Morning Surprise part 7

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Morning Surprise part 7
Sorry about the long delay, work is a bitch.
For those new to this series please read the others first, Just click on my name. It will make more sense.
I am not a school teacher, for those that want to say check spelling and all that
It’s a short story live with it.

My day had been an exhausting one, Joan and the girls left at about 6pm to get some food and a well earned rest. I lay awake for a long time just trying to take in everything that had happened and what was coming next. I was terrified the thought of never getting feeling back into my limbs and being in a hospital bed for the rest of my life scared me beyond belief; I would be a burden on my family for the rest of my life.
I must have dozed off, I may not have had feeling, but I still had a sense of smell and taste, I don’t know what woke me but when I opened my eyes I found myself looking at a nurse, who was squatting over me, about to lower herself down onto my dick. “What the fuck is going on now” came out of my mouth. She looked up and a look of horror crossed her face.
“I am so sorry; I am your night nurse. No One told me that you were awake” She had lost her grip and was now squatting with me deep inside her. On closer inspection she had just slipped her panties aside and impaled herself onto my cock. The crisp white nurse’s outfit looked so erotic, but I could still feel nothing. She was a stunner, long auburn hair cascading down her back, her tiny waist cinched in by a blue belt with a silver buckle.
“How long have you been doing this to me?” I asked.
“Almost as soon as you came in. Part of my job is to ensure that you are clean, so at night after everyone had gone home I used to come over and give you a blanket bath. Then you started to get a hard on. I used to just jerk you off, and then I wondered how you tasted so I used to blow you, but your cock stays so hard for so long I just could not waste it. When you work nights it’s not so easy to have a sex life, so you became my sex life”
“What’s your name?”
“I am staff nurse Penny Masters; most people just call me Penn”
All the while she had not moved, she was still sitting on my cock. “Penny am I a still hard?
“You sure are, you fill me completely. I have never had a cock that fills me so much and when you come I drip for the rest of my shift, almost as if you are or a part of you is with me all night. I almost had to fight the other night staff nurse to be put on this shift for the past month. But we came to an agreement, I get to stay on this shift and I get to give her a £100 per week. We are both happy with that”
“So let me get this right, you are paying another nurse so that you can work every night shift, just so that you can have my cock and me as your personal stud?”
“That's the sum of it. I never meant to hurt you or anything. I just wanted to be here with you and to take special care of you”
She had tears in her eyes as she spoke; she brought both her hands up and was now rubbing her eyes. Her eyes were so Dark the deepest brown I had ever seen, with long long eyelashes. If I was not already hard she would have given any man a raging hard on. “Penny you have no need to cry, I think that what you have been doing for me has kept my spirits up and helped my blood circulation all very good for a man in my condition. All we have to do is figure out what we are going to do next”
“I will do anything for you Steve” She said with a huge smile that was now spreading across her face.
“Ok my senses are not working so well, but I can smell your perfume, you’re wearing angel perfume. That is my absolute favourite. How did you know that?”
“I see your family nearly every day, they all wear it. Your wife, daughters, sister the only person that does not wear it is your Mother. At first I thought it was my imagination, but when they walk over to you bed well before they get to you, you start to smile. Nothing huge but your face relaxes when they come near. So I bought a bottle and tried it out and yes the first night that I wore it I was watching your face as a silently walked towards you, you started to smile as I came nearer”.
At least my sense of smell was still working, my eyesight also “Penny would you undo your uniform for me so that I can take in your beauty?”
“Off course I can” She started to unbutton her dress. She had no bra on and her breasts were rock solid, so perfect. Possibly a 32C. Her skin was pail; no sun had hit that body for a long time. Her buckle undone, she pushed the dress off her shoulders and allowed it to fall behind her. She had a white suspender belt and white stockings a pair of very small panties that were pushed aside. She reached up over head and took hold of a set of bars. They were obviously there for patients to pull themselves up on. She got into a more comfortable position, her legs were taking the strain and I could now see down my body. Yea sure enough my dick was hard and partway inside her. She had a black forest around her pussy and when I strained I could just make out her pussy lips, stretched around my cock. What a beautiful sight.
