Seduced By My Boyfriend's Sister_(10)

My name is Jessica I’m 17 years old and have found myself in a relationship that seems to be getting more serious than my past relationships.

I have been dating this guy his name is Zayn he is slightly younger than me by a couple of months he is a sweet and down to earth guy he’s not exactly the hottest guy alive he can be very shy or very wild its one or the other with him, we’ve been dating for roughly 5 weeks now and the furtherest we have gotten sexually is that one time i made out with him and could feel his dick poking me and grinded on his erection but that’s as far as we got i know he has had sex a couple of times i have had sex more than a couple of times but he was more interested in playing games than having sex witch i admit is kind of dumb he is

lucky i love him tho, I’ve had guys dream to fuck me i am quite attractive for my age.

Tonight me and Zayn were at his house alone he lives with his mum and Younger sister

i haven’t really met them yet I’m told i get to meet them tomorrow which is something to

look forward to but i got other plans for tonight Zayn's mum is staying at her boyfriends

house and his sister is at a friend’s house and won’t be back till late it’s the prefect setup

to finally get more intimate with him.

Zayn and i were cuddling on the couch watching movies we were very relaxed and i was

So fucking horny i moved his hand into my panties introducing his hand to my clit i felt

his finger poke around in my panties trying to find my hole he was moving to far away

from the hole until his finger went POP inside me but his finger wasn’t in my pussy, he

somehow accidently found his way into my asshole i didn’t want to say anything in case

he backed out so i let him believe he was fingering my pussy it wasn’t the first time I’ve

had a finger in my ass it’s just the first time it was another finger other than my own

inside my ass.

I moaned as Zayn fingered my ass i unbuckled his pants and rolled them down exposing

his average sized erect cock i moved over and took his cock into my mouth sucking him

up and down causing him to draw all focus to me sucking his dick he pushed my head

deeper down his cock i could feel his cock push into my throat causing me to throw up in

my mouth i had no choice but to swallow it back down i used whatever was left to use it

as lube to get ready to put inside me i tried to get up but Zayn still had my head held down

i could hear him grunt and let out a giant load of cum in my mouth it caught me of guard

i tried my best to swallow as much as i could but the rest just backfired out of my mouth

all over his dick after wiping his cum from my lips i rised to see Zayn fast asleep i thought

to myself "really" he prematurely cums in my mouth then falls asleep "fuck this" i said to

myself i went into Zayn's bedroom and looked in his connected bathroom he shares it

with his sister.

i looked around the bathroom and found his sisters hairbrush it was roughly the same size

as a dick i took it and went into his bed and pushed it into my pussy and began fucking myself with his sister’s hairbrush i aimed it upright inside me pushing it into my tingle spot causing my pussy to throb and get juicier at every thrust i could hear the splashes of my juices flop around all over my clit and thighs i finally came all over the hairbrush.

I pulled the brush handle out so i could see all my cum covering it i stared at it for a bit until i heard the connected bathroom door swing open Zayn's sister was back i was startled by her presence it caused me to fling the hairbrush over on the floor coming into his sisters view she looked startled finding me in her brothers bed instead of being on the couch with him his sister came up to me introducing herself

"hi I’m Zayn's sister Felicity but please call me Flick don’t mind me I’m just trying to find my hairbrush" his sister greeted me

I looked over to were the brush was on the floor witch caught Flicks eye she went over to pick it up i thought to myself oh shit I’m fucked she picked it up by the brush end seeing the white gooey substance all over the handle she looked at me then looked back at the brush and shrugged her shoulders and took the brush handle to her mouth sucking my cum of the handle then silently walking back to her room.

I went to sleep with that image of my boyfriend’s sister tasting my cum painted on the inside of my eyeballs my mind was surrounded by questions why did she suck the brush? or did she know what she sucked of? does she know it was my cum? i lost a lot of sleep over this.

I awoke the next morning with my hand in my panties i must of fell asleep fingering myself i must of had a powerful orgasm my pussy was soaked i could smell the stench of my pussy embedded into my fingers.

