Space Farm - Part 2

Space Farm – Part 2
By Droid447

(This story begging right after the first part ends. It is recommended to read Part 1 first.)

Miriam thought it was a bit strange that her sister called to invite her to the farm. They saw each other just three weeks ago and they usually didn't visit that often. However, it was always nice to relax in the tranquility of her sister Susan's farm, so she didn't think twice about accepting the offer. Her daughter Katie was totally on board with the plan. She always enjoyed spending time with her cousins Carol and Leila.

David, on the other hand, was not too keen on the idea. He liked the farm when he was little, but now he believed it was one of the most boring places in the galaxy. He came along nonetheless. He couldn't let his mother and sister travel alone, and at least he was going to enjoy a large steak of fresh kaberian meat.

“Hi sis, I am so glad you could make it,” Susan said, greeting her sister.

“Nice to see you too. Thank you for the invitation,” Miriam responded, stepping out of the small transport ship.

“We have so much to talk about,” Susan added.

“Yes, we do. You won't believe what I heard yesterday about the Robertsons!” Mariam said, starting with the gossip.

“Hi Carol. What's new?” David said, noticing that her cousin looked hotter than usual. Wow! Carol is looking good.

“Hi David. You have grown! Where is Katie?”

“She is still inside the ship. You know her. She is looking for the right outfit.”

“Yeah, she is just like me. I'll go get her.” Carol said, walking towards the ship.

Carol's main topic of conversation with Katie had always been sex and this time was no exception. Katie was not shy and Carol intended to take advantage of this. She wanted to ease her cousin's way into becoming a fungus's feeder.

“Do you remember my neighbor Jason?” Katie said, as she walked into Carol's room, “We have been banging like crazy the last couple of months.”

“Notice anything different in my room?” Carol asked.

Katie led out a gasp when she saw it. There was large podont at the opposite side of the bedroom. These creatures were very common and Katie knew them well, but they were definitely not house pets and it was odd to see one inside Carol's room.

“What the hell?! You have a podont in your room? Why? It is huge!”

“Brace yourself my dear, because you are about to see something really cool.” Carol said, then she added, “he is huge, in more ways than one.”

Carol guided the creature to the center of the room and went down to her knees. Then she gently grabbed his growing phallus.

The podont knew exactly what was coming and he got excited. He was going to fuck this tiny female again.

“Wait! What are you doing?! Don't tell me that you are going to…” Katie asked, truly astounded.

“Don't worry. This is not the first time that I have done this,” Carol responded calmly.

Katie watched in astonishment as Carol leaned forward and licked the tip of the podont's phallus. She had considered herself a wild girl, but now she felt like a saint compared to her cousin. This was all so unexpected. Katie felt her pussy stir beneath her skirt.

“Wow! That is the biggest cock I have seen in my entire life,” Katie exclaimed.

The beast's member was too big to fit all the way inside Carol's mouth, but she opened her lips as wide as possible and enveloped all she could of the fat cock head. Then she used both hands to stroke the phallus and stimulate him to orgasm.

Katie sat silently on the bed watching the bizarre spectacle. Her pussy was definitely getting wet.

After barely five minutes, the podont growled loudly and ejaculated inside Carol's mouth. The young woman was prepared for this and quickly swallowed the sperm, but it was coming too fast and some of it spilled out.

At first, Katie didn't know what was happening, but then she saw the white semen pouring out from Carol's lips and her heart jolted. She realized that her cousin was gulping it down.

“He is cumming! You made him cum!” Katie yelled with excitement. She could actually see the podont's balls twitching over and over.

When the beast was done, Carol moved back, opened her vest and grabbed her bulging belly. She felt so proud of herself for collecting so much food for her master.

“Are you ok? He ejaculated right into your mouth!” Katie asked, moving beside her cousin to see if she was alright.

“I swallowed so much cum! It was awesome!” was Carol's response. Then she began to remove her clothes and said something unexpected, “Ok, now it is your turn.”

“What?! Me?!”

“Don't tell me you aren't horny because I know you are.”

“But is it safe? What if he gets angry and crushes me?” Katie asked worriedly.

“It is completely safe. And you better take off your clothes if you don't want to get them smeared with cum.”

“This is so crazy… I'll do it!” Katie was indeed very horny and willing to give it a try. If Carol could do it, she could too.

After both girls undressed, Carol moved beside the podont, grabbed his still erect cock and held it at the right angle. Katie hesitantly crawled forward.

It looks ever bigger this close. Katie thought.

“He likes it when you lick the tip,” Carol said, showing experience.

Katie stared at the huge piece of meat presented to her while her heart beat rapidly within her chest. She realized at that moment that the podont's cock looked very similar to a man's cock, only larger. Much larger.

She put her lips on the tip of the creature's phallus and her pussy twitched hard. She always had a good time with her cousins Carol and Leila but this was beyond her wildest expectations. She was sucking a podont's cock!

I can't believe I am doing this! This is so fucking hot!

“Try to swallow all of it when he cums,” Carol said, tightening her grip on the creature's phallus and moving her hand back and forth, stimulating it. She knew that the podont could cum several times in one night.

Just like before, the podont climaxed quickly. Katie opened her eyes wide as the first gush of sperm hit the back of her throat. Crap!

“You can do it! Gulp it down as fast as you can.”

But as much as she tried, her gag reflex was too strong and Katie started to choke. She moved to the side as the sperm flew out of her mouth and spilled on the floor. “Cough, cough.”

The podont was still shooting his sperm into the air. This was unacceptable.

We can't let this cum go to waste.

Suddenly, there was a short scream coming from another part of the house. Carol heard it and smiled. Something was happening in her mother's room and she knew exactly what it was. Katie couldn't hear it because of her continued coughing.

While Katie struggled to compose herself, Carol grabbed the long phallus and aimed it at her own mouth. She collected the remaining sperm, spilling almost nothing.

“I am sorry. The sperm hit the back of my throat and I was not ready for it. It went in the wrong pipe,” Katie was embarrassed that she couldn't swallow but Carol reassured her.

“Don't worry. The same thing happened to me once. The good news is that the podont is not done with us.”

The podont looked down at the girls with excitement. He knew that the night was just beginning and he was ready to deliver.

“He isn't? He came twice already,” Katie said.

Carol moved over to the bed and Katie followed her. Katie thought that her cousin was going to blow the beast again but then she saw her laying back on the edge and spreading her legs.

“No way that thing is going to fit inside of you. He is going to split you in half,” Katie exclaimed.

“It will and he won't. Like I said, I have done this before.”

The creature took short steps forward, hoping that the female would guide his cock to the right spot.

Katie heard a squishy sound as the fat member penetrated Carol's body. Then the sound was overshadowed by Carol's loud moan. It was incredible enough that the huge cock fit inside of the woman's tight pussy, but as the podont walked closer, the phallus kept plunging deeper until most of it was hidden from Katie's view. She couldn't believe it.

“It is in! It's all in!” Katie yelled with amazement.

The creature's legs bumped on the bed's frame and he stopped moving forward. This was not a coincidence. Carol had done this quite a few times and she had calculated it with precision. The massive cock was as deep as humanly possible, but she didn't have to worry about being stabbed to death and she could enjoy the mating to the fullest.

Meanwhile, Katie's hand unconsciously wandered between her legs and rubbed her pussy with slow movements of her middle finger. How can this be possible? Carol is taking most of the podont's cock!

A while later, the beast was picking up speed. He was thrusting his hips twice as fast, making Carol's body swing back and forth with the same pace.

Katie could actually see the creature's cock moving within her cousin's body as Carol's skin bulged here and there. It was the hottest thing she had ever seen and she was right there, a few centimeters from the odd couple. Her hand was moving much faster now, rubbing her clitoris with eagerness. She wanted to cum at the same time as the beast.

And judging by his sounds, the podont's climax was just seconds away.

The creature stopped moving for an instant, then after a forceful jolt, he released a huge load of cum into Carol's womb. The excited woman felt the hot fluid filling her cavity and this was enough to send her over the edge. Carol arched her back violently and screamed in bliss. Anybody would be able to hear her from around the house but she couldn't care less, nor could Katie, who was rubbing her pussy as fast as she could trying to match the others' orgasms.

She is cumming! Carol is cumming while the beast ejaculates inside of her! I am cumming too… ugh!

A second later, everyone in the room was in the midst of climax. Katie threw her head back and moaned softly while she pictured herself being ravished by a podont, with his cock buried to the hilt in her pussy and discharging a bucket of cum inside of her womb. She was not brave enough to do it but she could certainly dream about it, especially with her cousin in that exact situation at this very moment.

This was the best orgasm Katie had ever experienced and she was only touching herself.

Image 023

The podont finished ejaculating and stepped back. The amount of sperm accumulated in Carol's bloating belly was evident. Katie moved closer to have a better view and couldn't avoid expressing her astonishment.

“Wow! You are really stuffed with the podont's cum.”

“I think I can fit more inside of me. I'll show you.”

Carol turned on her stomach and dragged herself backwards. She knew that she could take more cock in her ass than in her pussy and she wanted to make sure that the podont fucked her as deep as possible. The creature got the message and moved into position one more time.

“Are going to take it in the ass? It is going to hurt.” Katie said while she walked around the bed and leaned forward to have a better view. The podont's cock a few centimeters from Carol's anus.

“It won't. You will understand soon enough.”

Katie wondered what Carol meant by that, but she forgot about it the moment she saw the large cock thrusting forward and penetrating Carol's ass. The beast was not gentle or slow but the aroused woman moaned in utter bliss nonetheless. Katie's pussy stirred again.

The fat appendage pushed Carol's insides apart, taking over her body and taking over her self control. She loved being so helplessly possessed.

The mating lasted longer than before. Katie stood nearby the entire session, immobile and mesmerized, watching the incredible scene. Even though she wasn't masturbating this time, her pussy was dripping lubrication fluids to the floor between her feet.

As usual, the podont increased the pace gradually until he couldn't move any faster. Then, after a short, loud growl, he discharged his load of sperm inside Carol's body.

“Yes! Fill me with your cum! Give me all you have!” Carol screamed.

He is cumming a forth time. This is unbelievable. No wonder Carol chose him to be her mate. Katie thought.

Despite the girth of the massive cock, the sperm started leaking between the rough grayish skin of the beast and Carol's tight anal cavity.

“I think you are full. The sperm is coming out,” Katie said.

But neither Carol nor the beast were listening since they were both lost in bliss. After almost one minute of non-stop ejaculation, the sticky sperm began to flow out of the woman's mouth. Katie was astounded. She assumed that it was the sperm that Carol swallowed earlier and the pressure of the podont's cock was pushing it out, but she couldn't be sure.

