The Mulberry's Nanny Part 1

I rang the door bell and quickly checked my appearance in the window to the side of the door. I looked casual but still professional. I had my hair in a ponytail, a tan button up sweater and a white shirt underneath. I also had black khakis on and black sneakers. I was generally satisfied with my appearance. I rang the doorbell again, and the door swung open instantly. Behing it stood a women, slightly shorter than me. She had short blonde hair that was tied up in a short bun. She wore a black skirt and a blue blouse. She was barefoot, she had thick legs, wide hips, a large butt. Her belly was slightly round, her breast were quite large compared to mine, her skin was tan and her face was slightly wrinkled. She wore makeup on her cheeks with a generous smile on her lipstick lips. She had gentle blue eyes. The eyes of her son, the eyes that haunt me to this day.

“You must be Miku,” she said holding out her hand.

I shook her hand, “Yes I am, and you must be Ms. Mulberry.”

“Sharon is fine.”
“Ok Sharon it is.”

She sat me down on her soft velvet like couch. She served me a drink of water and asked me about myself. Like how old am I, have I had a job like this before, what was life like in Japan. I answered all of her questions, mostly with nods and uh huhs.

“You speak great English!”

“Why thank you,” I repled. “My writing and grammar still needs work though.”

“Well, I think you’re qualified for the job,” Sharon said, “So when can you start?”

“I can start today!” I said ecstatically.

The older women laughed, “ Ok, we’ll start light today. Your daily duties will consist of watching the children when I am at work, cleaning, and preparing the food. Think you can handle that?”
I nodded. She showed me around the house, and where everything was located. She opened up her daughters room. It looked more like a wonderland to me. The room was double the size of my room in Japan. The walls were white and pink, with the softest carpet my feet have ever touched. Stuffed animals were everywhere. Her bed was sleek with unicorn blankets, and she had her own sony flat screen TV! Sharon has provided quite a life for her seven year old daughter. I said hello to Sara and she said hello to me back. What a sweet girl. After I met her daughter she took me to her son’s room. A room I will never forget.

She introduced me to her son Chris. He was a gorgeous young man! It was hard to beilive he was only 16. He was 6’0 tall, and very heavy musculared. He had long blonde hair and his mother’s blue eyes. I said hello to him and he casually waved at me. After that brief orientation I was able to go home.

The summer heat made me sweat through my sweatshirt and I took it off. I looked around my small apartment, nothing impressive, crummy compared to the Mulberry’s house that was sure. I stripped to my bra and panties it was so hot. I lay down on my bed. I could not get that Mulberry boy out of my mind. I could feel my privates secreting. I rubbed my breast tentivly, working my way to my belly then to my pubic bone. I started rubbing my slippery slit, letting out a soft moan, imagining that handsome boy touching me. The sensation lightly traveling across my body, a pleasure I haven’t felt since I lived in Japan. Then I quickly stopped myself, feeling disappointed. I was a lot older than that boy; I should be able to control myself. I sat up, and sighed.

The next day I began working. I started to vacuuming in Chris’s room. I pulled out a shoe box under his bed so I could vacuum under it. I accidently knocked the lid over and there was a magazine in the box. Playboy? Never heard of it. I opened it up and saw a bunch of centerfolds of naked women. I laughed and put the boy’s belongings back in the box, and continued my work.

Later that day the kids came home from there last day of school when I caught Chris picking on his sister.
Punching her in the arm and tripping her, so I called him over to have a private talk.

“Yeah whatsup?” he said nonchalantly.

“You should be nicer to your sister,” I replied placing my hands on my hips.


“Just do it, or I will tell your mother about the Playboy I found under your bed,” I said with a laugh.

He began to blush and glare at me all at once.
I laughed, “Relax. I was kidding,” I said patting him on the shoulder, “but you do need a better hiding spot.”
I walked away carrying the basket of laundry I was holding. Little did I know that I would regret this decision I made later down the road.

The next few weeks working for the Mulberry’s has been enjoyable. Sometimes there mother would go out late or work late night shifts so I would have to stay over to watch the kids. I didn’t mind though because I got to eat their food for free, use their hot bath, and sleep in Ms. Mulberry’s comfy bed. The best part was I got paid extra for it. The kids were well behaved angels. I didn’t understand the American phrase a wolf in sheep’s clothing until that fateful day.

I entered Chris’s room to collect his laundry while he sat at his desk. He waved me over to his desk, “Hey Miku tell me what you think of this?”

I walked over to his computer. He was watching a video, of something I wasn’t entirely sure of. Then I relized it was pornography, of a women showering. Then I looked closer, it was me showering!
I backed away, “What is this? How did you get this why do you have this?”

He turned to me and grinned, “Oh you see I was busy, while you were busy freeloading I was at work doing this check it out.”

He then minimized the video of me showering and pulled up a video of me masturbating while I stayed over a few nights. I could feel the blood rushing to my face, I was so embarrassed, “Now Chris, I know a boy of your age has interest, but you can’t just go around-

“Shut the fuck up you little tramp,” he cusses at me.

I was taken aback, “Chris don’t use that language at me I will tell your mother.”

“You won’t tell he shit, I have insurance over that.”

As furious as I was with the boy, I began to get curious, “Oh? What kind of insurance.”
He showed me several doctored photos of me and him showering together, him laying on top of me. Me just simply being naked. I was shocked, and disgusted.