Not all of my fucking over the past month while I had been here had been in dreams then. My spirits at their lowest had just taken a huge lift. I had never fucked anyone outside of a dream apart from my wife. “Penn would you mind, I have never fucked another women other than my wife, could you squat over my face so that I can taste you’”
She stood up slowly and moved down the bed towards me, squatting down she was able to rest her knees on two foam pads either side of my head. I watched the forest come down slowly to my waiting tongue. A drip hit my tongue followed by another, she was literally dripping. I worked my tongue across my lips. Tasting her for the first time. She had a musty smell and a wonderful taste. I worked my tongue now as she came closer up and down her lips; the sensation of hair on a pussy was a first for me, not unpleasant but not what I am used to. I forced more and more of my tongue inside of her lapping like a dog. She started to move up and down causing my tongue to run from her arse to her clit and back again. Joan loves this and can drive her wild. I started to flick my tongue ever faster. She was thrashing about on me now. “Oh God Steve that’s the spot oh yea!, yea! “ She gushed into my mouth. The sensation was like being pissed on, I had to swallow and swallow fast. She let go of the bars over head and her weight dropped onto my head and face.
I heard the loudest crack as my head went back. My mouth was full of pussy I could not say anything I was being smothered. I felt pain and I started to panic.
Penny lifted off me it was only a few seconds, but when you cannot move being trapped is so frightening. She climbed off the bed to stand next to me
“Penn I heard a crack in my neck and now I have pins and needles all over my body, what’s going on?”
She was franticly scrambling back into her uniform “Steve I must call one of the doctors, the pins and needles you are feeling is the body telling you that you maybe and I say maybe have control of your muscles again”. With her uniform back in place she pulled my gown back down to my knees. She pushed a button on the console over my head, and not long after we could hear someone running down the corridor. A male doctor rushing into the room “What the emergency Penny” He said as he approached “Steve here heard a crack in his neck and is now getting pins and needles all over his body “
The doctor took my hand in his and told me to squeeze. I felt his hand in mine and applied pressure. “Boy you do have a firm grip” He said “I don’t know for sure but whatever moved and caused that crack that you heard has probably relieved the pressure on your spinal cord. I need to get you into an x-ray machine. I will have to make some phone calls” He rushed from the room.
Penn continued to make small adjustments to her uniform and hair, she was putting her hair up into a bun, with that done she reached over to my bedside table and pinned on a white hat. “I don’t know if the doctor noticed how mussed up I was, or that I was missing my hat. I think that he will be back soon, do you need a drinking tube or anything?”
My mouth still had the taste of her cum and a little was running down the side of my face “Could you wipe me down and a drink would be nice thanks” She spent the next few minutes with a wash cloth, she washed my face and she even spent a few minutes sucking on my cock until she put a wet flannel on it and wiped it off. “We must have you ready, because in about an hour we are going to have the senior registrar and his merry men buzzing around you. I am so excited that you maybe on the mend at last, do you want me to ring your family and ask them to come in?”
“No thanks, I don’t want to give them false hope, let’s wait until the doctors have done some more tests”
Not long afterwards a new doctor came into the room, he looked at my chart. He made a few adjustments to it and told Penny to accompany me to x-ray when the porters arrived.
I spent the next few hours having tests; I made everyone promise not to say a word to my wife or the girl’s. The upshot was that the following day the senior registrar told that when I had come in I had had a serious crush injury to my lower neck, somehow I had managed to free a very small particle of bone that had been pressing on my spinal cord. He informed me that I had been making excellent progress and with a fitted neck brace I would be able to get out of bed and start rehab. He said that because I have trained nearly every day of my life my muscle tone was that of a top athlete, that’s what saved my life the muscles in my body had been able to withstand the enormous impact of my car crash.
I was sitting up in bed that afternoon when Joan and the girl’s came to visit. Joan was first to come in followed by Mel and Tracie arm in arm and Sandie bringing up the rear.
They all came over and gave me a hug; I told them what had happened. I then threw back the covers , swung my legs out of bed and was able to walk over and hug Joan my wife. The door flew open as a nurse came crashing in, the girls had been screaming and crying so much the nurses’ station thought something was wrong. We assured her that everything was just perfect. I explained that I would have to stay in for another few days but would be allowed home on Friday.
Friday came so slowly. Joan came at 9am to fetch me; the drive was fabulous I was taking the time to look at the summer colours, the oilseed rape in the fields, such a vibrant yellow, the summer flowers in all the gardens. I rolled down the window and switched off the air conditioning just to smell the summer smells. While I had been awake in the hospital I had the time to think about every little thing that had made up my life. Life was great again.
When we arrived home I could not wait to get into the house, everyone was waiting in the lounge. We all hugged, the girls all cried again and again but eventually things settled back to normal. I did want to speak with them one at a time though and asked Joan to take the girls into the kitchen so that I could have my alone time.