Is she so full of cum that it is coming out of her mouth?! No way!

At last, the sex session was over. Carol cleaned her face and stood up. Her belly was bloating even larger and now it was time to feed the fungus.

“I told you that I could take more cum inside of me. Look at my belly!” Carol said proudly.

“You were right. You look like a pregnant woman. I can't believe you just let him fuck you in the ass. He is massive!”

Carol had to make an excuse to leave the room for a while. She lied to her cousin and told her that she was going to the bathroom in the hallway. She didn't know what was going on with her mother and her aunt so she told Katie to stay in the room to prevent an unpleasant situation.

“And what about him?” Katie asked, pointing at the beast.

“Don't worry. He is done for today. He will fall asleep in a minute.”

“I have something else I want to show you, so wait for me here, ok?”

“What? There's more? I can see you have been busy my dear cousin.”

The rest of the house was very quiet and that could only mean one thing. Carol was going to her mother's bedroom to corroborate it.


Meanwhile, outside the house, Leila was leading David to the far side of the hangar. She told him that she wanted to share a secret and David followed her with enthusiasm.

In the previous years, David had always considered his younger cousin a bit immature and he avoided her when possible. But Leila was not a little girl anymore. She had become a curvaceous young woman. At the very least, he could enjoy looking at that sexy body for a few minutes.

“I think we are far enough Leila. What is this big secret that you want to tell me?” David asked.

“Step over here and I'll tell you.”

David was astounded when Leila turned around, went down to her knees and opened the fly of his pants.

“My secret is that I have become the best cock-sucker in the galaxy. Do you want me to show you?”

“What?! Leila.. don't! What are you doing? Somebody is going to see us.”

“Nobody ever comes back here,” Leila said, “We can do whatever we want. And I want to do it with you.”

Despite the awkward situation, David immediately felt his cock getting hard. For some reason, he had been feeling hornier than usual since he arrived at the farm.

Leila pulled her cousin's cock out of his pants and when she leaned forward to lick the tip, it was already fully erect. She was certain that David, being a male, would not be able to resist her sexual advances. Just like any other male creature on the farm.

“Are you sure about this?” David insisted.

“Absolutely sure. I want you to cum all the way down my throat.”

Without saying another word, Leila wrapped her lips around the phallus and swallowed it whole. The constantly aroused woman had sucked so many large cocks in the last few weeks that her gag reflex was completely gone. She moved her head forward until her nose was touching her cousin's pelvis, then pulled back a little, and pushed forward again.

David was in heaven. He couldn't believe what Leila was doing. He could feel her tight lips, her agile tongue and her constricting throat working on his cock with true expertise. Leila didn't lie. She was in fact the best cock-sucker in the galaxy.

Leila bobbed her head back and forth with tenacious determination. She wanted David's cum inside of her belly as soon as possible.

The reward for her effort came quickly. David couldn't last more than five minutes before ejaculating down his cousin's throat.

Leila felt David's cock pulsating, then the warmth of his sperm filling up her belly. She climaxed instantly from the sheer pleasure of collecting more food for her master.

Leila cleaned the remnants of sperm from her face and looked sensually at David. One ejaculation was not enough. Her cousin was young and she knew that he could handle at least three more. And she was right. David didn't lose his erection after climaxing and he was ready for another round.

“That was truly the best blow job ever,” David said.

“I told you. I have your cum in my belly, now I want it in my pussy.”

“Damn! When did you become this sex goddess?”

After removing her shorts and her top, Leila turned around and bent over, offering her body to David. David also removed his clothing and stepped forward, touching Leila's pussy lips with the tip of his phallus.

“You are so fucking hot! Are you ready?” David said.

“Yes! Shove your cock in my pussy. Cum inside of me again.”

He could hardly believe this was happening. Just his morning he was expecting an extremely boring weekend and now he was fucking Leila! He was fucking his cousin!

“Your pussy is so tight. This is awesome!”

“Fuck me! Fuck me hard!”

He rammed his hips against Leila's rear end with insane eagerness and Leila tightened her vaginal muscles in response, milking him for all he was worth.

David's cock was not nearly as big is the ones that Leila had enjoyed lately but she felt enormous pleasure nonetheless. Maybe it was the naughtiness of the situation, or maybe it was because she was programmed to enjoy any sexual encounter regardless of the size or species of her partners. The only thing that truly mattered was getting more cum inside of her.

She is making me cum again! Not so fast… ughh.

A couple of minutes later, Leila achieved her goal. David grabbed her hips tightly and lifted her off the ground while he ejaculated. His balls twitched over and over, releasing a big load of cum even though this was his second time.

And just like before, Leila came at the same time he did. It was a reflex embedded in her brain. She felt pleasure providing pleasure. This served as the best incentive to give her partners orgasms, and therefore obtain their precious sperm.

As soon as David was done, Leila laid on the ground and gestured for him to jump on top of her. If David had more cum to spare, she was going to take it.

David, breathing fast and little woozy, looked down at her with passion in his eyes. His cousin wanted more and he would not refuse an offer like that.

“Again?” David asked.

“Yes, give me more.”

Meanwhile, Katie was still in Carol's room. She was looking out the window and she could see part of the hangar from there. Katie noticed the shadow of somebody moving around near the far end. The podont was a couple of meters away, fast asleep, gathering strength for the next mating session.

What is taking Carol so long? I think there is someone by the hangar. Maybe it is her. I'll take a look.

David knelt between Leila's legs and aimed his phallus at her vaginal entrance. Everything that was happening felt like a dream. They were fucking in plain view and he knew that her mother or his could catch them doing it. That would have terrible consequences, but he just couldn't stop himself. It was not only that his cousin was hot, but there was something else. Something in the air, like pheromones, that was driving him insane.

“I am going to fuck you harder than anyone you have fucked before.”

“That's exactly what I want! I am all yours.”

Katie couldn't believe her own eyes when she turned the corner of the hangar and saw David and Leila laying on the ground, having sex out in the open like farm animals. David was smashing his pelvis against Leila's with all his might, and for an instant, Katie thought with terror that his brother was forcing himself on Leila. But then she saw her cousin pulling David closer and spreading her legs wider. She was taking his blows with obvious pleasure.

What the fuck?! David is fucking Leila! How? Why?

Katie didn't know what to do. Her first impulse was to intervene and stop this madness but then she hesitated. How could she judge her brother and cousin if she just sucked a podont's cock? Katie just stood there, astounded, and watched the startling scene.

Leila stared lustily into David's eyes. Since she was little, she had a crush on her older cousin, but she always knew that doing anything with him was just a fantasy. Not only because they were related but also because in the past, she barely had the nerve to talk to him.

Her new master, the fungus, changed everything. She was certain that her female scent made her irresistible to any male. Her confidence was limitless and her inhibitions were completely gone. Now she was a sex machine with the single purpose of collecting cum and feeding her master. She loved it.

Katie had mixed feelings about seeing her brother and Leila having sex. She was still excited by her actions with Carol and the podont. Watching a young couple fucking was increasing her arousal even more. But these two were taking things too far. They were family!

It seems that Carol is not the only sex maniac on the farm. No way that David convinced Leila to fuck him. It is more likely that she convinced him.

But it was evident that David and Leila couldn't care less about being related. David increased the tempo and started groaning louder, matching his cousin's moans. He was about to cum for a third time.

Katie watched David shove his cock in to the hilt, pause for a second, then shudder in short, intermittent spasms. It wasn't difficult to guess that he was discharging his semen inside Leila's cavity.

Leila's eyes rolled back in sheer pleasure as she also convulsed in bliss. The couple was climaxing simultaneously! Even though these two shouldn't be having sex, the scene was pretty hot. Katie felt her pussy stir beneath her skirt.


Katie had no idea that Carol was less than twenty meters away, inside the hangar. She was kneeling on top of the fungus, getting ready to feed her master. The creature had grown a lot since it came out from Leila's womb in the form of a seed. It extended across the ground for several meters and all its tentacles were longer and thicker. Consequently, it needed more food, more frequently. This presented no problem to Carol and Leila, who lived for the sole purpose of feeding him.

“Hello Master. I bring more food for you,” Carol said proudly, “My belly is full with podont's cum. One of your favorites.”

Carol crawled closer to the largest and tallest opening of the fungus as one of the feeding tentacles emerged. Another one, the “holding” kind, was already circling around the young woman's body. The creature was fully aware that Carol belonged to him completely and she didn't need to be restrained anymore. The only use of its extra tentacles was to provide the female with additional mind-bending pleasure. She certainly deserved it.

While the feeding tentacle slithered between Carol's thighs, smelling her cavities, the other one penetrated her pussy without any warning or foreplay whatsoever. Carol screamed in bliss, the same way she had done hundreds of times before in the past few weeks. The appendage was thick and rugged, perfect for maximum stimulation. It couldn't go very deep at the moment because her womb was full with cum, but it didn't have to. She would reach climax in no time anyway.

With the first tentacle pumping frantically in and out of her pussy, Carol still had enough self-control to guide the feeding tentacle to her anal entrance. She was expecting to have one tentacle in each hole of her body and she couldn't wait for it.

“Fuck me in the ass too. Take everything from me!”

The oily feeding tentacle penetrated easily into her ass, eliciting another scream of pleasure from the aroused woman.

Carol felt it going deeper and deeper until she wondered if the creature was reaching for the cum in her stomach using her back entrance and not her mouth, like he used to do. Her heart jolted as she thought about it, but she believed it was impossible.

“Yes! Fuck me deeper! Shove another tentacle in my mouth!”

After a few minutes, Carol was on the verge of her first climax. She usually reached five or six orgasms during each feeding session. The excited woman could feel her belly slowly flattening and this filled her with joy and amazement. Her master was doing it! He was extracting his food from her belly by penetrating her ass. It was the greatest sensation ever.

Suddenly, Carol felt something coming up her esophagus and she immediately realized what it was. Her heart jolted hard and her pussy jolted harder. Could this be happening? Could the tentacle pass all the way through her body?!

The answer to her question emerged promptly between her lips, but Carol had no time to think about it because her orgasm came down on her like a freight train. The woman's eyes rolled back into her skull while her entire body shuddered without control.

Her pussy was gushing all over the churning tentacle but she was not aware of it.

After a couple of minutes of mindless, orgasmic bliss, Carol plunged face forward onto the fungus's surface. Both tentacles remained plugged into her pussy and ass, the latter one deeply enough that it still protruded from her mouth.

