My First time to cheat! part 1

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I had just turned 20 yr's old and my husband and I had only been married for about 9 months, I want to say that I do now and did then love my husband very much, It is now 12 years after this event happened and I am still married to the same man that I was then . He , my husband , has never known that I had the short affair some 12 yr's ago.

At the time of the affair I had long blond hair, down to my waist, and I am only 5 ft 2 in tall and weight was then about 110 lb's , green eyes, and I have been told that I am attractive, I see men looking at me when I am walking down the street, then and now. at that time my brest were only about a B cup, Now , 12 years later my hair is short and I am about 120 lb's ,but my brest are up to a C cup, I can go bra less and I have very little sag if any.

There was a large secton of land behind out rural home in Mississippi , we had only 10 ac. of land but the only road going into the land behind us was to cross our land . A large logging company was moving in to start cutting the timber behind us, the owner of the logging company was a 35 year old man that was very attractive,He had been to the house a couple of times makeing a deal with my husband to cross our land. I had notticed him looking at me when he was there and I guess I was looking too.

The first Monday that the logging company was moving in the door bell rang about 9:00 am that morning. I was not expecting any one so when I went to the door , I will call the owner of the logging company , Mike, not his real name, Mike was standing at the door and ask me if he could use the phone, this was before everone had a cell phone, This is the country, some one wants to use your phone, you let them in. Little did I know that what he was wanting to use was me!

The closeest phone was on the wall in the kitchen, I showed Mike the phone and I went over to the other side of the kitchen , I hadn't put on my house coat and I only had on a sleep shirt that only went a couple inches below my panties. So I went behind the table to hide some of myself behind the table as much as I could , the only way out of the kitchen was to walk right my Mike.
I could see him looking at me when he was on the phone and as soon as he hung up I thought he would be leaving , But he came around to where I was standing and said that who ever he was talking to was going to call him back aand could he wait a few min untill they called him back ?
I told him he could , what else could I say ?

He leaned over close ,he pushed my hair away from my ear, and whispered in my ear that I was the hottest thing he had saw in a long time, that he was hopeing he could talk to me alone like we were now.
I have to say that being this close to Mike was making my juces start to flow ! He is good looking and knows it ! He went on to say that the other night when he was at out house talking to my husband that he saw how I was looking at him and could tell that I was interested ? I tryed to say that he was wrong and that he needed to leave NOW. He just leaned in closer and I thought was going to whisper in my ear again but this time he reached out and put his arm around my waist and pulled me to him and at the same time kissed my ear and down the side of my neck.
I was stil trying to protest but at the same time really not wanting him to stop? AND he knew it !
He reached down and put his hand up under the bottom of my sleep shirt and put his hand between my leggs, he knew then that he had me, I was soaking wet ! He was rubbing my pussy and then slipped his thumb under the leg band of my panties and then right up in my pussy !
His thumb was nearly as big as my husband cock ! He knew what he was doing , hitting all the right buttons, I was about to come allready , My breathing was getting faster and faster !

No one besides my husband had ever touched me before, I was scarred and excited at the same time ! Mike was still whispering in my ear how hot I was and how wet my pussy was !

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