“Chris, what is this?! Why are you doing this?!”

He leaned back in his chair, “You blackmail me, so I am doing it back you little bitch.”

“Blackmail you?! What do you mean?! Are you talking about that magazine thing?! I was never going to tell, I just wanted you to be kinder to your sister.”

“Yeah well now you pay for it you little slut. I want you to blow me.”

I looked at him confused, “What do you mean? What is that?”

“No wonder you japs lost the war, look how stupid you are. You know. A blowjob? I want you to suck on my penis you retard.”

I gasped, “Chris no. I can’t do that. I could get in trouble. I could lose my job, I need my job. You’re just a kid.”

He laughed, “You’re going to lose your job when I show my mom these.”

“They’re not real.”

“So she’s going to believe you over me, plus for further insurance I am going to put these videos all over the internet.”

“No you can’t please, delete them!”

He laughed, “You know what you have to do,” he said standing up. He lead me to his bed and quickly pulled of his
pants and underwear. Showing his erected penis. He laid down on his bed.

I no longer found this boy handsome or appealing. He was rude, cruel and foul mouthed, and to think this was just the beginning for me, yet I was ignorant at the time to this. “Chris please…” I begged.
He sighed, “Ok bitch on the internet you go.”

I set myself above him and wrapped my hand around his enormous penis. He seemed to be twice as large as the boy I had sex with in Japan. Twice as thick too. I began to stroke him slowly. In a failed attempt I asked him, “Can I just do this to you?”

“Ok I am getting really sick of you, you dumb whore. Guess you want to get fired.”

I sighed, holding back the tears and began licking his head. He smiled and I could feel his whole body relax. I didn’t mind sucking a man’s penis, and I have had little experience in the past, but I did not like this. Being forced to do something against my will, by a person that deceived me. I felt so rotten and embarrassed. This boy got the better of me, and still is getting the best of me. For all I know he could be video taping me right now. I shuddered at the thought and plunded his penis in my mouth to keep my mind off it. I closed my eyes and tried to pretend he was someone else. Like Kyo, my exboyfriend, but that tactic didn’t work. As he continued to degrade me.

“Come on bitch stop acting like you don’t enjoy this, I seen the way you look at me,”

Yeah that’s back when I thought you were a good boy, I thought. How embarrassing now he is using my innocent crush against me. Not only is he blackmailing me, forcing me to do something against my will, and verbally abusing me, now he is using my emotions against me. I plunged my mouth a little deeper playing with his member with my tongue.

“You call this a blowjob, you cheap tramp.” He said pushing my head deeper into him.

I began to gag, saliva dripping down his shaft. Half of him was too much for me, I began clutching his thigh as I desperately tried to breath. I pulled away gasping for air.

“Jeez you’re terrible at this. I guess I am a little bigger than what you are use to though,” he said with a laugh, “Is everything small in Japan he said reaching for my breast.

I felt my face get hot as I smacked his hand away, “Do you promise to delete those pictures and not tell anyone about this, if I do this for you.”
He shrugged, “Yeah, if you finish the job.”

I quickly wrapped my lips around his penis and started working my mouth around him sliding it up and down. He began to laugh at my eagerness, he must of figured out that I wanted this done as quickly as possible. The bitter taste of precum filling my mouth. I bobbed my head as quickly as possible going as deeply as possible, ignoring the slurping sounds I was making.

He moaned, “Oh yeah. See you know what you’re doing you little slut.”

I stroked him with my hand giving him a lot of suction really hard in fast. Then he arched his hips into me. Instinctively I pursed my lips around his penis head sucking out his semen. My eyes widen as I realized what I have done. Disgusted I spat his essence on the floor.

“That was ok,” he breathed heavily. “You know you’re cleaning that shit up right?” This was another slap in the face to me.

I ignored him, “Are you going to delete that stuff of me?” I pleased.

“Beg me, and say please I only listen to good girls.”

I couldn’t take it anymore, I began to sob, “Please, I did what you asked, I listened. I was good. I don’t want to lose my job, I like it here. I just want to keep my job that’s all.”

“Hmm that was convincing. Clean me up and I’ll do it, and since you’re retarded I mean lick my dick and balls clean.”

I bite my lip, swallowed my pride and began licking his penis clean, sipping up all of the semen off. Then I worked my way to his testicles licking the soft tissue. He pressed my face into his genitals, my face rubbing against his pubic hair. I pulled my head away from him, looking down as his genitals were covered in my saliva. He grinned at me I could tell he was apprasing me. I looked away ashamed. I avoided eye contact at all cost. I think that’s what he wanted because he walked to his computer. As he did I cleaned up the semen I spat.

I continued cleaning up after that. Doing my job and avoiding him altogether. I felt so ashamed, I felt so stupid, so embarrassed. How could I be so reckless, so stupid. I didn’t deserve this. I was always under the impression American boys were polite and sweet. I had to fight the tears as I cleaned up the house. During the dinner that I regularly ate with the family Chris sat across from me to make me feel more ashamed about myself. How could he get inside my head so quickly? He mentioned how well of a JOB I was doing, over emphasizing JOB, and that I should be tipped for my JOB. I avoided his look during the entire dinner trying my best not to cry. I thanked Sharon for the dinner and went home. I cried in bed all night over how humiliated I was, little did I know that soon it was going to get much worse.

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