Andy and Becky

Eighteen year old Becky Anderson loved her job at the coffee shop located in a small town named Greenville that was on the edge of suburban development. The work was fairly easy, the owner treated her well and she loved interacting with the customers. She worked every day after school and every Saturday till 2 pm.

One Saturday morning a boy came in and ordered a strawberry smoothie. He was nice looking: brown hair, blue eyes and clear skin. He was friendly and very polite. She had dated a lot of boys at the high school. Most were self centered and just plain jerks. This boy was very appealing so she decided to see if he was dating material.

So Becky said, "My name is Becky. What's your name?'

The boy replied, "My name is Andrew but everyone calls me Andy."

She guessed he was 17 but she would not mind dating a junior. So she asked, do you go to Greenville High."

'Yep, "said, Andy, "I'm a tenth grader."

The boy was only 16. She was disappointed. No parent would allow their 16 year old to date an 18 year old senior in high school. She really liked this boy and she hoped that she could talk to him on occasion.

Andy said, "You make a great smoothie. I'll be back again'"

Over the next few weeks, Andy became a regular customer. Becky looked forward to seeing Andy because she found that he was intelligent and could carry on interesting conversations.

The next Saturday, Andy came in with a middle aged woman who was obviously his mother. Andy politely introduced Becky to his mother. Andy's mom said. "My son can't stop talking about you. I want to thank you for being so kind to him. I know you’re a senior in high school but Andy would really like you to come and see him play soccer some time. Would that be OK?"

Becky didn't know what to think. Andy's mom seemed comfortable with the idea of her 16 year old inviting an 18 year old to his soccer game.

"Sure," responded Becky. "I would love to see Andy play."

The next day she met Andy and his mother at the soccer field before the game. "Thanks for coming Becky."

"Sure Andy," said Becky. "This should be fun."

Then Andy stripped off his t-shirt on put on his jersey. Becky noticed that Andy had a nice body, smooth and tanned. Thoughts of hugging his body went through her head.

Andy was a pretty decent forward and he made a goal. After the game Andy ran up to Becky and his mom. Becky decided it would be alright to give him a congratulatory hug. Andy's mom simply smiled as the hug went on for a few extra seconds. Becky thoroughly enjoyed the hug from the tenth grader. Andy's mom suggested that Becky come over later for dinner. "Sure," said Becky, "and maybe Andy and I could take a walk afterwards."

Dinner went well and afterwards Andy's mom sent them on their way so they could take their walk. After a couple of blocks, Becky asked, "Would you like to hold my hand?"

Andy nodded enthusiastically and he slipped his hand into hers. Nothing too romantic thought Becky but it was a clear signal that she liked Andy. They had a great walk and there was no problem carrying on a conversation with Andy. She really enjoyed being with the tenth grader.

When they got back to Andy's house, she suggested a hug and added a quick kiss on his cheek. "Andy, I really enjoyed the evening. Maybe you and I could go to a movie next weekend. Like on a date?'"

Andy flashed a big smile and said, "I'll have to ask my mom but I think she will say OK." Just then Andy's mom stepped onto the porch and Andy asked her about going to a movie next weekend.

"I think that would be great, "said Andy's mom. "Becky. I really like you and I'm glad you like being with Andy. You two seem so compatible."

Becky couldn't believe it. She was approving of a high school senior going on a date with her 16 year old son.

During the week, Becky looked forward to Andy stopping by and ordering a smoothie. He was a cute boy who was intelligent and very respectful. Her affection for Andy was growing by the day.

On Friday night she drove over to Andy's house to pick him up for the movie. She wore a top that showed off her cute boobs and a pair of shorts that exposed her nice looking legs.

Andy's mom met her at the door and said, " Becky you look so lovely. Since you are driving, I'll pay for the movie tickets and treats."

Just then Andy came down the stairs dressed in a t-shirt and pair of shorts.

