Margo's Own Story 4 - George

George and I had a fling the summer between my freshman and sophomore years, after I abandoned my stripper, and if I admitted it, whore career. He surely knew how to push a girl's buttons and he pushed mine after our first date and two or three times a week through the whole summer. In his car, on his car, behind an old barn, by a creek in the woods, in his family room when nobody else was home. Good thing I was on birth control and good thing we had lots of insect repellent.

But George's family moved away before I got home for Thanksgiving and I hadn't seen him since. Not like I cried a lot. There were other boys, and men. After I transferred to another university, one of those men was my future husband, from whom I kept many secrets - though I clearly was no virgin. We had now been married eight years and I had never strayed.

"Margo? Oh wow. Margo!" he exclaimed as we charged together, hugged and exchanged mostly-innocent kisses. "Tell me everything. It's been so long. What's been happening? Are you married?" I showed him my ring. He turned and started walking in the same direction I had been going. We told our stories the same way friends do - college, jobs, both of us getting married, who we've heard from or followed - nothing too detailed. He and his wife had just moved moved back to town a couple weeks ago.

Partway along, we came upon a bench and sat there recalling memories and sipping our water bottles. The obvious was bound to come up and he mentioned it first, "We sure had some nice times that summer."

"You would be referring to the back seat of your car? Or out behind Raymond's barn?"

"Well yeah. You thought it was good, too. Right?"

"I'll admit you know how to take care of a girl, he he."

"Actually, I think about you a lot, Margo!"

"You say that to all your old conquests," I said as I watched him put his hand on my knee, "but I have to admit I've never been fucked so much outside since."

"Well most of the time, we couldn't go inside. You know," he offered in defense. He turned his face closer. His hand moved further up my leg.

"Most of the time," I agreed with a wavering voice. Our eyes were locked. His hand briefly brushed between my legs and slid up to my chest. We started kissing. He was cupping my breast. "Oh George," I muttered glancing at my ring. Our tongues played with each other.

"Oh Margo. I wish. I only wish," he managed to say as his hand was again between my legs.

"Me, too. Sometimes being married really sucks." I had the bulge in his shorts in my hand. We were both breathing hard and I could feel the dampness in my panties and my insides tightening.

We kept at that for a few moments but then there was someone coming far down the trail. "Maybe this isn't the best place," I said, breaking out of my spell.

There was a thicket off to one side and it extended up and over a small ridge. I grabbed George's hand and dragged him laughing and giggling into the woods over the hill. We stopped when we were sure we were out of sight. Our french kissing resumed in earnest. He pushed up my tee shirt and I undid my own bra. George always knew how to lick and suck on a girl's boobs and this time it felt terrific. My shorts only had an elastic waist band and his hand slid down easily and soon his fingers were inside me. "Oh Oh Oh."

I wasn't sure how far I was going to let this go, but damn. His cock was out. He was dragging my shorts and panties down over my knees. The passion, the desire were becoming overwhelming. I shook my legs clear and pulled his shorts down. The four legged, two headed beast hobbled over to a tree. Our arms wrapped around each other. His body pressed against mine. His cock against my belly. His hands up in my hair. The need. The need. My hand moving his cock between my legs. Vows? What vows? I rolled my hips forward. This was not to be expert love making. This was do it, do it now.

His penis entered my oh so ready vagina. Thrust, thrust, thrust. Our bodies rocking into each other with each thrust. My orgasm. Were only the trees listening? Thrust, thrust. Electricity down to my toes. Thrust, thrust. Feeling his release begin. Pulse, pulse, pulse after pulse. More thrusts even when the releases ended. Oh, oh, oh. Finally, his limp cock fell out of my pussy.

Out of breath, still clamped together, we stared at each other smiling broadly in our semi-nakedness. "Oh George!"

"Oh Margo." Passionate kisses. Hands caressing my breasts. Hands on his butt pulling us together. His wet cock against my leg.

Still shaking, I knelt in front of him and took his slimy organ in my mouth. My own flavors and his kept my passion lit. I was resting my dripping pussy against my heel and giving myself more pleasure. George was never one of those that took forever to recover. Slurping and sucking and looking up at him with wide open eyes soon brought him back.

"Again," I begged, as I stood up.

"Oh Margo," he muttered as I helped him enter me again. Thrust after thrust. Another toe tingling, tummy grabbing orgasm. Longer this time. Thrust, thrust, thrust. Finally his explosion again inside me.