I went into Zayn's connected ensuite to have a shower everything seemed normal i remembered what happened last night with Flick sucking my cum of her hairbrush and that her bedroom is on the other side of the bathroom I froze I hope she wont hear me she has probably realised what ive done and wants to beat the shit out of me.

I heard somebody enter the bathroom It could’ve been either Zayn or Flick my fear grew stronger I heard clothes coming of maybe it was Zayn coming in to makeup from last night more excitement came into my mind but was suddenly drowned when I saw a bra fling over the top of the shower curtain rod I panicked like crazy I immediately

Yelled “somebody is in here” Flick drew open the shower curtain’s exposing the top half of her body seeing her large breasts staring me right in the face I mean coming from a straight girl they were nice I think they might even be better than mine and I was always proud of my boobs and I think Flick was to I could see her eyes fixed on them as soon as she opened the curtains, as soon as I snapped back to reality I did my best to cover my boobs and pussy from my boyfriends sister as she looked at me and smiled

“im sorry I didn’t hear you in there” she replied to me

“I can hop out if you want it is your shower” attempting to walk out

Flick held her hand to stop me from leaving she told me to stay as long as I like then proceeded to hop into the shower with me, my levels of awkwardness leaped through the roof here I am with my boyfriends sister buck ass naked showering with her having a view of her hairless pussy and her amazing breasts.

The shower we were in was a 2 man shower so it was fit for 2 people but still bloody awkward, Flick proceeded to wash herself like there was nobody else in the room she took a lot time attending to her pussy washing it furrily then stepping out again not saying a word withdrawing the shower curtain cutting us of from each other.

I listened through the curtain to hear what Flick was up to I heard her towel flinging around and could hear her going through her hair utensils then silence for a few minutes followed by a door slamming shut.

Once the coast was clear I made my way out of the shower to dry myself and get dressed I noticed that Flicks brush has been moved next to my bra on the bathroom bench

“she must of dumped it here by mistake” I thought

I went to grip the handle and felt a wet sticky substance on my hand I brought my hand to my nose and smelt a sweetish odour that smelt similar to my pussy odour but not as strong as mine, this has definitely been inside somebody’s pussy but its Definity not mine its not the same scent it couldn’t be Flicks could it? I thought to myself is this her getting back at me from last night although I was disturbed by what ive discovered I was curious to what she would taste like the brush was obviously just covered in her juices not her cum but it made me wonder what her cum would look like on her brush I raised my wet hand to my nose to take another smell of her teen girl juices I slowly poked out my tongue towards the wet patch on my hand till the door from the other side of the bathroom swung open being greeted by Zayn he kissed me on the cheek and slithered past me to take a shower what is with these siblings and not saying anything.

Zayn and I were sitting down to breakfast when his sister came down to join us Zayn rose up and introduced her to me Flick stopped Zayn explaining we have met she briefly saw me in the bathroom this morning I wondered to myself why she didn’t mention her seeing me last night she held her hand over the table proceeding to shake my hand while giving me a little wink she seemed a lot more talkative and sociable this time saying me and her will have to hangout some time.

My boyfriend got a notification on his phone saying his game had a new dlc or some thing like that and I knew our little shopping date we had was gone because he always puts his gaming first.

I told my boyfriend that I guess our date is of, Zayn gave me that cheesy look confirming what I was saying I just sat back in disgust I was really looking forward to going shopping today then next minute Flick offered to go shopping with me adding it will give us a chance to get to know each other more I was a little unsure at first but it would be nice to get to know Zayn’s sister even tho there is something weird yet mildly interesting about her so I took her up on her offer.

Flick and I got dressed and ready to rock I gave Zayn a kiss saying goodbye and proceeded to headout.

On the walk to town I noticed how slutty Flick was dressed she was wearing a black crop top that looked 3 sizes to small for her it hugged the top half of her body making her boobs really stick out not to mention her long black wavy hair dangling in the wind followed by black eye line and black lipstick she had a sexy gothic vibe about her.