He came over to Becky and gave her a quick hug. Then Andy's mom said to Becky," I just ask that Andy be home by his midnight curfew."

Midnight, thought Becky. That gives us two hours to spend alone.

After the movie Becky suggested that they drive down to the park by the lake so they could talk.

After they parked they talked for a while and then Becky said, "Andy, I really like being with you but I don't know where you and I can go in a relationship because of our age difference. Every day I look forward to being with you. What do you think?"

"Becky, I really like you. More than like you. But I am afraid you will think of me as just some sophomore with a crush. I wish you could think of me as a boyfriend."

" Andy, I think you could be my boyfriend, but let's take it slow. I know one thing. If we are going to be in a relationship we're going to kiss. Have you ever kissed a girl before?"

Andy shook his head no and looked down.

Becky asked, "Would you like to kiss me right now"

Andy looked up, smiled and said, "Yes, but you'll have to teach me."

"Well get closer and put your arms around me." Andy was tentative but he moved closer and embraced Becky. He was so gentle.

" Now put your lips against mine. And I'll take it from there."

Andy was a fast learner and turned out to be very good at kissing. She cupped his smooth face with her hands. His skin was so tender. No razor burn from this kid.

The two were content just kissing for the next hour. At 11:30 pm, Becky said, " I really enjoyed this evening. And I want to go out next weekend. But I have to get you home before midnight."

That night Becky thought about her new young boyfriend and the hour they had spent kissing. She thought about the age difference but her feelings for him were growing.

The next weekend they decided to go swimming at the beach. It was a warm sunny day, a good day for swimming and tanning. Becky decided to wear her thong bikini to get a good tan. She through on a cover up and drove to Andy's house. Andy's mom told Becky that she would not be home till midnight but she was welcome to spend the evening with Andy.

Becky drove to the beach and they found a good spot to spread their beach towels. Then Becky took off her oversized t-shirt to expose her thong bikini. Andy stared and his mouth opened.

"What's the problem?" Becky asked. "You don't like me in a bikini?"

Andy stammered, "You look great. You look beautiful."

"Thank you, Andy." said Becky. She thought here is a boy who really appreciates the way I look. " The sun is pretty hot. I'll put suntan lotion on you and then you can do me."

Andy laid down on his beach towel. Becky grabbed the lotion and squirted some on his back. Then she started rubbing his back. She enjoyed massaging her young boyfriend's back. She thought this was a great way for both of them to get used to each other's bodies. Then she put some lotion on his legs and rubbed it in. His legs were smooth and she let her fingers travel inside his swim suit almost to his cute butt. She could of sworn she heard Andy moan.

" Ok Andy, It's time to flip over so I can do your chest," said Andy.

Andy looked up at Becky, smiled and said, "I can't right now."

Becky leaned down and whispered into his ear, " Do you find me so sexy that I gave you a hard on?"

He laughed and Becky kissed him on his cheek.

After five minutes, Andy was finally able to flip over minus his erection. Becky took the lotion and worked on his chest. He felt so good and he obviously enjoyed being massaged by his 18 year old girlfriend.

Finally, Becky said, "My turn. Let's start on my front."

Andy had gained some confidence and expertly applied lotion to her legs, her stomach and finally her chest. Becky enjoyed the fact that his fingers took a little extra time applying lotion to the tops of her breasts. She enjoyed his soothing and gentle touch.

When she flipped over, she told Andy to untie her bikini top. She wanted all of her back evenly tanned.
She could feel him fumble with the tie string but soon he had succeeded. She thoroughly enjoyed the back massage from Andy. Her feelings towards Andy were growing deeper. She wondered how far she could go in a relationship with a 16 year old boy.

The two spent the next hour simply laying next to each other. On occasion they would exchange a kiss or one of them would rub the other's back. Becky was sure that he had an erection the entire time.

