Mat Billy and crazy doctor 2


Billy said that when he first woke up he was on the table. Everyday the man would milk his cock for something. He would get upset that nothing would come out and say something like I was to young. I was eating normal stuff at first like apples and celery. He seen I was getting weak so he started feeding me peanut butter but I am allergic to peanuts and almost died. He said he was very sorry and he was able to save me from dying. I woke up in pain one day and he was cutting off my right leg. He quickly gave me a shot and I passed out. When I woke up I was where you are now. I was missing one whole leg and half of the other one. I was in no pain but was crying alot. He calmed me down and said he had to do it or I would die. He also apologized about me waking up as he was operating and hoped I would forgive him. I still did not understand and still don't exactly only what he has told me is he needs sperm so he can work on his project. I asked him what it is and he never says. All he ever does is take this metal rod out everyday and inserts up my ass. This makes my whole body shake like electricity is being put inside me. after awhile I feel my penis grow and he waits with a small flat glass but nothing ever comes out.

About then the man appears and has some celery with him and a few carrots. he feeds us some piece piece. He said he has been listening to us talk and wants to finish up Billy's story. He said Billy is right he was brought here so he can extract sperm so he can create a serum that will re grow limbs. He said that he rushed things and Billy was too young yet and was not capable of making sperm . He said that's where I come in. He said for his experiment he needs young boys sperm. I tell him no way am I going to give him any of mine but he laughs and walks over where he has this long mirror. He wheels it over and as I look at myself I see I am missing part of one of my legs but still have one. I still have 2 arms tied to the wall. I scream what a jerk he is to take part of my legs. I said that won't work because they don't have any wolves or bears where they live. He said not to worry because I already ate it along with Billy last night for diner. He said he almost had to kill Billy because he ran out of body parts to cook. He said he is a doctor and killing is against an oath he took to be a doctor. He said he still needed sperm and it may take another year for Billy to start to produce any. He had to feed him quick or he would die. He said that he knew it was going to be warm where I lived and boys will be out playing. He thought about it and set off to find a boy who is at puberty to get the freshest sperm. If the sperm comes from a Teenager it may not work like it would if was just starting to cum. He then said I will be keeping my new friend Billy alive for a long time with all the meat I had to offer. I knew then I was in a pickle. I could not move and nothing I could say is going to change his mind and I am doing good by keeping this young boy alive till help arrives. I sob some and fall asleep.

The time went by very slow. Me and Billy sometimes tried to talk about what was going on but I was not listening most of the time. The cartoons were all reruns and he had it turned up loud enough it was difficult to carry on a conversation. One day as I was coming too the man was there with a feeding tube. He placed Billy across from me and he was eating already. The man told me to eat up because this might have to last me awhile. It was stew again and it tasted the same. I just knew I was eating part of my leg he cut off the other day but still I kept eating. It was after I finished he brought the mirror to me again and seen where he cut off part of my other leg. you motherfucker I said as I fell back asleep.

When I awoke up again he had inserted a probe in my ass and was ready to turn it on. he said it was time for some sperm and to just enjoy it. He then turned a dial on a box he was holding that connected to the probe up my butt. The feeling was incredible. It didn't hurt at all but felt amazing and erotic. I had never cum before and like Billy didn't really know about sperm except in PE class they tried to explain what it was. All of the sudden I felt very hard. He still had my head in some kind of lock and I could not see down. I knew he was looking down at my penis and waiting. All of the sudden I felt like I was going to pee. I wasn't too worried because he had a hose in my penis like Billy's. But he had taken it out when I was asleep and when I started to shoot the feeling was completely amazing. I felt like I was peeing but not peeing. He just kept saying good good then turned off the machine and took the probe out of my ass. He looked very happy and gave me a strawberry to eat. Billy asked me what happened and I said I think i peed all over him. Billy said that it wasn't pee but a white milky stuff that came out of my penis. I said what about the tube and he said he took it out and it is still out. I was thinking of what feeling that was and how great it was and i felt my penis get hard again. This must be what he needed. He called it sperm and Billy said it was white milky stuff. I thought about my neighbor feeding her baby and white stuff was coming from her nipple so this must be where it comes from out of boys. I had a hardon again and nothing was in my ass. This was exciting to me but also was painful because I could not see it or touch it and it started to pulse and felt very heavy and hot. I asked Billy if he could see my penis. He said yes and white stuff was dripping out of it and it was huge. Huge I thought wow I never thought of my penis as huge and wished I could see it or touch it.

This is how it went day after day for along time. Billy would cry alot but knew he was only alive because the man didn't want to kill him. He apparently kept me alive to milk my cock and to feed me and Billy my body parts. By this time I had both my legs gone up to my hip bone and one of my arms were gone. I thought after a week I will be like Billy sitting propped up on a table rolled around the room. I know I may not die but I will never be the same. I have been eating my own body to stay alive and also my body is keeping Billy alive. He used the probe alot and I would shoot something out that made him very happy. He never stroked my penis only waited for me to shoot from what the probe did. He would hold a glass of some kind and catch it all. He would then put the clear tube back in my penis and my urine would drain just like Billy had. I slowly fall asleep.

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