I was having a really great time getting to know Flick we talked about the general stuff about each other and shopped together we decided to go to the café in the mall for a pitstop we continued talking generally Flick never looked away as we talked always made direct eye contact with me the way she looked at me it was like she was studying me in a very evil way Im wondering what is going on in that pretty little head of hers, we continued to chat about normal things till I felt Flick harmlessly stroke my legs it was no accident she was doing it playfully I continued to act like nothing was happening apart from the whole evil eyes and playful foot.

My nerves were getting more shakey and I could feel a small burn in my stomach and my cheeks fuzzed up it was like the same feeling I get from when a guy comes on to me but this was a girl and im as straight as straight girls come.

Flick then asked me if I noticed anything unusual about this morning at the same time tracing her foot up along my ankle up my thigh just hitting under my skirt, I decided to play dumb and ask what she ment she just looked at me with that kinky stare of hers asking me what I think?, I knew exactly what she was thinking but witch does she mean her showering naked in front of me or her sucking my cum of her brush or her leaving her brush for me covered in her juices.

I stood staring at Flick for a few seconds after hearing her question

“you know me taking a shower with you?” Flick remarked

“Oh” I exclaimed I mentioned to her I assumed it was just a girl thing were girls shower together like it’s a normal thing she told me I was right of coarse but she then went on to say she noticed me looking at her and was wondering if I was into girls or not I immediately told her I wasn’t I was just noticing how comfortable she was being naked around a stranger that so happens to be the same gender as her.

She told me she was bisexual and shes been around enough naked girls and enough naked guys to be comfortable and that she was proud of her body and loves to show it of, I was curious about Flicks sexuality and asked her if shes licked a girl out before she just looked me right in the eye nodding followed by a little porched smirk on her lips I explained to her if she has licked pussy before she knows what it tastes like and smells like, Flicks foot rose furtherer up my skirt and her attention got more and more attentive as I came to realisation she knew exactly what was on that hairbrush when she sucked it last night,

“you knew didn’t you” I said to Flick with shame

“knew about what?” Flick questioned with that same fierce look I explained to her that she knew that her brush had been inside my pussy I have never been so embarrassed in my life explaining to my boyfriend’s sister that her hairbrush has been inside her brothers girlfriends cunt, Flick went on to explain to me she thought that her brush was covered in her own juices but after she sucked on it that it wasn’t her usual flavour

“you taste great by the way” Flick added

she went on to explain she didn’t know it was my pussy juices or she just tasted different witch is why she tested me this morning in the shower.

Since Flick and I were being out in the open I asked her about when I found her brush this morning and asked if it was inside her Flick bit her lower lip and wanted me to guess I definitely could smell pussy on it a little less stronger and more sweeter than my scent I just nodded to her, Flick continued biting her lip and asked me what I did with the brush, to be honest with myself I really wanted to taste it but I wasn’t gonna be honest out in the open

“did you do what I did” Flick budded into my train of thought

“Zayn kind of walked in on me before I could really do something about it” I replied

She continued asking me if I was tempted to taste it I just couldn’t answer her I was way to shy to admit anything I just stopped the conversation by taking a long drink of my drink.

Flick left without saying anything I saw her walk into the supermarket across from where we were sitting I could vaguely see her walking around the fruit isle then going through checkout I didn’t see what she bought but she seemed to be in such a hurry for me not to see what it was seeing how discrete she was she then went on to the bathroom area.

I waited for Flick to come back from the bathroom she must have been in there for about 10 minutes or so maybe her drink caused her diarrhoea or something.

I soon saw Flick walk out from the bathroom area and in my direction she had a little smirk on her face as she came closer to me and sat in front of me she looked like she just ran a marathon panting and sweating I then smelt the same familiar smell I smelt this morning circling around us, Flick then went to hand me a a paper bag and told me to think of this as her hairbrush from this morning, I reached into the bag Flick gave me and found a banana but the end of the banana was covered in a gooey substance and that same familiar smell got stronger as I pulled the banana into our view.

