Just Like in the Movies, pt. 3

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"Hello, girls," a store greeter said. "Is there
anything we can help you find today?" I started to say that we were just looking before
Amy interjected with, "We're looking for negligee." With a smile, the woman pointed to a corner.
"There are a few racks over there. You might find
some on the sales racks, too. Let me know if you
need any help." Amy started over to them, and I followed after
muttering a shy thanks. "What size?" Amy asked. "I'm not sure," I answered. "How do the sizes
work, exactly?" "Some go as a normal pants size would," she
answered. "Others are the typical small, medium
and large." "Okay, then," I replied. "Try a five and a medium." "I think you could wear a small, Lacy." "You think so?" I looked down at my stomach and
patted it. "I don't think I'm a small." "You're perfect." She smiled and continued
searching through the lingerie. I started looking,
too. I found some that I really liked, but I still
wasn't too sure about the sizes. I was too nervous
to ask if I should try one on, but I didn't have to;
Lacy asked for me. "How about this one?" she said, holding a blue
lace bra and thong set up with a matching silk
robe. "It's really sexy. And I'm sure it'll fit you."
She held it up to me, and I stepped back, slightly
embarrassed. "You need to try it on, I guess." "I'm sure we're not allowed to." "So we'll ask." "No!" But it was too late. She had already stopped
the greeter from before and had asked the
question. "Yes, the dressing room is over there." She
pointed to an open door. "There are several
dressing rooms in there. Just choose one, and yell
if you need anything. We ask that our customers
leave on their underwear when trying on lingerie,
though." "No problem," Amy replied. "Come on, Lacy." Disgusted with myself, we went into the corridor
and saw that all of the rooms were empty. Amy
walked right into the room on the end, the biggest
one there. She called me over and she shut and
locked the door. I had never changed in front of
her before, but I didn't have any problem with it then. She mimicked the woman. "'Leave your
underwear on.' God! Go ahead, Lacy. You won't
know how they really fit unless you take
everything off." "No way! Other women might have done the
same thing! Nasty" "Nah. And even if they did, it's not like it's all that
disgusting." "What are you talking about?" "Just do it! I promise, it'll be fine." I hadn't minded CHANGING in front of her.
Stripping down to nothing but my nakedness was
a little unnerving. Reluctantly, I agreed, and
removed my shirt, shoes, and pants before
standing there in my underwear. "Go ahead. I'll look away if it's that big of a deal." "Look away." Amy sighed and turned around. I
had pulled my undergarments off before I noticed
she was watching me in the mirror she was facing. "Sorry, Lacy," she said shamefully, and quickly
looking down. I had never seen her so trepidated
before. I glared at her before slipping on the blue
thong and bra and then putting the robe over
myself. I blew off the incident. "How do I look, Amy?" She turned around. "Gorgeous." "You don't think I look fat? I think I look-" And she kissed me! She freakin' kissed me right
there in the dressing room, while I'm standing
there wearing practically nothing but a smile. Of
course, I wasn't smiling when that happened. I
quickly jumped back. "What the hell's wrong with
you?!" I shouted. "Keep it down, dear!" she said urgently. "I'm
sorry. You're just" "Just what?" I was so angry. Not that it had
happened, but that I had noticed she was an
excellent kisser, even if it had only lasted for a
second. I was angry that I had enjoyed it, and she
had done something that I enjoyed. Her typical smile returned. "Are you going to try to
tell me that you didn't like it?" She knew I did. And it disgusted me; I was a little
wet. "Just let yourself go," Amy said, her words low and
soothing. "Come on. You're curious, aren't you?
So come on." Justin had some porn of lesbians under the bed,
among his collection. I had never gotten around to
watching those. "I wouldn't know what to do." "I'll show you." Wasn't this considered cheating on Justin? Maybe
not. We were, after all, just curious, right? Surely.
Amy might have been crazy about sex, but she
was the straightest person I knew. She liked to
talk about penises. A lot. Amy sensed that it was alright to go ahead, and
she walked over to me and kissed me again. She
slid her tongue inside my mouth, and licked my
lips. She moved to my neck and sucked hard. I
jerked away. "Don't." "Why?" "How would I explain a hicky to Justin?" Amy just smiled her Amy-smile and just gently
kissed on my neck. "We'll go slow," she whispered.
"You're a newbie." Amy put her hands on my tits and bounced them
up and down. Having someone else do this for me
was a whole different feeling. It tingled, and I had
to close my eyes. Otherwise, I would have moaned
out, and I didn't want to own up to the fact that
she was incredibly "talented." I nearly lost my self- control, however, when she pulled the cups of my
bra down under my breasts and began rubbing my
tits. She rolled them around in her fingers,
stretching them and pulling them gently. Then
she brought her mouth down on my left nipple
and began sucking it while still rubbing the other, and my satisfaction was no longer secret. I let out
a sighing moan and let my head fall back. I was
breathing heavily as she gently pulled on my
nipple with the suction of her mouth and tenderly
bit down on me. She then switched sides, seeming
eager to please me. I felt Amy's hand slid off my left nipple and find my
drooling pussy. She slipped her finger through my
folds outside my panties, and I groaned even more
than before. "Shhh," she said. "I'm glad you're
enjoying this, dear. But you can't be so loud.