Finally, it was time to head back to Andy's house. They took turns taking showers. Andy wanted to go first. After he was done, he gave Becky a kiss and said, "Take your time in the shower. I 'll have a surprise waiting for you."

Becky did as she was told. She enjoyed the warm water but She wished that Andy was in the shower. She wished she could see him naked and rub him all over. After she toweled off she got dressed starting with a sexy bra and panties. She went downstairs and was greeted by the scent of spaghetti sauce. She walked into the kitchen and found Andy pouring sauce over two plates of noodles.

"This is a surprise, Andy," said Becky, " I didn't know you could cook."

"My mom is a great cook and she taught me to cook when I was 10."

A boyfriend who can cook thought Becky. Could Andy get any better?

After a delicious dinner, Becky and Andy decided to watch a DVD. It was rated R and had some very explicit sex scenes. Andy reached for Becky's hand. After a while the two started to kiss. Then Becky said, " I think we would be more comfortable on top of your bed."

The two went to his bedroom and stood by the bed. After a long kiss Becky said, " We could make this really comfortable and strip down to our underwear."

Andy readily agreed and pulled off his shirt, shorts and socks. He was wearing a pair of boxer briefs that were tight on his body and showed off his rising bulge. Andy sat on the bed and watched Becky slowly take off her top and shorts.

Andy looked at his girlfriend and said, "Becky you are so beautiful and I love your body."

They laid down and started kissing. After the day at the beach, they were very comfortable exploring each other's body. They went on for a half hour before Becky stopped , looked into Andy's eyes and said," Andy, I'm falling in love with you. I need to know how you feel about me. Do want to just fool around or do you have feelings for me?"

"Becky, I know I'm just in tenth grade but I know that I love you. Someday I want to marry you."

Becky believed that Andy really loved her and wanted to have a future together. They shared a kiss and then Becky said, "You were pretty good at untying my bikini top. Want to take my bra off?"

Andy expertly reach around Becky and unhooked her bra releasing her boobs for him to play with. "I kind of cheated Becky. I secretly went into my mom's room and took one of her bras to practice with. "

Andy gently massaged her breasts. Becky laid on her back allowing Andy to suck and lick her breasts. Andy was fascinated with Becky's breasts and spent the next half hour playing with them.

Becky noticed that Andy had quite an erection. She decided she would help Andy out. "Andy, it looks like you 're pretty excited." She grabbed his cock through his boxer briefs. She could feel his pre-cum leaking through. "How about if I take off your underwear and I play with your cock?"

Andy nodded enthusiastically, so Becky stripped off his underwear releasing his respectable six inch circumcised penis. Becky was not a virgin and she had given at least four boys a hand job.

" Andy I assume you jerk off so do you have some lube and maybe a towel."

The young boy was prepared. He reached under his bed and pulled up a tube of lube and a clean towel.

Becky put some lube on her hand and slowly applied it to Andy's cock. She would have to take it slow. Andy was really excited but she did not want him to come too fast. His firm young cock felt so good in her hand. Slowly she went up and down . Andy's face showed how much he was enjoying his first ever hand job.

Becky was impressed by his stamina. Eventually, Becky could tell he was on the verge of coming. She stroked faster and faster. Suddenly his body went stiff and his face revealed that he was about to come. And when he came jets of sperm flew over his body and Becky's face and breasts.

"Good job, Andy," said Becky. " But there is cum all over. We can clean up using this towel. Or else we can use our tongues."

Andy took his tongue and licked off all his cum on Becky's face. He then eagerly sucked her breasts to remove his sperm.

Then it was Becky's turn. She had a lot more cum to swallow. First she licked off all the cum that had pooled near his belly button. Then she took his cock in her hand. It instantly went erect when she put her lips on it. She had already given him his first hand job so she decided he may as well have his first blow job.