I could see Flick staring at me with that same kinky stare and her biting her lip out of the corner of my eye as I stared at the banana realising what Flick has done shes recreated the events from this morning but instead of fucking herself with the hairbrush she fucked herself with a banana.

I looked into Flicks piercing gothic eyes as she asked me what I was gonna do with that banana I bit my lower lip crossing my legs trying not to make eye contact with her I questioned myself over and over again what to do with the banana one half of me was telling myself to taste Flicks juices the other half of me is telling me to throw it at her.

Flick leaned more towards my face

“don’t think just put it in your mouth and suck” Flick told me softly while giving me a wink I honestly thought she was going to kiss me then.

I took the Banana covered in Flicks juices and looked around to see if anyone was watching and quickly put the gooey end in my mouth sucking of Flicks juices then quickly removing the banana out of site before anyone noticed, I could’ve swore I heard Flick moan a little when I sucked of her pussy juices

I still had the pussy juices of my boyfriend’s little sister in my mouth

“swallow my insides” Flick whispered in a sexy tone I felt the sludgy tangy liquid slide down my throat it wasn’t as bad as I thought I felt a little naughty doing it to be honest.

Flick looked at me shaking trying her best to contain herself I asked her if she is ok I noticed her hand was twitching under the table I reached around to see she had her hand in her panties the whole time she was watching me, Flick soon saw me staring she grabbed my hand and told me to meet her in the disabled toilets in 2 minutes then leaving me again leaving her sweet aroma of pussy surrounding the table .

I waited about just under 2 minutes and took a deep breath and made my way to the toilet area my knees were weak my pussy was surprisingly wet and my nerves were spiking thinking what was gonna happen by the end of this little trip.

I found myself standing on the other side of the entrance to the public toilet, I stood there for a while holding my fist just an inch from knocking thinking if this is a good idea im straight I don’t do things with girls but the curiosity overcame me I knocked twice and heard the lock being unlocked.

I entered in slowly shaking smelling the same familiar scent of Flicks pussy looking around seeing my boyfriends little sister casually sitting on the toilet fully naked playing with her clit.

I was stunned in my tracks having a visual site of a younger girl masturbating in front of me I could feel my stomach twist and my pussy throb, Flick continued staring at me wriggling her finger at me to come over to her, I slowly walked over to Flick with my eyes still fixed on her dripping wet pussy she rose up and hugged me asking me if I like what I saw I bit my lip and took a deep breath as I could feel her pussy graze my leg I nodded with a cute mhhmm.

Flick grasped my cheeks and planted kisses up and down my neck while caressing my clothed body gently I was still really nervous, Flick urged me to sit down and close my eyes.

I could hear Flick rustling up my skirt removing my soaked panties I could feel her warm breath around the edges of my pussy shocking me in the right places followed by 2 fingers tracing along my pussy lips up and down until she rams 2 fingers deep inside me causing me to gasp a little to loud making Flick cover my mouth I could smell her pussy on her hand I don’t know what came over me but I grabbed her hand and licked her palm and fingers tasting her juices.

Flick went back between my legs I felt her tongue probe my insides her mouth covered my pussy warming it on the outside as her tounge fucked me on the inside I tried my best not to make a sound as she was hitting all the right spots with her sexy little tounge.

I felt flushes all through my body as Flick changed positions and came face to face with me while still rubbing my clit with her open palm she kept taunting me “you like that” over and over again my cries and moans were getting the better of me I couldn’t stand keeping my mouth shut I pushed Flick into me locking my lips over hers making out with her slow and sensually as her palm receded and tucked her fingers inside me.

Our kissing increased and I felt Flick lead my hand to her pussy it was so warm wet and juicy my fingers sank right into her love hole I could sense the difference in her orgasmic attitude when I began to move my fingers inside her she started drifting her attention from me for a bit and laid back on to the toilet and spread her legs letting me ram my fingers deeper inside her.

