Strapless Black Dress

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Strapless Black Dress

Mom always said that a girl needs a little black dress. That was why she bought one for my sister. In this case the dress was strapless, quite short, and sexy as hell with a plunging back, a V-neck, and a slit up the side.

At fourteen with her breasts still developing Penelope was worried about her dress falling down and exposing her fantastic boobs. Mom laughed at her and told her that the dress would not fall down. Then she told her to wear it around the house for a couple of days before her big date to get used to it.

Oh yes, the reason for the dress was that Penelope had been asked to the Senior Prom by a nineteen-year-old boy named Jeffrey. Mom really had to think about it before she finally give her permission.

So after school on Tuesday Penelope put the dress on. Mom politely informed Penelope that she could not wear anything underneath that dress. She said that a bra would show even if it too were strapless and that panties would show lines that are unseemly. Plus Penelope would have to break in her new high-heeled shoes.

Wow, did those heels ever show off her calves and enhance her cute little ass nicely. When Penelope practiced sitting, I was in the right place to look up her skirt and see her pretty pussy. She had shaved the edges and left a small patch right on the top. Her pussy lips were wet and glistening as I looked.

Penelope would sit down, then stand up, and walk across the room. On her third attempt she fell down. I rushed to her side to see if she broke anything. I picked her up in my arms and carried her to the couch. As I put her down and pulled my hand out from under her, my thumb slipped into her pussy folds and it was covered with her juices when I held it up to my nose. After inhaling her wonderful aroma I sucked and licked my thumb clean.

Penelope asked, “Did you really like that?”

I replied, “I sure did. You are the first girl that I have ever tasted. In fact yours is the first pussy that I have seen and touched too.”

Penelope said, “I liked it too.”

From the doorway Mom said, “Then let him touch you again. It will be good practice along with wearing that dress and those shoes. You do know that Jeffrey is going to feel you up on the dance floor…don’t you?”

Penelope asked, “He will?”

Mom laughed and said, “Listen honey, with that dress and no panties on you are asking to get felt up. Besides the Junior and Senior Proms are famous for girls loosing their virginities.”

Penelope asked, “Then why did you say that I could go?”

Again Mom laughed and said, “Because you are constantly masturbating in your bedroom, like your brother does.”

Penelope shouted, “Mom!”

Mom just laughed and said, “Hey, you two aren’t the only ones in this house that masturbate. I do my share too.”

It was my turn to say, “Mom” but I said it in a ‘I would like to see that’ way.

Mom said, “Face it Penelope you liked it when your brother felt you up. You even said so and you’ll like when Jeffrey does it too.”

Penelope said, “But why on the dance floor?”

Mom laughed and said, “Because it’s exciting to do sexual things in public.”

Penelope asked, “What if I don’t want Jeffery to fuck me?”

Mom said, “Then give him a blowjob. That won’t take very long. I guarantee it.”

Penelope said, “But I have another boy in mind and I want him to be my first.”

Mom said, “That works for me! Who is he?”

Penelope pointed at me.

Mom smiled and asked, “Can I borrow him when you are done?”

Penelope asked, “Then you wouldn’t mind if we had sex together?”

Mom laughed and said, “Of course not. You are on birth control so nothing too bad can happen. By the way I’m on birth control too.”

Penelope asked, “Were you serious when you asked me if you could borrow him?”

Mom said, “Yes, I was. Exactly what do you have in mind?”

I spoke up and asked, “Don’t I have anything to say about this?”

Mom let out a big laugh and said, “God no honey! Men have never had anything to say about sex. We girls just let them think that they do. Face it you think with your cock and your cock wants pussy. And in this house Penelope and I have all of the pussy that you will ever need.”

I asked, “What about a girlfriend some day?”

Mom replied, “I think your sister and I could be persuaded to let you keep enough cum for a girlfriend someday.”

Penelope said, “But first I want some of that cum in me.”

Mom sent us up to Penelope’s bedroom to have sex and then she told me that I would be taking turns sleeping in Penelope’s bed and in her bed every other night.

When we were in her bedroom I watched Penelope take off that sexy black dress and then show me her nice firm titties. I had seen her pussy but it looked even better then. Sex was pretty awkward since neither one of us really knew what we were doing. Oh we both knew where it was supposed to go but getting it in there was different. Finally Penelope lifted her legs up around my waist and pulled me in closer. That was what I had needed and then I slipped my cock into her open hole. We both knew right then and there that we had done something very special together and that we would be doing it again as often as we could. We thrust up at and into one another until I exploded inside her wonderful pussy. In a couple of minutes I was hard and inside her again. That time she experienced her first cock induced orgasm and she liked it just as much and maybe even more than I did. After our third time Mom tapped on the door and brought in a meal for us to eat in bed. Penelope pulled the covers up to our waists leaving her breasts exposed. It was a rather nice distraction. Some cottage cheese fell onto her right tit so I just leaned over and sucked it up into my mouth. I also sucked her nipple into my mouth. We finished our supper and then Mom kissed us both and turned the lights out. Penelope and I fucked a few more times before morning.

The next day Mom claimed me. I fucked her before school and then she met me at the door naked when I came home. We had sex and then Mom needed to start dinner.

Penelope had on her little black dress and her high heel shoes. She was definitely getting better at walking and sitting. She would spread her legs and lift her dress to get me excited.

Then Friday came around and her date picked her up. Mom insisted that they pose for a couple of pictures. After all, going to the Senior prom with a senior was a very big deal for an eighth grade girl. I almost choked when Mom asked him to stand behind Penelope, wrap his arms around her, and hold onto her breasts as if he were a living bra. He looked shocked but then Mom said, “We all know that you want too and probably will later.” He hesitated so Penelope grabbed his hands and placed them on her own boobs for the picture. Then they left.

Mom and I had sex a few times before Penelope finally came home at three o’clock in the morning and woke us up.

Mom asked, “So how was it honey? Did you have fun? Did he feel you up?”

Penelope replied, “Yeah, I had a blast. Jeffrey finger fucked my pussy on the dance floor just like you said he would. Then he let three of his friends finger fuck me right there on the dance floor too. I fixed his ass though. I let his three friends fuck me for real in the lady’s room, but not him. I had to get a ride from one of the chaperones. I even let him finger fucked me on the way home.”

Mom lifted the covers and said, “Get in.”

I smiled as her little black dress hit the floor and she climbed in.

The End
Strapless Black Dress

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