Carol was barely aware of what was happening. The only thing she registered was that her orgasm was still going. It was the longest and strongest ever. She was not going to climax five times today; one orgasm of this magnitude was more than enough.

Carol felt the tentacle in her pussy being pulled out, but she knew that it was going to be replaced immediately by another one. There was sperm in her womb that needed to be sucked out. She was right on the edge of consciousness but held on just long enough to feel that new tentacle penetrating her pussy.

When it did, Carol's climax reignited and that was it. Her mind blacked out completely, leaving her frail body at the mercy of her master.

The fungus, oblivious to Carol's state of mind, penetrated into her womb and began sucking the sperm through the hollow tube of the tentacle.


Meanwhile, outside the hangar, Leila and David stood up. Katie hid quickly behind a wall and started to silently walk away, but then she heard Leila telling David to sit on the stairs so she could ride on top of him. Katie came back to see more of the sexy show.

“Are you going to give me more cum?” Leila asked.

“I… I'll try.” David wasn't sure if he was up for it again, but he was certainly going to try.

These horny lovebirds are going to do it again. This is totally wrong, but it is kind of exciting too! Katie thought.

Leila lowered her body until David's phallus touched her pussy lips. She was aware that the amount of sperm she was collecting from her cousin was small compared to the farm animals, but this didn't diminish her excitement. Any source of cum was welcome, and the fact that she had a crush on David in the past only made things better.

“I'm going to shove your entire cock inside of me,” Leila said.

Wow! Leila has become quite a slut. And she developed a rocking body. Katie thought.

Leila didn't waste any time, and an instant later she was bouncing up and down on David's penis.

“Your cock feels so good!”

My dick is starting to hurt. Leila is insatiable.

Katie, noticing that the couple was facing away from her, moved even closer. She could hear the squelching sound of her cousin's pussy as it swallowed her brother's entire phallus.

Ten minutes later, Katie had repositioned herself behind the couple, exactly at the right angle to see David's cock going in and out of Leila. She was now on her knees, one hand on her breast and the other beneath her skirt, rubbing her pussy.

I am getting so fucking horny.

Leila's cries of pleasure totally overshadowed Katie's soft moans as she increased the pace, close to reaching another climax.

Katie was completely in the open right now, and if for any reason David or Leila turned theirs heads, they would see her blatantly rubbing her pussy, watching them have sex. But this risk made things more arousing.

I didn't know that David had such a big cock. But compared with the podont's… not so much.

Katie was beginning to understand that there was something about the farm that made everything exciting. At first she thought that it was her own natural libido, but now she suspected that there was something else. She just couldn't tell what it was.

After several minutes of wild pounding, Leila's legs started to shiver out of control announcing her imminent orgasm. She let herself fall onto her cousin's cock one last time and then she exploded in bliss. Her arms and legs stretched out and trembled rapidly as her eyes rolled back until they turned completely white.

This time she climaxed first and David followed. Leila's twitching pussy was more than he could handle and he ejaculated inside his cousin's body a forth time!

When the exhausting but satisfying experience was over, David rested his back on the steps and Leila rested on his chest. Not that they had any other choice since they both were barely conscious.

I wonder if Leila is fucking the podonts too. She seems horny enough. Katie wondered.

Now that the show was over, Katie stood up and started walking away. She hadn't finished herself off, but figured that she could do it later. She didn't want to risk making too much noise if she reached climax. Although, judging by the state of David and Leila, Katie might be able to scream her lungs out in bliss and they wouldn't notice anyway.


Inside the hangar, after Carol's body was entirely drained, all the tentacles retreated back into the creature's body. She laid still for twenty minutes before recovering. She sat beside the fungus's main hole thinking about what just happened. She remembered the tip of the feeding tentacle emerging from her mouth, but everything after that was a blur. Her orgasm had been so overwhelming, so magnificent. She had to do this again as soon as possible.

“You really blew my mind this time, my darling. I didn't think it was possible to do what we did. I love you more than ever.”

Katie turned the corner of the hangar and found Carol closing the large door. Katie approached her and made it clear that she was upset for being ditched back in the house.

“Hey! Where were you?! I waited in your room and you never came back. What are doing out here?”

“Katie! I am sorry. I had to run an errand and it took longer than expected. But I'll make it up to you right now. Do want to see something really cool?”

“Of course. I just saw something really cool too… or weird. Want to guess who was banging behind the hangar?”

“I know. It was my sister, right? She fucks everything that moves.”

“Yes, it was Leila… with David! Those incestuous bastards.”


Recovering quickly, Leila stood up and put her shorts back on. David was still tired but he didn't want to appear weak so he did the same.

“This was the best fuck of my life. I can't believe you made me ejaculate four times.”

“Of course it was. And we'll do it again very soon.”

“Awesome! So, what should we do now?”

“Let's go back to the house and see what our moms are doing.” Leila said.

“Sure, why not. But as soon as we recover, we'll do it again right?”

Leila had a pretty good idea of what was going on with her mother and her aunt. It was time to show David the real reason for their visit.

The house was completely silent and David thought it was a bit unusual, since his mother was not a particularly quiet person. They stood right outside Susan's bedroom, ready to go in.

“Wait, aren't you going to wear a top or something? Our mothers might become suspicious about what we were doing,” David said, looking at Leila just wearing her bra.

“Don't worry about it,” Leila responded, “I walk around the house in my bra all the time.”

As they stepped in, David opened his eyes wide trying to understand what he was seeing. His mother was completely naked, except for her boots, sitting on top of some weird fungus that extended across the bedroom floor. Several tentacles waved around Miriam's body, and one was attached to each side of her head. His aunt Susan was kneeling behind her, looking back at him with an expressionless face.

“What the fuck?! Mom! What is happening?!” David screamed.

“Hi Mom! David is here,” Leila said calmly.

David started to run towards his mother with the intention of pulling her away from the tentacle monster, but before he took the second step, he felt a sharp pain on his neck and the room around him became blurry. The creature had been waiting for them and it had the poison dart ready and aiming at the door. David was unconscious before he hit the ground.

Neither Leila nor her mother made a single move, knowing that the situation was under control. David presented no danger to the Master.

“Hello Leila. Want to join us?” Susan said.

Leila walked past David's inert body and approached the fungus. She noticed that her aunt Miriam was in the middle of being reprogrammed, completely oblivious to everything except that wonderful sensation between her ears and an even more powerful feeling between her legs.

“Did you have any trouble?” Leila asked.

“Not at all,” Susan responded, “She has been very cooperative. After she was sedated, she even removed some of her clothes herself.”

Susan rubbed her clitoris while she watched her sister's conversion into a fungus feeder. She felt no remorse or guilt from doing this. On the contrary, she believed that she was doing Miriam a favor, introducing her to a life of never-ending pleasure.

Since Leila and Carol had their own master to attend to, Susan had been struggling to keep up with her master's growing needs the last couple of weeks. But now, with the help of her sister, they should be able to provide all the food he needed and more.

“It is like she was born to do this,” Susan added, “She reached her first climax almost instantly and she has had so many more already. In fact, I think she is about to cum again right now.”

Susan was right. Miriam's entire body started to jerk violently as another orgasm exploded within her loins. Her vaginal muscles twitched so hard that her pussy gushed even with a fat tentacle buried deep inside.

“Wow! He is really fucking her deep. I know how it feels aunty. Just enjoy the ride,” Leila whispered to her unresponsive aunt.

Leila walked over to David wondering what they should do with him. Since he was a male, maybe the master didn't have a use for him, but they couldn't let him go away and alert the authorities. Something had to be done.

“What should we do with David? He has a nice cock but his sperm reserves are scarce.” Leila asked.

“Take his clothes off and drag him closer. My master will decide what to do,” Susan answered.

When Miriam heard David's name, she whispered something inaudible and then climaxed again.


Outside the farm's perimeter, Carol was leading Katie to a place she called the maggot's lair, for obvious reasons. There were plenty of rock formations that served as refuge for dozens of giant maggots. Carol didn't know if they were dangerous when she first discovered them, but that didn't stop her from lying on the ground and waiting for a reaction. Much to her delight, they did the same thing as all the other creatures on this planet. They mounted Carol and fucked her brains out.

“God! How did you find this place? It is so weird,” Katie said.

“There he is! I present to you… the Giant Maggot!” Carol exclaimed.

The creature guarding the entrance of a small cave saw the two intruders getting closer and prepared for battle. But then it detected the pheromones emanating from Carol's body and changed its attitude. It slowly glided forward and approached the female. Carol was already on the ground with her legs wide apart, waiting for him.

“Holly crap! It is huge! Isn't it dangerous?” Katie asked worriedly.

“Not if we let them follow their instincts. Do you know what that is?”

“Let me guess. They want to fuck?”

“You are absolutely right.”

The creature slithered over Carol's crotch and climbed on top of her. It was heavy, but not enough to crush the slim woman underneath. Carol's pussy was dripping wet, twitching continuously, anticipating what was coming next.

“Oh God! It is mounting you!”

“There is no information in the species catalog about these giant maggots,” Carol said, “But I have discovered the most important thing about them They have big cocks and tons of sperm!”

Carol moaned when she felt the phallus of the creature entering her tight pussy. Unlike the cold outer skin of the maggot, its cock was warm, almost hot, and it felt wonderful.

Holy shit! It is fucking her!

Katie watched attentively, envisioning a snake-like cock penetrating her cousin. She wondered how big it was. How hard. How deep. Katie's pussy twitched.

The maggot extruded its phallus until it reached the bottom of Carol's vaginal cavity. Then it moved the tip around, finding her cervix and penetrating deeper into the woman's womb.

Carol screamed loudly from overwhelming pleasure and this startled Katie for a moment, but then she realized that Carol was enjoying this fuck as much as she did the one from the podont. This was so incredible.

“Oh my God! Are you okay?”

Whilst feeling utter bliss, Carol remembered that Katie was there and she had a plan for her. She did her best to push the wonderful sensations aside for a moment and spoke to her cousin…

“You must try this, Katie. It is going to be the best experience of your life. I am sure of it.”

“I… I don't know. What if their cocks are too big for me? What if they hurt me?”

“Their cocks are not as hard or as big as the podont's. Their size is just perfect.”

While they talked, Katie could hear squelching sounds coming from Carol's crotch, and occasionally her cousin's eyes rolled back from pleasure. She could feel a drop of her own juices sliding down her inner thigh. Nonetheless, Katie was very apprehensive about letting these giant maggots fuck her, even though her cousin was doing it and enjoying it greatly.

“I don't think I am as bold as you are. I am afraid.”