Flick pulled my face to hers sticking her tounge back in my mouth mashing my lips harder as my finger curled inside her hitting her magic spot, her body shivered her breathing laboured, her pussy tightening around my fingers giving of the same heat and wetness I do when I finger myself, Flick pushed me out of her and sat directly onto the toilet letting out a large powerful splash of her juices into the toilet

“im a major squirter” Flick said in a satisfying tone as she continued to squirt into the toilet.

Flick looked at my extremely wet pussy noticing I haven’t cummed yet she leaped towards me locking her mouth around my pussy sliding her tounge all the way inside me making a moan escape my mouth unexpectedly, Flick continued gnawing at my pussy vibrating her lips on my clit while her tounge rolled up and down my fuck hole at a fast pace making me fluster with orgasmic ecstasy causing me to cum really hard on her tounge but she continued licking my pussy even after my orgasm my pussy was extra sensitive and every time her tounge hit my magic spots it made my pussy tingle ten times stronger I couldn’t bare it I placed my hands on her head trying to control myself but it was no use her licking continued and my pussy tingeled even more before letting of a very large wave of juices squirting all over Flicks face and in her mouth and all through her hair.

Flick and I laid up against the walls naked panting smelling like eachothers juices staring into eachothers eyes I gave her another lustfull kiss before getting dressed but Flick still continued to keep her kinky attitude stealing my panties and wearing them as her own as did I with hers it was actually quite a turn on knowing that her panties were already stained with her cum and it was gonna be brushing up against my creamy pussy all the way home.

Flick and I soon returned back to my boyfriends house acting like nothing has happened and just went about the rest of the night as normal.

Zayn Flick and I had the house to ourselves again as their mother had to work late so I thought I might try again with Zayn but if not I know what I can have instead.

We all sat down having dinner not really talking much just a comment here and there I could feel Flicks feet poking at mine under the table with her giving that same sexy stare from early today I made sure Zayn wasn’t watching us I moved my hand across to her thigh making my way to her panties but I couldn’t feel them all I felt was her familiar wet slit I went further inside her with 2 fingers fingering her in a curved motion watching her squirm at the dinner table in front of my boyfriend, knowing that I was fingering my boyfriends sister in front of him without him knowing was really making me wet I decided to be risky and move Flicks hand in my panties and have us finger eachother under the table while having a nice normal family chat.

I found Flicks tingle spot under table I could see the very controlled expression on her face trying not to show her signs of expected climax I pushed harder at her clit until her pussy finally gave way I could hear the faint squirt sound and feel it cover my palm I watched Flick almost lose control causing her peas to flick of the table as she poked at them I could see whitish goldish stream leak down Flicks leg I pretended to drop my fork under the table and went to crawl under to get it but what Flick didn’t know was it wasn’t an accident, just before I went to grab my fork I went to Flicks leg and found that the stream just ended above her ankle I swabbed my tounge at that very same spot and traced by tounge all the way up to the start of her inner thigh licking up the escaped stream of squirt this caused Flick to get up and excuse herself saying she had to go to the bathroom.

I watched as Flick brushed passed me, as she went for the hallway I saw her turn around and give me a cheeky grin and wriggiling her finger at me just like she did earlier today wanting me to follow her I was so horny I definitely wasn’t going to pass of that opportunity I pretended my phone was ringing and excused myself from the table explaining I had an important call and had to go somewhere private to take it.

I walked upstairs following the sweet meaty smell of Flicks pussy getting stronger as I get close to the master bathroom I went to do the same knock on the door as I did at the mall so she knew it was me soon the door swung open and Flick pulled me in and pushed me up against the door making out with me while pressing her open palms into my boobs squeezing them hard.

I let Flick take full control over me she through me all across the bathroom with her fingers in my pussy and and my fingers inside hers hearing the clucking sounds of our fingers splashing around the juices in our panties sent Flick over the edge fully pulling my pants down and pushing me back on the floor and moving her head between my legs and latching her mouth onto my pussy flickering her tounge up and down my pussy slit.