I kept Sandie behind and sat her down “Sandie when I was in the coma some of what you said to me remained locked in my head, that’s why we are alone. I know that while I was lying in that bed, you used my cock to take your virginity. I remember the exact words and I am so proud that you kept your virginity especially for me. And yes I love you so very much as well” She had started to blush and was very flushed.
“Dad I thought that I was going to lose you, I came to visit you one night when I was supposed to be at the pictures. I crept past security and the nurses’ station I just wanted to sit and talk and hold your hand, but when I was about to push open the door and walk in, I saw the night nurse was bouncing up and down on your cock. At first I was full of anger and was going to throw her out and call the police, but I came to think what’s good for her can be good for me. I went and hid in an empty room and after she left I came back in. I climbed up on the bed next to you, I undressed and it was not long before you got your customary erection. I had watched Mel and Tracie take it in turns to suck on your dick so I did it myself. It was so sweet I had you all to myself at first I sucked it, while fingering myself, I then lowered myself onto you. You took so long to cum that I lost count of the orgasms I had. I try to get in at least one night a week to have you all to myself. But that night nurse fucks you every night did you know that?”
I was smiling so much that she burst out laughing “Yes darling I did know what she was doing but only on my last night. It was her that freed the bone fragment in my neck. I am very very grateful to her” We talked for a few more minute about small things when I had to ask her “What do you want to happen now love, now that I have been your lover?”
“Well Dad we are such a lucky family that I feel that Mum may agree to us continuing if you ask her” She was fidgeting with her hair, something she had done when nervous all her life, she rolled and rolled it around her fingers.
I pulled her towards me, wrapping my arms around her, she lifted her face for a kiss and instead of kissing her on the fore head or the cheek I gave her the most passionate kiss that I could. Almost as soon as our lips met her tongue was forcing its way into my mouth. I broke the kiss and she was all smiles. “You will talk to Mum won’t you Dad” “Yes Darling I will speak to her later tonight, don’t you worry. We got off the sofa and she headed for the door.
Mel and Tracie came in together. “We decided that it would be quicker for you to talk with both of Dad” Mel said throwing herself down on the sofa next to me. Tracie had moved over to a comfortable chair. “Ok girls what's been happening around here?”
“Well Dad Mum was going to mention it, but we thought that it would come better from us. Tracie’s Mum and Dad are getting a divorce and until they sort themselves out and stop using Tracie as a referee. She has moved in with us. We know that you would not want her to come to any harm”.
“I have always had a deep affection for Tracie and that has not changed of course you can live here with us, we already consider you one of the family. I just wanted to touch on what you did for me in the hospital. I have no conscious recollection of what went on, but my subconscious keeps throwing up images of you both, for want of a better word playing with me” I was wearing a polystyrene collar that was held on with Velcro straps. It was an uncomfortable thing to wear, but it was taking the strain off my neck until the bones knitted together properly, running my finger around the collar relieved a little of the strain I was feeling.
“Steve we loved looking after you and it was after watching Joan performing oral sex on you that we both decided that is that was what you needed, then that's what you would get. We also just loved playing with your dick. We often used to talk about it at night on sleep over’s how great it would be to feel your dick buried deep inside us both. As parents go you and Joan are so loving and caring, we thought that as a lover you should be the one to teach us about sex and physical love. We don’t want fumbling boys from school we want you” Tracie was looking at me with her eyes wide open, a tear was starting just in the corner.
“I will talk with Joan next and we will figure out what we need to do and what we are going to do next, but I cannot promise anything, we love you both and we will do what is best for all the family” After saying that I got up and gave them both a huge hug. Tracie had tears in her eyes as she left the room and Mel had a huge grin. She looked that the cat who has eaten all the cream.
Joan entered and was soon lying on her back on the sofa, with her head cradled on my lap. I was running my fingers through her hair. “Well honey how was your talk with the girl’s, did you get the answers you were looking for?”