While Katie made a decision, Carol decided to try another trick to convince her cousin. She grabbed the bulk of her sex partner and used all her strength to turn him over until she was on top. She was careful that the creature's cock remained in her pussy the whole time.

“Nonsense. You know you want this. Take a look at my lover's cock. You'll see that it is not too big.”

Katie walked around Carol and saw the maggot's cock projecting from its lower abdomen and entering Carol's pussy. Her cousin was right. The creature's phallus was not as big as the podont's. She pictured that cock pumping in and out of her body and her cunt twitched again.

Carol wasn't lying. The size of this maggot's cock is perfect.

“Can you see it? It feels so freaking good.”

Meanwhile, Katie saw two more maggots approaching. One of them reached the mating couple and started climbing on top of Carol's back.

“Wow! This one wants to fuck you too!”

“Yes! Move on top of me. You can fuck my ass!” Carol said. She wasn't planning for this when she rolled over, but she certainly welcomed a second sex partner.

The creature quickly found Carol's anal entrance and penetrated her. The flexible appendage entered slowly as the maggot dragged its body forward.

Carol wondered why she had never tried this before. If one cock in her body felt good, two of them felt fucking amazing.

“Ahhg! This feels so good!”

When Carol discovered these creatures, she soon found out that when mating, they didn't move their cocks back and forth like other creatures. At least not fast enough. They compensated for this by trashing their appendages in every direction within her cavities and expanding their girth at will. It was a heavenly experience.

A cool breeze flowed under Katie's skirt, making her wetness more than evident, and pulled her out of her voyeuristic reverie. The aroused young woman had made up her mind. She was going to do it.

“Okay. I'm in! Get ready for me, big fellow.” Katie wanted to pretend that she had a choice, but in fact she was so horny that she didn't have any choice at all. She began to remove her clothes.

Leaving only her boots on, Katie laid on the ground and waited for the slow maggot to reach her. Her heart was beating fast from both fear and excitement.

“You will not regret this. It is going to be the best fuck of your life,” Carol said reassuringly.

“Oh my God! He is getting closer. He is so big.” Katie said with a trembling voice.

As he reached Katie's quivering body, the maggot was confused. The alluring pheromones were coming from Carol's body but not from Katie's. He hesitated for a moment, but then, recognizing that Katie was also a female and willing to mate, he started climbing on top of her.

“I am doing this! I am really doing this!” Katie said excitedly.

Katie felt the bulky body of the creature rubbing against her clitoris as he dragged himself forward, and she almost climaxed right then and there.

The astounded woman felt the weight of the creature crushing her pelvis and abdomen and her fear kicked back in. She tried pushing the giant maggot away but it was impossible. Then she tried to close her legs but she couldn't do that either.

“Shit! I can feel the tip of his cock poking at my pussy. I changed my mind. I don't want to do this anymore. Get it off!”

Katie's protest was cut off in mid sentence. Her eyes opened wide when she felt the hot appendage stretching her inner walls! The maggot's phallus found Katie's vaginal entrance and glided forward. It penetrated the tight cavity slowly but steadily, and it wasn't going to stop until it reached the bottom of the woman's womb.

Her mind was in overdrive while she processed her situation at this very moment. She was doing it. She was having sex with a wild creature. The maggot was fucking her!

Then, Katie acknowledge something else. It felt good. Really good! Her fears had been completely unjustified. Carol had been right all along. The size of this creature's phallus was perfect. Not too big, not too small.

“It is in me! His cock is inside of me!”

The maggot churned its cock within the constricting cavity and pushed it a little deeper.

Carol watched as her cousin changed her attitude in a matter of seconds, embracing the creature instead of pushing it away. She knew that Katie would be easily persuaded to mate with this planet's wild fauna.

“It feels good, doesn't it?” Carol said, then she added, “Their cocks are bloating inside of me. I think they are going to cum!”

Carol knew that the maggots could ejaculate buckets of sperm and she was ready for it.

Katie heard her cousin saying something but she couldn't answer since her orgasm was exploding within her loins with full force. The woman's legs shot straight out, trembling uncontrollably, while she tightened her arms around the maggot, making sure it wouldn't go anywhere.

“Ugh! It is going deeper. I think I'm going to… agghhh!”

Katie's screams of unbelievable pleasure mixed with Carol's moans and the squirting sounds of the creature's sperm ejecting from the tiny hole at the tip of their cocks into the woman's welcoming cavities.

In the midst of climax, Katie felt her lover's phallus getting bigger, right before a warm fluid spread within her womb. The maggot was cumming inside of her! Katie's orgasm reignited, taking her to a level of elation unknown to her.

One meter away, Carol began to feel the pressure of the monster's semen accumulating inside of her. She wanted to keep as much as possible, but as she laid pinned between the bulk of the two maggots, it wasn't going to be an easy task.

With great effort, Carol lifted her upper body in such a way that her belly had room to grow.

And it certainly did. Carol's eyes rolled back as she reach climax from the sheer pleasure of collecting so much food for her master. The maggots' sperm reserves were not even half way through, but the receiving female was reaching her limit. It was time to stop.

Soon enough, the giant maggots were done. The one on top dismounted Carol's body and began to crawl away.

Carol turned her head and watched him leave. She was more than thankful for the lovely ravishing but she knew that the maggot couldn't care less.

“Thank you my darling. I'll come back for more as soon as I feed my master, so don't go too far.”

Free to move without the weight on her back, Carol planted her feet on the ground and slowly lifted herself, letting the other long phallus slide out of her pussy. Her right hand was ready to prevent any sperm from leaking out of her vaginal cavity.

“The same goes for you. I know you still have more cum for me. I wish I could fit it all inside.”

Carol stood up, proud of her bulging belly, and approached Katie. The overwhelmed woman was lying immobile on the ground, catching her breath, while staring up to the sky. Her mate was also pulling away, revealing that Katie's abdomen was also distended, although not as much as Carol's.

“Hey cuz. I can see you enjoyed the ravishing. You reached climax, right?” Carol asked.

“Best… orgasm… ever,” Katie said gasping.

Carol knelt and placed a hand on Katie's belly. She imagined her Master feeding from both of them at the same time while they shivered in bliss. Carol's pussy twitched hard.

“Wow! Your belly is full of cum, just like mine. I am so proud of you.”

“I have never cum so hard in my life. Thank you for bringing me here.”

Knowing that they both still had room in their stomachs, Carol walked over to another approaching maggot and called for Katie's help. Her cousin's “training” was not yet complete and this was the perfect opportunity.

“Katie, could you come over here? I need your help to roll him over.”

“Roll him over? Are you going to mount that one too?”

Katie lifted her torso, wondering what was going on. Her pussy was still tingling from her mind-blowing orgasm and she still felt exhausted, but she was curious.

When the giant maggot was belly up, Carol had no problem getting his phallus to full erection. She explained to her cousin what she was planning to do, and surprisingly enough, Katie agreed without hesitation. To Katie, all of this was just a kinky game and she wanted to match Carol's boldness.

“I can't believe I had a huge cock just like that inside of me. I also can't believe that I am getting horny again.”

“Okay cuz. I am going to make him cum and this time you will swallow all his sperm. Don't back down like you did with the podont.”

“I'll try my best. I was not ready with the podont, but I will be this time.”

Carol put the creature's big cock in her mouth while stroking it as fast as she could. Katie watched, fascinated. The tingling in her pussy turned into a raging fire.

A few minutes later, Carol felt the phallus enlarging. It jolted violently before the first gush of sperm inundated the woman's throat.

“Oh God! He is cumming! I am ready!”

After gulping down a few mouthfuls of cum, Carol released the ejaculating phallus and passed it to her cousin. Katie was already in position and shoved it in her mouth. She started swallowing sperm as fast as she could, and this time she was able to control her gag reflex. But Katie quickly realized that it was flowing too fast and most of the fluid was spilling between her lips.

Holy crap! It is so much cum!

“That's right, swallow it. If it comes too fast, shove the phallus deeper into your throat.”

Katie felt Carol's hand on the back of her head, and the next second she had the maggot's cock buried deep within her throat. Her gag reflex kicked in, but once again, she was able to control it. She was doing it! She could feel the thick appendage pulsating within her gullet and the warmth of the creature's sperm gushing directly into her belly. Katie's pussy twitched hard while her eyes rolled back. She was climaxing!

Carol could hear the squirting sounds of the sperm flowing into her cousin's stomach while Katie's entire body shuddered with violent spasms. As the seconds passed, Carol began to worry that Katie might choke to death while lost in orgasmic bliss.

“My turn,” Carol said.

She grabbed Katie's ponytail and pulled her head back. When the appendage vacated the young woman's mouth, sperm flew everywhere.

Carol put the maggot's phallus back into her own mouth and swallowed all of the remaining sperm that could fit into her already distended abdomen. Katie was still shivering from her dwindling climax, but she put a hand over her mouth nonetheless, trying to keep the sperm inside. Since Carol was very adamant about wasting sperm, Katie thought it was the right thing to do.

A while later, both girls were leaving the maggot's lair with bloated bellies and smiles of satisfaction on their faces.

“I can't believe I did it. I fucked a freaking wild creature. And I swallowed his cum. I feel so full that I think this will be my dinner.”

“The surprises are not over yet. I have another waiting for you back home.”

“You are kidding right? What can be more surprising that everything that has happened today?!”

Katie had done it. She was a monster's slut without even meeting her master yet.


Back in Susan's room, Miriam was waking up from her transforming trance. She felt horny as hell and she had an overpowering craving that she didn't quite understand.

“What happened? Where am I?” Miriam whispered.

“Hi sis. Welcome back. You are in my room, with our master.” Susan responded.

Miriam looked around and saw her son, David, lying naked on the bedroom floor. Then she noticed David's completely erect cock and her pussy twitched so hard that her fluids gushed forcefully between her legs.

“David! He is naked… and his cock is fully erect,” Miriam exclaimed.

“Yes, Miriam. David's cock is ready for you. He wants to give you his sperm.”

The astounded woman was so aroused and confused that she didn't acknowledge the tentacles attached to David's ears, or the main bulk of the fungus that extended across the floor.

Deep in the back of her mind, Miriam wanted to protect her son, but she couldn't shake the image of herself humping that phallus until getting the precious sperm. Before she knew it, she was straddling David's hips and lowering her body.

“This is wrong David is my son. But I want his cum. I need it…”

“Don't fight it, sis. You can't resist a big phallus, regardless of who or what it belongs to. I'm telling you from experience,” Susan said.

The moment she sat on David's cock, Miriam fully understood that nothing in the world mattered more than feeding her master, and she had been changed completely for that purpose. Her entire body was hypersensitive, but particularly her pussy. She had never felt so good in her entire life.