"Lay back, Andy and enjoy, " said Becky. She easily swallowed the entire four inch shaft. Andy was really enjoying himself and begged for more. This was not Beck's first cock and she knew how to give the boy maximum pleasure. She was able to suck him for ten minutes before the hot cum flew into her mouth.

Andy always the gentleman said, "Thanks, Becky, that was awesome."

The two snuggled while Becky played with his limp cock. And that is exactly how Andy's mother found them sleeping together at midnight. She gently tapped Becky on her shoulder. "Becky wake up," she said in a soft voice. "Please get dressed and come downstairs. We need to talk."

Becky feared what was going to happen but she did as she was told.

Andy's mom was sitting on the couch. She said, "Don't worry Becky. I's not mad at you. It's normal for boys and girls to have a little fun. But I do have one question? Did you to go all the way or is Andy still a virgin?"

"Yes, we did a lot tonight but we did not have intercourse."

". I was thinking you two could have a nice dinner then spend the night at the Holiday Inn. I could reserve the room with my credit card. So what do you think?'

Becky was thinking that Andy had the best mom in the world who was arranging for her 16 year old son to lose his virginity.".

"There is one problem," said Becky. "I'm not on any birth control right now."

"Well, I think Andy has fallen deeply in love with you and he says he wants to marry you some day. If you did get pregnant, you could move in with us and I could help raise the baby. Andy was my only child and I would enjoy having a baby in the house."

The thought of taking a virgin and then carrying his baby was an exciting thought. Becky agreed and the two women developed the plan for Saturday night.

During the week Becky went to a salon and had a Brazilian wax job performed. She wanted to be extra sexy for Andy on his first time.

Saturday came and Becky went to pick up Andy. He and his mom were waiting for Becky at the door. She gave Andy a long kiss and then his mom gave Andy the key card to the hotel room. "Andy this is going to be a very special night for you with a very special girl. Enjoy the night and remember check out is not till 11 am on Sunday."

Dinner was great but both Becky and Andy were anticipating a night of sex together. Upon arrival at the Holiday Inn, they simply took the elevator up to their room. Inside the room, they turned the lights down and undressed. They admired each other's bodies and then laid down on the bed.

"Andy, I know you have never gone all the way so I have to explain about foreplay." Becky gave Andy a short course on female anatomy and the how a guy can stimulate a woman using a finger or a tongue. Andy explored Becky until he found her clit. He had a soft touch and she was getting turned on. Then she asked, "Andy, will you go down on me."

Becky spread her legs, Andy shifted positions and soon he was sucking her and using his tongue. Andy was good and after twenty minutes she experienced her first orgasm with Andy.

Becky reached down and stroked Andy's cock. She said, "Andy. before you put your cock in me, I have to tell you something. I'm not on birth control and there is a good chance I could get pregnant tonight. What would you think about being a father?"

"Becky, I would be so happy if you would have my baby. I'm young but I know I could help raise our child."

Becky kissed him and said, "Well Andy let's get going and try to make a baby tonight."

Becky laid back, spread her legs again, and Andy got on top of her. He smiled down at her and said, "I'm ready."

Becky knew that she was wet and Andy's cock was lubricated with pre-cum. She grabbed his cock and placed it against her vagina. 'OK Andy ," she said, "go ahead and push in."

Andy's six inch cock comfortably entered her . Andy said, "Becky, you feel so good."

Becky smiled at him, "Start pumping your cock in and out. It gets a lot better."

Andy increased his pace and they soon got in a rhythm. She grabbed his cute butt with her hands . He felt so good and he was doing great for his first time.

Occasionally Andy would stop to kiss her or suck one of her breasts. After fifteen minutes she knew he was about to come. And she was on the edge of another orgasm. "Andy, hold on for one more minute."

And then he came. She could feel wave after wave of sperm going up her vagina in search of one of her eggs. She was sure that before this night was over she would be pregnant by her 16 year old lover.

Exactly nine months later Andy stood at the foot of the delivery bed holding their newborn daughter.

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