Harry Potter King of the Wizarding World 2

Harry looked down at the top of the head of the woman he loved as she slept with her head against his chest. He was recounting the events of last night in his head, it had been his best birthday by far.
As he hastily placed his glasses on his face, the mystery intruder turned the lights on in the room with a flick of her wand and Harry realized who it was. It was his girlfriend Hermione, the woman that he loved with all his heart.
As his eyes travelled up and down her slender body he took in what she was wearing. A short dark blue almost see through negligee. He could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra underneath as he could see her light brown nipples poking up and making small tents in the fabric. As she walked towards the side of the bed he could see slightly up the negligee and could see that all that was under there was a black lace thong that was slightly pressed into the crease of her pussy. As she reached the side of his bed she flicked her wand and some music started playing from nowhere.
With the start of the music she slowly started to dance and turned around and started to lift the bottom of the lingerie up and gave Harry a great close up view of the nicest arse that he had ever seen. With that arse staring him right in the eye he gave it a light swat which received him a slight moan. She continued to sway in time with the music as she removed the silk negligee over the top of her head. She turned back around and received a slight gasp from Harry and could see the tent starting to form in his pajamas.
Hermione moved forward and quickly started to rub Harry’s growing erection through his boxers and quickly realized how aroused that he had gotten from her little show. “Ah, I see that you’re ready for the first part of your birthday present”.
She quickly tugged his boxers down, releasing his semi hard cock. She quickly started stroking the shaft and lowered her head down till he could feel her hot breath on the head of his cock. She slowly started to draw circles around the head with her tongue to get him hard and ready.
She slowly sunk her mouth onto the first couple of inches of his cock. She edged down until she could feel the tip of his cock pushing at the entrance to her throat. She let most of his cock out of her mouth and took a deep breath before relaxing and taking the rest of his cock into her mouth. With all 8 inches of Harry’s cock in her mouth and the tip in her throat she started to hum the first tune that came into her mind remembering what Tonks had told her about the technique.
Harry could feel Hermione’s throat vibrating around his cock as he tried to think of where he had heard the tune before. Harry didn’t have a lot of time to think about this because Hermione had just started to massage his balls. He couldn’t hold back anymore and he unloaded his seed into her mouth and she expertly swallowed the whole lot without spilling a drop.
As the lay on the bed enjoying the afterglow of what harry thought was the absolute best birthday present he could have ever get, Harry started to get hard again and Hermione could feel it pressing into her thigh. “I see that you’re ready for your next birthday surprise” this lead to a passion filled make out session.
With a few deft movements Harry had her black lace thong off and in his bedside table as a souvenir of the greatest moment in his young life. He quickly lowered his head and started laying small kisses on her neck and making a trail down the valley in between her breasts.
When he got to the nipples he lightly kissed them and suckled on them just enough to get her excited and her nipples to become erect. He gently bit down on her right nipple before doing the same to her left one. He continued this for quite a while increasing in pressure until Hermione was moaning in pleasure and begging him to continue his journey south.
He kissed and licked his way down over her soft flat stomach down until he got just above the place both of them wanted him to be but he wanted to tease her like he had done to him. So he skirted around the main attraction and kissed his way down the right leg to her foot before kissing his way back up her left.
He slowly started to lick and kiss circles around the outside of her pussy, spiralling in towards the middle but before he got there he stopped. This elicited a frustrated moan from Hermione “If you don’t do something quickly I’ll leave and you won’t get your second birthday surprise”. Harry quickly rushed straight in there and started to pry open her outer lips “is this better my love”. He slipped a finger into her awaiting hole while his tongue took it’s time exploring the other parts of her pussy.
Hermione put her head back down on the pillow and closed her eyes so she could enjoy the good feelings originating from her most sacred place.
Harry gently eased his second finger into her pussy and clamped on to her clit with his lips. This caused a wave of good feelings to course through her body and she moaned at the touch of his tongue and the magic of his fingers.
Now it was Harry’s turn to surprise her with a bit of knowledge that he had found while perusing Sirius’s library earlier on in the day and thought that this was a perfect opportunity to practice.
He focused on a picture of a snake in his head, it was harder then he thought and momentarily stopped eating out his girlfriend. Hermione gave him the iciest glare she could manage and he quickly resumed his onslaught.
Once he had the picture of the snake in his head he started to speak Parseltongue, whispering sweet nothings in the language. This caused vibrations all throughout her pussy and quickly brought her to orgasm.
“How was that Hermione”.
“Ah Harry your still talking in Parseltongue”.
“Sorry, how did you like that surprise”
“Excellent, where did you learn to do that”
Harry explained how he had been reading up on pleasuring a woman in a book he had found, Sexual Pleasures Involving Magic and Magical Talents.
They soon moved back onto Harry’s birthday surprise. Harry was leaning over her with the head of his cock hovering about an inch above her pussy. “Are you sure you’re ready for this”
“Of course go ahead”.
He slowly lowered his body down until the head of his cock was rubbing against Hermione’s sopping wet pussy. He slowly pushed his way into her until he came across some sort of resistance, he didn’t know a whole lot about sex because of his upbringing with the Dursleys and what he did know he had heard from the other boys in his dormitory and what he had read quickly in the book. But he did know that this was her hymen he had quickly skimmed past this bit of the book looking for things that would pleasure Hermione more because he had not realised that they would be doing this so soon.
“Go Harry, do it quickly I have heard it hurts to start with but that it is better if it is done quickly”.
“Ok” with this Harry pulled all the way out and slammed back in quickly burying him in her pussy.
“Oh shit Hermione are you okay, I didn’t mean to hurt you”
“It’s okay Harry most of the pain has gone now you can keep going”
He slowly started to pull out of her and when the head of his cock was the only thing in her he pushed back in. Harry loved the tight wet feel around his cock but was afraid that Hermione wasn’t enjoying it.
He slowly lent down and started to suck on her nipples which elicited a few quiet moans from Hermione. This spurred Harry on so he decided to speed up his thrusts earning him several louder moans. Harry knew that he wouldn’t be able to hold out much longer but he wanted Hermione to come as well so he shifted his body and changed the angle at which his cock was entering her body.
He received a loud gasp for his efforts and as he continued to push into her tight teenage pussy. He was rewarded for his efforts and she came around his cock. Boy was it magnificent, the walls of her pussy were clamping around his cock and he couldn’t hold it in and let go.
He shot what must have been the largest load of his life, it was even bigger than the one from the blowjob before. As the last few dribbles of come were leaking out of his cock he quickly moved her up to the top of the bed and pulled the covers of the top of them. Almost immediately he fell asleep with the weight of her head resting on his chest and his softening cock still in her pussy.
That was the best birthday surprise Harry could have wished for and now he was just watching her sleep awaiting the day to come.

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