The Darkmoon Faire (part 2)

I guess good things just couldn't happen to me, because if they did, I get hurt in the end.


"So, um, what is this supposed to be?"

Jarred, next to me, looked defeated and slightly horrified. There must've been something nice there before, but something ate it and left a "present" where some scraps and torn bits of cloth lay around it on the sand.

"I spent a long time on that," he muttered in disbelief.

"It's okay, I can help you remake it.."

"No." He said decisively. I was surprised and somewhat hurt by his answer.

I was about to say something, but stopped as he took my face in his hands. I shut my mouth before I started blubbering.

He brushed my hair away from my forehead and caressed my face. It was odd, thinking about it. His hands had wielded swords and hammers and shields, yet they were so gentle.

We stared into each other's eyes, leaning closer together, all my thoughts of "I've never done this before" vanishing as we met for the inevitable kiss--

"Heya, laddie! I've just come by for the fishin' spots, if ah.. oh." A dwarf with a shocking red beard had suddenly appeared, waving with a fishing pole in hand. Jarred turned his head just slightly, his hands still on me. He look in his eyes must have clearly read "fuck off, buddy" so the dwarf widened his eyes and began to sprint away.

Jarred turned back to me and whispered "I'm sorry about that." And then he leaned forward, putting one hand behind my dark hair and another by my waist, pressing his lips against mine. It feels as though I've been transported to another, happier place. Ragged breathing and dancing tongues bring a fiery heat to the cool ocean air. With just the two of us there, the rest of the world disappeared.

When we break apart, I've only done so because my head was spinning from the lack of air. I let out a breath of pleased laughter and Jarred grins. The very sight makes my heart skip a beat, and I put my head on his shoulder. It just felt right.
I think this is what love felt like.

"It's getting dark," I said (although I didn't feel like moving for another few days).

"I did bring out candles, but I think they were eaten too." Jarred's words make me laugh. "You can check if you like!"

"No thanks! But don't you think we should be getting back?"

He shook his head.

"What if I get cold?" I said teasingly. He grinned again.

"I can think of a way for you to get warm."

I rolled my eyes, but he wasn't kidding. He pulled me closer again.

Jarred and I moved onto the sand, him leaning over me, his hands lightly holding down my wrists above my head. My clothes were lying in a disheveled heap somewhere in the shadows, forgotten.

His lips trailed across my jaw line, my neck, down to my collarbone. I squirmed under him; the fleeting kisses ticklish.

I met his eyes and he smiled. From what I could see in the moonlight, it was a fairly predatory grin. The smile itself sent a jolt through my core. I could feel a wetness growing there. He also seemed to notice that.

Jarred shifted in the sand and moved between my legs, which he nudged apart with his knee. I squeaked like a frightened mouse. His sapphire eyes lingered over my trimmed patch of dark hair. Knowing that he had now seen me -- all of me -- turned my skin to goosebumps.

I felt one of Jarred's fingers reach down to my slit, teasing, toying with me. Running lightly across my clit, the folds, maddeningly close to my entrance and then back again. A moan rose from my throat involuntarily. Then he paused, his fingers still. It was torture.

"Don't stop. Please don't stop," I said, begging him. Seconds later, his fingers were replaced with his tongue.

This had been done to me before, but no times had it felt like this. I realized then that this was most certainly not Jarred's first time doing this.

I cried out in pleasure, feeling the warmth of his tongue just barely probing my entrance. I could feel him lapping out the juices that had gathered there.

"You taste like honey," he breathed. I didn't answer. I don't think I could've.

He put his whole mouth over my pussy, licking and sucking at my clit now. I moved my legs to give him better access, although he seemed to be doing just fine. He continued, his tongue working furiously over me.

One of his hands reached up, grabbing my left breast and tweaking a nipple, which only brings louder moans from me. I shook my head from side to side, bucking my hips slightly.

"I think.. I think I'm going to" was all I managed. And then I felt the pleasure reach a crescendo, my senses overload and sensation spilled through me in waves.