Someone will hear us. Alright?" I sighed out an okay, and she continued to explore my wet sex. I
began rocking in rhythm with her fingers gliding
around me. This in motion with her tongue still
adventuring my hard nipple sent pulses through
my entire body. I had never gone this far with
anyone before. I had hardly pictured my first time being with another female. Suddenly, without warning, her fingers were inside
me. I threw my hand over my mouth to muffle
my cry. She slid her fingers in and out of me,
finding my g-spot easily, and caressing it with easy
pressure that made my whole body quiver. "I have
to sit down," I said between pants. I was feeling weak from the pleasure. As I sat on the bench in
the room, she turned to her purse and pulled out
a package. She stripped down to nothing, just as I
had done. She threw her pink rhinestone thong to
me, and I grabbed it like a savage animal and
smelled it with all my might. Her sex smelled of sweat and feminism. I had laid my head back and closed my eyes.
When I looked back up at her, she was standing in
front of me with a contraption strapped to her
waist; a dildo. I was too overwhelmed with the
arousal of my own body to even ask what she was
planning. My only thoughts were of that next sensation, and I didn't much care how I got it. Amy kneeled in front of me and put her nose to
my sex, inhaling deeply. "So sweet," she
mumbled. She put her fingers back in me, and I
again had to put my hand over my mouth. I still
had her panties in my hand, and I moaned into
them. She was patient; she waited until I had adjusted to one thing before moving onto another.
After several moments, she proceeded to slip my
thong off. She smelled of it, too, before tossing it
to the side. She put the fingers she had had inside
of me in her mouth and sucked them tenderly.
After gathering up more of my wetness on her fingers, she brought them to my lips, and I kissed
them, tasting the salts of myself. She slipped back
inside of me, never breaking eye contact. And
then, I couldn't contain myself anymore; she had
brought her mouth down to my vagina, and was
mercilessly sucking on my clit. I cried out, and she put her free hand over my mouth, shushing me. I
couldn't stand it! Several minutes passed of her
gently biting and sucking. Occasionally, she would
lick me from the bottom of my sex to the top. Still
fingering me alongside this was too much for my
body to bear, and I let out a wonderful sigh that let her know I had gone as far I could go. My body
was floating, as it always does, but this time, I felt
warm all over. I collapsed back against the wall. Amy gave me a moment to rest. Breathing
heavily, I said, "Did I do good?" "Excellent, gorgeous," she said. "Now, come down
here and lay down in the floor." She wasn't done? I was far too sensitive to keep
going. "I don't think I can do it." "Yes, you can. I know you can. Come down." She took my hand and gently pulled me to the
ground, all the while ignoring my protests. It's not
like she was raping me, not at all. I wanted it, but
I really wasn't sure how I would hold up. I was so
sensitive after an orgasm, I didn't even want to
put my underwear back on. But she insisted, and when I was at home, I would go another round if I
had the strength and willpower to do it. Now that
someone else was doing it, I might be able to go
through with take two. And if I did, I knew it
would be fantastic. Her strap-on was quite large; a good foot long, and
a circumference of about six-ish inches. I took one
last look at it before closing my eyes and lying my
head back. Amy spread my weak legs for me, and
laid on top of me. I felt her penetrate me, and I let
out a meek cry; I was too enervated to do much else. I panted heavily, exhausted. It didn't hurt; it
was just like what I had done at home, the same
feeling, multiplied by ten because of just having
had an orgasm. My breathing was so heavy; every
inch of my body seemed to be quivering in
pleasure. It was so much to bear! Amy slid in and out of me, slow at first, and then speeding up. I
didn't know how I was going to handle much
more. Waves of pain and pleasure pulsed through
my oversensitive body. And then, there it was; the most mind-blowing
orgasm I had ever experienced. I couldn't keep
silent, and I didn't care who heard me. Amy tried
to put her hand over my mouth, but to no avail. I
cried out in pain as the bliss carried me into a
alternate being. I wasn't in my own body anymore. I couldn't even feel my body. Slowly, a
warmth fell over me, and I returned to a physical
state. My whole body was numb, and I was dizzy
and faint. Amy must've had an orgasm too,
because she was leaning up against the bench I
had earlier sat on and was panting, too; just much lighter than I was. We both jumped when we heard a knock on the
door. "Is everything alright? Do you need another
size?" Had someone heard us? Amy easily muffled her difficulty breathing and
replied, "We're fine. We had a little trouble
figuring out how it went on. We'll be out soon." As soon as her steps had faded out of the room,
Amy laid down next to me. She kissed me on the
forehead and said, "Well done, baby."

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