“I don’t know where to begin. We have never tolerated lies in this house, so it was best to just come out with it. The doctor’s told me that while I was in the coma my body was producing a hormone that stimulates sexual desire, that's why I almost permanently had an erection. I could discern some of what people said around me but could not feel what they were doing. We have opened a door into my sexual release and I don’t know what to do leave that door open or slam it shut now. The girls also have sexual needs and I want to know what you think before we make a decision”
Joan was looking up at me smiling, one of the reasons that we have always been so happy is that we can talk, and we try and do what is best for all not just ourselves. “I was aware that the girls were blowing you as often as I was and that Sandie had actually used you to take her virginity, I think that as long as you do not hurt or strain yourself while you are recovering, as a family we can all love each other in every way that we can. It can only make us stronger. You and the girls have always had a special bond; after all it was you that taught them almost everything. How to ride a bike; swim even how to tie their shoes. So yes you will be perfect teaching them how to be loved”
“Shall we let them know now or shall we tease them just a little longer” I was elated this is just what I wanted and Joan was happy for us to be even closer. She was a special woman. I continued to play with her hair, I could not bend to kiss her, and so she scrambled up and gave me a kiss and a hug. “I will go and fetch them, if we try and tease them now someone is going to get hurt”
The girls trouped in and sat around the room. “Your mother and I after talking with you all have decided that what happened in the hospital was a good thing and we are going to take things to the next level. Only if we can all agreed. Your sexual needs are important me and your Mum, with that in mind I would like to be Your Father first, lover and teacher second. If that is what you all want”
The room descended into pandemonium, everyone was up jumping about, screaming, shouting and Tracie was crying. “I take it then that we can all agree” Now it was my turn to grin, laugh and smile as if it was my turn to eat all the cream. “I want to share with you just some of the details that I remember from my dreams. I remember a fashion show that you all put on for me in this room. That was something special and we had some house rules and even a house uniform of sorts. The uniform was stockings, heels, a bra that only covered the lower breast and left nipples exposed, a suspender belt and a tiny thong” The girls got into a huddle and told me to wait where I was, they would be back.
Twenty five minutes later Joan came in wearing a robe. “ we can do the fashion show for you now and that will give you a chance to see how beautiful our daughters really are, up till now you have looked at them as your little girls, Now you can look at them as your lovers” She left and Sandie walked in. She was wearing almost the exact uniform that I described earlier. A small black bra just covered her 32C tits; they looked like they were going to fall out of the top. a small pair of black panties and a suspender belt. With her blond hair curled just as I like it she was a doll. Where she got those heels, I was wondering. She is tall like me 5’9” but with 5 inch heels she was a knockout. She ran her hands up and down her body from her ankles to the top of her head. Who would think that she was sixteen, looking at her you would think that she was a twenty year old professional model “Dad this is all for you, whenever you want me I will be there” My cock was engorged rock solid and wanting to play. “Baby you look fantastic” She ran her hand up and down the outside of her panties, pushing the fabric into her slit. “I will be waiting Dad” She walked out the room.
A few minutes later Mel and Tracie walked in together “Are you two twins or something now” I watched as they came to stand in front of me Mel had on a black Basque she was wonderful to look at, with such large breasts 32 E and a small waist accentuated by the basque her hours glass figure was just breath taking, sheer black nylons held up by little suspenders. I wanted to move the see through thong aside and bury my tongue into her cunt. But that was to come. I moved my attention to Tracie. My now almost adopted daughter was also breath taking; she was wearing a red teddy, with matching see through panties, her legs were spread wide allowing me to look at her hairy snatch. Maybe she will allow me to shave that for her later. “Do you know girls I just cannot wait to fuck you both” Tracie had pushed her hand inside her panties and was rubbing herself, she slipped a finger inside herself and brought it out and offered it to me “Steve I want you to fuck me so bad, I could almost come while I stand here waiting for you. No man has ever seen me like this or ever touched me like I want you to do. My cunt is dripping!” I licked her finger and almost shot my load into my pants. “Dad, Mum said that you are not allowed to do anything until we are all together” Mel had pushed her ample tits together; they looked like two golden orbs, supported by a small black cup. The girls giggled and ran from the room.
Joan came in minus the robe, she had on a PVC bra and matching panties, they were so tight on her you could see where they moulded around her pussy lips. Every bump and nodule stood out, her nipples looked they had come in contact with ice, poking out from small holes in the front of her little bra. I had gained self control over myself long ago, my over-riding sensation was I have got to bury my cock into someone real soon. The jogging bottoms I had on were starting to get wet in places where I had leaked pre cum. “Steve your long agonising wait will soon be over” said Joan as she walked into the room, followed by the rest of the family. “Tracie and Mel drew lots outside and they are both still virgins. Tracie won so if you would like, she wants you to fuck her and if you have any energy left you can fuck Mel. How is that”
How was that, that was fantastic, it was every man’s dream. We all dream about taking a virginity and here I was about to take my daughters and her hot as hell best friend. I could have died in that car and gone to heaven and nothing prior to the accident would have prepared me for this.