It took me several moments to recover from the orgasm, as I was lying there, twitching and panting. During this time Jarred was tearing the cloth shirt off of his head, revealing his bare chest outlined in moonlight. I could just make out long, thin scars across his well-toned chest. He was most definitely muscled.

I felt lucky, in a way. Lucky to have him. "Thanks," I mumbled, moving to sit upright and properly thank him.

"We're not done yet, Kara." I blinked as he put a hand on my shoulder to stop me. I was uncomprehending until he got to his knees and I could see the entirety of his stiff cock.

So he wanted to go the whole way? That was perfectly fine with me!

"Think you can handle it?" he challenged me, seeing my wide eyes.

"Try me!" I responded, and my words brought another grin from him. Before I knew that happened, I was on my hands and knees, his hands firmly grasping where my leg met my hip. I felt the head of his cock press into me -- his saliva and my pussy juice provided enough lubrication for him to slip in and push his cock deep inside me.

He took a moment to adjust, then lifted me a little so he could reach and squeeze my right breast. He thrusted a few times, slowly, but began pumping faster and harder. I began gasping words out that sounded something like "Faster! Do it faster! Harder.. more.."

His hand reached down and began to play with my clit, I stiffened and slammed back against him, hard. Immediate and overwhelming pleasure overcoming me. And it still wasn't enough.

I was fairly sure that the only thing that could drive me into another mind-blowing orgasm could be more speed, however it seemed like he was going as fast as humanly possible. Then I feel him draw out so that just the very tip of him is inside me, and then brutally thrust as deep as he could go. I moaned, and his grip on me relaxed. I felt a gushing warmth spurt from him, sending several ropes of his cum into me.

Almost immediately after, the aching feeling that had built up finally peaked and waves of pleasure radiated from my core all throughout me. I remember lying next to him, like a fish out of water, trying how to remember how to breathe.

---(The next morning)

We had dressed and ate quickly when the clouds turned a brighter shade, talking giddily to each other. I had to work soon and the Faire was about to close its portal to Elwynn. Jarred had paladin things to do, anyway. We knew this and dreaded it, but remained optimistic on the premise that he would return the coming month and we would be together again.

I watched him leave by the enormous eye at the entrance of the Faire. He was mounted on his armored warhorse that made its way up the earthy ramp. He turned to me, a sad smile on his face, giving me a little wave. I waved back, putting up a fake smile.

When he was out of sight and in the gloomy forest, I ran to the back of a closed tent and cried. I stopped and told myself, It's okay. He'll be back next month. I can see him then.

So I waited. And waited. And waited some more.
A month passed. The entire week that the portal was open in Elwynn, every day I waited expectantly with the welcoming group. Masses of adventurers and heroes and peasants passed by, each gushing at the wonders of the Faire. I remained blankly staring at the shifting light of the portal, hoping that with each flash his face would appear and light up in that smile of his.

"He's not coming back, Kara," Keri said. trying to put her words as softly as she could. "I'm sorry."

"I've let you wait the week. The portal's moving to Shattrath now, and work must get done. Perhaps next time, my dear," Silas told me, looking at me with pity.

"Maybe he didn't like you after all," the frog-vendor-girl commented. Maybe he didn't. Or maybe there was something that prevented him from getting to me.

I held tightly onto this futile belief, and soon my coworkers knew that bringing him up was a dangerous subject to speak of around me. Even the animals I worked with sensed my tension, and in turn, grew more difficult to handle.

Wasn't love supposed to last forever? The fleeting moment of bliss, the feeling that someone cared for me. All my problems seemingly erased by the one magical night. The rising of the sun brought everything crashing back. Everything quietly assumed normal routine with Jarred or not. Keri was back to being a bitch, bringing guys home every other night, a bottle of something strong in her hand. Work continued. I was left in the "don't look in the eyes" zone.

Perhaps love didn't last, after all. Maybe love just wasn't something that would ever happen to me, the nobody, the girl lost in her sister's shadow.

But that was okay. Maybe it was for the best.

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