."

Ephus was feeling rather weak when both women, took their clothes off as soon as they were in the shrubs. They then started on Ephus's clothes as he could only watch. Finally free, the young woman took him into her mouth getting him as erect as she could.

Getting above him she then drove her tight almost virgin sheath down on him. Had it not been for the other woman kissing her, she might have alerted others.

Less than ten minutes later, Ephus felt it build as he blasted her full of semen. Kissing the other woman, the young one got off Ephus, to be immediately replaced by the older woman.

Leaning down she whispered, "Aphrodite told us that you would be here." Shocking Ephus.

The woman then started to go slowly, seeming to enjoy every moment of Ephus sliding in and out of her. It seemed that they were at it for an hour when the woman started to thrust faster. The young woman, kissed the older woman as she screamed, first when she orgasmed, then when Ephus also filled her with semen.

Climbing off Ephus, she kissed him whispering, "Thank you for allowing me to aid Aphrodite." Both women then dressed leaving as if nothing had happened.

Ephus also got dressed then started to walk out. Thinking better of it, he waved a hand feeling if he was still weak. A small smile lit up his face, finding that the weakness was gone. Nodding, he waved his hand vanishing then appearing in the living room of his home.

Quinn came in a moment later. "Ah good. You had a visitor while you were gone."

"Oh? Who was it?" A curious Ephus asked.

"According to what he said he was Zeus. When I told him you weren't here, he tried to step in, though he was stopped cold. Anhur.." She started.

"I did as you asked brother." Anhur stated finishing for Quinn. "I wanted to destroy it, when I found out it was a Hellenes god. You had said to ask your human wife; she is wise brother. Far more wise than I at first thought. She may have prevented a war that I feel the others do not want."

Ephus nodded as he passionately kissed Quinn as a thank you. "Though, I am afraid that it might be in the future for all of us. I'll know more when I talk to Zeus again."

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