“Fuck him, sis!” Susan rubbed her clitoris furiously while she watched her sister fucking her nephew. She felt so proud for bringing another sperm collector into the fold. All of the family was coming together at her master's service.

A few meters away, on the bed, Leila was using one of her mother's bedroom pets to her own advantage. She loved to mate with the caterbugs. Not only did they have enormous reserves of sperm, but their cocks were as big as a podont's and flexible like a maggot's. At this moment, the bulky creature was penetrating deep into her ass.

“Yes! Like that! You are going to make me cum!” Leila said with a seductive voice.

They both were on the verge of climax. Leila could feel the big appendage bloating within her loins and this meant only one thing; the caterbug was about to stuff her with cum. Her pussy twitched hard from utter joy.

As expected, the first discharge of sperm was exceedingly abundant. It was immediately followed by a second and a third.

“He is cumming! He is filling me with my master's food!”

Leila's pheromones were driving the creature to insane levels of arousal. Instead of a normal, limited ejaculation, he was going to expel all his reserves of sperm into this female, regardless of her tiny size.

Miriam felt her son's cock twitching, followed by the warmth of his sperm. She reached climax by the sheer sense of fulfillment. She was serving her purpose for the first time.

David's mind and body now belong to the fungus. But, contrary to the females, his function would not be as a sperm collector but as a dispenser. He was completely unaware that it was his mother's pussy that constricted his cock so delightfully, though it wouldn't make any difference if he knew. He ejaculated the largest load of cum in his life. From now on, this would be his only purpose.

Meanwhile, the caterbug's ejaculation quickly filled Leila's bowels and reached her stomach. Leila was certain that the precious fluid was going to overflow from her like it had so many times before, and there was no way to stop this waste.

“Oh shit! I am going to cum too and I won't be able to hold it.”

Reaching an orgasm meant losing control. She tightened her lips in a futile attempt to keep the sperm inside of her, but it was a lost battle.

Susan realized what was going on with her daughter and told her sister about it. Miriam had proven her commitment to the fungus by fucking her own son, but this would be the definitive test.

“There is more cum flowing out of Leila's mouth. Are you going to let it go to waste?”

“More cum! I need more cum!” Miriam said desperately.

The newest slave saw the abundant white, thick fluid and her pussy twitched several times. There was an irresistible craving to collect sperm that was deeply imprinted on her brain. It was a constant command that lingered in her mind and ruled over everything else.

Miriam dislodged her son's cock and crawled closer to Leila. She started to salivate as she watched the white sperm leaking from her niece's mouth. She hesitated before moving forward but she couldn't let all that food go to waste. It was obvious what she had to do.

Leila was still in the midst of climax. She saw her aunt coming closer but was unaware that she had come to recover the leaking sperm.

When Leila felt her aunt's lips pressing against hers, she instinctively reached out and pulled her in, locking them together in a tight kiss. She had done this many times before with her sister and she knew that it was an effective method to make the most of every vast ejaculation.

Certain that her sister was now a devoted servant of the fungus, Susan walk out of the room in search of another sperm provider.

“When you are done with my pet, come find me outside. I'll show you the best sources of sperm,” Susan said to her sister.

Meanwhile, one of the feeding tentacles emerged from the creature's opening and glided closer to Miriam. It could smell the presence of sperm and it was ready to feed. Without any warning, the fat appendage plunged deep inside Miriam's ass, searching for food. Miriam jolted hard, letting out a muted grunt of astonishment. She had never been a fan of anal sex, but this time she felt no discomfort at all. In fact, it felt wonderful. Everything was wonderful. She began to understand what was waiting for her in the future: never ending bliss. She owed this to her master and she couldn't be more thankful.

Miriam felt the tentacle passing through her anus, penetrating deeper and deeper into her body. She felt as if she was becoming one with her master and this brought her closer to her second climax of the night.
The creature didn't care about Miriam's feelings. It hadn't found any food so far, but it could smell it inside the female's body. It pushed the flexible tentacle even deeper. The fungus knew that Miriam could store food in other places and it was necessary to search them all.

Miriam had swallowed so much cum already that her belly felt bloated. Then it started to flatten again and it took Miriam a second to comprehend what was going on. When she did, she exploded in the strongest orgasm of her life. Her master was feeding from her! She was serving her ultimate purpose!

Once her stomach was empty, the tentacle didn't pull back. It detected more sperm pouring from above and pushed forward. Miriam was still climaxing and didn't know what was happening. She detached her mouth from Leila's when she realized that something was climbing up her esophagus. Miriam couldn't believe that her master was passing through her entire body. This was impossible! But more importantly, this was pure bliss!

When the tentacle emerged from Miriam's lips, her mind was totally blank from overwhelming, mind-blowing pleasure.

The tentacle is coming out of my aunt's mouth!

Leila's orgasm was already diminishing and she took notice of her aunt's ordeal, but the situation didn't surprise her. She was more interested in the tentacle waving right in front of her face. Her pussy jolted hard just thinking about the master sucking sperm out of her body at the same time it was being pumped in. There was only one problem with this scenario. This was not the master that she needed to feed.

In any case, she didn't have much choice in the matter. The tentacle found the real source of the sperm and plunged into Leila's gaping mouth.

The fungus in this room was a direct descendant from the fungus in the hangar, her true master. There shouldn't be any problem with sharing.

When this caterbug's sperm reserves are depleted, I should find another one to compensate this loss and feed my own master.


Carol decided it was time to show Katie the true purpose of her visit. It was the moment of truth. She led her cousin into the hangar and showed her the fungus.

Katie had never seen anything like it. She wondered why a strange creature like that was sitting in the middle of the hangar.

“Whoa! What is that?”

“This is the only reason for my existence,” Carol responded.

“What?!” Katie was confused by this answer.

Carol was expecting a subduing dart to be shot directly into Katie's neck, but that didn't happen. Most likely, the fungus saw Katie as just another slave since her belly was full of cum. Carol had succeeded. She had spared her cousin from the shock and confusion of becoming a food collector, ready to fuck everything for sperm.

“My only job is to fuck and collect sperm, then bring it to my master so he can feed from me.”

“What are you talking about? Why would you do something like that?”

“My master changed me and now the pleasure never stops. It is the most wonderful experience I have ever known.”

Carol briefly explained to Katie the new purpose of her life. Katie was baffled after hearing her cousin's story. She stood at a safe distance from the tentacles, trying to process everything that was happening. Then she saw a couple more appendages emerging from the mushy creature, right between Carol's legs.

“I don't understand. Is this creature going to fuck you too?”

“Yes. Now he is going to suck the maggot's sperm out of my body and he is going to make me cum over and over. It feels so good.”

Katie saw the tentacles penetrating Carol's pussy and ass simultaneously. A moment later, her cousin's belly started to deflate, and just as quickly, Carol's eyes rolled back from an instant climax.

Now everything makes sense. Carol thought, This creature is enticing Carol to fuck other creatures. But how? Why did Carol let this fungus thing fuck her in the first place? And why is she calling it her master?

Despite her fear, Katie's pussy twitched when she pictured herself standing like Carol, shivering in bliss with two tentacles plugged into her holes.

A few minutes later, after it had sucked all the sperm out of Carol's body, the creature retrieved its tentacles. The overwhelmed woman fell down to her knees still in the midst of ecstasy. As always, the physical pleasure of the penetration and the mental pleasure of serving her master combined to drive her all the way to heaven.

Holy fuck! She is still climaxing!

Katie was still standing in the same place, eyes wide open, uncertain about what to do. Those tentacles waving around, different from the ones that fucked Carol, looked very menacing, as if they wanted to grab her. She was torn between running away and telling her mother about this, or staying with Carol and letting those tentacles fuck her too. Should she let the creature make her cum as hard as her cousin was climaxing right now? When she thought about it, her pussy twitched again, harder this time. Her libido was in overdrive. The decision was already made.

When Carol recovered, she stood up without saying a word and walked around her cousin. Then she embraced Katie from behind and whispered in her ear,

“Now it is your turn. My master wants the sperm you are carrying in your womb.”

“I… I'm not sure about this. Those tentacles look very big.”

“It is going to feel wonderful. My master is going to make you cum like never before.”

Katie offered a little resistance when Carol pushed her forward, but deep down, she wanted to get fucked. She needed that fat tentacle inside of her. She wanted to cum as hard as Carol did.

Katie was not the only confused one in the room. The fungus, with its alien intelligence, couldn't figure out the status of this new female. He could smell that the woman was bringing food for him, which meant that she was a food collector, but he could also sense her fear, which didn't make sense.

In any case, she presented no threat. The creature bent one of its feeding tentacles closer to Katie's pussy and tightened the tip, getting ready for penetration.

Oh my God! What the hell am I doing? Am I becoming this creature's bitch?

Katie felt the thick appendage spreading her nether lips and entering her vaginal cavity with ease. She knew at that very moment that she was going to reach climax in no time. Was it going to be as strong as Carol's? That was yet to be seen. So far it felt so freaking good.

“It is fucking me! The tentacle is fucking me!”

Katie felt a strange mixture of pain and pleasure when the tip of the tentacle pierced into her womb and started sucking the sperm trapped inside. Her mind was in a turmoil of blissful confusion, and there was only one way her body could deal with these overwhelming sensations. She climaxed.

“Yes… let him take you to heaven,” Carol whispered into Katie's ear.

Maybe her orgasm was not as strong as the one she felt with the giant maggot, but it definitely arrived faster. The build up towards this moment had been too unnerving, yet very arousing. Her emotions were right on the edge and she didn't stand a chance of lasting more than a minute.

Her shaking legs caved beneath her, and a moment later Katie was on the ground. With her belly sucked clean, the tentacle pulled out and waved between her legs. Carol knelt beside her.

“It felt great, right? If you let him change you, the pleasure will multiply by a thousand.”

“I came so fast… Let's go back to house and rest for a while,” Katie pleaded.

“Okay, let's see what our mothers are doing,” Carol responded.

Katie pretended that she didn't hear her cousin's suggestion about letting the creature change her. Change her how? She was still frightened about this whole master-slave situation, but every orgasm she enjoyed helped to keep her fear in check.


A moment later, Katie and Carol were entering Susan's bedroom and Katie couldn't believe what she was seeing. Her mother was naked! But worse than that, another creature, identical to the one in the hangar, was fucking Miriam in the ass. Leila was also there, lying face down on the bed, with a caterbug on top. It was a monster-girl orgy and Katie's mother was participating. There was sperm all over. How was this possible?!

“Mom! What are you doing?!” Katie screamed.