Mel and Tracie were hugging each other, with tears running down their faces. I was watching as their tits rubbed up and down each other. Now I was fit to burst, I think that a kiss at this moment would make me cream my pants.
“Come on then ladies lets adjourn to our master bedroom, let the games begin” I draped an arm around the girls shoulders leading them from the room. I had a breast in each hand and loved the sensation. It’s all well and good to dream but this was the reality. We all rushed up the stairs, I was a little surprised that Joan and Sandie followed us up.
“Steve, Sandie and I would like to stay and watch. We are so close now that we want to share every moment if that’s OK with You” I smiled my biggest smile at every face “Hell yes is all I could say”
On entering the master bedroom I noticed that someone had prepared the room. The lights were turned down, three or four scented candles were burning. I positioned myself in the centre of the bed. Tracie came to my left side and Mel came over to my right. No one spoke, we did not need words any longer action is what was on every one’s mind. I reached for Tracie and gave her a long lingering kiss. I moved my hand down to cup her pussy, the red panties were see through to start with, but now they were wringing wet. You could see a mass of black pubic hair. I ran my hand up and down her pussy, pushing against the fabric with just one finger. Her lips parted and I was able to push in only about a quarter inch before the silky fabric would stretch no more, on reaching her clit I felt her body start to shake. She was having her first orgasm caused by a man. I undid the red bow in the front of her teddy; the fabric fell away from her perfect breasts. I cupped each breast in my hand and started kissing all around them, leaving the erect and proud nipples till last. I took it in turns to suck on each nipple till I felt her body start to shake and her breathing became laboured like she was almost panting. A small gasp escaped her lips. I took that as my sign to move on. I moved down her body, giving small kisses to her stomach, belly button until I came to her panties. She had spread her legs for me and it only took a second to undo the little red bows on either side.
I heard a gasp from behind me. I looked over my shoulder and saw Sandie franticly fingering herself, while seated on the makeup stool that my wife used. She had obviously just had her first orgasm of the evening.
I looked down at Tracie’s pussy for the first time, She had a small forest of black pubic hair, her lips were engorged and a lovely salmon pink. What was more noticeable was the drops of clear liquid leaking from her. I ran my tongue along her lips drawing as much liquid into my mouth as I could. She had a sweet taste one that I was sure I was going to love. I wanted her to have another orgasm before I tried to put my rather large cock into such a small pussy. I did not have long to wait. I had moved my hands under her buttocks and had lifted her pussy up to my face. With the neck brace still on I was not able to bend as far as I normally could. This position allowed me easy access to her arse as well, so I started licking from her arse to her clit, every now and again stopping to push almost my whole tongue into her pussy.
She certainly came then gushing onto my tongue and face. I knew that it was time to feed her my cock. I sat up and was franticly trying to get all my clothes off, which is not easy with a raging hard on and wearing a bloody great neck brace. Mel pulled off my sweet pants and Joan literally ripped my shirt off. I shuffled forward and lined up my cock. Mel reached over and took my cock into her mouth, bobbing up and down a few times, leaving it very, very wet. She sat up “That will be easier now Dad, give her your cock” I looked into Tracie’s eyes she was begging me in that look to put my cock in. I placed my cock at her outer lips and pushed in ever so slightly. I did not want to hurt her, she was having none of it, as soon as my helmet passed her outer lips, she pushed herself forward so that at least seven inches of very hard cock rammed into her. “Oh God Steve I feel like I have waited almost half my life for your cock, give it to me now please” I pulled back and pushed in all the way, till my helmet hit her cervix and my balls slapped on her arse. She was very tight, very wet and it was fantastic. I knew that after everything that had led up to this I was not going to last much longer. I took my weight on my forearms and proceeded to drive in like a jack hammer, very fast very full thrusts. Her legs came around my waist and she crossed her ankles. Trapping my cock in this beautiful woman. The noise in the room was a cacophony of sound, pants, gasps, screams it sounded like everyone was coming. I felt the pressure in my balls build up, telling me that I was about to redecorate Tracie’s pussy with my cum for the first time. “Oh God Steve, Oh God, I love You Steve” Her head was being thrown from side to side as we came together.
Her legs came down on either side of me and I was able to withdraw my cock. I turned over onto my back and just lay there gasping for air. I closed my eyes for a second and felt warm, wet lips engulf my cock and to start sucking me. I opened my eyes, Mel was between my legs sucking away at my cock.

Part Eight is not written yet, but will follow in time. Thanks for the comments and I do appreciate the votes.

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