I was to easy I came within seconds I could hear flick drinking the jucies squirting out of me I looked back at Flick trying to control my breaths I explained to her ive had orgasm after orgasm from both myself and other guys but nothing this powerful she just explained that it’s a girl thing well I know for sure I am definitely liking this girl thing that shes speaking of.

I rose up to give Flick another kiss before we left but she didn’t let me go she pulled me in grabbing my ass and pulling me towards her I felt her wet pussy up against mine following her hands up my back to the back of my head “Its my turn now” flick said to me sensually slowly and gently pushing my head down to her pussy.

I felt a shudder of nerves flow through me as this will be my first time fully licking a girl out.

I watched Flick lay back on the bathroom sink and part her legs I smelt her sweet scent getting more powerful as I get closer till my lips were kissing her clit I didn’t really know what to do so I just sucked on her clit like an iceblock Flick noticed how nervous and how much of a noob I am to eating pussy she was kind and caring rubbing the back of my head guiding me through telling me to poke my tounge in and out of her fuck hole and licking up and down under her clit.

It took me a few minutes to get it right but then my tounge began working Flick’s pussy in the tight places making her shudder and spasm as my tounge explores the inside of her pussy I found a little spot under the outer wall of her pussy I find if I rub my tounge up and down that area and rub the spot on Flicks clit the same was my tounge was area was enough to make her squirm.

The thought of me eating another girls pussy was turning me on and making me drenched my fingers returned to my pussy I was to wet I could feel my tangy girl juices drip to the floor I moved my mouth over Flicks pussy breathing on her whole pussy doing that same tounge motion inside her with my tounge I think she was on the brink of an orgasm her breathing got caught short next thing her mouth was open but she looked like she found it hard to breath I looked at her to see if shes ok she just firmly pushed my face back into her pussy and I continued licking her out running my tounge in and out of her seeing that same expression on her face watching her lean back furtherer and furtherer until she falls back and lands in the bath tubb we were to horny to worry about any injuries the bathtub was big enough to fit me between her legs I was trying my best not to drown in her constant wetness I drank what little juices I could suck up so I could continue doing what im currently doing best.

A few more minutes into eating her pussy we heard the doorknob rattling Flick pushed my head down furtherer into her asscheeks and grabbed a nearby towel to cover our naked bodies, from the sound of the voice it was my boyfriend asking where I went Flick was very shocked going of at him telling him to knock explaining she was naked and about to have a bath and pointed to the downstairs bathroom saying that I might be in there.

As Flick was bullshitting to her brother I could smell the sweaty warm scent of Flick’s asshole I wondered if she liked me eating her ass I gave her asshole a poke making Flick jump inbetween sentences as she talked to my boyfriend I probed my tounge deeper in her ass shes definitely had cock in her ass before due to her ass being very easily stretched to accommodate my tounge I rammed and rigged around I could feel Flick getting more agitated to get rid of her brother after he finally left she flung of the towel and kept pushing my head working my tounge deeper into her ass she told me we better hurry up before they realise where were I am so I picked up my pace slotting my toung in and out of her ass and rubbing her clit just the way she liked it till I felt juices fling over my forehead I removed my tounge from her ass to catch all her squirt in my mouth it was so powerful it squirted the back of my throat I had to cover her whole pussy just to swallow every drop of her tangy girl cum it kind of tasted like pee to witch in a way was dirty and kind of sexy I like it.

Flick and I hobbled out of the bath half naked covering ourselves in more deodorant we made our way back to our table at separate times to make it look less suspicious and explained to my boyfriend that I had a pain in my stomach.

Later on at night Zayn finally decided he wanted to fuck me and already had my pants unbuttoned and my panties down and before you know it no forplay nothing just slaps on his condom because he is one of them nice clean boys and just wacks it in me lying on top of me pounding into me not putting any effort at all I just laid there and took the pounding thinking about how much I want his sister after having her my love for Zayn has for some reason moved to Flick and just cant bother to get any enjoyment from my boyfriend’s dick anymore I don’t know what his sister has done to me am I a lesbian now or am I bisexual I could like dick and pussy just not like my boyfriend.