David was also in the room. He was standing against the side wall, totally nude and doing nothing. He had a stupid look on his face and a full erection. Carol noticed his hard cock and approached him.

When Katie took a closer look, her heart skipped a bit. In addition to the fat tentacle penetrating her mother's ass, there was a smaller one joining Miriam's mouth with Leila's. Miriam's eyes were completely rolled up in her head as if she were passing out.

What the hell is going on?! Is that tentacle… no way! Katie thought about the possibility of both tentacles being part of the same appendage, but that couldn't be.

Then Katie saw the tentacle gliding out of Leila's mouth and back into her mother's gullet. The impossible was coming true. The fat tentacle was penetrating her mother's ass and passing thought her entire body until it protruded from her mouth.

“Hi Katie. Want to join us? Your mother has been climaxing non-stop for the last five minutes,” Leila said.

Katie's heart was beating out of her chest. She couldn't believe what she was seeing. The tentacle was churning aimlessly between Miriam's lips as if searching for something. The whole scene was so bizarre and scary. Then, Katie considered Leila's comment and her pussy twitched hard one more time.

Katie had seen enough and she had to get out of there. Not just out of the room but away from the farm. She stood up and started walking calmly towards the door, pretending that everything was fine.

I have to pretend that everything is cool. I need to get out of here now.

Carol was on her knees blowing David's cock and paid no attention to Katie walking by.

Katie glanced at David's erect phallus and her pussy jolted again. She wondered why she couldn't control these arousing impulses in the middle of this terrible situation.

The scared young woman entered Carol's room and sat on the bed, considering her options. There was no doubt that her mother and David had been changed by the creature; whatever that meant. They had become slaves like Carol.

I need to stop this madness. I don't want to become a sperm-craving slave… having orgasms day in and day out.

She couldn't fly the space transport by herself so her only option was to call the authorities. The problem was that it would take a couple of days before any kind of help could arrive to this faraway planet.

Katie couldn't shake the image of her mother's face, with her eyes rolled back in unbearable bliss and the tentacle coming out of her mouth, swinging in the air. At this moment, Katie realized that her pussy was dripping wet and she felt horny as hell.

What is wrong with me? I am so horny! She scolded herself for getting aroused in such a freakish situation, but she couldn't stop herself.

The podont's pushing hand woke Katie out her reverie. She hadn't noticed the presence of this massive beast until this moment. The startled woman gasped and looked up at him. She talked to the podont as if he could understand her. At least she was not alone.

“Hi, I forgot that you were here.”

The podont had only one interest. When Katie fell backwards on the mattress, being pushed by the creature, she glanced at the his huge cock, fully erect and ready for action.

Katie suspected the podont's intentions and her heart jolted at the same time as her pussy. The last time she saw this monster's large phallus, she believed it was impossible to fit it into her tight vaginal cavity. Now she was not so sure. The tentacle that fucked her in the hangar had almost the same girth and it made her cum so delightfully.

“God! You want to fuck me, right? But your cock is so big.”

The podont didn't move very fast and Katie could still run away if she wanted to.

For the next few seconds, Katie struggled to make a decision about what to do. But before she knew it, she was spreading her legs wide apart. For an instant, Katie wondered if she was already a slave and she didn't know it. Had she always been this horny, capable of fucking massive farm animals? Or was there something else making her do this? At this moment, it made no difference to her.

“Go ahead! Fuck me! Make me yours!”

Katie stopped thinking about her mother or anything that was going on in the other room. She only focused on the huge cock moving forward while her pussy gushed abundantly.

But as soon as the enormous cock spread her pussy lips wide apart, stretching her to the limit, Katie had second thoughts again. She felt pleasure that quickly turned into pain, then into pleasure again. The astounded woman was very confused and very excited. It was too late to back down though. The podont was inside of her and she wasn't going anywhere until he was done.

Suddenly, Katie realized that she was too close to the edge of the bed and the creature still had a lot room to move forward. A moment later, the podont's massive phallus was penetrating impossibly deep into the woman's womb. Katie screamed, pleading for him to stop, but at the same time she spread her legs wider apart and made no effort to push him away.

“Not too deep!”

The podont began to sway his hips back and forth, increasingly faster. Moments later, the pain Katie felt at the beginning started to fade away, only leaving room for pleasure – unbelievable mind-blowing pleasure that the amazed woman couldn't quite understand.

The creature's phallus was so deep inside of Katie that he lifted her ass cheeks off the mattress and kept her body suspended. Every time he smashed forward, a bump formed on the woman's belly, almost as high up as her chest. Katie tried to move her hips to match his rhythm, but she was so overwhelmed that she couldn't coordinate any movement.

The overwhelmed woman felt the creature's huge cock pulsating inside of her pussy, then warm fluid rushed into her tight cavity. She pictured a bucket of cum being pumped inside of her womb and she climaxed instantly.

Carol walked into the room at the exact moment this was happening, and her heart was filled with the joy seeing her cousin surrendering to her beastly sexual cravings.

“I knew it! You wanted to fuck the podont all by yourself. You are a very naughty girl, Katie.” Carol said.

Carol knelt beside the bed and extended an arm to touch Katie's belly. Not only could she feel her abdomen enlarging, but she also could hear the sperm squelching within her cousin's cavity. It was so exhilarating.

“I can feel your belly growing. You are getting so much cum!”

In contrast of Carol's calmness, Katie's arms moved spasmodically and completely out of control. Her climax was in full gear.

A couple of minutes later, the podont was done for the moment and moved back, retrieving his large phallus from the tiny female.

Katie was still twitching wildly over the bed, trying to deal with her mind-shattering orgasm and doing her best to remain conscious.

“Tighten your pussy, Katie. The sperm is leaking out!” Carol saw with disappointment that much of the sperm was leaking out of her cousin's gaping pussy.

As the podont moved further back, Carol jumped between Katie's legs and opened her mouth wide with the intention of catching the precious fluid that was being expelled because of her cousin's orgasmic contractions.

I need to stop this wastefulness. Katie hasn't learned how to keep the sperm inside of her yet.

Katie could feel her belly bloating with cum and the hot fluid squirting out of her pussy. This provided some physical relief but somehow it felt wrong. Unfortunately, there was nothing she could do about it until regaining control of her own body.

Katie realized that someone else was in the room when she felt a warm, soft mouth attaching to her pussy. It felt so good that it prolonged her climax a bit longer.

That's better. No waste. Carol thought, swallowing fast.

Finally, when the semen stopped flowing out, Carol detached her mouth and turned to look at the podont. She had enough experience with this creature to know that he was ready for more action.

“You want more, don't you? You want to fuck her again? Let me turn her over for you.”

Katie was coming back to her senses and managed to say a few words, “What… happened? Is it over?”

The room was still spinning around her and she was not certain about what just happened. All she knew was that she just enjoyed the best orgasm of her life.

The podont also had enough experience with Carol to know that the next hole was going to be tighter. His cock was jolting with anticipation.

Katie felt Carol pushing her over and she wasn't sure of what was going on. Her mind was still immersed in some kind of orgasmic fog that didn't allow coherent thoughts. A moment later she was face down in the bed, with her legs hanging off the side, spread wide apart.

Carol grabbed the podont's erect cock and lifted it to the right angle. Then she enticed the creature to move forward by taking little steps.

The penetration was harsh and unyielding. Katie opened her eyes wide when she felt her anus being stretched open to the limit by the massive phallus invading her body. She felt pain that bordered on a morbid kind that Katie didn't know existed. She wanted that monster cock out of her ass, but at the same time she clenched her muscles trying to keep it in. Katie's mind was a roller coaster of confusing sensations; pleasure overcome by pain, and pain overshadowed by pleasure.

As the creature plunged his cock even deeper, Katie's mind cleared long enough to understand what was happening. The podont was fucking her in the ass! That enormous phallus was inside of her again, almost splitting her in half. This realization made her pussy twitch so hard that she ejected more of the sperm saturating her womb. Carol saw this but didn't care this time. That semen was going to be replenished soon enough.

She will carry so much cum for my master.

Katie could feel the monster's cock so deep inside of her that she thought it could come out of her mouth at any moment. Carol was certain that something was going to emerge from her cousin's mouth but it was not the podont's phallus.

Swallowing David's cum had been fun for Carol, but it wasn't nearly enough to pay a visit to her master. She knew exactly how she was going to get more.

“It is going to kill me! I am going to die right here!”

“No, you will be fine. You need to fill every cavity of your body with cum.”

The podont pumped Katie's ass with all his might, shoving his cock as deep as possible to maximize the sensations. His tiny brain couldn't understand that he might damage this small female. In any case, he remembered fucking Carol countless times this way and she always came back for more. He expected this new female to behave the same way.

But there was only so much pleasure he could take, and a short while later he inevitably reached his peak.

“My pet is cumming inside of you. Can you feel his sperm filling your body? It feels great, doesn't it?”

Katie felt the exhilarating throbbing of the creature's phallus and a second later, his hot sperm flooded her insides in large quantities. Her response was the same too. She climaxed even harder this time.

The monster grunted with insane joy. He was committed to emptying his balls inside of Katie's slim body. As both girl and creature shivered in bliss, Carol laid on the bed and positioned her face right below Katie's. Then she placed her hand on the back of her cousin's head to tilt it forward.

The podont pumped more and more sperm into Katie's trembling body, until there was no more room within her entrails and it unavoidably erupted from her mouth. Carol was expecting this. She received the falling sperm into her own mouth and swallowed as much as she could. Her pussy didn't stop twitching the entire time.

The domesticated beast couldn't believe his luck for having these tiny human females around, willing to received his cum every day. Knowing that he was going to fuck them again later, he didn't hold anything back. Besides, Katie's ass was constricting his cock so delightfully, milking it to the last drop.

Carol pulled her cousin's head a little closer until their lips touched. Then she felt Katie's tongue probing into her mouth and she responded the same way. The horny girls kissed passionately while the hot sperm flowed between the two.

Satisfied and spent, the podont stepped back, retrieving his phallus from Katie's body. Without knowing why, Katie reached back and covered her gaping anus with her hand, while her clenching muscles regained enough strength the keep the sperm inside. Maybe she was indulging Carol's obsession with collecting cum, or maybe she wanted to pay another visit to the fungus and feed him while he took her to another wonderful climax. At this moment she was too overwhelmed to think straight. The only certainty was the immense pleasure she was getting from doing this.