As we stood pressed together again, face to face, smiling, panting, he stunned me, "You have to meet my wife."

"What? Are you kidding? After this?"

"You'll like her."

"But, "

"Our apartment is only a half mile from here. Come on."

Well, I wasn't exactly looking like a woman who was setting out to meet a lover's wife while trying to keep our secrets. George waited while I peed on the leaves. I took a wipe out of my bag and cleaned the telltale spots off my leg and got the bits of forest floor off my knees. Then I wiped off my sex before I pulled on my panties and shorts, got my bra situated and straightened out my tee shirt. George used another wipe, though he didn't need it as much as I had.

I tried to brush my hair, but George had to help me. It felt so nice getting this simple attention from him. We were eventually ready and found our way back to the trail. I was terrified as we climbed the stairs to their apartment. Could I pull this off?

George introduced me to Melanie. "We were friends before I moved away," he explained as innocently as possible. "We ran into each other on that trail. I thought she should meet you."

Leave it to George to marry a stunning beauty. Melanie and I shook hands a bit tentatively. "So nice to meet you. Can I get you a glass of wine or something stronger? Gin and tonic?"

"Gin and tonic sounds nice," boy could I use that, "but could I use your bathroom first?" I wasn't at all sure I had really cleaned up, so I used a damp washcloth I found draped over the tub faucet to give myself a "bath." I headed out after checking myself in the mirror and putting on a little lipstick.

When I got back to the living room, there were cheese and crackers on the coffee table and I heard Melanie running the ice crusher for our drinks. She brought out three glasses of G&T on a tray and placed them where each of us could reach ours. Then she took the tray back to the kitchen while George and I sipped from our glasses.

But instead of taking a seat by her drink, she came up behind me and put her hands on my shoulders. Then she leaned down next to my ear as her hands moved down over my breasts.

"I bet you two had wild passionate sex out there before he brought you here," she hoarse whispered.

I felt my face turning white. I'd swear, even my lipstick turned white. But George was grinning impishly.

"Well I didn't mention," he offered, "we're swingers and I told her about the woods while you were in the bathroom."

"Maybe your husband would like to come over and play with us," Melanie suggested as she kissed my neck.

Well, that wasn't going to happen. I loved him but he was a straight arrow and had many times told me how this or that sexual activity was intolerable or disgusting. "No, no, he would never "

"We I guess it's just the three of us," she said as slender her hand found its way into my waistband and I felt myself getting aroused yet again.

I took a deep gulp from my G&T and put it down. My deep breaths gave away my willingness to play and she had more reason to know that as her hand found the moistness between my pussy lips. But she didn't linger there. She pulled my tee shirt over my head and undid my bra when I leaned forward a bit to give her room.

George was getting undressed when she came around in front of me and pulled down my shorts and panties. "Let's see what we have here," and soon her tongue was making me moan. I hadn't been with a girl since graduate school, so this was very exciting.

George came over by the chair, his cock sticking straight out. I leaned over to take it in my mouth. Melanie's fingers pushed up inside me. Oh my goodness.

But before George could cum in my mouth, Melanie stood up, still the only one with clothes on, and said, "Lets go to the bedroom. I want to watch him fuck you." Melanie undressed herself as George and I pulled down the sheets on their bed.

I laid down on my back as George crawled between my legs. Before he started licking my pussy, he said, "You are still the beautiful girl I knew that summer." Never anywhere near as pretty as your wife, I thought.

Melanie knelt beside us watching and actually held his cock in front of my opening. Then as his strokes began, she started rubbing my pussy - oh yes, yes, so incredible. I think her fingers wrapped around his shaft too. I was able to reach her own wet pussy and soon the three of us were moaning in ecstasy.

When George was finished inside me, Melanie straddled my chest and bent over lapped up mine and her husband's juices. I began to finger and lick her, too. It had been ages since I tasted another girl's sex, and Melanie's shaved pussy was especially sweet. And she finally was able to have a full throated orgasm - til then it had mostly been about George and me.

Melanie rolled off me and took George in her arms. I watched them caress and cuddle and play with each other's bodies until, right next to me on the king sized matress, George was able to take his turn inside his own wife.

They asked me to stay for dinner, but my husband was due back from Spain later that night, and I had to make sure I was cleaned up enough to welcome his own advances without revealing my secret. Other girls I know cried the first time they cheated. Not me.

The next time I got together with George and Melanie, they made sure it was a foursome, which seemed very thoughtful.

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