After waiting what seemed like forever for my boyfriend to blow his load in the condom that he definitely could’ve blew on me or in my mouth it was such a waste, I decided to call a friend of mine shes a bit of a slut well when I was younger I use to fuck a lot when I use to hangout with her I asked her if she could hook me up with one of her guy friends saying I need to test something I told her to make sure he’s handsome loves forplay and doesn’t use protection and most importantly being discrete as I don’t want my boyfriend finding out or even worse his sister finding out.

The next night I stayed over my boyfriend’s house I snuck out after everyone was asleep and went a few streets down to the reserve to meet up with my friend her name was Josie and was about the same build as me a little taller way more sluttier shes fucked more guys than I can count.

I made my way through the bushland area of the park it was really spooky in the dark I was jumping at sounds and shadows till I heard somebody softly call out to me I looked around trying to figure out where it was coming from, I was startled by a tap on my shoulder turning around to see Flick standing right behind me surprising me by kissing me asking me what I was doing she could see Josie and some guy from a distance and looked back at me.

I knew I couldn’t really think of a bullshit excuse to lie to Flick so I thought the best way to go about this is be honest shes really been upfront and honest to me leading me to this moment so I layed it out to her

“Flick look a few days ago I was 100% straight I didn’t think of girls in a sexual or romantic way at all but after being with you all I crave is pussy your brother tried having sex with me the other night and I just couldn’t seem to enjoy it I don’t know whats going on with me theres so many questions in my head” I implied to Flick

Kacie sighed with a smile putting her arm around me telling me every girl who turns lesbian or bi go through this phase in life explaining its normal and telling me how I should’ve just came to her and talked about it then went back to asking me what I was going to do that’s when I explained

“please don’t hate me but I called up my friend to set me up to hookup with one of her guy friends that way if I don’t enjoy it im fully into girls but if I do maybe its because im bi and just not into Zayn”

I began to tear up explaining that her brother has his sweetest moments but as our relationship got older he just seems to care more about playing games than really putting effort into our relationship, before I burst Flick held me in her arms telling me its ok and she fully understands me.

There’s just something about Flick that makes me feel so confident in myself Flick took me by the hand and led me through the bushes and told me she will guide me every step of the way.

Flick and I eventually met up with Josie I introduced Flick to Josie saying that she was Zayn’s sister Josie gave me a weird look being a little confused I told her its ok it’s a long story Josie looked us both up and down raising an eyebrow and went to introduce us to her friend Chris he was a very attractive sporty looking guy medium sized muscles bit of a 5 o clock shadow with a Justin Bieber sticky uppy haircut “he’s cute” flick nudged me.

Chris approached me reaching his hand out to me leading me to another part of the reserve while Flick followed close behind Chris stopped in his tracks asking me if Flick will be joining us i forgot that Flick was behind me and got a little loss of words Flick just budded in saying she is just observing Chris didn’t seem fussed to fuck me in front of another girl I guess it was a turn on for him.

Chris didn’t really talk much he was already pulling me towards him feeling up my boobs and pretty much attacking my lips with his mouth I was a little startled and found it a tad uncomfortable but I had to see this through I worked my way into his pants pulling out his cock it was quite large I don’t think ive had a cock this big in me before I looked back at Flick widening my eyes with her giving the same look back I dropped to my knees taking his cock into my mouth licking up and down the shaft teasing the head only taking small amounts in my mouth at a time Chris seemed to get impatient he continued pushing me furtherer down onto his cock pretty much doing what Zayn did to me a few nights ago im not falling for that one again I pushed myself back and dropped my panties and bending over waiting for his cock.

Chris came up behind me and mounted me ramming the full length of his cock inside of me stretching the inner edges of my pussy filling it whole and began thrusting into me hard I told him to fuck me harder getting more agitated yelling at him to fuck me harder but the harder he went the less satisfied I got.