Ten minutes later, the girls were talking about what just happened. Katie had to accept the fact that fucking the podont had been her choice. She could have run away, but she didn't. Instead, she laid back on the bed and spread her legs. Katie knew everything now. Her mother and brother had become slaves to the fungus, and even after learning that, she willingly let a monster fuck her brains out. Again, Katie wondered if she had already been transformed into a monster slut without knowing it.

Carol made it clear that this wasn't the case. “After he probes into your brain,” Carol explained, “the sensations you get while having sex are multiplied by a thousand. Collecting cum for him is not a job. It is a necessity. You become addicted to this kind of pleasure. Trust me, after he changes you, you will know for sure.”

Katie realized with no small amount of surprise that her new love of fucking huge monsters with big cocks was all her own. The fungus had nothing to do with it. This fetish had always been there, in the corner of her mind, waiting to be awakened.

“When it.. ehh.. he changes you, does it hurt?”

“Not even a bit. All you feel is pleasure. Never-ending pleasure.”

Carol convinced Katie to go back to the hangar and feed her master again. As they passed the front door, they saw Miriam lying face down on the ground with a massive kaberian on top of her.

“It looks like your mother has been busy,” Carol said.

“Isn't that dangerous? That prehistoric beast might crush her to death.”

Miriam waved her hips up and down, trying to maximize the wonderful feeling of the creature's huge phallus as it throbbed within her vaginal cavity.

The girls approached the odd couple for a closer look. Katie laid in front of her mother and Carol laid at the rear. She watched the huge cock of the kaberian stretching Miriam's vaginal lips to the limit. No doubt the aroused woman been scared to fuck such a large creature like this one for the first time, but her need to collect sperm was relentless. So much that Miriam had chosen one of the biggest males on her first try.

Nice cock! It has been a few days since I fucked a kaberian. I have to put it in my to-do list for today. Carol thought.

“Hi Mom. I guess we are staying at the farm longer than we thought, aren't we?” Katie said, no really expecting an answer.

Katie saw Miriam's expression of pure lust and wondered if she had inherited her monster fetish from her mother. It was impossible to know. Miriam's current behavior was a consequence of her transformation. From now on, she would fuck everything with a dick and the promise of sperm. Just thinking about this made Katie's pussy twitch.

Miriam could hear her daughter talking but she wasn't paying attention to a single word she said. She was focused entirely on the delightful feeling of having such a massive dick buried in her pussy, driving her to the edge of insanity. Miriam was hoping that a creature of this size would provide buckets of sperm that she could take back to her Master, who in return would make her cum over and over like he did before.

“It is fucking me so deep… It is going to fill my body with sperm…” Miriam whispered.

“I know. My guts are filled with sperm right now. I just fucked a huge, beautiful podont.” Katie responded.

Katie pictured herself in the same situation that her mother was in at this moment: a mindless slave with the sole purpose of fucking monsters and collecting sperm to feed her master. No worries on her mind and no pain. Only pleasure to fill the void of everything else. Was this the kind of life she wanted for herself? Katie wasn't sure yet. The ability to think and act on her own was not something to give away without careful consideration.

Miriam was staring at her daughter, but she was not looking at all. Katie noticed this and somehow this made her even hornier.

Without any grunt or sudden motion of any kind, the kaberian began discharging his sperm. The ejaculation was so powerful and abundant that all the girls heard it gushing into Miriam's womb.

Miriam not only heard it, but she felt it. It was hot and filled her cavity to the limit in a few seconds. Then she felt the pressure starting to build, and her orgasm exploded, emptying her mind of everything except absolute bliss. Her wish was coming true.

The kaberian was not going to stop until running out of cum, and neither was Miriam's orgasm. The climaxing couple was not going anywhere for a while. Carol and Katie stood up and continued their journey to the hangar.

“My mom was really enjoying that cock. I could see it in her eyes.”

“Of course. She knew that a big load of sperm was coming. Nothing could make her happier.”

They could see Susan not far ahead. She was in the company of something that made Katie's heart jolt with fear.

Susan was on her hand and knees, and there was a creature on top of her that Katie had never seen before. It was definitely not a farm animal, with its arachnid-like body the size of a small horse and its huge, menacing teeth.

The monster must have entered the farm now that the gates were always open, and decided to fuck Susan instead of attacking her once it smelled her irresistible sexual pheromones.

Holy fuck! That's an ugly fucking monster. Katie thought.

Susan was fully aware of the effect they all had on all males, and because of this, she was not afraid of any creature, regardless of size or how scary it looked.

At her mother's request, Carol knelt in front of her. Susan could feel the monster's phallus throbbing in her ass she knew that his climax was close. She also knew that, judging by the size of the creature, he was going to overflow her body with sperm.

Given the fact that Katie's mind was intact, she was aware of the danger that this creature represented. Katie stayed behind at a safe distance from the monster's sharp teeth. No way I am getting close to that thing.

“How can I help, mother?”

“He is fucking my ass and he is about to cum. We should not waste any sperm,” Susan said between moans.

Carol knew exactly what her mother was talking about. She quickly laid on the ground, the same way she did when the podont ejaculated inside Katie. Susan's body started shuddering spasmodically as soon as she felt the creature's sperm rushing into her belly. She did her best to stay in place and opened her mouth wide. Soon enough, the first streams of cum flew from her throat.

Below her, Carol was ready.

The precious fluid gushed from both ends of the overwhelmed woman. Susan hated wastefulness. She had always been like that, even before being transformed into a cum slut, and this part of her personality remained. But there was nothing she could do about it. Susan's orgasm was at its highest and she decided to enjoy the ride instead of letting the limited space in her body ruin the moment.

Even with a bloated abdomen, Carol swallowed as much as she could, but she was reaching her limit too.

Katie was observing the bizarre scene with amazement. A huge, ugly monster was fucking Susan from behind, pumping an endless supply of cum into her ass, while mother and daughter shared the sperm that flowed out the other end. There were so many things about this scenario that were impossible to believe, yet there she was, bearing witness of the whole thing while rubbing her pussy with abandon.

This is making me so fucking horny. I should be there helping Carol.

Susan felt the gushes of sperm slowing down until they stopped. She dragged her body forward and moaned loudly as the fat cock slid out of her anal cavity. The woman's stomach was so full that it made her look three months pregnant. Even so, Susan was not done yet.

“I can't swallow one more drop,” Carols said.

“My ass is full but my womb isn't. I can still take more,” Susan said.

“Shit! That cock is bigger than the podont's!” Katie exclaimed, when she saw the monster's cock retrieving from her aunt's ass.

Susan turned over, facing up to the monster, and lifted her hips as high as she could. The creature looked down at her and smelled the pheromones emanating from her pussy. He couldn't refuse another round with this female, even though he had just fuck her.

Carol stood up and called for Katie. She wanted to feed her master at once and make room in her belly for another sex session with the first creature that crossed her path. Katie started walking, never taking her eyes off the enormous phallus. She wondered if she would have the courage to fuck something of that size.

“I still can't believe how big that cock is. And your mother can't get enough of it!” Katie said.

“Let's move on Katie. My master is waiting,” Carol said.

Susan's pussy started to twitch as the creature aligned his cock with it. This penetration was going to be the best ever.

“I want your cock now! Cum inside of me again!”

As expected, the penetration was brutal. Some of the sperm accumulated within Susan's crammed body was ejected out of her mouth and ass at the same time. Susan just stared up at the sky in ecstasy as the long phallus slid through her overstretched vaginal cavity and pierced into her womb. Now she felt complete.

Katie could still hear Susan's voice begging the monster to fuck her. She kept turning her head to see what was going on until they reached the hangar.


Carol wasted no time as they entered the hangar. She ran to her master and knelt on the mushy mass. The fungus extruded its tentacles and penetrated harshly into the woman's mouth and ass. Carol grabbed the appendage in front of her and leaned forward, shoving it deeper into her gullet.

This is so hot! I wonder if the tentacles are wrapping around each other inside of her, Katie thought excitedly.

Katie enjoyed the spectacle while bringing one hand to her pussy. Now that she was embracing her monster ravishing fetish, everything was more exciting.

Just as fast as the creature penetrated Carol, the horny woman reached her first climax. Katie watched her cousin's orgasmic contractions and she felt truly envious. She wanted to be able to cum that fast. More so, she wanted to cum that hard!

“God! Are you climaxing already?!”

When Carol's cavities were empty, the tentacles pulled out simultaneously from her shuddering body, splashing remnants of sperm all over the place. Katie was staring at the bizarre scene while her hand moved frantically between her legs. She looked at the waving appendages, not even one meter away. Their tips were open and ready.

Katie's heart was beating fast and her pussy was throbbing faster. There was only one thing on her mind and she had to act quickly.

When Carol moved to the side, Katie jumped forward and grabbed a tentacle with each hand. There was only one way to reach the level of ecstasy she had seen written on her cousin's face so many times.

“I want to cum as hard as you do. I want to be transformed. I need it!”

“You will not regret this,” Carol said. She was not surprised to see her cousin's reaction. It was just a matter of time before she succumbed to the promise of such bliss.

Katie pulled the tentacles closer to her ears and waited. The fungus was confused. It realized that this female had not been transformed, yet she was carrying sperm to feed him. It was very strange. This anomaly in the female’s behavior could be a great advantage. Katie felt the small tendrils poking through her ears and her pussy twitched so hard that she almost climaxed at that instant.

“Now you will understand the true meaning of bliss,” Carol said.

The small tendrils vibrated almost imperceptibly as they bored into Katie's head, then subdivided into thousands of smaller filaments that completely invaded the woman's brain. The creature quickly found Katie's innate love for monster cocks and everything made sense. She was a natural.

Katie had been on the brink of climax since the tendrils entered her ears. However, she wasn't able to reach her long awaited orgasm. She couldn't feel anything that was happening within her brain, but she felt immense pleasure everywhere else.

Suddenly, she saw an image of herself standing over the fungus, her master, with a huge pinkish tentacle buried between her legs. It was her future! And she was going to be fucked by that massive phallus!

That was the last push she needed. Her orgasm started like a nuclear explosion in her pussy and quickly expanded until it took over her entire body. Carol had been right yet again. This was the true meaning of bliss.

While Katie's climax refused to fade away, the fungus kept working on her brain. Unlike the other slaves, to whom fucking monsters and collecting sperm took precedence over all else, the fungus decided to leave Katie's consciousness intact. Keeping her true personality would be important to fulfilling her mission - just some rearranging here and there to increase her body sensitivity, production of pheromones, and levels of arousal. He also imprinted other commands that Katie needed to follow. After that, Katie was ready for impregnation.