I had enough of being fucked I told him to stop and dismounted his cock I explained to Flick I just cant enjoy cock anymore I just cant I apologised to Chris and told him this was just an experiment he looked very annoyed with me I did feel bad about blue balling him until Flick announced that she will finish him of asking if I mind I told her to go right ahead and watched her take his cock in her mouth she managed to deepthroat the whole thing sucking up and down slowly I could hear the gagging and slurping noises and watching her cheeks wobble over his cock this was really making me wet watching Flick suck another guy’s cock.

Chris soon grunted and filled Flick’s mouth with his cum I could hear her gulping down his cum followed by withdrawing his cock from her mouth wiping the corners of her mouth doing a cute little burp.

I went back to Josie thanking her and told her ill explain what this is all about when it’s the right time leaving with Flick.

On the way home Flick held my hand just smiling at me and asking me what’s going through my mind right now I felt more at ease telling her that I think I might be into just girls I asked her if that was how she felt when she went through this situation, Flick explained that she is bisexual but she was more into girls but loves a fuck in the pussy or ass now and then and doesn’t mind swallowing a few loads of cum but could never date a guy they’re to complicated.

I guess im going down a different path I thought to myself Flick told me to come stay in her bed tonight she will have me back in Zayn’s bed before the morning arises I was very excited and relieved and kindly accepted Flick’s offer.

When we snuck back into Flick’s room we were in and out of our clothes in no time and held eachother caressing eachother’s bodies with Flick taking extra caution rubbing my ass deeply making out with me I could taste the cum on her warm breath.

Flick gently bent me over the bed telling me she loved me licking her ass and she wanted to return the favour I happily agreed and requested that I return the favour, soon I felt something wet and warm slither into my asshole giving me a whole new oral experience tounge fucking my asshole her tounge fucked my ass hard bucking bumb cheeks up and down umming and oohing trying not to moan I went to play with my clit but Flick smacked my hand away and picked me up rolling me on my beck and ramming 2 fingers inside me coating them in my juices before putting them in my mouth and replacing her fingers with her tounge poking it deep inside my pussy she rose up telling me my pussy tasted like cock she wanted to make me cum to return my pussy back to its natural flavour witch she definitely was on the brink of doing she decided to try something new using her saliva in my asshole as lube to work a finger inside my ass while gnawing on my clit.

I could feel my holes tense up and feel the insides of my pussy flush out drenching my pussy lips and seeping into my asshole witch Flick happily licked up till I was dry.

After a few pants later I arose up deeply making out with Flick moving her up over my chest till her pussy was just above my face “its your turn now” sensually saying before poking my tounge at Flick’s pussy pushing inside her working my fingers in her ass cheeks rubbing her ass hole rolling my tounge around inside her then switching places to her asshole tounge fucking her ass while rubbing her pussy rubbing it till she fully sat on my face pushing my tounge deeper into her ass my tounge hitting something bitter inside her ass with her juices drooling into my mouth I had the bitter taste of ass and the tanginess of a pee like squirt substance in my mouth I got that same feeling dirty but naughty I needed to cum again.

I think Flick still had one more orgasm left in her feeling her grinding her pussy on my face.

Flick rolled of my face with my tounge slowly sliding out of her I remoistened my mouth tasting more bitterness in my mouth Flick grabbed my cheeks probing my mouth with her tounge swapping the bitterness of her asshole with my own in eachothers mouths I felt Flick stagger onto me rubbing her clit against mine slowly picking up the pace with each slides till were rubbing against eachother breathing faster and faster ramming our fingers into eachother moaning softly face to face before returning one last passionate kiss before we both came onto eachothers fingers creating a small puddle of sticky girl cum between us.

A few breaths later I looked into Flick’s slowly retiring eyes feeling utter lust and affection for her “I love you Felecity” I said to her before falling asleep into eachother’s arms.


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