When the tendrils were retrieved from her skull, Katie stood up, imitating the image in her mind and straddled the larger hole at the center of the fungus. Seconds later, the huge pinkish tentacle emerged from below. Carol had seen it only once before, when it fucked her mother, and her pussy twitched hard around the smaller tentacle that was currently fucking her. This was so exciting! Katie was going to be a mother!

“Wow! Katie is going to be impregnated like mom! We will have another Master!”

Katie felt the tip of the massive phallus pushing against the entrance of her pussy and she gushed all over its slippery skin. By now her orgasm had diminished, but not faded entirely. Katie was certain that in a few seconds, it was going to come back with a vengeance. She couldn't wait for it.

Carol thought it was a bit funny that Katie had been scared to fuck a podont not too long ago, and now she was standing impassible, waiting to be penetrated by the largest cock on the farm.

“You can do it, cuz! Take that gigantic cock into your body.”

Katie felt her pussy lips stretching to the limit as the large phallus entered her vaginal cavity. Her orgasm reignited like an explosion even before the head of the appendage was totally inside of her. This climax was even stronger than the previous one and it took her mere seconds to reach it. The transformation of her brain was everything she had hoped for.

“Yes! It is going in! Don't move!”

For a moment, Carol wasn't sure that Katie's slim body would be physically able to take such a large appendage, but then she remembered that Katie was not the same woman she was an hour ago. Now nothing was impossible.

Carol watched as the thick tentacle pierced deeper into Katie until a bulge formed above her belly button. This bump had the distinctive shape of the tentacle's head, pushing out her cousin's skin from within.

“It is definitely inside of her womb.”

Katie's world was a foggy mix of mind-blowing sensations. She felt her body stuffed beyond belief, at the edge of breaking apart, yet she wouldn't trade places with anyone at this moment. The creature had imprinted her new duties deeply into her brain and she knew exactly why she was being impaled so brutally. She was becoming the carrier of a new generation of Masters.

While Katie struggled to remain conscious and keep enjoying this incredible ravishing, Carol got closer and kissed her cousin's belly. This was the very essence of her purpose. She fed her master and kept him healthy so he could reproduce and create offspring. She was an important part of the cycle and now Katie was too. Things couldn't get any better… or so she thought.

When the fungus started to ejaculate, Katie was going berserk. Her entire body shivered rapidly while her legs threatened to cave beneath her. But this moment was too important, and even as her mind was going into shock from utter bliss, Katie remained standing and would continue to stay that way until her master was done.

This is my master's sperm. I wonder if I should eat it and give it back for recycling.

Carol knelt in front of her cousin and tried to catch some of the sperm that was leaking out.

After Katie's small egg was fertilized, the massive tentacle was retrieved with a loud squelching sound. Carol immediately placed a hand against her cousin's pussy, preventing more sperm from leaking out, though this wasn't necessary. Impregnation was complete.

“Are you still climaxing? This is awesome.”

Carol had to wait almost twenty minutes for her cousin to regain consciousness. Katie had collapsed to the mushy ground right after the ravishing was over. Her orgasm had been too strong and too extensive. If her brain hadn't been prepared for this mind-shattering stimulation, she would have died for sure. But she was alive and ready to experience the same kind of bliss as many times as possible. This is exactly what she wished for.

“Wake up, sleepy head. You are carrying a new master inside of you and we need to find a good spot for him.”

“ummh… where am I?”

When Katie had fully recovered, she explained her new mission to Carol. She saw an image of herself being impaled by a massive cock, and she saw herself giving birth in another place away from the farm; away from this planet! The master wanted her to deliver his offspring to a place where he could start a new colony. Katie already had an idea of the perfect place and she knew exactly who to call to help her set it up.

“We must call the twins. Our uncle owns a zoo and they all work there. The twins have unrestricted access.”

“Great idea! The master should put them in the right mood so they will help you without question,” Carol said, “I can't believe that a whole new master is inside of you right now.”

“I am so lucky.” Katie said with joy.


The twins, Aurora and Dawn, where a couple of years younger than Carol and Katie. They admired their older cousins so much that they didn't hesitate for a second to come to the farm after they received the call.

Carol was outside waiting for them when they arrived that same day. She had to put on some clothes, which she hated, but it was necessary to keep up appearances. At least for a few minutes.

“Hi cuz. What's going on?” Aurora said.

“Carol! How are you? Where is Katie?” Dawn asked.

“Nice ride! I guess the zoo is doing pretty well,” Carol said, admiring the brand new transport ship.

The twins were identical. As children, they had been pretty much indistinguishable, but now that they were all grown up, they liked to wear different hair color. Dawn was blonde and Aurora brunette.

“So you are Dawn?” Carol asked Aurora.

“I am Dawn,” Dawn responded.

“I am Aurora. Why did you want us to come in such a hurry?”

“Katie is in the hangar. Let's go inside and I'll show you.”

Carol was already picturing them with tentacles in their pussies, shivering in climax. She was so excited that a drop of her vaginal fluid was dribbling down her inner tight. She hoped the twins didn't spot it before entering the hangar.


After they stepped through the large door, everything became a blur for the twins; a blissful, multi-orgasmic blur. Carol was admiring the girls' takeover while Katie was frantically rubbing her pussy.

“Do you think they will be ready soon? They have been like this for quite a while,” Katie asked.

“Yes, I think my master is almost done with them.”

The twins were lying next to each other over the fungus. Both girls had a tentacle in one ear, and another in their pussy. They had no clue what was happening, oblivious to everything around them. They were only able to focus on the magnificent sensations that radiated from their crotches and were amplified a thousand times in their heads. They had never felt more turned on.

There was another thing happening that none of the girls have ever seen before, not even Carol. The tendril that entered one girl's ear was passing through her brain in the form of millions of filaments, then it was regrouping to exit the ear on the other side of her head, only to enter the other twin's ear. It was unbelievable.

Katie, taking advantage of her new super-sensitive condition, reached a quick orgasm. It lasted longer than expected, considering that she was just using her own hand. She thanked her new master for this.

“I can see how deep the master is fucking Aurora! It is forming bulges while it moves within her belly,” Carol said.

Katie was caressing their cousins' skin, already making plans for the rest of the day, “We are going to have so much fun! Our first task will be to get a big load of cum inside of your bodies.”

The twins went through the usual stages of shock, confusion and irresistible arousal, until they were ready to meet their gigantic mates. They followed Carol and Katie like puppies into the open field of the farm.

Aurora went berserk when she saw the size of the Catoblepa's cock. There were not many of this species in the farm because the males were huge and their maintenance was expensive. However, their sperm reserves were vast and this was enough to keep them around.

As expected, Aurora hesitated for a moment, uncertain if she could fit that big phallus in her tight pussy. But her need for cum was stronger than her fear and a few minutes later, she had half of the creature's cock inside of her body.

“I knew you could do it,” Katie said proudly.

Pretty soon it was so deep that a huge bulge protruded from her upper belly. Aurora stared straight ahead and all she could see was the rugged skin of the beast. It was so big that it blocked her entire field of vision. The aroused woman was still considering the possibility that all of this was a dream. A wonderful dream where she was able to fuck the largest creature on the planet, with a cock thicker than her own arm. Not to mention the pleasure that she felt at the this moment, which was impossible to describe.

A few meters away from Aurora and her huge mate, Dawn was bending over for a big podont. She was being penetrated from behind and Carol was beside them, carefully guiding the beast.

“That's right. One more little step and it will be all in,” Carol said.

“It is so big!” Damn exclaimed.

This was Dawn's first anal penetration, and it felt so good that she couldn't believe she hadn't tried this before. She didn't understand that this blissful sensation was a consequence of her recent transformation and otherwise she would be crying in pain.

“More! I want more inside of me!” Dawn pleaded.

She was so aroused and so committed to doing this that when the podont stopped moving forward, she started moving backwards, attempting to plunge his phallus a little deeper.

“It feels good, doesn't it?” Carol said.

After a short while, the podont was getting into a rhythm, bouncing his hips back and forth with an increasing pace. Dawn couldn't believe this was happening. She couldn't even remember how she got to this place. All she knew was that this feeling radiating from her ass was the best ever. But there was still something missing and she wasn't sure what it was…

until the podont reached his peak and discharged the first load of cum deep into her body. At that instant everything became clear. This was her definitive goal. Her actual reason for existence. Being full with cum was the ultimate bliss. This clarity lasted only for a second, because Dawn exploded in climax after she felt the warmth of the creature's sperm accumulating inside of her.

Once again, everything became a mind-shattering blur for Dawn. She felt her body being stuffed to the limit with the precious fluid until it became too much. Then she felt it rushing up her gullet and spilling from her mouth. Like her twin sister, Dawn thought she was living in a dream where the impossible was possible, and more importantly, where pleasure had no limit.

Carol was ready as always. She went down to her knees in front of the twin and started swallowing the sperm that spilled from Dawn's mouth.

The scene was not very different a few meters away. The huge catoblepa had also reached his peak and was ejaculating inside of Aurora. The overwhelmed woman was arching her back from utter bliss as her own orgasm hit her like a freight train.

Aurora couldn't believe that this level of elation was possible, yet here she was, on the brink of unconsciousness, riding the biggest cock she had ever seen and being inundated with cum to her very core.

Neither Dawn or Aurora suspected that they were only half way through the orgy. Dawn had to try the podont's cock in her pussy and let it fill her womb with cum, and Aurora had to shove the catoblepa's phallus in her ass and drain his balls to the last drop. This was becoming the perfect first night of their new lives.

Katie was so horny that she barely restrained herself from pushing the twin away and fucking the beast herself. But she wasn't sure if doing that could harm the precious offspring growing inside of her. It was better to wait until Aurora's body was overflowing with sperm and do the same as Carol was doing with Dawn right now.

“I think your womb is full. Now turn over and let him fuck your ass,” Katie said.

Several hours later, Katie and the twins were ready to go. They had everything carefully planned. Katie was going to give birth in the twins' apartment, which was at the periphery of the zoo, and the three of them would feed the new master together until it was as big as his father.

“Thank you very much for helping me discover my true destiny,” Katie said to Carol.

“Yes! Thank you Carol. Aurora and I couldn't be more grateful,” Dawn said.

“You don't have to thank me. My Master is the one who made all this possible,” Carol responded.

There would be no shortage of candidates within the zoo to provide huge quantities of the much needed sperm. It was the perfect setup.

Carol didn't know if she would ever see Katie or the twins again, but she was fine with it. She had all she needed right here at the farm. Speaking of which, her pussy was aching with need right now and she had a pending date with a massive kaberian male.

“Have a nice trip my friends. Take good care of my master's son.”

The end.

Note from the author: There is a graphic (CGI) version of this story.

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